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Fashion designer John Galliano's first television interview since his 2010 hate speech incident at a Parisian bar

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    1. GabrielPencilCrayons  06/17/2013 06:54 PM Report

      As an aside...You are most welcome to visit and assist in our Atelier! Now that would be a lovely story! M x

    2. nellie-claire  06/17/2013 02:17 PM Report

      There is so much that I want to write. I have known alcoholics, who, when sober were the loveliest, most gentle souls on earth. However, when they drank, they became entirely different people, cruel, demanding, and full of hate; they were absolute polar opposites of their sober selves. I do believe that this is the case with John Galliano. There are people whose personalities are completely changed by alcohol; it's almost as if different beings are inhabiting the same body. These drinkers have no control when they are drinking; they say and do things that they would never do when sober. Brownout and Blackout drinking episodes are real and they are not just convenient excuses.

      I have known, alcoholics, like John Galliano who react to alcohol in this manner. It is the most frightening and devastating thing to watch. I was reduced to tears by the unimaginable personality changes brought on by drinking. I am sure that for anyone who has experienced this or lived it, John Galliano's story is completely plausible and believable. I wish Mr. Galliano well. I cannot abide anti-Semites or racists but I do not believe that John Galliano is either. I hope that we can find compassion and forgiveness for a man who is truly sorry for his behavior.

    3. GabrielPencilCrayons  06/17/2013 12:38 PM Report

      Dear John,

      Without the benefit of commercial investment. I too am a Couturier. Independent, focused and passionate about the work that I adore I have been able to grow my beautiful Atelier from one dress to another... We share some of the same private clients. Some pieces involving a commitment of between 300-400 hours. Divine. Inspired by your work John from the very beginning of my career, I watched you create the most extraordinary body of work. It will be in that beautiful work that you will find your spirit again. Everyone will need forgiven at some point in life and I hope you are able to find it in yourself. As for myself, I forgive you, I continue to admire your talent and I wish you abundant successes both personally and professionally. I send you my most sincere regards and expect to see you surrounded in muslin very very soon! Chin up, Chest out!

    4. DRey  06/17/2013 07:01 AM Report

      I found Charlie Rose very fair during the interview however I am struggling to understand John Galliano's excuses to not be able to find venues to make amends - Sadly I do not see a great commitment on the road to recovery. Hope that I am wrong.

    5. coopej01  06/16/2013 10:19 PM Report

      The Galliano interview ends the admiration I have always felt for Charlie. I watched the first half of the show and could not go further. I was disgusted. Charlie was the very worst of bullies. It was extremely painful to watch. Charlie, you have lost a very long time supporter

    6. charliesheep  06/16/2013 12:19 PM Report



    7. extracredit  06/16/2013 05:07 AM Report

      (i'm really tired of typing i don't want to say anything but i'll post this one - for the links) (thanks) (story telling) (watch this on SILENT)

      so anyway i don't care what other people are doing but me personally i'm calling the police i already talked to them and told them everything that's going on and i'm getting a restraining order (not address just person my pictures were in washington state in a national park near canada) because these people are horrible human beings and they can't come around me i'm as serious as it gets so that's what's up and it's not a game i know somebody doing 25 years for this i know two people doing 20 years each for this originally offered 40 years but time reduced for testifying on each other and other people which they always do and went in when they were 19 i know somebody else doing 10 years for having sex with a girl who was intoxicated but didn't resist at the time and i knew a 17 year old kid who got 7 years for this and violent crimes that's 80% time and i will tell any girl this is official if this happens as soon as you can get away go to the emergency room and even if they get less time in jail they'll be a registered sex offender for life every thirty days have to report their address and have their name and picture and address as public records on the internet for everybody in their neighborhood to see will prevent this from happening to other people so this is just to protect myself because specifically targeting and raping girls i'm associated with and dealing with is grounds for a restraining order for me i'm not taking chances so this has nothing to do with what happened or anybody else this is me and reality i'm dealing with the police for myself and for my world and people need to stay out of it banned from this place forever meaning wherever i am in the world the restraining order is going into effect and come in my presence i'm dialing 911 immediately i'm going through too many other problems that's a violation straight to jail and every day in jail feels like 4 maybe with celebrities this stuff works but in reality this stuff isn't tolerated and these people let's say these people go to prison they will not get raped because they voluntarily have sex with each other in there is what i read i don't even want to think about this stuff that's the purpose of the stay away / restraining order and why it's happening no bad feelings it's just how it has to be out of my life out of my sight out my thoughts i'm not dealing with this i'm serious

