Partnership Building

In addition to creating opportunities for cultural exchange, youth and educational programing, economic partnerships, and community development, Sister Cities International empowers local volunteers to connect globally in unique and meaningful ways. In addition to promoting best practices to form global sister city partnerships between U.S. and foreign cities, Sister Cities International promotes the development of these partnerships between foreign nations to create stronger connections in places like East Africa and South America. Sister Cities International also promotes opportunities to provide humanitarian assistance to places abroad in need of emergency resources. Through these programs, Sister Cities International helps citizen diplomats to connect globally, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Humanitarian Assistance Program

As the number of disasters and complex emergencies increases around the world, many sister cities partnerships are using disaster and other short-term recovery projects as a platform to formalize relationships dedicated to long-term work. This new focus on humanitarian assistance uses the sister city model of international twinning to facilitate programming on disaster relief, supply shipping, medical assistance, and other short-term projects. The projects and programs presented below provide sister city communities with an opportunity to assist their international counterparts, while fostering mutual respect, cooperation and exchanges.