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In Memorium - Former Staff and Students of Rural Science at UNE

Dr MK (Merv) Hill. Died January 2002, aged 67. Graduated PhD (Livestock Husbandry) 1972, Lecturer in Animal Science over 20 years, also served as Dean of the Faculty of Rural Science.
Prof GL (Bill) McClymont. 08.05.1920 - 06.05.2000

Professor G.L. (Bill) McClymont, Agriculturalist, Humanitarian Educator and Foundation Dean of the Faculty of Rural Science (1956-1976) died 6 May 2000.

The "McClymont Foundation" has been established for the future development of Rural Science in his honour. Prospective donors please correspond with John Davidson, Treasurer RSGA, 1 Golf Links Rd, Armidale NSW 2350.

Sydney Morning Herald Obituary

From ABC Local News ...

Hundreds turn out to farewell farming stalwart

18 May 2000: In Armidale yesterday, hundreds of people attended a memorial service for a man widely regarded as the pioneer of sustainable agriculture in Australia.

Professor Bill McClymont, who founded the Faculty of Rural Science at the University of New England and became its dean for 18 years, died in Sydney earlier this month.

Professor McClymont built up an international reputation for agricultural research, and at yesterday's memorial service, plans were announced for an international foundation to further rural science in his honour.

Agricultural pioneer and academic dies in Sydney

9 May 2000: The man who founded the Faculty of Rural Science at the University of New England and widely-regarded as the pioneer of sustainable agriculture in Australia, Professor Bill Mclymont, has died in Sydney.

Professor Mclymont founded the faculty of rural science in 1955 and became its dean for 18 years. He was originally a vet, and a winner of the University of Sydney Medal. He is attributed as being the first to coin the phrase "Sustainable Agriculture", linking ecology with rural activities.

He died on the weekend, following a long illness. He would have turned 80 yesterday.

Emeritus Professor NTM (Neil) Yeates, 1915-1996. Department of Livestock Husbandry then Animal Science 1957-1977.
Graduates by Year of Graduation
John Allbut, BRurSc 1960.

Colin Bungey, BRurSc 1960.

Nathaniel Timothy Clark, BRurSc 1960.

John Epworth, BRurSc 1960.
John Aiken, BRurSc 1961.

William Spry, BRurSc 1961.
Hugh Barker, BRurSc 1962.

Monty Kelk, BRurSc 1962.
Neville Koch, BRurSc 1964.
Edward Batterham, BRurSc 1965.
Theodore Edwards, BRurSc 1970.
George Parker, BRurSc(Hons) 1971.
Peter Lawry, BRurSc 1976.
Peter Denyer, BRurSc 1988.
Craig Jensen, BRurSc 1996.
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