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FloorballVacation Cup

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 Floorball in My school

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The month of May will be celebrated as Floorball Month in Jamaica.  A lot of focus will be given to groups of people that are the hardest for floorball to enter into their circle..more>>



On Thursday April 11th the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) will be traveling to the other side of Jamaica in order to host its latest in a series of Floorball seminars for schools across the country. >>more



  The Anwar Samuelsson’s Cup is gender neutral Cup where males and females are allowed to play on the same team. >>more



The Jamaica Floorball Association planned and executed its first ever summer camp in Jamaica ‘Floorball for change’ on August 9 – 12, 2012....>>more


First floorball summer camp in Jamaica...>> more


The JFA would like to thank  Storvreta ….. >>more


Floorball and Field Hockey meets in Jamaica....>>more


 Storvreta and the JFA Partnership….. >>more


JFA is IFF´s 54th member …. >>more


Special Olympics Jamaica…..>>read more

































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