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What happens when a gear head Dad and his 7-year-old son go shopping for a Yo-Yo?
Well, they soon find out that there is nothing unique to be found with Yo-Yo's - that is, until now!

Slotted Dish Mag YO-Wheel - $35
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The Slotted Dish Mag YO-Wheel (#104-3)

Introducing the latest in the YO-Wheels lineup - The slotted Dish Mag - without a doubt, the most famous mag wheel of all time! If you had a set of these on your car, you were the cool guy cruising around town. When you look at the Yo-Wheel Slotted Dish Mag, you will see that it is machined to almost 100 percent exactness of a real slotted dish mag.

Here at Yo-Wheels, we know cars. We know that the wider the wheel, the cooler the look of your car. The Yo-Wheel Slotted Dish Mag was designed around an original super wide 12" Slotted Dish Mag. The detail is truly amazing!


911 Style YO-Wheel - $35
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The 911 Style YO-Wheel (#104-1)

A true icon of performance. The 911 Fuche wheel is extremely sought after by Porsche and VW enthusiasts. This YO-Wheel incorporates all of the detail of the original 911 Fuche wheel but, condensed into a 1/16" scale yo-yo. The 911 Fuche YO-Wheel amazes anyone who holds it in their hand, the detail is incredible.


BRM YO-Wheel - $35
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The BRM YO-Wheel (#104-2)

The Cal-look VW would not be where it is today without the BRM. Undoubtedly the most popular aftermarket wheel used in the air cooled VW industry for the last 35 years. The BRM YO-Wheel is made with two machining operations. First, the YO-Wheel is fully machined. It is then hard anodized for the classic look of the original BRM wheel. The machining process that follows is done to give it the two-tone look just like the original BRM. The BRM is a favorite among YO-Wheel connoisseurs.




60-61 Billet Aluminum Yo-Yo. 1/16 scale Replica of the British BRM and the German 911 Style alloy wheels, the two most widely used car wheels in the volkswagen scene. Each Yo-Wheel half has internal "O" rings for positive return. Butterfly style that will un-screw for easy string replacement.


- 60-61 Billet Aluminum Construction
- Proudly made in the USA
- Amazing detail machined on a 5-axis CNC Mill
- Internally threaded halves for easy access to string


Introducing the Yo-Wheel by Big Power Toys, the first reproduction car wheel designed into a 1/16 scale Yo-Yo!

When you hold the Yo-Wheel in your hand, you will be amazed at the detail. Machined on a Hass 5-axis CNC Mill, Yo-Wheels are designed to look like real car wheels from the ball/seat lug nut holes, all the way out to the bead of the rim.

Proudly made in the USA and designed by a father and son who love cars. Own something unique - get your Yo-Wheel today!



More wheel designs coming soon!


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