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Affiliated Student Groups and Organizations in KU

Anime Club, KU
Purpose: To educate students on cultures and lifestyles through Japanese Animation. To provide an active and informative method of discussion and viewing Anime.
President: Jennifer Riordan

Asian American Student Union (AASU)
Purpose: AASU strives to promote Asian American awareness and education, we also aspire to create a social network for anyone interested in Asian American and Asian cultural, last we collaborate with other Asian and minority groups to create a more diverse campus.
President: Anthony Nguyen

Asian Law Student Organization (ALSO)
Purpose: To celebrate and advocate the interests of diverse law students and the legal profession.
President: Ganesh Nair

Chinese Basketball Association
Purpose: Wish people can have fun and also meet new people by playing basketball together.
President: Jeremy Chen

Chinese Christian Campus Fellowship
Purpose: Develop student leaders and the followers of God. Enrich international students' college and spiritual life with bible study, workshops and real life activities.
President: Jie Chen

Chinese Scholar Club, KU
Purpose: Communication, interaction, and organization of KU Chinese scholars.
President: Judy Wu

Chinese Student Scholars & Friendship Association (CSSFA)
Purpose: In the past several years, CSSFA has organized many large events, including the mid-Autumn festival, the Chinese New Year, Culture Night, etc. Besides these large events, the main focus of CSSFA has always been to serve the KU Chinese community.
President: Ailun Li

Hong Kong & Macau Student Association (HKMSA)
Purpose: Through regular activities, tightening the bond between the students from Hong Kong and Macau. Sharing of the specific cultures from Hong Kong and Macau with fellow Americans.
President: Sandy Yung

Japanese Student Association (JSA)
Purpose: JSA is the organization which promotes Japanese awareness between Japanese and all KU students, also our purpose is to promote diversity in KU.
President: Mymee Tokuda

Judo Club, KU
Purpose: The purpose of the KU Judo Club is to teach Judo in a fun and safe manner, where participants have the opportunity to compete or strictly practice to strengthen and improve their skills. However, although physical ability is important, it is learning how to coordinate strength, technique and power that is the important aspect.
President: Sam Hosfelt

Kendo/Kumdo Club, KU
Purpose: The purpose of practicing kendo is: to mold the mind and body, cultivate a vigorous spirit, and through correct and rigid training to strive for improvement in the art of kendo; to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, to associate with other with simerity.
President: Amie Vo

Korean Education Group
Purpose: This is a club to help students that are learning, or have an interest in, the Korean Language. This will be an organization that will help its members with tutoring, understanding homework, and explore aspects about Korean culture.
President: Melissa Brooks

Korean Student Association
Purpose: Assist and help Korean Students adapt to their environment and nurture camaraderie with other communities in the University.
President: Kevin (Sunmo) Lee

Lambda Phi Epsilon
Purpose: Promote academic achievment, provide philanthropy for worthy causes, develop leadership abilities in young men, provide an insight into the Asian-American culture for people of non-Asian decent, and to develop a sense of identity for Asian-American men on campus.
President: Prasath Ramani

Lawrence Chinese Evangelical Church
Purpose: Introduce God's gospel to KU students and improve their spiritual progress. Provide fellowship and Sunday worship service. Support Midwest American Summer retreat, winter conference and discipleship training. Bible study and group activities.
President: Sheng-Xue Xie

Malaysian Students Association at KU (M'Sia KU)
Purpose: To help Malaysian students with social and living adjustments at KU and the Lawrence area, and to promote and support interaction, cultural exchange, and education among international students and the greater University community.
President: Ainul Nyak Ishak

Sri Lankan Student's Association
Purpose: To promote Sri Lankan culture and gather to support for involved and affected students.
President: Harshi Manamendra

Tae Kwon Do Club, KU
Purpose: To give all students and faculty the opportunity to study Tae Kwon Do.
President: Grace Daniels

Taiwanese Student Association, KU (KU TSA)
Purpose: We help new Taiwan students to be used to new environment and also help to solve their problems.
President: Jeff Chen

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Purpose: VSA takes great pride in spreading awareness of Vietnamese culture and ethnic issues to help improve the multicultural diversity of KU and other institutions to create a more educated community.
President: Kevin Phan

Zhong Wen Jiao
Purpose: To organize an international conversation group for those taking chinese at The University of Kansas and for Chinese international students enabling international students to practice english and students taking chinese to practice chinese.
President: Yifeng Li


The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information in the University’s programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Director of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access,, 1246 W. Campus Road, Room 153A, Lawrence, KS, 66045, (785)864-6414, 711 TTY.