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Condensation - Symptom not Problem

Many people quote the saying that condensation is caused by warm air hitting a cold surface. But did you know that condensation can occur at 20°C or 30°C . I wouldn't call that a cold surface !

Most of the time people are not the source of the condensation and often there is damp elsewhere in the home. Sometimes a person's lifestyle can make the problem worse but there is almost always a problem elsewhere to begin with.

This is why Damp Detectives has such a high success rate, we look for the source and not just a way of covering up the problem.

Condensation occurs when wet air reaches a surface cool enough for water to condense. If the air is very damp will condense on a much warmer surface. If condensation keeps appearing then the air is likely to be wet and there must be a source.

So the next time someone tells you the problem in your house is that you're breathing too heavily; or you find that condensation reappears after you close your window, then give Damp Detectives a call on 0330 900 5251. We will happily talk to you about your problem and how we can help.

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