Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.

Patent knowledge. Technology expertise. Market understanding.


Litigation Support

Chipworks helps patent litigators tell a case winning story – by providing evidence of infringement that will stand up to court scrutiny, fact witness services to support the technical merits of your position, as well as prior art/prior use defense. We can also support your discovery needs, by helping to sort and identify relevant technical documents.

Produce compelling evidence of infringement

  • We document evidence of infringement in the form of claim charts. These can be provided as court ready or a draft for your own use, and are available in multiple languages, including Japanese and Chinese
  • In order to minimize the need for custom work and save time, we apply any existing analysis we have first
  • When custom analysis is required, we can combine multiple analysis techniques (e.g., circuit and systems) to find more hits and uncover hard to detect elements
  • Given the urgency of litigation and the value of your time, Chipworks can accommodate urgent requests

Receive fact witness support

  • Chipworks engineers are available to provide written and verbal testimony for depositions
  • Our engineers are trained to work with lawyers, and are familiar with the litigation process and associated requirements such as chain of custody

Find prior art and prior use

  • Chipworks maintains a library that houses over 8,000 reports and research material, including reverse engineering reports, databooks, datasheets, conference proceedings that date back to the 1970s, as well as technical and business related journals and books
  • This library is available for use on a self-service basis, or Chipworks can perform the search for you
  • Our inventory includes over 60,000 products/devices
  • Many devices date back to the 1970s; several more date back to the early to mid 1990s
  • Approximately 5,000 new products/devices are added each year

Featured case studies

pdf  Law firm helps electronics company win multimillion license against competitor
pdf  Law firm helps global computing giant reach a settlement and reduce its royalties




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