      my whole philosophy in life space out the bad with good there's so much good to take up all space and consciousness and crowd everything out so that what is bad doesn't even exist and have systems in place to deal with the bad without having to think about it (reading) (rules) (female president) (team 9) (captions cc) (clinton)

      (i'm not playing this game i'm a pacifist i'm going through severe problems i have to take a long break and try to recover it's what i've been saying forever)

      and check this out lear-your-mind

      that's what i did in 2005 but then i messed up and it's been going in the extreme wrong direction since i have like 7-10 different sounds now and it's different in each ear my joint in my jaw is really messed up and scrapes all crazy and hurts so first i have to fix the joint to prevent it from keep getting worse and then i have to reverse it - i have a plan to try to start with but won't get into details - i'm going to take a long break and try to focus on and work on this

      i'm delusional (and delirious) and just focused on this stuff i want to be but i think like sleeping with a girl is like it being okay to be close but it doesn't matter so not to have to worry about it if it happens is cool like that or just to talk and be friends and that's all is cool like that and then if it could happen but there's a problem with it happening then that's the stressful situation so my goal is to stay calm and relaxed and think about other things and take an extended break and hopefully recover

      is what i'm going to try to do not really worried about anything

      (can't type anymore - for a long time - these words are all zoned and spaced out but i'm going to post never typing again)


      here's some other stuff i wrote but took out (it was before the check this out)

      like you celebrities have this idea like if i expose everything wrong with me to the world maybe they'll accept me and it will be okay and then all these other people say hey i have a lot of these problems too so i'm going to support this person so that my flaws can be accepted too but really if you want to do good for the world you should put your best foot forward and be the best you possibly can be and inspire other people to be the best they can be too and by doing that you will become a better person and have a positive impact on the world and spread happiness because happiness is contagious it really is (and education brings happiness because you'll have a better understanding of why things are not going well and have a more accurate and realistic plan and goal of how you can fix the situation and it'll give you a positive and optimistic future to work towards and as you do this and see the changes and the results that are real you will feel happiness progressing in that direction you have to find the goodness within yourself and allow it to take over everything

      cleanse yourself with health plus supposedly every cell in your body is replaced within every seven years so you will be a brand new person

      i'm not the type to dwell on negative things that's why i get so frustrated with all of this i just want to move forward and get out of this situation

      a few years ago i saw this girl and she ran up to me and kissed me on my lips and i was like alright and then i was talking to her and she told me that she was living with this woman who had just been quarantined the day before for tb it took me a couple of minutes for it to sync in i completely freaked out for like 2 months (but she was nice i feel okay about it)

    8. SugarPuffLips  06/16/2013 05:03 AM Report

      Bless you dear John, you are looking wonderful. ALL in this life have done wrong of one kind or another, let he cast the first stone who has not, NONE could throw. Thank goodness John has found the strength to mend himself for he is worth saving. This world is too full of narrow minded people who choose to be shut to all but the little they understand. I was lucky enough to know John and work for him a long time ago now, he is a delicate and loving soul and because of this misunderstood, he is also a true Genius, not a word I use lightly. I hope he finds the peace and love that he deserves.

