SQueaL with Delight

by Marcello Bastéa-Forte

Welcome to the SQueaL and Delight website. This is home to the SQueaL project and its associated sub-projects, presently Delight (though this may expand in the future).


SQueaL is an XML-based SQL Schema designed for defining databases used in web development. Using XML you can define data types, databases, and tables within them.

Currently SQueaL is a prototype describing a potential API. Exact syntax and even entire syntactical structure could change in future releases, this depends on the kind of feedback I get.

Preliminary versions in PHP4 and Helma (JavaScript) have been implemented and available in the downloads directory.


Delight is an object oriented interface designed around SQueaL. The intention is to wrap up database access functionality in a simple and intuitive interface. The functionality found in Delight is similar to what you might find in Ruby on Rails or SQLObject , it makes working with databases simpler and abstracts an interface from the underlying SQL queries.

Delight is not a libary itself, but a standard API that can be implemented in languages to provide an intuitive interface to accessing data in a SQueaL database.

Currently a version is being implemented in Helma (JavaScript-based) and will be available in the downloads directory once something is functional.


The license for SQueaL/Delight has not be finalized yet, but it will be as open as I can find (probably along the lines of zlib license).


Feel free to drop me an e-mail at marcello@cellosoft.com with your comments/suggestions. This project is a major work in progress, and I imagine it will change significantly as I develop it further.

Be sure to check out my website at http://marcello.cellosoft.com/.