How to Get Your Hands On Thesis 2.0

by Derek Halpern · 93 comments

Last night, just before the clock struck midnight, Chris Pearson released Thesis 2.0.

You can download it when you log in to your DIYthemes membership, but before you do that, read this.

As you’ll soon see, it’s not just a “new paint job.” Chris rebuilt the ENTIRE engine.

The. Whole. Thing.

But as we expected, with such a major overhaul, and tons of people using the new software, we’ve stumbled on a few bugs.

And while we squash these bugs, we don’t recommend you switch over your old version of Thesis to Thesis 2.0 just yet.

Instead, what you can do is this:

We created a nifty plugin that allows you to install Thesis 2, and lets you play with Thesis 2 options, without altering your existing site.

It’s amazing, and it’s a great way for you to play with the new interface… with almost no risk.

You can access this inside the membership area.

That said, we’ve got a short journey ahead of us if we want to perfect Thesis 2.

And that’s why, last night, Chris, Matt (another DIYthemes developer), Alex (the kid designer), and myself (the guy who writes all the copy) were awake until the wee hours of the night…

…and we got back at it after just a few hours of sleep.

We’re fixing bugs, prepping material to show you how Thesis 2 works, and adding the polish that this brand-new ENGINE needs.

Concurrently, the DIYthemes support team (Godhammer, Girlie, and Phil) have been answering questions in the support forums as they arise. They’re your superheroes right now if you have any issues.

As you know, this is a HUGE effort and we want you to know that we’re doing everything to make this new engine hum.

If you’d like to play with the new Thesis, go ahead, download it, upload it to your site, and make sure you activate that plugin that allows you to explore Thesis 2.

P.S. We’ve got some bonuses coming your way, and we’ll release them as soon as they are ready.

P.P.S. Later tonight we’ll be redesigning, and the new pricing structure will be in place. You’ll love this new design simply because you’ll be able to see WHY Thesis 2.0 is an AWESOME theme framework.

Oh, and here’s what some people are saying about Thesis 2.0 so far!

Melvin on Thesis 2

outdoorblogger on Thesis 2


Thesis 2

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Thanks for the hard work, guys! I kinda figured it’d be a soft rollout, which is totally fine. I know it’s a huge job, and having had sites get taken down by bad code, I’d rather have the fully baked version…

Derek Halpern

Thank you Andrew for being understanding.


What about training…..I would like to see a good set of training
videos or a PDF.


Yep, that’s in the pipeline.

Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

So, now that it’s a whole new engine, what happens to all the customizations I’ve made to my personal & client sites? Is there a simple way to port the changes over to 2.0 or do I have to re-do everything?


Hi Shan,

We’ll continue to support the 1.8x line, but to get older versions of Thesis onto the new version will take a little bit of work (especially if you have advanced customizations).

But right now, rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to minimize the upgrade hassle for people just like you.

On that note, I just want to reiterate, Thesis 2.0 is like a brand-new operating system. Not everything will port over from the old operating system, but we believe this new operating system is necessary to take Thesis where we believe it should be.

Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

OK, I get that it’s all brand new, but for people like me who do NOTHING standard or default, I”m thinking this is going to be a huge pain in the arse. I’m not sure my clients are going to want to pay me to essentially learn a new theme and figure out how to make all the changes on 1.8x work in 2.0.

I just finished upgrading a client from 1.7 to 1.8x two months ago. I did a ton of custom coding for her menu bar. I also added a custom 4 column widgetized footer. Those are the kinds of things I’m worried about NOT porting over easily.


The menu bar may be a pain, depending on how it’s built. If it’s completely custom… as if you just added the stuff in… without using any of the existing css / html, it will be easier. The footer, should be no problem.

Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

It’s based off the existing code & WP-Menus, but it acts differently than the default nav bar.

I got help with the menu bar from GodHammer & Phillipe in the forum. LOL Phillipe didn’t like what I had and thought the highlighting of the current page was off, so he directed me with code. LOL

Harvey Stanbrough

Sorry, but no kudos here. I went to the forum to find out what was going on and was barraged with a bunch of slack-jawed “hey dude, chill, it’s no big deal” cavalier BS. Not that it matters, but I’m extremely disappointed. Simply put, we were played. Last night I was angry. Today I’m just very tired and disappointed. There are a lot of great premium themes, and frankly, at this point I wouldn’t care if Thesis 2.0 was absolutely perfect and spit quarters every ten seconds. Chris Pearson et al showed a complete lack of respect for the people who bought Thesis and put them where they are in the first place. But it’s okay. I do finally understand (hyuck, hyuck) I shouldn’t take things so seriously. Like Pearson’s word. From now on, I won’t.


