Celine Still A Favourite Among American Idol Contestants

2013/05/20 3:00AM Canada (English)

Year after year, contestants on the popular singing competition TV show choose to perform Celine songs and we’re glad to see that this year isn’t any different! During season 12 of American Idol, contestant Angie Miller sang “I Surrender”, Kree Harrison sang “Have You Ever Been In Love” and Amber Holcomb sang “The Power of Love”. What do you think of these performances? If you were a contestant on a similar show, what Celine song would you sing?

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I am a big fan of Celine. I was actually happy to hear these contestants sing a Celine Dion song because it means that they may also be a fan. In the singing part, nobody can compare to Celine's voice but at least they tried and also they tried to incorporate their own style into the song. Every time contestants sing a Celine Dion song, it's a big gamble, it's a make or break. The only contestants that has won a singing contest that sang a Celine that i know of is Kelly Clarkson (I Surrender) in AI and Leona Lewis (all by myself) Xfactor Britain but Celine's version was still way far better. If I would sing a Celine song in a competition I would sing WATER FROM THE MOON, I just love the song so much.


The contestants on all these singing competitions should never sing Celine's songs or for that matter Whitney or Mariah either...they pale in comparison and it makes my stomach turn...Celine is the greatest and they will never sound as great as Celine singing any of her songs...I know Celine is probably flattered that others "try" to sing her songs but I don't care to listen to them!

Congratulations to the competitors sing very well and choose beautiful Celine's songs.

I would love to sing Where Does My Hear Beat Now, Parle À Mon Père, Taking Chances among others.

I love you Celine <3

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Unfortunately, I don't like any of these performances Sad
If I were a contestant on a similar show I would like to sing a looooooong medley of the following songs... Right In Front Of You, To Love You More, I'm Alive, Destin, Because You Loved Me, I Surrender, Us, Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Rain Tax, Just A Little Bit of Love, That's The Way It Is, A New Day Has Come, Where Is The Love, Pour Que Te Mas Encore, My Heart Will Go On, Parler a Mon Pere, Immensite, Je Serais Celle-La, Les Jours Comme Ca, Ne Me Quitte Pas, The Prayer, So This Is Christmas, Adeste Fideles, Les Petits Pieds De Lea... and many more Smile

my mom absolutely adores celine dion, she's turning 60 on Saturday, we are giving her a surprise party and we are trying to send her to see Celine in concert at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on July, 5,6,7. . Hey Mrs. Dion, consider this a formal invitation for my moms birthday party , she would love it!!!! Its a secret..shhhh The party is Saturday May 25th at the Holiday Inn Conyers Georgia, 6-10 pm if you happen to be in the area!!! your music , thanks for contact

Hmmm... I would sing "Love can move mountains", "I'm alive", "All by myself", "Terre", "Dans un autre monde", "Ain't gonna look the other way", "Tout l'or des hommes", "Stand by your side" and I could choose much more. I love Celine songs. Celine I love you!!!!!

Love can move mountains

Cause Celine´s songs are brilliants and the vocals are in evidence!!!


Well if I could sing I would sing A New Day Has Come, My Love, Prayer, A World To Believe In, To Love You More, I'm Alive, I Know What Love Is, I surrender, My Heart Will Go On, If That's What It Takes, Lets Talk About Love, Nothing Broken But My Heart, Taking Chances, Shadow Of Love, Un Finnished Songs, Sorry For Love, Because You Loved Me, Stand By Your Side, Then You Look At Me and so many more that I just can't choose from!!!

And if I sing in french the songs would be Les Petits Pieds De Lea, Le Miracle, Si Je N'ai Rien De Toi, Celle Qui M'a Tout Appris, Parler A Mon Pere, Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour, A Cause, Et Si N'en Restait Qu'une, Je Cherche L'ombre, Le Temps qui compt, Je Ne Suis Pas Celle, Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas, Tous Les Secrets, Contre Nature, Je Crois Toi, S'il Suffisait D'aimer, On Ne Change Pas, Papilion, Desin, Pour Que Tu M'amais Encore, L'amour Existe Encore, Ce N'etait Qu'un Reve and so many more!!!!!!!!Smile

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

I would sing, Because you love me, My heart will go on, The power of love or All by myself, though this son is very difficult but I would try to sing it, I love all Celine´s song and I love her too, she´s the best.

I would sing "My Heart Will Go On " or "To Love You More " Smile
Céline is just amazing...I love her sooo very much <3

I would sing Because you loved me, my heart will go on, i drove all night, i surrender, to love you more! Wink

I definitely sing "To Love You More" and "I surrender"!!!!
I love " To love you more" and "I surrender"!
We will love Céline Dion forever! Laughing out loud