See How Thesis 2.0
Makes Your WordPress Website
Load Faster, Rank Higher, and Look Better

Whether you plan to hire a WordPress designer, tweak your own design, or if you just want a WordPress design that works…

…Thesis 2.0 pushes blogging technology to a place it’s NEVER gone before with three revolutionary features that you won’t find in any other WordPress theme:

p Skins

The easiest way to deploy (and tweak)
your WordPress designs…

If you want a beautiful web design, you can choose one of our pre-made Skins, and you’ll be able to add it on top of Thesis 2.0 with a few simple clicks from your WordPress administration area.

But what makes Thesis Skins so remarkable—other than the fact that they’re built on top of our search engine optimized, fast-loading theme framework—is that they integrate seamlessly with our revolutionary Visual Design Template Editor.

Beautiful pre-made Thesis skins

Introducing the Thesis 2.0
Visual Design Template Editor

For the first time ever, anyone (yes, anyone) can change every aspect… every page… and every element of their web design without ever writing one line of code.

Because Thesis 2.0 does ALL the work.

Meaning you can drag and drop your way to a beautiful WordPress design with stunning typography, rock-solid SEO, lightning-fast load times, and more.

Thesis Visual HTML Editor

But when you combine the Visual Design Template Editor with a Skin…

…that’s when things get really amazing because you can change how your entire Skin looks… or tweak specific parts of your Skin… all point, click, drag, and drop.

Want to remove your header on your category page? You can do it in 3 seconds with the Visual Design Template Editor.

Want your NEW Skin to have a custom landing page with no sidebars? That’ll take just a few seconds with our Visual Design Template Editor as well.

Again, all point and click.

(No need to copy CSS and paste it into a css file. No need to copy PHP and paste it into a php file. The Visual Design Template Editor literally does ALL of the heavy lifting for you).

It’s like a Thesis robot that translates your mouse clicks into code. :-D

Thesis Template Editor

And you can also create new templates—and deploy them—at will

Before Thesis 2.0, if you wanted to create a custom template for one of your pages, it would require a developer and some complex coding.

However, with Thesis 2.0’s new template system, you can create new templates at will… and deploy them wherever you want… however you want.

Want your category pages to look different from your tag pages? No problem.

Want your about page to look different from your other content pages? Again, no problem.

Build your own template with our Visual Design Template Editor, save it, and you’re done!

Thesis Template Editor

1 Boxes

Here’s why Thesis Boxes are like
WordPress Widgets on steroids:

Thesis packages

Let’s say you want an email signup form in your sidebar. Or maybe you want some social sharing widgets below your headline. Or maybe you want “popular posts” in your sidebar.

Before Thesis 2.0, the ONLY way you could get the functionality you want, where you want, was either by hiring a developer, installing a potentially inefficient plugin, or—god forbid—trying to wrestle with code all by yourself.

Not anymore.

Create your own Thesis boxes

Add new functionality into your web design… no code necessary

Now you can find a Thesis Box that has the functionality you want, and simply drag and drop it into the Thesis 2.0 Visual Design Template Editor…

…and YOU’RE SET.

What’s even better is this: you can make Thesis Boxes show up exactly where you want… without messing with code.

Want a Box on your category page? No problem.

Want a Box on JUST your home page? Get it there… all point and click.

The functionality you want, precisely where you want it… No code or plugins necessary.

x Packages

How Thesis Packages obliterate obstacles between you and a design you love

What’s stopping you from getting a design that you love (and a design that converts)?

Obstacle #1: You want a crisp, clean, high-converting web design that your competition will drool over but you don’t have the budget to hire a designer.

Obstacle #2: You find a turnkey design that’s “almost” what you want, but you don’t have the skills to make it PERFECT (without spending a bunch of money).

That’s where Thesis 2.0 comes in. We EMPOWER you to alter your design at will… without messing with one line of CSS.

More on that in just a minute… But first, I’ve got a question:

Thesis packages

How did people install CSS customizations BEFORE Thesis 2.0?

They’d look for a tutorial, find the code they needed, and then proceed to “mess with the code” on their theme until it looked right.

We know this because for more than 4 years, that’s exactly what people said they did in our private support forum community.

And sometimes people would waste HOURS and even DAYS trying to get someone else’s CSS to look the way they want it.


Because they didn’t know how to write CSS. And why should they? They’re looking to run a blog, not become a designer.

Thesis packages and variables

And that’s where Thesis 2.0 packages save the day

As you saw earlier, Skins, Boxes, and the template editor allow you to get the functionality you want, right where you want it.

And now with packages, you can change how each of those items look without messing with a single line of CSS. Just find the package you want, upload it into your Thesis 2.0 theme, and BAM!

All done.

Upload Thesis packages


Here’s why Thesis 2.0 is the perfect theme for ranking higher in search engines

Create your own Thesis boxes

Do you want your WordPress blog to rank higher in search engines? A silly question, I know… Who doesn’t?

Thesis has remarkably efficient HTML + CSS + PHP, which is EXACTLY what search engines want.

That said, Thesis also empowers you to optimize your blog for search further with unrivaled SEO options.

Don’t take our word for it, though. See for yourself:

Create your own Thesis boxes

Thesis 2.0 is the FIRST major theme framework to introduce support for Markup Schema

Markup schema is part of the NEW standard used by search engines to understand content on the web.

And major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo! use this markup to improve their search results.

That’s why we’re PUMPED to announce that Thesis 2.0 is the first major theme framework that offers support for this new industry standard.