We made a mistake yesterday by not communicating earlier in the day what time people should have expected Thesis. Chris was talking about it on Twitter, but we should have said it here on the blog.

Pamela Anders

Hello Thesis,

is version 2.0 more friendly for non-programmers like me? I had purchased Thesis in the past, but got my 30 day money back because it was just too much for me. I am ok with CSS, but PHP is way over my head. I would like to give it a try if it is something that I can handle.

I’ve been using other themes for my sites because they are so easy to use, but I like Thesis because of the design flexibility and power.

I’m willing to try it, please let me know if it is safe to go into the water now.




When it’s all polished up, it should be, yes. We’re working on the bugs right now, and we’ll communicate on the blog as we get closer.


Sorry Derek, but why release something like this with all the bugs and none of the info? The dev license holders should have gotten a beta or alpha so we could work on this with you, as the dev license holders have in the past.
Instead, we get this hasty and ill conceived release. As it stands, Thesis 2 could heal skin cancer while singing InaGadadeVida, but I’m really not happy with this release. The “magic” isn’t evident to me, the completely rewrite should have gone with a complete rename, an the complete lack of communication on actual release time was amateurish at best.
I’ll be sticking with 1.8.5 until you guys have got this together, and even then, I’m not sure.


I was not able to get the legacy helper to upload. This is the error message I got: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature.


Hi Maria!

The Legacy plugin has seen some changes throughout the day based on feedback from our members.

To get one-on-one assistance, I’d recommend you post a new thread in the DIY forums, as that way we can ask and answer whatever questions we need to ensure that your issue is resolved properly.

Mr. G

I appreciate the hard work. You can tell how much effort is in Thesis 2.0. I am sure those with enough expertise will take great advantage of it. For the rest of us, the simple man not wanting to deal with technical stuff anymore, there was not much luck.

I think this product launch was a huge fail and you, as the “Marketing Guy”, have a lot to do with it. As a Thesis user, DIY customer and Derek Halpern’s big fan I was expecting more and better work on the launch side. I cannot refrain feeling somewhat disappointed.

All you say you’ve been working since last night should’ve already been there for all of us since day one. On my side, frustration has been great and my user experience very poor.

Finally, it’s OK to fail. I know you’ve learned a lot of stuff that you will successfully apply in the future. Please don;t take this personally. Just as an expression of a long time fan and user.




Hi Mr G.

We aimed to release Thesis 2 on October 1st, and we did. Right before the cut-off. We didn’t email right away, and we should have. That’s my mistake.

That said, we’ll be communicating about what’s happening behind the scenes to keep everyone informed of what’s going on, beginning now.

The one thing I’d like to clarify is that Thesis 2 IS for people who lack technical experience. We just need to start rolling out information showing people exactly how to use it… and why it’s for the non techie person (as well as the techie person).


It looks like a lot of people commenting have never done a launch.

I’m not thrilled with the way things were done- yes, it could have been done better- but that’s how things go sometimes. **** happens when you do a launch, even a well-planned one.

I suppose many of you don’t know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and the amount of stuff that goes wrong even after you’ve planned for every eventuality.

And really, will you absolutely die if Thesis doesn’t come out exactly the day you want it to, with all the bells and whistles?

Some of you people are like my little kids- Mommy I want it NOW!!. Geez.

I’m sure they did the best they could do with the tools that they had at the moment. And if you don’t like it, stick with the old version of Thesis.

Mr. G

Easy Rachel, no need to push this to the wrong side, ok?

I’m not kiddy, I’ve done launches and I deserve more respect. Specially from someone who does not know me.

So, take it easy “Mommy”.

Leah McClellan

Looking forward to the awe-inspiring perfection! I’ll try it out (when it’s ready) on a site that’s just for playing around even if all ya’ll say it’s totally bug-free. Don’t want to end up being a forum regular again! Not like Godhammer and the rest aren’t absolutely fabulous, but I like to think I graduated, Class of 2010 :)

Can’t wait to see. I can only imagine the work that everyone’s doing!


Thank you Leah. We’re working on it!

Teo Seifer

I will definetly wait for a while until all things stabilize so to say. Why? Cause Im not a coder and each time I play with something I brake it. No news on that cause that is the process of learning. But after breaking I dont have the expertise to solve issues…
Im even thinking about not installing the plugin and playing around. Not yet.
I’ll let the ‘know-rope-guys’ do it first.
Yep, its not fear, its self consciousness…
So utterly willing to let go some days and get to do it after the rest!

