Turkey-Somalia military agreement approved
24 June 2013 Monday

Turkey-Somalia military agreement approved

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9 November 2012 /TODAY'S ZAMAN
The enforcement of an agreement between Turkey and Somalia on training, technical and scientific cooperation in the military began on Wednesday, the Official Gazette has announced.

The deal, officially titled “Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Somalia on Military Training Cooperation,” was signed on May 22, 2010, in Ankara to establish cooperation mechanisms in the field of military training.

The announcement states that based on the agreement, both sides will cooperate in the following military training and education areas: Training provided by the Military Medical Academy and Mapping General Command, training at schools affiliated to forces (military high schools, the military academy, military medical schools, NCO vocational colleges and branch schools), training and education between gendarmerie and coast guard, pre-occupational training and task-related courses and training centers and on-the-job training at units, headquarters and institutions.

The agreement outlines ways of boosting cooperation on military logistic, peace support and humanitarian relief and counter-piracy. The agreement also notes that mutual exchange of information can be possible between the parties on military history, museology and publications.

Other designated areas of cooperation in the agreement include exchange of delegations and personnel and assignment of personnel for language courses, visiting harbors and docks, invitation to military exercises as observers, participation in joint exercises, organizing specialization courses on underwater attacks for underwater officer/NCO and first class seamen.

where is turkey military in Somali. I would have traveled and trained with them I was ready to take some responsibility for my people and my country. but dont know where but I will find, if someone know halla at me (lil_young@live.se) im not joken cuz I only trust the turkey not AMISOM and i mean i...
Ahmed Abdulahi
this is absolutely great idea,thanks to the turkish government.iam coming soon somalia to join the military,and defend my country at all cost and risk
soldier boy
I am very happy with this agreement and am very grateful to the Turkish government for its constant assistance and support to the Somali military. We have to build our Somali military force so as to protect our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
I am glad Turkish military agreements on Somali government, this a historical moment for tomorrow generation between the two nations Turkey your help is too necessary to us and its only step to restore our lost security more than two decade
abdikani ok
ı am very happy to this agreement and we will never forget about our lovely Turkısh brothers. the reconstruction of the millitary army is the first step that we need besides the education and health aids. if we are somalians we greatfull welcome to this agreement . and ı encourages our Turkısh brot...
Aweys Abdinur
Turkey is very serious about rebuilding our country Somalia in every area whether it is military or economic. I was waiting to hear this for a long time. Without strong effective military and intelligence agency, you cannot run a country esp. Somalia because of the countries that surround us who are...
Nur ali
The Agreement was between The Somali Goverment reprensented by The President of Somali Republic, therefore, it is a legal document that represents all Somalia; So please Mr. Allidamaale stop this tribal problems, we have already enough destruction becaused of this and that. The Prime Minister is...
What I see here is that some people who are commenting on this article about the historical agreement between Somalia and our Turkey brothers are suffered what is called clan-sick. More than that, their eyes don't catch on positive things that are going on the ground and what Somalia has been going ...
This is wrong agreement and it will disgrees the Turky Trust 1000%. we recommend to back of and look deeper who you making agreement, in Somalia there are power share and we do not see ours and others one, therefore we see that Turky is in one site benefiting!! we Somalia thing again your aim. Reg...
Dr: A walle
We will never forget our Turkish brothers how they helped our Somali people, and how they are determined to see a functioning Somali government. we, Somalis, are very grateful to welcome this agreement, and believe this is the best way that the Somali army and police force standards can be improved...
i cannot believe the comments my follow somalis are posting here it breaks my heart i dont know when will we get rid of this tribal mindset saaaaaaaaaaaaad to be somali our country is being divided in to mini states our enemy are forcefully STEALING of our resources yet we are tooooooo blind to seee...
Thank You much Turkey, the people of Somalia are forever grateful for the support Turkey has given. There must be greater military and economic co-operation between Turkey and Somalia. For Somalia to protect its political independence and territorial integrity it must have a unified army under the ...
Southern Mohamed
Although the Somali people appreciate the ongoing Turkish Support and timely needed help.This agreement is not in the best interest of Somalia, any agreement should be based on incorporating all regions of Somalia and not just the capital, the center of civil war which its wounds still to be healed....
This action is not fair, because this kind of agreement was held between Turkey and one section of the Somali Tribes and it will escalate the conflect between Somali people. As you know UN has imposed Somalia Arms embargo, and the Interm Government supposed to make a real reconciliation among Somali...
Nice agreement
Ayaan Mohamed
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