We have just added to our website a business directory. You can find by fields the relevant contractors, Or by fields the relevant suppliers. We have added also broker list or services.

Rather If you are a big company or a new broker business, add your business contact information to our directory for a one year list. We will promote your business among our community. The relevant customers will contact your business.

We have also changed the view of our website. We made the website more friendly and informative.

We also publish professional articles, news and updates.

I wish you and all our members a good business year. Welcome to our new websites.


We would like to welcome you to

"world of transport."

At our website you can learn and update. The are several types of news. Also, we collect the latest professional information. We serve you by a business directory. By a demand you can get a specialists list of contacts. We are serving worldwide. We also publish general articles about the history of transportation, How far we have come from the original modes.

You will also get ideas on what is in store for the future. You can get the great innovations that will affect our lives as individuals, as well as our communities and countries.

We want you to realize just how important it is in the scheme of things. Without today's methods of transporting goods and people, our economies would be a great deal different. Transportation has been and continues to improve the lives of more and more people in more and more countries and is taking us to places we have only dreamed of going to.

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