Its too much all of a sudden. Im finishing to adjust with the programmer a new Magazine Skin after some 3 weeks of changes…. and now this… so prudence is THE word for me.

You enjoy it first!


No problem Teo!

Teo Seifer

Hi Derek!
I can relate to Mr. G. (up here). I suffered much this long 7 last months getting 2 and 2 together. So no… its my revenge hah
*-According to what I read about the admin. Its no techie and newbie proven…


The rebuilt engine sounds great in theory, and I hope it lives up to it in practice. I think I represent a large number of your users when I say that I’m building multiple sites for multiple clients all at the same time. I’ll make time to dig in or port my customizations as soon as I get some quick explanations of why it’s worth it and how much my workflow will have to change to adopt it. I need to be able to read them over morning coffee and understand how it’s going to save me work that afternoon or else I’ll have to stick with what I already know how to do.

How about a step by step process of moving a Thesis 1.8x site over to 2.0 with some concrete examples of why that site is better off or easier to tweak after the upgrade. Make it a serial and let me read 1 chunk a day.


That’s a great idea, and we’ll communicate more on that as we continue this rollout.

Susan Walsh

I haven’t heard anything more about upgrading to the Developer’s Option, and the bonuses that includes. Has that been dropped?

Jeff Bear

Gotta love the fact that a) they haven’t worked out some major bugs yet; b) they don’t encourage customers to upgrade to 2.0 just yet even though they’ve paid for the product; and c) are already referencing a price increase (even though the product doesn’t really work properly just yet). I don’t care how kick ass the product is… awful planning.

I’m curious, did you learn about customer relations from Comcast? Or perhaps one of the wireless providers?


Hi Jeff, sorry about the experience.

Unfortunately things didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked. When we tested it internally, things were fine, but we’re dealing with tens of thousands of users, and people found more bugs. That said, as we see the bugs, we work to extinguish them as soon as possible.

In a perfect world, we wanted everything to align perfectly, but alas, they didn’t. And now we’re working to realign everything. And while it didn’t happen right away, rest assured knowing that it WILL happen as fast as possible.

Ray Norris

Well, the kindest way to put it is that this release is incomplete. It will take time to see if this new engine brings proceeds worthy of the cost of the work we all need to do now …. (never mind the price of the product license – that is never where the cost is). It is clear to me that this system has many months of maturing to do. Best of luck Thesis team. Put your thick skin on :-)


I haven’t done any big customizing to Thesis so the change won’t be a big problem for me. I’m confused about the pricing and the deadlines for loading Thesis2. If I load it now I don’t need to pay again – but if I wait a few hours I need to pay for the theme?

It’s not that I mind (too much) paying for the theme. I’ve been a Thesis user for at least 4 or 5 years. I have a lot of faith in the new Thesis based on how well I have been able to work with and adapt older Thesis. I always find it a user friendly theme. But, a huge selling point for me when I bought Thesis was the promise of never having to pay for new versions.

Anyway, at this point I’m just confused about the deadline/ cut off which was mentioned in the email (and here again).


I think this change is to big for us non-techie lot.

I installed it on a brand new site just to test it out and it isn’t intuitive at all. I don’t know about CSS and could just about recognize PHP.

All I wanted to do was set up something simple, but all I saw was the equivalent to learning Chinese after just learning my ABC!

You guys maybe should have rolled out your launch educating non-techies visually through video or a webinar or something, so that we could at least see how to configure the settings. I mean even the blog post didn’t help out.

As I mentioned earlier I don’t know CSS, so hopefully you can provide some tutorials as soon as possible, to help us simple folk out.



Not sure about everyone else but nothing in the 2.0 red bar dashboard works for me.. clicking on “click to edit” on pages doesn’t work either (loads top bar, grey screen) and activating 2.0 theme with the helper has messed up my public widgets. Reactivating 1.8 as main theme has fixed this.

Am a fan of Thesis to begin with and like everyone else, would happily wait a little more for a proper release.. :/


Hi Stephanie;

I’m sorry to hear that you ran into difficulties with the 2.0 upgrade, but I’m certainly glad you’ve reached out for whatever reason — love your design, and I might have never seen it otherwise!

