Report: Calling All Artists
By Allison Baldwin
Some local artists can now have their own affordable studio space, thanks to Rebecca Jampol.

Report: Native Artist Gives Back to Newark
By Allison Baldwin
Rodney Gilbert's acting success didn't keep him from returning to the place where he grew up.

Report: An Art Gallery on a Mission
By Allison Baldwin
"On a basic level, art helps people find their own voice and self-esteem," said Ben Goldman, executive director of City Without Walls. "Producing something of quality builds bonds. We think we can change lives."

Report: Graffiti: A Profitable Art
By Allison Baldwin
Graffiti has evolved from what some consider an illegal art form to a profitable business venture.

Report: Castle Newark
By Samantha Boardman
In Newark, an aging building speaks volumes about the city's past and present.

Poetry & Short Stories: NJ Turnpike East
By Paula Neves
A poet contemplates the New Jersey Turnpike.

Report: Glass Roots
By Rosalie Jayde Uyola
GlassRoots believes that art can change and lift up a community

Poetry & Short Stories: City Women
By Patricia Bender
On a street in Paterson, NJ, a woman recalls working life and a sister's generosity.

Report: Praying in Hard Times
By Matthew Malysa
At Holy Rosary in Passaic, parishioners find a familiar language and a place to pray for a better economy.

Report: The Recession’s Impact on Urban Journalism
By Frances A. Perez- Rodriguez
While many publications have felt the impact of the recession, urban magazines are in a special bind.

Report: A Place of Second Chances
By Jessica S. Flores
At Covenant House, young people find education, counseling, and a home.

Report: From Havana, Cuba to Rutgers-Newark
By Genise Clark
Iliana Bernal has been in the United States for almost 40 years--26 of them at the Dana Library of Rutgers-Newark..

Report: Back to Work At Last
By Ramona Alcantara
In Orange, NJ a woman balances work, unemployment and child care in hard times.

Report: The Presence of History in Lower Manhattan
By Vanessa Galindo
The past unfolds on a walk through Bowling Green and Battery Park.

Report: Conquering Fears in Newark
By Matthew Malysa
For some students, attending Rutgers-Newark means overcoming fears of New Jersey's largest city.

Report: Finding Art on the Street
By Matthew Malysa
A performance erupts outside the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

Essay: Beige
By Mary G. Bennett
A grandmother weighs her granddaughter's newly-articulated views on racial identity.

Essay: The View from the Brooklyn Bridge
By Matthew Malysa
A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge makes New York City feel like a dream.

Essay: Review: When the Press Fails
By Anne P. Rivera
A book analyzes what the authors see as dangerous failures of the press during the Bush administration.

Poetry & Short Stories: URbaN Scene (Take 1 hundred)
By Rolando Herts
A poem prompted by thoughts on Rutgers-Newark.

Poetry & Short Stories: Chronology I
By Paula Neves
A life recalled at the ages of five, ten and fifteen.

Poetry & Short Stories: City Poems
By Caden Mulligan
Three poems that grow from life in Newark.

Poetry & Short Stories: Bound
By Carlos J. Queirós
A coming of age story set in Newark's Ironbound in the 1980s. Contains sexually explicit material.

Video: Art for All
By Samantha Johnston and Rosie Uyola
A documentary on the special collections of the Newark Public Library.

Video: ACT NOW: The Newark-Essex Foreclosure Task Force
By Rosie Uyola
Responses to the foreclosure crisis in Newark and Essex County, NJ.

Video: ACT NOW: The Newark-Essex Foreclosure Task Force
By Rosie Uyola
Responses to the foreclosure crisis in Newark and Essex County, NJ.

Report: Newark and Its Gateway Complex
By Thomas Dolan
The story of Newark's Gateway Center illuminates the weight of the past in the city's present.