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  • SwingBreed

    well, Nik Bårstch has a solo album of just him playing piano for the most part, its kind of like what you describe.

    23 Jun 4:42pm Reply
  • SwingBreed

    have you heard Nik Bärtsch's Ronin? its among my favorite jazz, maybe give it a shot if you think of it.

    21 Jun 8:55pm Reply
  • Tenozuma

    I started out not liking it but then I started listening to it as if it were Dark Side of the Moon and I got it.

    20 Jun 3:01pm Reply
  • pope-punk

    No, I haven't. Is better than In a Roman Mood?

    17 Jun 3:07pm Reply
  • Duquesnewhistle

    Jupiter, how are you?

    15 Jun 5:09am Reply
  • hallandoatesfan

    AWESOME TASTE in music!!!

    14 Jun 6:58pm Reply
  • BeatlesandOasis

    ok thanks. ill check them out sometime soon.

    14 Jun 2:04pm Reply
  • Tenozuma

    Hahaha. I don't know that you're wrong though. He isn't doing much for me.

    14 Jun 2:06am Reply
  • BeatlesandOasis

    what power pop bands do you think I'd like? ive never really been into music from the 70s, really all i like from the 70s is zeppelin and that's about it.

    12 Jun 4:17am Reply
  • BeatlesandOasis

    Yeah I know. I feel like I'm the only person who does prefer early Beatles records.

    11 Jun 11:12am Reply
  • SwingBreed

    I'm not going to pretend to understand Fripp, but he sure seems like an interesting and rare animal. I've been engaged and delighted by most interviews I've seen him in...... Though the one very upsetting story I heard about Fripp, not to gossip and I'm not sure the validity of the story, is that he has scorned the audience when he smells pot smoke. If that's true, that is absolutely inexcusable behavior in my eyes.

    9 Jun 7:15pm Reply
  • pope-punk

    my experience with jazz is rather limited, but it has been my understanding that the flute is considerably rarer than other woodwind instruments in the jazz context. really, yusef is the first i've heard it take a lead role. i'd love to be proven wrong; the flute is my favorite woodwind instrument (possibly just because i used to play it).

    9 Jun 5:34am Reply
  • SwingBreed

    well ya gotta love the bastard anyway :P

    8 Jun 5:20pm Reply
  • SwingBreed

    there's definitely been some good discourse since making those posts though! even to those who disagree, KC fans sure are bright! :)

    8 Jun 4:26am Reply
  • SwingBreed

    I'm aware that I'm in disagreement with Fripp. Charity comes off as an undignified term, I recognize, but this is partially intentional to the point I want to make. Artists too have pretenses to sacrifice in the current infrastructure dissolution. I feel that the equation of art with labor is to be sacrificed, and that for something to be considered a craft, it must be material. A guitar-maker is a craftsman, a guitar-player is not. So instead let art be equated with pleasure, not work. I can see how this could be a troubling assertion to maybe someone like Fripp who's built their world around their music, but it can also be incredibly liberating. Let all artists act purely from their pleasure, and just watch what beauty that would bring. Pleasure, unlike labor, can not be commodified, unless of course you're a whore, who i'll gladly call anyone who makes a living off of music....

    8 Jun 4:23am Reply
  • pope-punk

    yeah its good to hear a jazz flutist every so often. such an underused instrument

    8 Jun 4:14am Reply
  • sunheadbowed

    Well, I'm better looking, younger and healthier than he is, but he has me beat in every other way. I already saw Yoko in Berlin and I can only deal with so much Yoko in one year. It'd sure be embarrassing if she made a mistake and cut into Peaches tit or something.

    3 Jun 2:41pm Reply
  • sunheadbowed

    y not??

    2 Jun 11:18pm Reply
  • BeatlesandOasis

    Lol at the Beach Boys video

    28 May 11:31pm Reply
  • Irlandese64

    Heh....just having a bit of fun, no different than the avis of all the bouncing breasts around here, right? lol, dude looks like he's ready to shake hands with that thing

    23 May 8:41pm Reply
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the resemblance here is uncanny.

stuff I like not entirely reflected in the charts:
-spiritual jazz
-blue-eyed soul
-Morton Feldman
-70s MOR
-philly soul
-early new age
-Stevie Wonder
-no wave
-the Osmonds

artists for whom I've been a top listener
(to my knowledge):
- flying saucer attack
- André Möller
- Gil Scott-Heron
- Gerald Barry
- Glass Harp
- Tim Hecker
- the tea rockers quintet
- JD Emmanuel
- Niccolò Castiglioni
- nazz

always at least medium, but rarely ever super.


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