The overall problem sounds like an issue we can help you resolve in the DIY forums. If you want to stay with Thesis 1.8, that’s perfectly fine… and if you want to join the support team in figuring out the best way to upgrade to 2.0, please post a thread and we’ll help get this one figured out ASAP. :)


Thanks.. ;) I’ll have a look in the forums… would def want to upgrade of course, always looking for something to tinker with but as I’m using Thesis for a personal site I’m more than happy to wait til the bugs get ironed out.


Looks like you’re good to go now via the forums.

Glad that red bar is able to get its workout! :)


Ha yes, quite important :)

Leah McClellan

PS Derek…just want to say that a huge chunk of everything I know about setting up a WP site is at least partly because of the Thesis support team and the huge amount of information available here. When I first got Thesis early in 2010, I was totally bummed out with the limitations of free themes–I mean I could see mine sucked awfully compared to all the really nice sites.

So I got Thesis because I saw a lot of really nice sites that used it, and though I knew a little HTML and the basics (which Thesis has a lot of) and I’m tech-oriented and love it, I didn’t know CSS or PHP or how to tell the difference between the two, even to do copy/paste when I found the code I needed. Now, pffft. I hit the Big Ass Save Button with confidence, even with PHP. If I blow up the site? Oh well. Doesn’t happen anymore, but I know how to fix things because of those panic-stricken moments of posting in the forum and (usually) Godhammer coming to my rescue incredibly fast. Minutes, sometimes. THAT is service. THAT is amazing.

Since then, I have another premium theme in addition to Thesis for certain reasons, and it’s great in many ways, no doubt about it. But support? Tutorials? Information? Can’t even compare to Thesis support (and it’s much harder to customize for non-techs) , and I rarely need it anyway now because I learned on Thesis. But the few times I did…just doesn’t compare.

I just felt sad seeing the unhappy comments above (though I do understand frustration and disappointment), and I feel that when a product is really fab and all the support and people are fab, it’s OK if something isn’t perfect once in awhile. I can only imagine the work involved in this, as I said above (and now the stress of making it work and all…).

Rock on!


Agreed %100 – I can understand people’s frustration, I had expected to have a shiny new thing to set up websites with on Oct 1 already too, and instead I got something which I really don’t know how to use.
But this is DIYThemes. They’ve got the most amazing support team I’ve ever come across for a product in that price range. The DIYthemes team made a mistake, but they’re working hard to fix it and I have confidence that they’ll still provide just as much awesome customer service as they did in all the years till now. Just cut them some slack, sure they’ll be back to being awesome again next week :-)

Leah McClellan

Yeah, the shiny new thing and I guess a little instant gratification delayed. I see it like a restaurant: a really super awesome restaurant might be perfect all the time but hey, when you try a seriously different new recipe or a totally new way of doing an event or something, some stuff might go wrong. It can’t be helped. Make the mistakes over and over again, well then forget it. But one time? Meh.


Aww, you made me blush! ;)

Leah McClellan

Seriously, dude. You guys do customer service right (and believe me I know, having been in it myself for years). You were like a teacher (to a total stranger, just a customer) and gave me what I needed to know at first, but then you sort of pushed me off on my own because you knew I could do it which was like high praise and what I needed to hear (you should see what I’ve been doing–no, not the site that comes up here, something else).

OK weepy shit over. You can quit blushing now :)


I’d love to see what you’re doing! When the time comes, maybe drop a link in the forums or Twitter @ me or whatever else? Seeing what Thesis members do as their skills and confidence grow endlessly is immensely rewarding. :)


It really would be great if you guys include at least a small documentation or overview in the download page on how thesis 2 works! Cause when i tried to play the theme on my test site, i really don’t an idea where to start.

Derek Halpern

We do need to get documentation up asap. Working on it!


For a person that doesn’t know a lot about working with my website, Thesis was fun. Now, with 2.0 it’s a nightmare…I have no idea which way is up. Giving up…going back to 1.85.

I guess it’s one way to weed out people like me and attract only the web designer folks.

Sad…very sad…


It will be much easier to understand once our documentation is up. We’re working on it and will be up asap.

Jan van der Reis


stay cool. Thought the same thing, and i agree totally with your perception . . . BUT once you get it it´s EXTREMELY COOL.

I don´t think they want to attract only the web designer folks, but simply released Thesis 2.0 without documentation (which is in-human but then again .. they program machines ;-)

Bear with these Nerds. I guess they HAD to release it, but once they publish the documentation for the rest of us, i bet´ya you won´t be disappointed!


