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this is my not-so-temporary website to store my art. a gallery of sorts, I guess. everything is sorted by date. view the pics at your own risk, I cannot be blamed eyes being burned by bad art (say that ten times fast).

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B - blood
V - violence
N - nudity (wishful thinking!)

oekaki - view all
oekaki is a java program designed for drawing pictures on the web. these drawings were posted at some point on different bbs'. I post on mostly on 2draw (my oekaki, go check it out!), but other oekaki's to check out are: suteki and oekakicentral.

Ok, this isn't exactly oekaki, but the program I used is very similar. (Drawn on a pocket pc!)
2draw: sketchy
2draw: monster thing
2draw: eyes
dinosaur pic thingy
2draw: spin around!
gift pic for ayame
2draw: quick sketch - I like it

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sketches - view all
these are scanned sketches I did on paper. mostly junk, but what the hey. ;-)

sketchy yet detailed flash sketch of a dragon (right click and zoom in!)
I actually like this one! Inspired and based somewhat by a cg from the anime macross (sketchpad page 35)
sketchpad page 34
wow I done good! (I think)
sketchpad page 33
just some random faces
sketchpad page 32
this drawing scares me...seriously
flash sketch B&W; style
sketch pad 2 page 37
new ship design for ssu
little sketch I drew in my jtablet test applet (see sketch studio)

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cg - view all
cg's (or computer graphics) at this point are pictures made (mainly vector) on computer or traced off a sketch... in other words, I can put whatever junk I want!

[blue_eyes4.swf]12/8/2002 N
my best cg as of yet! Took about 15 hours to make. It's flash, so right click and zoom for more detail.
another flash mx sketch-cg
third drawing in flash mx, this time in color
oC drawing in openCanvas
hating illustrator in this
oC some creature thing (openCanvas)
oC sticky fingers (openCanvas)
oC second image in openCanvas

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animation - view all
animations in one form or another (some animated gif, some flash)

Flash MX remaster of film 2 claymation (needs flash 6)
experimenting with flip-book style animation in fireworks (exported to flash, 314kb)
pretty interesting claymation (2.9mb!!)
first claymation with my own camera (336kb)
action? (355kb)
second claymation - experiment with lighting (264kb)
my first claymation (253kb)
my first stop animation (843kb!)

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