    9. kanake  06/15/2013 10:50 PM Report

      I have been a seamstress and freelance designer for most of my adult life,and I have always been a supporter and admirer of John Galliano, purely on his ability to create and drape fabrics into works of art and living masterpieces. the fact that he is flawed has never changed my opinion of him, but this interview has changed my opinion of Charlie Rose and others in the fashion and media business who perhaps behind closed doors and in the private places in thier minds and closets also have flaws. I believe John when he says that during the time he made these remarks, he had been deep in research. Unless you have done the types of collections for couture houses such as he had, one cannot know the enormous pressure to create in hyperdrive mode. I find it sad that certain fashion/media execs are slow to forgive John, and are cautious to embrace him as the genious he once was and still is in my eyes. I thought Charlie was very abrasive in this interview considering that this was a big get for the show, and it made me very uncomfortable at times that Charlie was vacant of the fact he wasn't able to recognize the amazing artist that John is.

    10. LJensen  06/15/2013 10:48 PM Report

      The John Galliano interview has haunted me since the night it aired. I watch CR almost nightly and I found it to be nigh painful to participate in the experience. Charlie exhibited uncharacteristictly vicious and strident tendencies and it made me question his bias. Galliano is an artist and that does not excuse his absurd and egoistic behavior, but it does explain is lack of connection with history, the real world, the common plane and all attendant aspects of life that he has no knowledge of. He's not supposed to be part of "the real world", Charlie. He's not one of us, he has no conscience. That's why the disconnect feeds his imaginary "place". It's filled with water fairies and colors and textures and I for one, am willing to give him a pass to live in this world as long as he gives us the bounty of his fantasy. Other artists have lived in these quarters and have not survived. Charlie referenced Alexander McQueen in the interview and rightly so, the burden of delivering inspiration is crushing and killing.

      I lost respect for Charlie that night and I feel sad for that. John Galliano is what he is. He's produced more art in his life than millions can even contemplate.

    11. nickolette  06/15/2013 07:27 PM Report

      I am a fan of this show but I just registered here to say the following.. In my mind Galliano a genius. I found the questions not at all difficult but unnecessarily edifying and it bothered me a lot. I hoped I'd hear more about himself, his inspirations, creative process, philosophy.., rather than making him apologize over and over again. It was undeserving, unnecessary and humiliating.

      I hope they let Galliano create we hear from him again.

    12. Max83  06/15/2013 05:55 PM Report

      I agree with beverlywelch's comment below:

      ''Charlie is a great guy and I am sure he meant no harm to John with his questions. If he had not ask him painful

      questions, there would have been critical remarks he was

      being too easy on John.''

      It was necessary to ask the tough questions and to show the video etc. to really show the serious intent of this rehabilitation.

      This was no Public Relations stunt. This was a true personal transformation commitment and process shared with the public and I could have not thought of a better interviewer than Charlie Rose to assist in this and I think John Galliano knew this and this is why he chose Charlie Rose as the facilitator to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes again.

      I saw that there were several major :-) spelling mistakes in my other post below. My apologies for that. I was in a rush when I wrote it, but I really wanted to comment, share my perspective and wish Mr. Galliano all the very best for the future.

    13. beverlywelch  06/15/2013 09:41 AM Report

      After reading the comments written before and after mine,

      I feel the need to send another one.

      Some were not to my liking and some hard to understand.

      Charlie is a great guy and I am sure he meant no harm to John with his questions. If he had not ask him painful

      questions, there would have been critical remarks he was

      being too easy on John.

      My heart aches for John, he is paying for his mistakes in

      so many ways. As a 82 year old female, I hope I have the

      compassion he deserves. Thank you, Charlie for your work!

    14. LauraMars  06/14/2013 04:53 PM Report

      Scandals aside, the work really suffered over the last decade. He was never as strong as he was at the very beginning: club-to-catwalk/

      I hope he gets back to work and back on form. The time out may prove to be a god send for his talent as much as anything.

