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Sleeping is a behavior.  And there is a very important connection between health, happiness and a good night’s sleep.

Certainly some people can crawl into bed and shut their eyes and they are off.  Yet to understand the behavior and preparing for your slumber will assist in you getting optimum sleep.

A considerable amount of information is available about the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.  Yet not enough attention is given to the importance of sleep.

There are huge debates over the amount of sleep that each person requires.  The fact is that the amount of sleep the average adult needs each night varies.

What is most important is to create sleep rituals.  Do this by giving your body signals that it is time to slow down and sleep.  Try to establish your sleep cycle into a regular rhythm and you will feel better. You should go to bed, and wake up, at the same times each day, even on the weekends. This will help regulate your body’s inner clock.

If you are not relaxed it may be difficult falling asleep and staying asleep.  So get into the habit of unwinding and calming down before you hit the bed.

sleep%20CD thumb 300x300 Sleep WellMusic to unwind before and during bedtime is one of the best relaxation tools. I highly recommend you check out this Sleep CD  There are more soothing gentle music selections available at this website – take a look around.

For an overactive mind with thoughts spinning, worrying, and writing to-do lists…..then try relaxing breathing, meditation, prayers, or a few stretches can help as a sleep aid.

Exercising regularly is important for you overall – however refrain from exercise a few hours before bedtime.

Avoid heavy meals late in the evening.  Eliminate coffee or alcohol directly before bedtime.

Turn off all electronics – TV, computer, phones at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and well ventilated.  Remove the clock from view.

Take a hot bath or shower before bed.  Try an aromatherapy bath – it is outstanding and a sure cure.

These suggestions will encourage your relaxation and deepen the quality of your sleep.  Create a soothing atmosphere in your home.  An hour prior to bed – turn on relaxing music, dim the lights, use candles, add aromatherapy touches. This will help balance your mind and body even after you fall asleep.

With a good night’s sleep, you will be more alert, fresh, and focused the next day and reap the health benefits overall.

Good night and sleep well!

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