Where’s the buzz?

The Democratic primary this year has been one of the most interesting political stories for awhile, yet no one is talking about it. Someone dared challenge Jim Moran. The Democratic Party kept the challenger, Bruce Shuttleworth, off the ballot, saying he didn’t have the required signatures. When Shuttleworth filed a lawsuit, the Democratic Party suddenly “found” (wink wink) missing Shuttleworth signatures and put him on the ballot. The chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia is Jim Moran’s brother. The 8th District Democratic Committee has refused to give Shuttleworth a fair shot – no debates, nothing. It’s clear that there was all sorts of shady business going around. This is journalistic gold; this is the type of story that reporters and news outlets can make a name for themselves from. But no one investigated it. No one reported it.

Think about it – the brother of a 21 year incumbent shuts out a challenger. The challenger sues. The brother lets him on the ballot. Truly this is a big story. But the local media has refused to investigate it. Jim Moran has the local media, with the exception of a select few, in his pocket. There must have been an outrageous email trail between the state Democratic Party, the 8th District Democrats, and the Moran campaign about shutting Shuttleworth down. But the media apparently likes Jim MorN too much to do their jobs – journalism. Instead they write little snippets buried in articles about the Republican Senate primary about how Moran has a challenger, and nothing else. No mention of the scandal. Save for a few blogs, like Not Larry Sabato (who is casting a blank ballot), there isn’t much buzz going around between ordinary local Democrats either.

This has revealed how entrenched Jim Moran is, that the party does his bidding and the media looks the other way. This goes against everything our Republic stands for. The media used to be called the fourth branch of government – keeping an eye on the president, Congress, and courts. Not anymore. Good for Bruce Shuttleworth for fighting back.

Check back tonight for coverage of the results.

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