I’m a casual user, and by no means a professional. I’ve been considering switching to to Thesis, but wanted to hold out until Thesis 2 came out. Well, now it’s out and I’m hearing lots of talk about bugs and problems.

I can understand if a Thesis power user might be upset at radical change, I know I get that way when the things I use on a daily basis get changed. But for a new user, I’m looking forward to diving into Thesis. I’m not the world’s best coder, and I like the idea of having to fuss around with code a lot less.

But what kind of bugs are popping up? I’d like to dive in, but I don’t want to dive in and get hurt! Is it worth it for me to give it a whirl even with a few bugs (my livelihood is NOT at stake), or are they a big deal?

There’s not a lot of info out there on what’s broken to a potential new customer. This rollout seems a little sloppy, please reassure me I can pull the trigger now before a price increase makes me regret waiting.

Mike Goad

This release has been a disappointment for me so far. There should have been a beta release, with bugs worked out and documentation prepared before the product was released.

That being said, I’ve managed to figure out that I had botched the initial load by downloading Thesis 2.0 thinking I was downloading the plug-in, so I ended up without any of my widgets installed. Looking at the instructions again, there’s too much fluff and “goodness” hype there. It’s not straightforward installation-of-2.0-for-idiots like it should be. I’d be surprised if I were the only one that botched the installation.

I’m now wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out how to make it look like my 1.8x version. I want that to be my starting points before incorporating any of this new (so-called) “goodness.”

I may be unhappy at this point, but I’m going to stick with Thesis for now.

Derek Halpern

Hi Mike,

Sorry about that. We would have loved to have had a beta release, but the way it worked out, we were unable to do that. We’re just trying to communicate everything we can in the mean time to make sure we get everything working as planned.

This is also why we have support reps. They’re in the support forums answering questions as they arise. Make sure you use that as a resource as you’re getting this going.


OK, so first you released a theme with no User Guide.
For some reason the Bonuses are late?
Most people has no clue on how to convert there 1.8.5 site to Thesis 2.0
Most of the questions on the forum are going unanswered , because they themselves don’t even know how the theme works.

Do you guys find this a little backwards?

A User Guide should have been created first for 2.0
The bonuses and skins should have been in place.
The theme should have been released to the people that have a developer license first as a beta or test ground.

Then you release the Theme for the general public.

So the kicker is this, Chris needs to keep quite on what he is working on but push out small updates. Stop sending out emails about a project when the thing wont even be done for 2+ years. Because that is what happened.

What people would like is an user-friendly 1.9 such as a easy way to change the footer or add a fat footer, can this even be accomplished in 2.0 easily?

Mariana P.

I love Thesis and the amazing support so I’m excited to see Thesis 2 when it’s really ready. These things happen, but based on my experience thus far, it will be worth it.


Hi i am some what disappointed with thesis 2.0 as i spent the past year customizing a theme for thesis and with this new release it seems like that effort as gone to waste if i upgrade played around with the new release on my test site but it seems hopeless and with the manual that should have been released with 2.0 i love thesis and always will but now it seems i will have to go back to the drawing board. The big question is what must i do with my CUSTOM FOLDER and all my customized design?

Raymond Parker

I uploaded 2.0 to a test site that includes all the PHP and CSS customizations I have on my live site. It was soon apparent that “upgrading” to 2.0 was going to be essentially starting from scratch, something I don’t have time for.

I echo the frustrations of others: there should have been a planned launch, with full documentation and it should have been clear that this was a completely new theme.

The big question remains: is there, or will there be, a way to import customizations form a 1.xx site’s custom php and css files?

In the end, I uninstalled 2.0 and not sure if I want to invest the kind of time it looks like it will take to start over, even knowing what great help has been available from the forum team with 1.xx. I spent so much time learning how to implement customizations on the existing site, the thought of re-doing everything is just too much to contemplate.

Pete Che'

I’m a marketer/consultant not a coder and have used Thesis for some basic sites. I admit I haven’t used the forums much and I think the search function leaves a lot to be desired.
I’ve also bought several other themes but I always come back to Thesis.
As it’s been stated above the dollar cost of purchasing any of the themes out there is negligible compared to the time spent learning and implementing.
My sites (as stated) are pretty basic and I’ve been waiting for quite awhile ( much longer than I anticipated) for 2.0 before getting fancier.
The product as it stands is below the standard I had hoped for and I tried to follow tonight’s webinar but it was too convoluted and only served to make me believe 2.0 isn’t ready for prime time.
I understand that for the heavy user with a site building business built on thesis that it’s a pretty traumatic situation.
However, I believe that those of us who can wait might best help the process by kicking back for a bit and letting this sort itself out.
I’m going to leave things as they are and check back in a month to see how things are going.


