The Mana World



We're having a bugfix release today.

The main areas that have been fixed are Brodomir's PvP Cave and Orum's quest, both in the caves below Hurnscald.

Additionally, there were a lot of small fixes on maps, spelling and grammar, and more.

We'd like to thank all the people who reported issues and helped testing!



Today we have a content release.

As always there are a number of bugfixes, but also two new quests.

One of them is an annual Easter event created by Pjotr Orial. It lasts from March, 22th to April, 25th, and can be repeated every year. Watch out around Hurnscald for some hidden Easter Eggs!

The other quest is about the admiration of a little girl in Hurnscald that sees you growing from an inexperienced adventurer to an impressive hero. Backstage, this was also about a great community effort. veryape conceived of the idea for this quest and was able to make it happen with the help of many people who were assisting with the graphics, scripting, spell checking, testing and giving valuable feedback.

Lastly, Brodomir's cave under Hurnscald has been made easier for attracting fighters from all over the world.



After the initial server move, The Mana World was subjected to a three day DoS attack. In response, we have moved a final time to a server that has better protection against such attacks. All game related services have been moved and are back to normal.

-the TMWC


As of this Saturday, March 9, TMW moved to a new host. This means there was some downtime, starting at 16:00 UTC.

Most work was done in 1.5 hours, with a brief shutdown later. DNS settings may take a while to propogate.

For more information, see;=17126

-the TMWC


Today we'll have a small content release.

Among code cleaning and bug fixes, the Tulimshar quests can be done in any order now. Their completion isn't necessary anymore to start the Bandit quest.

Also, GMs may have a surprise for you someday.



This is a really exciting news entry!

Congratulations to our sister project Mana ( on winning the Liberated Pixel Cup (

The project can be found at and the irc channel at irc://

We will undoubtedly experience an influx of both ordinary players and potential developers since we were linked as a related project.

As a developer, it is my goal and expectation that new players can figure things out on their own. After all, I once did - though there wasn't as much content back then (I feel old ...).

As for new contributors, they will necessarily need to coordinary with us, the developers. We're always in need of pixel artists, have great capacity for quest writers, and currently have need for a bit of web development and people crazy enough to touch insides of the server code.

Be aware that people have different time zones and busy schedules, so it may be a while before anyone responds.

Now, the links:

Server coding: irc://

Everything else: irc:// or irc://


-o11c and Jenalya


ManaPlus Support

We have decided to support ManaPlus as an official client alongside Mana. In fact, since there will likely be no more releases of the Mana client that supports TMWA (this server), there will inevitably be a time when ManaPlus becomes the only supported client.

Mana 0.6.1 will continue to receive some support until October 2013. We have no plans to specifically break compatibility with Mana, but new features may not be available.

For older clients (whether Mana or ManaPlus), there will be different levels of attempted support, depending on exactly how old it is:

* Less than 6 months old: will not crash or behave erratically. * Less than 2 months old: will behave expectedly, but might not support all features. * Last 2 releases: will do everything, correctly, on the main server. * Last release, or even git, may be required on the test server.

Of course, if a particular client release is buggy, we may not be able to support it at all.

For more details, see;=16867.

ManaPlus is available at



Content Release January 2013

This release brings a huge amount of small fixes and changes, including fixes of several spelling and map errors, which were reported by players. Thanks for that!

There are a few new things nevertheless: New characters won't have to start their adventure in underpants anymore, and Doug in Dimond's Cove discovered that the lamps in his room wear off after a while.



News feed is finally generated from the same source for both the game and the website.


December 2012 again

A new peninsula has magically raised from the depths, south of Hurnscald. A witch seems to be the source of this strange phenomenon. Why is she here, and what does she want?

Further on the west, Lora Tay is willing to accept new challenges to prove once more her skills.

December 2012

Santa and his helpers have returned to Santa's residence near Nivalis to prepare for Christmas. Among the helpers, the preparations are moving smoothly as they should. The reinboos are excited this year since there will be a change within their team! But not everything is working out as planned.

November 2012

Halloween has passed and several cities celebrated this event. It seems the farmer Oscar just came back from a long journey in one of these cities. Probably he will have exciting things to tell.

October 2012

The roadblock to the north east in Argaes was finally lifted and parts of the road were reconstructed. But there is still some work left until the connection to Port City is done. In the Woods you can find a guy who lives alone, seeking seclusion. Be careful not to disturb him. He is very vicious.

The smith's apprentice Peter does good progress in mastering his handcraft and learned some new techniques.

September 2012

Agostine is well known for his magnificent winter clothes, but he always dreamed of creating something truly exquisite, something noble...

An old veteran has set up camp in the caves below Hurnscald after a life full of hardship and battle. He may be old now, but he surely didn't lose his interest in the art of combat!