(We’ve always prided ourselves on being “ahead of the game” when it comes to WordPress SEO, and this just further proves it)

Thesis 2.0 is FAST

Thesis 2.0 loads fast, and that’s a good thing (a VERY good thing)

When Google announces that they consider website speed when determining search engine rankings…

And Amazon says that they lose 1% of their sales for every 100ms increase of page load time…


Fast loading times are VITAL to a healthy website AND business. And that’s why Thesis 2.0 is BUILT for speed.

The code is efficient; we’ve minimized HTTP requests on the front end (geek speak for “your blog loads faster”), and everything runs off 1 single stylesheet (old Thesis used 2)—all of which helps Thesis 2.0 load faster.

But what makes Thesis 2.0 GREAT is that Thesis templates compile faster than regular WordPress templates because they’re all made from data.

(In normal WordPress, your template files are all “read” from your server, and that takes longer than compiling information from stored data.)

Now we may have lost you, and that’s fine. Here’s what you need to know:

Thesis 2.0 isn’t just a new coat of paint… Thesis 2.0 is a complete engine rebuild.

Create your own Thesis boxes

Now you can increase the clickthrough rate of your search engine results by 30% to 150% OR MORE

How?! According to Search Engine Land, a leading publication about search engine news, they’ve seen reports that adding support for Google’s Rel Author spec has increased clickthrough rates of search results by 30% to 150% or MORE.

Before Thesis 2.0, implementing support for this could be a pain… and sometimes you’d have to dig into some code.

Not anymore, though. Thesis 2.0 gives you the power to incorporate Google’s Rel Author spec RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

(And it works for both single AND mult-author sites!)

No tinkering with PHP, CSS, HTML or anything like that—Thesis rocks this for you.

Again, Thesis 2.0 has got your back when it comes to search engine rankings. :-)

Create your own Thesis boxes

Get your site verified by Google and Bing (without opening a .php file… ever)

When you’re looking to rank higher in search engines, all the best search engine optimization experts will tell you to get your site listed in Google and Bing’s webmaster tools.

Before Thesis 2.0, you’d have to add some custom code into your , but all that did was give most people a headache.

With Thesis 2.0, we give you a nice little option field where you can paste this code without ever opening up a .php file.

Does Thesis 2.0 take SEO seriously or what?

Google Tracking Scripts

Now you can implement Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and search engine rankings… the RIGHT way.

If you don’t use Google Analytics, start. It’s a free service by Google, and it helps you understand where your visitors are coming from… and what they’re doing on your site.

If you do use Google Analytics, it’s recommended that you implement it in your PHP files in a particular way.

Have you incorporated your Analytics properly? How do you know?

Instead of forcing you to dig through documentation and “figure it out,” we’ve made this easier than ever.

Just drop in your Analytics ID, and boom—Thesis sets it up exactly how Google recommends.

Once again, Thesis 2.0 is THE search engine optimized framework for WordPress.

WordPress SEO Tools

Tweak your blog post, homepage, and yes, even your 404 page SEO… without ever touching one line of code

Before Thesis 2.0, the “old” version of Thesis pioneered the idea of including SEO options in a theme.

For example, old Thesis gave you the ability to change your homepage SEO (title / meta) as well as your blog post (the SEO details section) and category page SEO (we were the first to add this too…notice a trend here?).

Well, in NEW Thesis, Thesis 2.0, you’ll gain access to those options you know and LOVE… plus one more option that we think is amazing.

You now have the ability to control what shows up on your 404 pages… without creating a special template file… without hiring a developer… without doing anything like that.

What’s this have to do with SEO? Look at it like this:

If you have broken links pointing to your site, you can either present visitors with a bare-bones 404 page like most blogs have… or you can feed people (and search engines) other content they may be interested in. Which do you think is better? :-)

The Finest Folks on the Web Run Thesis:

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes

athlete, speaker, and marketer

Glen Stansberry

Glen Stansberry creativity coach

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan

search engine legend



discover the next great thing on the Internet

Jeremiah Andrick

Jeremiah Andrick

Microsoft search engineer

The Domino Project

The Domino Project

Seth Godin &



serious Internet marketing

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Matt Armendariz

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Krispy Kreme UK


Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Social Media Explorer

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Here’s What Makes Thesis 2.0 the New Industry Standard for WordPress Themes

Thesis skins

Get a Design You Love

Choose one of our pre-made Skins, and love it as is. Or add new functionality as you see fit without ever writing one line of code.

Thesis boxes

Tweak Without Code

Forget plugins. Now you can drag and drop add-on functionality ANYWHERE in your WordPress design without ever touching PHP files or CSS files. You’re in complete control with Thesis 2.0


Customize at Will

Now anyone—yes anyone—can deploy complex CSS customizations without ever touching a CSS file. Find the package you want, upload it into Thesis, play with the options, and BAM! You’re done.

Thesis 2.0 is lightning fast

Thesis Loads FAST!

Now that Google considers page load times in their search engine rankings, it’s time you get a theme that takes speed seriously.

Thesis SEO for WordPress

Get More Search Traffic

Thesis is compatible with every mission-critical SEO feature right out of the box. That means you can see an increase in click through rates on your search results by 30% to 150% or MORE.

Thesis Theme support

Killer Support Forum

If you’re struggling with getting your site up and running, no problem. Thesis 2.0 and DIYthemes have your back. Our support experts are standing by in our forums, and they’re ready to answer your questions.