    15. Ellen_Dibble  06/14/2013 01:49 PM Report

      This is not the first spectacularly successful high-profile individual to go through this particular trajectory. To me the entire hour is a lead-in, a set-up, for a discussion of the values that lead to this sort of thing: ambition primarily. Not too many people with strong enough egos, identities, however you define it, are also "driven" enough to climb so vertically. "I was a shell," "that was hell," and why? It seems the same kind of self-defense as the name-calling, partly triggered by the echoes of the bullies, as if something needed to be proved to them. If this individual were one of a kind, I wouldn't consider it a societal exemplar, and worth contemplating. There are surely better examples in the sense that most who come through the courts with these issues seem to lose their spouses, their families, their jobs, their homes, and certainly their health, unredeemably. Schools teach us we have to prove ourselves; apparently his schools had "standards" like those here that aim to produce graduates who can puff the endowments. It's not just the bullies who belittle and threaten to belittle. Maybe male testosterone dictates that men have to try to be the Top Dog, part of the non-scapegoat population (in the language he used at the bar), and therefore I can't understand at all.

    16. Dasein  06/14/2013 01:12 PM Report

      Rabbi(Father,Imam,Guru) Rose was once trained to be a lawyer. One wonders why he failed to adjust his case notes to discover what constituted Galliano's claim midway through this interview that he was "set up"? Perhaps the conspiracy continues...

    17. beverlywelch  06/14/2013 09:41 AM Report

      I thought it was a great interview and felt sorry for John.

      He seems truly sorry and I pray he will get a second chance.

    18. Shrdlu42  06/14/2013 04:20 AM Report

      I'm sorry, but with all that's going on in the world (Turkey heading into an abyss, Syria already there, another Middle East war with Israel a possibility, not to mention all the scandal-mongering in Washington, etc.) THIS is what they devote a WHOLE HOUR TO!?

      I'm sorry, but the political lunacies of a fashion designer are of as little import as those of an athlete or movie star. At most, this guy deserved maybe 15 minutes. In this case, less would truly have been more!

    19. wilkie  06/14/2013 02:33 AM Report

      John Galliano you shouldn't worry about anything because every morning you get up,it's a new day.You are now actually living life and as time goes by you will feel better.I feel i'm typical of most people and only wish you the best.Your a creative genius but your also human so don't keep beating yourself up.Instead focus on helping others so you can earn forgiveness and eventually become the respected genius we all love and adore.Good luck John

    20. wilkie  06/14/2013 02:33 AM Report

      John Galliano you shouldn't worry about anything because every morning you get up,it's a new day.You are now actually living life and as time goes by you will feel better.I feel i'm typical of most people and only wish you the best.Your a creative genius but your also human so don't keep beating yourself up.Instead focus on helping others so you can earn forgiveness and eventually become the respected genius we all love and adore.Good luck John

    21. finalfantasytown  06/14/2013 02:16 AM Report

      for the museum of foreign disease

      imaging how beautiful the museum is which present all foreign disease with statue. Currently, social media is available cheaply, such as facebook, twitter, google, youtube, etc., 3D technology. Enough resources for developing our creativity. Some foreign disease being isolating for 2000 years never connects with Athena. It is perfect body for medical research. no photo, no video. It's not hell, it is art.

    22. JavierB  06/13/2013 11:59 PM Report

      Brilliant interview! God bless him. I hope he finds inner peace and goes back to design full force. Designers of his talent are very rare these days.

      And I know I'm not the only one who is craving to see more of his creativity soon.

    23. Patmerwhee  06/13/2013 10:50 PM Report

      I love Charlie, but squirmed for John watching last night's show. How can you explain to a non-alcoholic what it is like to have no recollection from a blackout. To be held in disgrace and accountable for something that has nothing to do with your true feelings and sentiments - and that you don't even remember!

      A blackout is like acting out a character that you are totally detached from. I have no idea how that happens, but it does. Don't let the psychologist over think this for you. It was the drugs and alcohol talking. You gotta know the real you - don't let other's define yourself for you!

      Of course, those words are horrible and should be condemned. But, those words are very divorced from the sober man on the show. Keep acknowledging the devastating effect of those words, but don't internalize that drunk moment as being who you are when you KNOW it's not.

