lose the snooze

I really think that one of my biggest life goals/habits should be getting out of my bed when my alarm goes off.

Maybe you can relate- Your alarm goes off. Snooze once. Roll over, overtaken with an inch-thick slumber, half-waiting, half-dreading the soon-coming second alarm.

Snooze twice. Thrice. When I am finally awake, I’m already holding the phone that was my alarm clock. Inevitably, any forward progress I may have had is immediately stalemated for just one short moment to check Twitter, Facebook, email, the Calendar, the to-do list…

It’s been quite a bit more than just one short moment. Sound familiar? By the time I am cognizant of wasting time, about an hour and a quarter are gone! Poof! Just laying (lying? Crap, that is still the only one I can never get straight.) there in bed avoiding the day!

I’m issuing a challenge to myself to get out of bed when my alarm goes off for the next 21 days. If you want to join me, use the image at the top of the post to let people know you’re joining me, or post it on Instagram, or make it a shirt. I don’t care! But let’s attack the morning lazies together!!

Haikus Written At PFCB

ships don’t steer themselves
he goes home – we stay all day
heavy metal chef

saucy suggestions
cooks gaze with fiery eyes
hourly paid catcalls

at work, ties and slacks.
seventy-thousand a year.
at home, Affliction.

diabetes, salt
PF Changs China Bistro
sugar, obesity

Word v. Anagram