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MASTER ROOT SERVER IP'S. IPv4: IPv6: 2001:470:6c:521::2 and 2001:470:6d:521::1

The Cesidian Root is an independent root (or Internet) that was started by the Governor of the UMMOA on 30 September 2005, and for the benefit of Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Worlders who wish to utilise this resource for reasons of independence and/or national security. VIPs and DNS technicians also utilise this root for the same or similar reasons, and we hope to provide our services to jurisdictions worldwide in the future as well.

The Cesidian Root became a full-fledged root on 23 November 2005, and on 11 January 2006 it became a complete Internet. On 8 March 2006, the Cesidian Root became an intercontinental Internet, and it is now a global Internet using root servers in the Europe (12), North America (7), Asia (2), Australia-Oceania (1), South America (1), and Sub-Saharan Africa (1) regions.

The Cesidian Root now resolves not one, but 5 or more roots: ICANN root (313 TLDs), Cesidian Root proper (84 TLDs), China MII Root (5 TLDs), Root (17 TLDs), New Nations Root (6 TLDs), and other roots (16 TLDs). It currently resolves the entire ICANN namespace of 313 TLDs, as well as 128 additional TLDs.

The Cesidian Root was started because problems were discovered with the Public-Root, problems that lead us to believe that the root was not safe, nor was the future of this root entirely assured. The Governor of the UMMOA held not one, but 10 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) that depended on the services of this root, and these TLDs at this point in time required another root for their services.

After discovering that another root that was forming in the wake of the Public-Root collapse was no more reliable than the Public-Root itself, the Governor of the UMMOA and Massimiliano Mastrocinque, a brilliant Italian IT, started the Cesidian Root.

Later Karin & Peter Dambier joined the team with their eclectic IT skills. Today the Cesidian Root can also count on the technical perfectionism of Kai Kellner, who is making the Cesidian Root one of the best maintained DNS Root Server systems worldwide.

And due to many tests we found out that the Cesidian Root is faster in resolving than Google DNS.

We use a very sophisticated technique for our dns servers in order to resolve that fast.