      I loved that one of the other posters recognized that this latest episode is one of the most difficult a human can take. True to your genius, you are bringing grace and transformation.

      Shine on, John! This is but a part of your star's path ...

    24. SharkswithfrikingLazers  06/13/2013 10:48 PM Report

      At the 3:25 mark:

      Jon Stewart, "For more we go out to our Senior Jewish Affairs Correspondent Fashion Designer John Galliano."

      The process involves the following:[1]

      admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion;

      recognizing a higher power that can give strength;

      examining past errors with the help of a sponsor (experienced member);

      making amends for these errors;

      learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior;

      helping others who suffer from the same addictions or compulsions.

      Still on Step 9 John?

    25. ellied  06/13/2013 10:03 PM Report

      first time signing up/in to this - Charlie: love your intelligence and intellect...your show is stimulating- and I would love to get a msg to John G. Purely by chance I found myself plunking myself down, to stop and just do nothing.. I clicked on tv to see what Charlie was talking about/with. I missed the first part. I immediately was adsorbed into John's serious demeanor, and thoughtful responses on the context and his serious approach to "doing" the interview. I latched onto the creativity/ altered state discussion. and I can agree, disagree, nd or qualify my opinion. terrific subject...,etc. A lot of the discussion resonated with me, and I could not help but want to tell John G. ... hey I am in the club. When John G.spoke of atonement, knowing the process, I saw a person who has done a lot of work on themself..and he still holds so much guilt and pain.Please believe in r working on yourself everyday by day...bottom line - you r in different stages of antonement....we got to stop thinking we have to do so much more be perfect at everything we do...the past is a haunt....and please reflect where you are vs.3 yrs. ago...your choice to do something and with the best part of yourself and stay on the path... the past is your past, I am 57 and through the lst 7 years with lots of help I know and work at the interventionists/philosophers who articulate: you can choose to live in the past, or you can choose to live in the present( not so easy) and not worry about tomorrow if you got today. keep up the good hard work. best regarda

    26. Stillness  06/13/2013 09:17 PM Report

      I concur with "sugar's" comments. I was surprised Charlie Rose didn't use the opportunity to discuss the realities of life pursuing the so-called "dream" (won't call it American), fame, fortune, public acceptance. He did seem a bit like a stern "uncle", not really wanting to understand. I've not followed this story at all, my first knowledge of it, but wondered if his comments were a first, and if so, why more people didn't recognize there had to be a cause for such a dramatic change in behavior. Too bad we all assume everyone is so on top of their game and understanding of the realities of the fairytale life the world prods us to go after. Here's hoping Mr. Galliano comes to understand his happiness and contentment are inside him, not "out there," not a function of over the top achievements, but in just "being". It sounds as if he may have gleaned some understanding, seeing who his real friends were and who were not. The adage remains, people love you when you're on top, doing what thrills them. Real friends love us, no matter what and stand by to help us pick our selves up when we're down. And most people fall down sometime or other.

    27. diggerb61  06/13/2013 09:17 PM Report

    28. sugar  06/13/2013 08:18 PM Report

      'WHEN SOMETHING'S MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU, IT'S BEST TO STAND BACK AND LEAVE IT ALONE." I read that in NEWSWEEK 10/14/96 and have saved it as a bit of wisdom (albeit not written by any famous philosopher). Galliano has undergone one of the most difficult transitions a human can make: from being what he thought everyone wanted him to be, to becoming himself. I felt Charlie was too tough on the man with his questioning--this was NOT a therapy session. Yet John replied thoughtfully and honestly throughout. His future will depend on following the above words of wisdom as he continues to fight his private demons. Praise to those who have supported the designer and will hopefully help him reactivate his creative calling. He also needs all the help he can get from those he may have hurt in his past, to help him heal: should he commit suicide as his colleague Alexander McQueen, whose motivation he said he understands, it will be too late for those who continued to hold a grudge. As for me, an 80-yr-old grandmother, I want John to know I hug him with my heart and wish him well.