Hey guys,

I honestly just read the email that said Thesis 2.0 was released (forgot the release date of yesterday) and went to check it out.

I’m totally lost. Even following the built-in guide, it first broke my site so that it was completely blank. Then half of the buttons in the HTML head section are broken/do nothing. Wait, I can drag them around. So, what is the point of the canonical URL bar if it has no options?

Eh, whatever. It was on a test site/garbage site I don’t really update. To me, it’s not a big deal. Definitely not ready for prime-time and I’ll just wait until I hear it’s working before I play around with it more.

Mind you, I’m a technical type. I can’t imagine what frustration it must be for non-techy customers. I don’t envy the hate mail you guys must be receiving.

Anyway, chins up. I have faith it’ll get all worked out. I do want to say that I agree with the general opinion that this was a terrible rollout. Not one email went out until today that it was even released. That’s not good. And the fact that it’s not ready. And the fact that there is no way to port existing sites of 1.8x over to 2.0. I know Derek used the operating system analogy, but that’s inaccurate. Things written for Windows 95 worked completely in Windows 98. Things written for Windows 98 worked in Windows 2000 (dropping some support for 95.) Things written for 98 still worked in Windows XP (completely dropping support for Windows 95).

I’m rambling. Point being, one operating system difference didn’t matter at all. It was only when you were two OS’s away that things stopped working. This has no upgrade path at all, and that’s really bad. I understand it was written from the ground up, but there should have been a mechanism to port things over for the tons of existing users. I think Chris and team shot themselves in the foot on this one. :X

Again, nothing personal. I wish you guys a lot of luck, and hope everything gets worked out soon. Girlie, Godhammer, and the rest are a crackshot support team and always answered every question like within seconds of me hitting the post button. The fact that I own a developer license and we didn’t get to see a beta really disappoints me. Hell, I would have helped to break it so that Chris and Alex could fix it before it goes to the public. The team might have been able to save some face. You live you learn, I guess.

Best wishes, honestly,


Thanks for released Thesis 2.0.. its looking good for any new site persons. but we did more custom things in my site.. how can i get back my custom designs in Thesis 2.0.. Still now you didn’t give any proper upgrading guide.. How can i get my custom designs back to my site??????


Derek : )

What provisions will be made and put in place in Thesis 2.0 for those of us who wish to code by hand?

I attempted to attend Ricks webinars 2 different times today but as a whole, I only caught a very small percentage of the actual footage due to having to tend to my ill 81 year old father all day.

However, from what I did catch of the Thesis 2.0 Demonstrations it looks very powerful and easy to completely customize a site from the ground up once you have just the very basic understanding of how Thesis 2.0 functions.

The only thing that I can see that may be a possible turn off is that you literally have recreate the customization for pages and other aspects of the site instead of just writing the code once and it being deployed across the whole site.

Please take my comment with a grain of salt as I have spent no substantial time with Thesis 2.0 as of yet so I am not going to say this sucks or that does not suck and at this point in time it is just a basic observation from watching Rick.

I think that I as well as many other people who want to code will want some provisions put in place for us to have the use of custom.functions.php & custom.css editor in Thesis 2.0 as like what we currently have in Thesis 1.8.5 and below.

Could you comment on this please?

Thank you


Tara Scherner de la Fuente

I just bought Thesis and haven’t even started using it yet, so I just want to say thanks for all of your hard work. That e-mail (this article) illustrates the passion that goes into your product, and I’m sure I’ll appreciate it once I get going!


Hi there,

A quick question. I bought Thesis a couple of days ago but haven’t installed it yet and didn’t start working on my website as yet (as a friend of mine suggested waiting for the release of Thesis 2.0). What do you recommend for me: Can I start building efficiently today, or should I wait a couple of days until all the bugs will be fixed? All depends on the time it will take for you to finalize Thesis 2.0 I guess.. Thanks in advance,

Best regards,




Now trying out the new Thesis ( exited :) )

But, currently i couldn’t find the “Upgrade Helper Plugin” from the download page. I was only able to get the theme file.

Can anyone provide me a link to that plugin ?


I’m thoroughly excited about how awesome Thesis 2 has turned out to be! Just from the demonstration that Rick put on Yesterday… Blown away!

