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  • loup224

    I'm happy! :D

    yesterday evening Reply
  • jembf

    :-P :-DD

    yesterday evening Reply
  • loup224

    Would you believe me, if i say that i know that you know that i know it? ;D

    yesterday afternoon Reply
  • jembf

    :-) Wanted to tell ya something you didn't know :-DDD

    Yesterday 2:51pm Reply
  • jembf

    We got blue skies and sunshine.......and WIND :-( In SA their fave snax is biltong.......air-dried spicy strips of meat.....good to cut your teeth on :-DD Yum :-D Enjoy yourselves. Hugs and waving :-)). Jem -))

    Yesterday 2:43pm Reply
  • jembf

    Heck its lookin freezin up there :-( Its dried up here but very windy and pretty chilly......why do we say `pretty' chilly??? Should be `ugly' chilly :-DD HAve a nice one :-) Hugs and smiles. Jem :-))

    Yesterday 12:33pm Reply
  • tartonka

    Hallo Carole, wish you a fantastic day with a lot of sunshine...

    Yesterday 12:19pm Reply
  • jembf

    HI Carole :-)) Has it stopped throwin it down yet? Hope you haven't got soaked. Did A have a v. large umberella when she waived as you went passed:-D Have a lovely happy afty with O :-)) Take care. See ya. Hugs and raincoats :-D Jem :-))

    Yesterday 12:04pm Reply
  • Hanielrx

    good morning :).....enjoy ya day Carole.take care and cya around,smile :)

    Yesterday 11:32am Reply
  • loup224

    hmm, but i can't close my eyes while visiting your page to wish you a happy, sunny day... ^^ You know i *never* want to bother you. What else could i do? ;))

    Yesterday 10:07am Reply
  • loup224

    Thank you Carole :)) - oh, not i. is doing that for me. ;D So, i`ll not tell you about our weather here... ;)

    Yesterday 9:23am Reply
  • loup224

    looks like you have a new favorite song... ;) And have a great day, anyway! :D

    Yesterday 9:09am Reply
  • Hanielrx

    hey carole,good morning,just droppinby to say hello and hope ya fine :)...have a nice day,smile :)

    11 Jun 6:26am Reply
  • jembf

    Hi Carole :-)) How ya doin :-) We had quite a good morning. Heh! after Fridays excitement in the roadworks, we were treated like royalty by the guy who had stopped us :-DDD Actually, apart from that little misunderstanding, they all been very good. Gonna be kinda dull when they're gone :-DD I hope you have had a good day. Take care and I'll see ya later. Hugs and mops :-D Jem :-))

    10 Jun 3:32pm Reply
  • loup224

    So, he's like Garfield, i suppose? ;)

    10 Jun 10:11am Reply
  • loup224

    :D How are yours?

    10 Jun 9:39am Reply
  • loup224


    10 Jun 8:54am Reply
  • loup224

    Good Morning and Thank you! :))

    10 Jun 7:38am Reply
  • Hanielrx

    Hey carole hun good morning :).....take care and enjoy ya Sunday as well :)....Smile..

    9 Jun 10:13am Reply
  • jembf

    Oh sure they were good...but not me thing.....they were good not to get put off and they probs got extra votes from people feelin sorry for them :-D

    8 Jun 9:25pm Reply
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Love my Family and our lovely black cat
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