    29. Derp  06/13/2013 06:43 PM Report

      Someone on the show (the turd from the FBI, methinks) recently accused Edward Snowden of having a Hero Complex. That's not entirely accurate. THIS guy, based on his own description of his situation, has a Hero Complex: the inability to say "no" to an ever increasing demand placed upon you by others in an attempt to prove yourself by fixing others' problems or fulfilling their demands.

    30. Max83  06/13/2013 04:56 PM Report

      I have done much and long research into this phenomena and what I have found out is that the explanation for this kind of behaviour is very out there, but I am going to shaare it here because this needs to be understood, especially by the psychiatric profession who mostly misdiagnose and make things worse and not better for their patients.

      Most people in my opinion that display behaviour like John Galiano did or have multiple personality disorder and similar challenges etc. actually are possessed by interdimensional entities.

      Our human bodies are surrounded by an energy field that is often refereed to as the Aura and it is like a spiritual immune system we all have.

      Consumption of alcohol and drugs and emotions like fear and hate and depression weaken this energetic immune system/shield called Aura aorund us and interdimensional entities or spirits can enter our energy fields and even our bodies and ''possess'' them and control them and we lose control of our minds and eventually even of our bodies.

      These entities come from the lower astral planes and are very vile in their behaviour and very low in their vibration and they thrive on negativity, fear and hate and try to constantly create more of it to ensure they are fed and can sty in control of the body they took over.

      I recommend to John Galliano to raise his vibration; by meditation, spending much time in Nature, avoiding cities, and of course also avoiding drugs and alcohol.

      I wish Mr. Galliano all the very best and a full recovery and I feel this experience has made him a better and wiser human being and I hope he will use this knowledge to help others and planet Earth.

    31. wendylogic  06/13/2013 04:05 PM Report

      This was a very moving interview. In my opinion, despite the drugs and alcohol, blackout drunk, heavy-duty work deadlines, bullied childhood, repressed sexuality, those words came from your mouth and your being. As an Art Director, you possess and have dictated a refined, rigid aesthetic of beauty and form and you, I suspect, also possess opinions about the opposite of that aesthetic ~ your opinions of ugliness.... two sides of the same coin.

      Mr. Galliano, it is now time for you to give back; teach students of design, mentor addicts, and continue to design and create. Peace to you.

    32. BENEZRAA  06/13/2013 03:30 PM Report

      RE: JUSTATHOUGHT "At the same time, “we” are perfectly content to celebrate many of our Turkish “friends” while they continue their “racist, hateful, outrageous" denial of the historical truth behind the 98 year old Armenian Genocide…or their decades long blockade of land-locked Armenia. At least they are not obvious antisemites so it must all make it ok for some reason..."

      Your choice of the word 'obvious' above as in "not obvious antisemites" is quite interesting, as then by your words the Turks may yet be antisemitic and just not obvious about it. So let us look at history. Contemporary to the Turkish genocide of their Armenians, the Turks also persecuted their Jews, and those, who could manage to leave Turkey, did so, as did many Armenians. Many of these Jews and Armenians came here to the USA. ( One of America's greatest authors was William Saroyan, whose Armenian parents emigrated from Turkey to the USA approximately a decade prior to the onslaught of the Armenian Holocaust.)

      As for your idea that "At least they [the Turks] are not obvious antisemites so it must all make it [the Armenian Holocaust] ok for some reason..." -- you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and be disgusted with yourself for your own bigotry.

      As for your statement that “we” are perfectly content to celebrate many of our Turkish “friends”... -- this might make an interesting subject for an entire program. One might raise the question, "Is there a qualitative distinction to be made between the attitude towards Armenians and the Armenian Holocaust of the present Muslim ruling Party of Turkey and that of the prior secular governments of Turkey.

