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                                                Welcome to the Hagen family rocket site!

On a distant galaxy, far far away and at a time long ago, the very first rocket was launched and none of us had anything to do with it. Much more recently, 1998 in fact and much closer to home, Black Rock, NV to be precise, my son dragged me out to the desert to watch a bunch of weirdoes launch rockets. He had set me up by buying me an Aerotech Strongarm for my birthday. He had also gotten himself an Aerotech Mustang (which, of course, went higher than my Strongarm). Recognizing that Dad had deeper pockets, he had cleverly tasked me with obtaining the motors for the above rockets. I took the bate, got in touch with Aerotech (then in Las Vegas)  and ordered up ten motors for each of our rockets. We built our rockets, packed for the desert and hit the road to Reno. Cocktails were ordered in quantity at the Silver Legacy because drinking wasn't allowed during the launch. Of all the launch rules that my son didn't know, I'm not sure why he picked up on that one.

Reno fading into the distance, we loaded more food, ice and fuel in Sparks and the next stop was Gerlach. Enter Bruno's where "the pavement ends and space begins". Last chance for food, fuel, water and "last minute" slot machines (just in case we needed $80.00 in quarters for extra traction out on the Playa). We hit the Playa and WOW, even I was impressed. We were riding on the roof of the car without benefit of a driver. 50 foot high dust "rooster tails" when you got over 35 mph. It was pretty amazing. We followed cones forever and as we slowed in our final approach to the launch site, were amazed to see giant smoke trails arcing off into the air. 

That was then and this is now, and we're building this site to keep track of our rocket experiences. 


   Saucer                                       Here we are at the 2004 Aeronaut launch                                        Endeavor


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