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  • Redrum__

    what? :D

    12 Jun 6:21pm Reply
  • Denprime

    Following your advice, checked Darkseed out. Only listened Astral Adventures. Pretty fine actually, they have some memorable hit songs. More gothic-oriented than PL, but I liked it ok.

    5 Jun 11:33am Reply
  • jokumuko

    Hey man! How are you? Haven't sent you a message for a while. Recently heard of this artist and thought you may enjoy End of Green. says you don't have any plays, but I wouldn't be surprised if maybe you had listened to them before? Either way hope you like! Have a good one!

    3 Jun 10:33pm Reply
  • em_eldeen

    you are welcomed huniii ^___^ thnx for the add

    18 May 8:45am Reply
  • Chazas

    Nice seen live list \m/

    17 May 7:01pm Reply
  • beuys64

    Thx4add, 1Hello from Schleswig-Holstein

    16 May 6:08pm Reply
  • crazysharky666

    Saw them, you do seem to own one of the few items i'm still searching for. I kinda envy you

    13 May 8:41pm Reply
  • crazysharky666

    PM send, do let me know when you've mailed me, I rarely check for new messages.

    13 May 7:58pm Reply
  • ZombieXBoy

    I respect that as I try and do the same. I have a Facebook but it is not in my real name. If anybody tried to Google my name they would find nothing! And I would prefer it to stay that way. :D Anyways I hope you have a nice Mothers Day ^^

    12 May 3:55pm Reply
  • crazysharky666

    Awesome, I appriciate it but it doesn't have a hurry so. Even if you don't find them I won't be making a point out of it.

    11 May 3:17pm Reply
  • versionfiv

    sure, that's what i think is for =] hope you find some stuff you like!

    10 May 7:57pm Reply
  • ZombieXBoy

    Hey do you by chance have a Tumblr? I actually just made one :D and now I am trying to find all the cool people to follow aha.

    10 May 1:46pm Reply
  • ZombieXBoy

    What a fuckin idiot! I remember those guys from way back when I was in high school aha they have always sucked! And now they are going to get a new singer and gain more fans because the attention it will get *rolls eyes* so predictable.

    9 May 3:33pm Reply
  • ZombieXBoy

    Yup, that it is :) I almost forgot aha. Any concerts you plan on going to this spring/summer? I was planning on a trip to Colorado to see Peter Murphy but that did not work out aha and he got caught with meth...opps

    9 May 1:40pm Reply
  • La_perle_noire

    Thank you))

    5 May 7:21pm Reply
  • deadpool1973

    In late summer we get big golden orb spiders in the bushes and trees. Also known as the north American banana spider. Their webs are impressively strong. Ive tossed sticks that weigh at least 2 pounds into the webs and it would suspend the stick with no problems or little if any damage to its structure. They've been known to catch and feed upon small birds on occasion. The females get pretty large. As menacing looking as they can appear, theyre known to be relatively harmless to people and not very aggressive.

    3 May 6:00pm Reply
  • deadpool1973

    No I rode it out. I was concerned because I am allergic to bees and wasps and wasn't sure how scorpion venom was gonna affect me. It felt like someone held a lit cigar to my forearm for 3 hours without relent, but it never swelled and I didn't feel sick. What concerned me more out there was the black widows. My first night in AZ, I step out on the back patio to have a cig right around nightfall. My gf gets on me for being barefoot, I ask whats the big deal and she flips on the porch light. If I had stepped once maybe twice in any direction but back from where I came from the house, it would've been a bad night. There were about 15 - 20 black widows in my immediate vicinity. Fortunately I didn't get the pleasure of being bitten by one. AZ is a beautiful state. I wish I had gotten the chance to explore it more

    3 May 4:09pm Reply
  • deadpool1973

    I was only out there for about a year. Got tagged in the forearm by a less than an inch long bark scorpion. The desert was something new to me but I enjoyed it. I especially liked it up in Prescott (much cooler temps.) Ive lived on the Texas coast most of my life, but back in 06, I took a job in Los Angeles. I lived out there about a year and a half, then Az, then back to Tx. That was my tour of the west lol.

    2 May 1:35am Reply
  • deadpool1973

    I'll have to check em out, thanks for the recommend. What part of Az are you from if you don't mind me asking. I lived in Queen Creek during 08. Ive since returned to Tx.

    2 May 1:08am Reply
  • bleedtruth

    thanks for request, great taste

    29 Apr 7:56pm Reply
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