      One thing that is becoming more and more obvious in the especial light of the recent rioting in Istanbul is the increasing trend in Turkey towards Muslim totalitarianism featuring Erdogan as the CMFIC, similar to Morsi of Egypt, Assad of Syria, Ahmadinijad of Iran, and Putin of Russia. What was an open question a decade or ago, when Erdogan tipped into power in Turkey, has now become an obvious answer: Erdogan must go. So there is therefore another Muslim political entity on the verge of civil war. (If only there were a rehab program for dictators and their oh-so-reasonable fundamentalist mobs (whether those mobs be well-clothed or un-clothed)....)

    33. wow1wanda  06/13/2013 03:24 PM Report

      I was "Elated" to see John Galliano, one of my most "Loved" designers on the show last night... What he did and said, is done , and he's "Truly making amends for it. I 'FIRMLY' BELIEVE, WITH OUT A DOUBT, THAT HE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE.. May John, Be Blessed & A Blessing...

    34. mopazo  06/13/2013 03:01 PM Report

      Great interview, as always Charlie Rose is a master. All John Galliano should and needs to know is that there is a God, who loves him and forgives him. No one is free of doing wrong, we all make mistakes, big or small. Go on John Galliano, give the world your talent and creativity. Let your spirit soar.

    35. sharongray99  06/13/2013 02:18 PM Report

      I was extremely moved by John Galliano's words. His humility was inspiring. May God bless him in his recovery.

    36. SAIGONSLIM  06/13/2013 01:29 PM Report

      I am sorry I misquoted myself... 2 and 3 months sober...

    37. SAIGONSLIM  06/13/2013 01:23 PM Report

      @SharkswithfrikingLazers For all the wiki facts, I guess you left the 2 1/2 years of sobriety out. Since your quick to hate on someone, you might want to refresh your "WIKI" facts. I'm not condoling his past endeavors, but your only as good as your next day and hes played it right for 2 1/2... By the way Charlie, you have a new viewer. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

    38. SAIGONSLIM  06/13/2013 01:23 PM Report

      @SharkswithfrikingLazers For all the wiki facts, I guess you left the 2 1/2 years of sobriety out. Since your quick to hate on someone, you might want to refresh your "WIKI" facts. I'm not condoling his past endeavors, but your only as good as your next day and hes played it right for 2 1/2... By the way Charlie, you have a new viewer. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

    39. equilibrium  06/13/2013 01:21 PM Report

      I thought that John Galliano interview was excellent. I am in a 12 steps program which help family and friends of alcoholic. I can hear from Mr Galliano regrets from the actions he took in his past which hurt others. His willingness to make amends and request how to demonstrate humility. I will suggest to him that he could make amends by proxy in helping alcoholics in recovery. Also he could be speaking in the rooms of AA and Al-Anon. His description of the disease of addiction was very accurate and this man needs compassion from other human beings. Alcoholism is a DISEASE.

    40. SAIGONSLIM  06/13/2013 01:11 PM Report

      I have never watched your show or been a follower of John Galliano. Going through my road to recovery I decided to tune in and watch and of what John said is true. Alcohol slowly takes you over. I may never understand what it may be to be under that kind of pressure, but to know that you run to your default, I do. Blackouts do happen when it takes over and you lose focus and act out of line, but he has accepted responsibility and I congradulate him on 2 and a half years of being clean. Its hard when 1 addiction leads to another to cover it up. It snowballs you before you know it. I may never be able to afford a piece from his collection, but the connection on what got him to his breaking point, I do. Thank you for being an inspiration to those of us going through the same thing (ie dependency issues) and knowining it will be a forever struggle to battle. I respect him for not ever really knowing about him until I watched the episode and now know that responsibilty, acceptance, and persiverance will get you to the next level. To all the nay sayers, we all have skeletons in our closet, don't be so quick to condem someone just because the coat he pulled out is not the one you wear.

