SIFMA Honors Industry Professionals with Distinguished Leadership and Chairmen’s Achievement Awards

Release Date: November 8, 2006 
Contact: Travis Larson, Melissa Buden 

SIFMA Honors Industry Professionals with Distinguished Leadership and Chairmen's Achievement Awards  

BOCA RATON, FL, November 8, 2006 - Fourteen industry professionals were honored for their extraordinary leadership and service during the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's (SIFMA) welcome dinner this evening. 

Before merging to become SIFMA, the Securities Industry Association (SIA) and The Bond Market Association (TBMA), recognized industry professionals from their respective organizations with individual awards for their contributions and outstanding efforts.  SIA Distinguished Leadership Awards and TBMA Chairmen's Achievement Awards were presented tonight for accomplishments during the past year. 

"This evening we take a few moments to honor those industry volunteers that have gone beyond the call of duty in guaranteeing the success of our many industry initiatives for 2006," said James Gorman, SIFMA's 2006 Co-Chairman.  "Tonight we present the SIA Distinguished Leadership Awards to those individuals whose work proved paramount in meeting our goals of the last year." 

"The Association's efforts are so successful because of the dedication of so many volunteers," said Ed Forst, SIFMA Co-Chairman.  "TBMA's Chairmen's Achievement Awards recognize some very special people for their leadership and their work to promote fairness and efficiency in our global fixed income markets." 

Individuals receiving SIA Distinguished Leadership Awards in five categories are: 

The Extension of The Capital Gains and Dividends Tax Rate 

Charles Pockras, Investment Representative, Edward Jones 

Pockras collected and submitted hundreds of petitions to Ohio's congressional delegation.  In addition, he arranged for hundreds of calls to be made to Ohio's Senators by employees at Edward Jones as well as its customers in the state.  He also personally canvassed Ohio's congressional delegation to help gauge/expand support for the extension. 

The Advocacy of Hybrid SRO 

Peter Madoff, Senior Managing Director, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC 

Thomas Russo, Vice Chairman, Chief Legal Officer, Lehman Brothers 

Madoff and Russo have been exceptional leaders for our industry in its ongoing pursuit of a hybrid SRO, whereby one self-regulatory organization would be responsible for issuing a principles-based rulebook, examining firms for compliance with that rulebook, and - where appropriate - brining enforcement actions to punish wrongdoing. 

International Trade and Investment Policy 

Emily Altman, Managing Director, Head of International Government Relations, JPMorgan Chase & Co. 

A powerful advocate of open and fair global markets, Altman has built and maintained strong relationships with international regulators and government officials around the world.  She has actively participated in drafting important policy documents advancing the industry's global agenda and protecting firms against adverse policy decisions. 

Implementation of Regulation NMS 

Christopher Gilkerson, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 

Matthew Lavicka, Managing Director of US Trading, Goldman, Sachs & Co. 

Andrew Madoff, Director of Proprietary Trading, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC 

Gerald O'Connell, Compliance Director, Susquehanna Financial Group 

Brett Redfearn, Senior Managing Director, Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. 

After being issued by the SEC, Regulation NMS reached into every aspect of the national market system, including market data, intermarket trading, market access, and trading increments. The five award recipients for this category have been instrumental in the lengthy and complex response to this revolutionary change to our markets. 

Retirement Advocacy 

Ellyn McColgan, President, Fidelity Investments 

McColgan has led industry efforts to increase attention to the urgency of the retirement security issue.  She has been responsible for communicating legislative developments on SIA's retirement agenda at board meetings, and has volunteered significant time to advocate on Capitol Hill for enactment of pension reform initiatives. 

Individuals receiving TBMA Chairmen's Achievement Awards are: 

Robert Foran, Senior Managing Director and Head of Public Finance Department, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. 

Foran has made countless contributions to TBMA's efforts in areas such as regulatory rulemaking, tax reform, and market practice initiatives including due diligence responsibilities of underwriters, and has shared his years of experience and knowledge of the industry by serving as a speaker at many of TBMA's conference. 

John Gidman, Executive Vice President, Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P. 

Gidman worked tirelessly in developing TBMA's Asset Manager's Division and serving as its Chair.  As Chair of the Asset Managers Division, Gidman has led its work on important initiatives including improving derivatives processing, industry-wide straight through processing, best execution, pension reform and mark-up rules. 

Christian Mundigo, Head of Interest Rate Group, North America, BNP Paribas 

Mundigo is recognized for his key role in the 2004 formation of TBMA's affiliate, the European Primary Dealers Association (EPDA).  This group was the first dealers' forum of its kind to address specific primary and secondary markets issues arising across the Euro government securities markets.  He served as Co-Chairman of the EPDA following its formation. 

Lawrence Thomas, Partner, Edward Jones 

Thomas is recognized for his dedicated service to TBMA's regional dealers program, which ensures that TBMA benefits from the insights of the regional dealer community while developing polices aimed at fostering industry objectives.  Thomas is a member of the Regional Advisory Committee and is actively involved in the Annual Regional Dealers Conference. 


The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association brings together the shared interests of more than 650 securities firms, banks and asset managers. SIFMA's mission is to promote policies and practices that work to expand and perfect markets, foster the development of new products and services and create efficiencies for member firms, while preserving and enhancing the public's trust and confidence in the markets and the industry. SIFMA works to represent its members' interests locally and globally. It has offices in New York, Washington D.C., and London and its associated firm, the Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, is based in Hong Kong. 


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