Global Twinning Conference

Through the Africa Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (AUPAP) grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sister Cities International convened a “Global Twinning Summit” in Cairo, Egypt in September 2011 to encourage international city-twinning associations (Sister Cities International’s foreign counterparts) to work collaboratively and promote twinning within Africa. Twinning programs unite cities with shared development goals to combine resources and knowledge along with building understanding between the two communities.

The Summit reviewed different models of twinning from various international organizations to understand how these partnerships can address issues such as water management, economic development, and good governance. Through sharing knowledge of programming and priorities, organizations explored new ways to partner together and leverage resources, with a focus on engaging more communities in Africa.

Sister Cities International will continue to facilitate communication between potential twinning institutions, and explore how it might play a role as a central spoke connecting interested programs and cities around the globe.