    41. rpupkin  06/13/2013 12:15 PM Report

      makes me nostalgic for 'Twin Peaks'

    42. REMant  06/13/2013 12:00 PM Report

      Sorry, I didn't watch this, because I don't particularly care about fashion designers. However, I wanted to point out the total absurdity of Galliano's situation. Galliano, an homosexual, was both made a Commander of the British Empire and given the Legion d'Honneur, and, then, because of "anti-Semitic" remarks made while drunk in a Paris bar, was hauled into a French court, convicted of a "hate" crime, tho given a suspended sentence, apparently sent to a rehabilitation facility, ala Tiger Woods, and made to grovel on public television, as if he were a non-entity, a person only at the public pleasure, not entitled to free speech, or even free thought. His remarks do not seem to have been in any way libelous. But he might as well have been convicted of not subscribing to the 39 Articles, as of being intolerant.

      This is exactly what I've been talking about. There must be truth in the world, but that truth must be determined by each individual for himself. Truth can never be positively established, only negatively, after the fact, by eliminating what is found not to be true. No one has the standing to say, absolutely, what should or should not obtain in society. Freedom means, at a minimum, being judged on conduct, not belief, not determining what is criminal before the fact, or applying sanctions to past behavior. And, that's a helluva lot more tolerant than what most of these great humanitarians and philanthropists have in mind.

    43. finalfantasytown  06/13/2013 11:17 AM Report

      When peace is made, each people needs its own culture.

    44. finalfantasytown  06/13/2013 10:26 AM Report

      I sense something horrible.

    45. Christopher  06/13/2013 10:20 AM Report

      Great interview Charlie. I think that he needed to do this interview. It is so hard to undo bad (horrible) things. John seems to be on the road to recovery. I wish him luck.

    46. finalfantasytown  06/13/2013 10:18 AM Report

      what does the word 'love' mean in Italian? My experience tells me love is that searching a way for divorce on the wedding day. for 'the fantasy of loneliness', I cite this phrase from Soinam Wangmo's song 'snowing in my heart'

      For getting creativity, don't worry about it, and never fear to lose it, I think.

    47. Justathought  06/13/2013 09:31 AM Report

      It sort of “amuses” me how we all get so offended and horrified by celebrities spewing hateful speech. Don’t get me wrong, they should be rightfully condemned for those behaviors and view... We all then watch the celebrities’ difficult struggle to redeem themselves once their past evil ways are revealed to the world - which this hour long act of contrition is the latest example. I particularly loved the way Mr. Rose wrote felt the need to write Mr. Galliano’s PR talking points for him at minute 47:00.

      At the same time, “we” are perfectly content to celebrate many of our Turkish “friends” while they continue their “racist, hateful, outrageous" denial of the historical truth behind the 98 year old Armenian Genocide…or their decades long blockade of land-locked Armenia. At least they are not obvious antisemites so it must all make it ok for some reason...

    48. Gelles  06/13/2013 06:12 AM Report

      John Galliano regrets his hate and his words were recorded. And so do I. He also regrets the events in question ever happened. And so do I. I hope he now wishes the Holocaust had never happened. All decent people do. His Legion of Honor award from France has been taken from him. So be it. These events have had enough impact on the news. This interview was not the best use of a scarce CR Show hour.

    49. BENEZRAA  06/13/2013 04:36 AM Report


      The totally freaked-out fashion design of Mr. Galliano is a reflection of the abused infant in adult body, and this is probably a reflection of the trade in human flesh that is the fashion industry.

      How coincidental that Mr. Galliano's current reality is contemporary to the murderous collapses of garment manufactories in developing nations.

      Perhaps, if Mr. Galliano may transcend the reactionary past of his fashion design, he may then engage in humanistic precedent setting in both the fashion and garment industries.

      One wonders, whether or not Mr. Galliano may have some precedent setting ideas about modesty (and not Victorianism) in fashion design, and about decency, safety, and soundness of manufactory architecture in the garment industry. If so, perhaps there is a legacy yet worth establishing for Mr. Galliano, should he choose to focus his remaining time, effort, and energy towards humanistic goals.

    50. galushon  06/13/2013 02:50 AM Report

      If the Dalai Lama can forgive the Chinese for destroying his country and culture, I think we should all move on with John Galliano.

      He would do well to consider a more holistic approach to his recovery.

      Talk to Deepak.....