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Email Change - If you need to contact Ken Farmer use kfarmer (at) spyderbyte (dot) com. Darwin Streaming Server kit built for Tru64 UNIX, versions 5.1A or 5.1B Read more and download...

Latest News

HP Tru64 UNIX Alpha Lifecycle Chart
Friday June 07 2013 @ 03:17AM EDT

This chart provides notification of Tru64 UNIX discontinuance. [...]

HP Contributes Source Code to Open Source Community to Advance Adoption of Linux
Thursday June 26 2008 @ 06:15PM EDT

Continuing its efforts to advance customer adoption of Linux, HP today announced the contribution of its Tru64 UNIX Advanced File System (AdvFS) source code to the open source community. [...]

Job Opportunity - Oracle DBA with Tru64, OpenVMS and Solaris experience
Saturday January 26 2008 @ 03:42PM EST

Support daily operations of home-grown Oracle Financial Apps; including installation, configuration, upgrades and security updates on OpenVMS, Tru64, and Solaris environments. [...]

Tru64 UNIX SysAdmin position in NY/NJ area
Thursday June 21 2007 @ 03:29PM EDT

Digitask Consultants, Inc. is looking for a Tru64 UNIX system administrator for a NY/NJ position. OpenVMS experience is a plus. [...]

2007 HP Worldwide User Advocacy Survey Launched
Thursday May 10 2007 @ 11:12PM EDT

The 2007 HP Worldwide Advocacy Survey is now live and we need your input. As a technology expert who uses HP products and services every day, we need YOUR direct feedback to help influence HP direction. [...]

UGS Announces Full Support for Teamcenter on HP Integrity Servers
Tuesday April 24 2007 @ 01:33PM EDT

UGS’ industry’s leading software combined with latest HP Integrity servers provides state-of-the-art PLM solution and ideal migration path for current PA-RISC customers [...]

New Golden Eggs: HP Integrity (IA64) rx6600, rx3600, rx2620
Wednesday November 29 2006 @ 12:05PM EST

From: Matti Patari
The new rx3600 is very attractive and scalable. Two to four processor cores, 2GB-96GB memory, eight PCI-X slots, dual GigaBit and iLO2, 8-port SAS controller with RAID and finally space for eight SAS disk drives. [...]

Rich Marcello Resigns, HP names new high-end server chief
Wednesday November 01 2006 @ 10:12PM EST

News.com: ..."Fink replaces former BCS chief Rich Marcello, who is retiring to perform volunteer work."... [...]

BRUDEN-OSSG is proud to announce the addition of Craig Lesle
Tuesday September 05 2006 @ 01:40PM EDT

BRUDEN-OSSG is proud to announce the addition of Craig Lesle to its Technical staff. Craig is an experienced professional with over 27 years of combined Systems Administration, Computer Operations and Customer Support. He has supported mission critical systems on Tru64 UNIX, HP-UX and Solaris platforms. He has an in-depth understanding of a variety of Linux platforms. He is a great addition to our already solid technical staff. [...]

BRUDEN Corporation has new name, BRUDEN-OSSG
Tuesday September 05 2006 @ 01:39PM EDT

BRUDEN Corporation announces a name change. Starting on 9/5/06 BRUDEN Corporation will be operating as BRUDEN-OSSG, the BRUDEN On-Shore Systems Group [...]

Itanium Superdome Golden Egg
Monday August 14 2006 @ 01:58PM EDT

The Itanium Superdome Golden Egg visual configration has been updated. [...]

About Supporting Encompass...
Sunday August 13 2006 @ 12:57PM EDT

Since the beginning of this year I've been working with Encompass on their new website. I've gotten to know better several of the people on the board and several of the people working at SmithBucklin. Without a doubt there's a new level of enthusiasm with these people. I'd like to share my impressions with you. [...]

Webinar: Comparing Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX System Management Tools
Wednesday July 19 2006 @ 08:57PM EDT

PARSEC Group is hosting a FREE Webinar, “Comparing Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX System Management Tools,” to be held on Wednesday, August 30 at 12:00 noon MDT. [...]

HP/UX-Tru64 Admin Job in Chicago
Wednesday July 12 2006 @ 09:04AM EDT

Downtown Chicago organization is looking for a HP/UX Tru64 System Administrator for a short term project. There are 3 servers to support and this is a 37 hour work week, there is possibility for full time employment. [...]

HP details new blade system road map
Wednesday June 14 2006 @ 11:20PM EDT

ComputerWorld: Hewlett-Packard Co. today revamped its BladeSystem with a new architecture that improves the management and virtualization capabilities of its blades and incorporates some of the technology capabilities used in its NonStop fault-tolerant servers. [...]

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