CyanogenMod-6.1 Stable Has Landed!

December 6th, 2010

Our crew of 10000 monkeys at 10000 typewriters have finally managed to crank out a new stable release. Versions for each device are rolling out now, and are available in the forums or via ROM Manager.

If you haven’t been tracking the release candidates, 6.1 is a major upgrade with tons of new features, support for a few new devices, new languages, and extra awesomesauce added :) Check out the CHANGELOG for a full list of what you can expect.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed code, art, support on the forums, wiki pages, and of course donations. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

  • jp

    firstly … THANKS …
    I brought my HD2 after reading lots about how flash player support was soon to be released, only to find infact that MS wouldn’t really allow it to come to pass due to the soon to emerge MS 7 phones. So I used Skyfire for browsing flash sites – till “support for winphones being withdrawn” was posted on their website. So again no flashplaying :( just before I taped my phone to a large skyrocket I thought I would try an android change up as Skyfire was still supporting it.
    Cyanogen gives the world HD2ONE. So simple to bring to my phone I couldn’t ask for more. Now my “dumb”-smartphone is the supersmartphone it should always have been. Full flashplayer 10.1 and fresh eyecandy make me all happy.
    So now my question:
    I looked at ROM Manager but it tells me to select my phone model from a list, problem is the HTC HD2 is not on the list, any advice please :)

  • pat
  • Brian M Connole

    Thank you… This makes a lot more sense now. I was kind of confused about a few things until reading this post.

    Take care,

    Brian M Connole
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  • Felipe

    I produce some problems after installing the rom, one is that the calendar widget pure, pure messenger and facebook, to do a reboot are uninstalled. moreover, the widget does not show pure messenger post, k9 for pure, I can give some instrutivo to solve the problems, thanks

  • Alberto

    hey, i installed it from rom manager and its worked fine but my screen is like an aqua color and very annoying, its not the screen because when i reboot my fone the mytouch 3g logog screen is normal. i thought maybe it was a glitch in the dwnload but i read in the changelog it is trying to use led backlight and copy the galaxy s nd i cant change it, can anyone help me out?? jst email me at [email protected]

  • rchicangana

    Cyano, i can sense with cyanogen 6.1

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  • Darcie Klinekole

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  • Josippo

    Thanks for that great ROM! I am using it now for one week, I have tried some others but CM6.1 is the best for me. So I have donated 10 bucks,unfortunatelly I am not rich to donate more. Maybe some day! ;-) ) But for some beers it will be enough.


  • martinglake

    Hi, new to this, and android in general. Been crawling along with a palm treo for the past who know’s how long. About to buy a G1… because with this ROM I don’t really we’ve moved on much from there, and if it can get me through a year; and I can see what things are looking like after the google s*~T hits the fan next year then I’ll be in a better position to see where things are going and shell out a load for what I estimate is going to be a 3 device way of living (I like to think of startrek badge 2.tablet 3.home ominipresent mother ship:p) ….anyway, my question.
    Can I edit google docs on this ROM?
    Mucho appreciation.

  • fred

    Need help just put 6.1 on my htc evo using root mgr and all it seems to be doing is recycling and not turning on it went through all the steps until it rebooted. any help will be appreciated.


  • Ryan
  • Nick

    Thanks for the hard work. I’ve tried other mods and I keep coming back. Beer money is on the way!

  • lvlylo

    Having problems with the browser and some apps opening… please help running cyanogenmod 6.1.1 slide,,
    what should i do???

  • kjlowe

    Installed 6.1.1 as an update to my N1 and a few apps didn’t make it though. Android market included. Reverting back to 6.1. Anyone else have this problem?

  • adamxtrem

    I did the 6.1 update to and the screen became a tinted green color, how would I able to fix the problem? Please help

  • sklep erotyczny

    Super, że na koniec, wchodząc na Twoją stronkę, znalazłem to czego szukałem… Na nieszczęście na Google trafiam na tak wiele śmieci, że ciężko się w tym odnaleźć. Fajnie napisany i zadbany blog. Jeszcze tu na pewno wrócę. Dodałem do ulubionych. Pozdrowienia znad morza.

  • Hua Hin Taxi

    Nice post, it helped me make my final choice and I could also prove my friend wrong, thx! :)

  • Harris


    does it support MIlestone 2 ?

  • shydow

    while i use 6.1 in my g1,my default keyboard layout change to German

  • Mike

    I paired my phone with my cars handfree system and it worked but when I try to connect it it doesn’t work. So it pairs but doesn’t connect. Worked five before rooting.

  • jsuarez926
  • Mathias

    While i was waiting for a stable release After bricking my Device 2 times (htc was kindly enough to repair it for free), i was surprised when my htc Magic automatically updated to froyo Today! Seems like Vodafone is rolling out the froyo update across Europe… Christmas came early

  • traize

    is this rom compatible to motorola xt720?

  • http://- Albert

    Hi there,

    I like this ROM. Much better than the original. I only miss Android Market. Can somebody help me fix this problem?

    Thank you


  • Ajinnola

    @ Albert. flash the google apps zip from a previous cm release since I think the latest link is broken. It’s really simple, just flash it like you would any rom/zip…
    Now for my problem: does anyone get a significant delay after waking the phone from the screen-off state to the lock screen? And how can I fix it? When I push my power button (evo) to wake the device, sometimes nothing happens. Usually theres up to a five or six second delay. Anyone?

  • PsychoEddie

    …so I downloaded the 6.1 stable release and installed it, now my htc incredible is repeatedly showing the cyanogen(mod) splash screen and won’t respond to anything but removing the battery. put the battery back in and it goes right back the showing the splash screen over and over again. how can I unbrick my phone?

  • Omixam91

    Hi to all i have a question i have a htc aria and when i install the cyanogenmod on my phone the logo stay like 15 minutes and nothing what should i do??

  • t00pz

    PsychoEddie, it sounds like you need to wipe, cyanogen won’t start up if you don’t. so pull battery, start up in recovery, wipe data, cache, dalvik, boot up. should work.

  • jBosh0404

    HTC Slide – installed ok, but market app missing. Doesn’t work when downloaded separately either. Help!

  • Facuriy

    gracias muchas y varias