My experience from waiting for the release of Thesis 2 (all day long on October 1st) was aggravating only in the sense that I could not stop refreshing my screen to see if it had happened yet. The new version of Thesis finally answers a lot of my frustration of feeling a bit lost when trying to create my website. Well worth the wait!

Looking forward to some thorough tutorials for us newbies.

Respectfully and thankful,


Volker Schnaars

I am using the Marketers Delight Thesis Skin from Kolakube. What do I have to do when or before upgrading to
Thesis 2.0

Russell Stewart

I logged in but I can’t find anywhere to upgrade to 2.0. I purchased my initial Thesis Theme $87 a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to upgrade (extra $70 or $80) but I can not find any details or links on how to do it.

Any help would be appreciated

Cheers……. Russ


Hi guys, I have loved Thesis for a while now, but would like an understanding of how the pricing now works, as I see it has been changed? I have a developers license, which I purchased almost two years ago and I love using Thesis, but in order to maintain my current benefits with the system, does this mean I will have to upgrade to the new professional license and how much will that cost me?



This is a question to the “Team”. What percentage of your customers using 1.8 do you think will want to redesign their entire site on to 2.0?

In addition, taking the TIME to get past the learning curve and learn the depths of 2.0, when your communication skills lack optimal business standards?

I realize that a user guide and videos take time, but it should be a part of the package before you release a theme.

Steve Crossland - Austin Realtor

Too late to put the Genie back in the bottle, but I think the thing to do is to call a spade a spade. Rename 2.0 to “Thesis 2.0a Beta”. Admit, on the download page, that it’s not ready for production release or Newbie use, and set a target date of Jan 1, 2013 for a re-release of a true production-ready version.

I sat through Rick Anderson’s webinar yesterday and watched him essentially build a site from scratch with 2.0. Some of the new capabilities are indeed mind blowing, but my eyes quickly glazed over. Most of us don’t have anywhere near the mental/programming horsepower of a guy like that. For a normal end user, business owner, even one like me with multiple sites and a dev license, we are NOT programmers and it appeared to me that, even without going into the backend code, one still has to know quite a bit about basic programming and css to understand how to make the interface produce the desired underlying code.

I think the product will succeed. This isn’t a product failure, it’s a PR failure and premature release. Should have been managed better, to a limited group of beta testers, then slowly made more public. That said, the clamoring for the release must have eventually been too much so now it’s done and perhaps after a couple of months of mop up, this will seem like the best way after all.



Honestly, way too may variables exist within applied sciences to predict anything 100% accurately as there are no absolutes.

Unfortunately, The only way that Chris can get this where it needs to be is by Introducing the Many unforeseen variables into the equation (this would be you & I) and working out the kinks and perfecting the end user experience with real word end user data on what works or does not work, what people like and what they do not like, etc, etc.

Pete Che'

Sensible post. I’m with you in that I believe this will work well in the end and that there was no mal-intent here.
If we truly behave as a community, consider this a Beta release, and pull together this can be a beautiful thing. Plus we will have a hand in a successful endeavor.
While I understand those who are upset (as well as I can) it is what it is, and we are best served individually and collectively by doing what we can to take the pressure off the Thesis crew and look for positive ways to help, even if that only means to quit complaining.
I’m not suggesting we don’t don’t report bugs and issues in a respectful manner.
If we press too hard we’ll just burn them out and things will take longer.


How do I get to the forum?


Hi James, this address should work for you:


I am glad that I read this post. I am going to wait patiently until the bugs are worked out, and understand that this is the normal course of events that transpire when a new version is released, even with Wordpress itself. Am I disappointed? A little. But my website/blog works fine at the moment and when proper documentation is completed and I can figure out how to retain my customizations or create new ones, I will take the plunge. If I have to, I’ll wait for 2.01 to arrive and consider this one a beta.

As a newbie I basically created my own skin for the site that sits on top of Thesis, and there is no way I could have done it without the help and care I received from Godhammer and the rest of the great forum people, for that I am extremely grateful. I plan to stay the course with Thesis. I eagerly await some great tutorials for us semi-newbies, however. Best, Sensei Matt


Where is the plugin that lets you experiment with 2.0? I can’t find it on the download page. Would this let me build a custom site before transferring it live?


I second that – where is the plugin?


I also looking for that plugin, before i get my website dirty :)

Ron Devito

I fourth that motion. The plugin is not on the download page. Was it pulled? Because 2.0 requires you to build the site over again, this is something I want to be very careful with on a production site. I’ve downloaded and installed 2.0 but have not activated it yet.


