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  CUE Bus System
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CUE Bus System

The City's CUE Bus system not only provides regularly scheduled, low-cost service to George Mason University, to shopping centers and other locations within the City of Fairfax, but also serves as a feeder network to the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail Station (2900 Nutley St., Fairfax, VA 22031). All buses on every route are fully accessible.

The CUE Bus Fare is $1.80, or $1.60 when using a SmarTrip® card. Reduced rates are also available.

  • George Mason University students, staff and faculty with a valid Mason ID ride free
  • Children three years of age and under accompanied by an adult ride free
  • City of Fairfax elementary, intermediate and high school students, senior citizens (age 60 and older), and persons with disabilities with a valid City ID ride for a reduced rate of 85¢.
  • CUE Bus passengers may use SmarTrip® cards to pay for CUE Bus fares – see details below.
  • Please note that riders using a SmarTrip® card to pay for their fare will NOT receive additional fare discounts.
  • Exact change is required. Buses accept dollar bills, but do not make change.

Tickets can be purchased at the City of Fairfax City Hall from the Treasurer’s or City Manager’s office. They are sold in books of 10 for $18.00, or $8.50 for students, seniors and persons with disabilities; one ticket is valid for a single ride on the CUE Bus. For information on CUE Bus schedules click here, or call 703.385.7859 or e-mail

CUE Bus passengers may use SmarTrip® cards to pay for CUE Bus fares. The plastic cards, sold by Metro for Metrorail and Metro Bus fares and Metrorail parking lot payments, can be used for paying for CUE Bus rides. Fares are automatically deducted from the card, with no need for tickets or change. For information, call 888.SMARTRIP or visit Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority website.

Download CUE Bus schedules to a handheld device Download CUE Bus schedules to a handheld device

For more information go to Rider Information page

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