I’ve tried to set up Thesis 2 but nothing works. I have a blank page as a result, so I had to switch back to 1.8.4. How do I solve that ?

Michael Drummond

I have only one question:

Do I install this like most themes? Or do I have to go in and change permissions on files like 1.x?

I’m cool with beta testing this, I just don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.



I would agree that this feels more like a beta which would have been great. Something low-key without all the “this will change the world” kind of crap.

That being said I kind of like the power and I don’t care that this is not geared to “i’m not a coder” types — frankly, there are 1,000′s of themes that are for those people.

I’ve watched 6 of the webinar videos and while much of it makes me totally excited there is a bit that is kind of strange. Like having to revise every template when in a basic wordpress theme could just revise one include file and have it ripple across the site. Doesn’t make sense.

Anyway — look forward to the next release(s).


Thing is Chris, the ALL the marketing of Thesis 2 has been aimed at ‘“i’m not a coder” types’!..


Hi there guys!

Mixed responses huh.. I was super stoked about the 2.0 but I can see what they’re getting at.

I will be creating quite a few new websites soon, and I have no need to update the old ones to 2.0. Why would I? My clients are happy with 1.8.5, I am happy with 1.8.5 and it works..

Meanwhile I’ll be experimenting with 2.0 on the new sites.. Seems pretty good! I would like to receive the bonuses though. I agree that it would’ve been nice if they had come out immediately. But seems that you bit off a little more than you can chew right now, and that’s fine. I certainly don’t know how to do it better. Thanks for making these mistakes so we can all learn and benefit from them!

Thanks guys! I know you’re working your asses off. Now go hire some help after all this is done ;-)

With love,

Sharon Villines

No programming? This is a nightmare. Learning HTML is not programming? I would have to spend a lot of money to use this theme. I hoping I can copy the HTML and CSS from the old files to even figure out what styles apply to what. That’s what I loved about Thesis I didn’t have to.

The DIY site is also messed. I can’t get to the forums to look up anything connected to the older versions.


2 Questions:

-Where I do I get the bonuses or whatever I think Chris said in an earlier post if you’ve purchased the dev option?

-Is uploading thesis to a new site without thesis previously installed any different than the ftp method before or do I just straight up upload the thesis 2.0 zip to wordpress?


You will be best suited creating a test site with a new WP Install and Fresh MYSQL Data Base. After you get WP initially setup just upload Thesis 2.0 .ZIP through WordPress like you would any other Theme. No need for Permissions and custom folder that no longer exists.

Follow this Tutorial for Installing and activating Thesis 2.0 that Kristen has made available here>>


Keep on rocking guys! great work. I love to hear the development stories regarding pulling the all nighters! That is the real meaning of dedication


I foresee a big problem for you guys to translate this to your average blogging Joe, unless you get a large range of skins to satisfy quickly. Just watched Ricks video for changing to a two column site and I am baffled. Im sure for a designer this is going to be magic but for most folks who are not..Well!
I think the problem is that Chris and the team did not beta test this on your average wordpress dummy like myself. If you had we would have all crossed our eyes! Its not simpler for the average user. It is simpler for designers. It feels like there is a layer missing, you know the layer where I tell it to do something and It does it!

I am not saying that I wont try and get my head around this at some point. But, for those of us who were expecting drag and drop. Its come up short.


Anxiously waiting for a ‘switchable’ version…

Carmelo Humphrey

Just a few weeks ago I bought thesis 1.8.5 and while I was in the process of setting the layout of my website and all the 9 yards…then thesis 2.0 showed up
I want to know is there an option to upgrade or what? It’s not clear how I have to pay to upgrade or it’s free upgrade? Please advise.
Carmelo Humphrey
P.S: I want to have my new blog site setup/design/created using Thesis Them 2 to see how it looks compare to one of my sites where I used one theme of the competition…


I own thesis Thesis 1.8.5 and have the option to download Thesis 2. Do I get everything in Thesis 2 for the current membership? Thanks


I’m worried that Thesis 2.0 doesn’t yet support the “Restore Corrupted Design Options” ( feature as I move my site between local and live servers?

It would be nice if the Thesis developers adhered to the WordPress API to resolve path information when writing their proprietary settings. This would eliminate the need for having the missing “Restore Corrupted Design Options” feature.

Either way, for now, we’re dead in the water. :-(


Classic theme looks like the empty one. I installed the theme 2.0 but the blog looks empty. In the html editor, there is only the body showing, no 3 column, header and all the stuff that should come by default. How can I do to make it look like it should?