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Marlene Dietrich
Special limited edition containing
the book, Photographs and Memories,
an audio CD with the Stockholm Concert
(1963) and interview (1971), CD ROM "Marlene Dietrich",
three prints of costume sketches and a dollbook.
Nicolai, Berlin November 2001

  Marlene Dietrich
Photographs and Memories
Edited by Jean-Jacques Naudet und Peter Riva.
With captions by Maria Riva.
American edition Alfred A. Knopf Publishers, New York 2001
English edition Thames and Hudson, London 2002
German edition Nicolai, Berlin October 2001, 265 pp


Marlene Dietrich
Portrait by Werner Sudendorf
Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag,
München October 2001, 190 pp.


Marlene Dietrich – Eine Legende in Bildern
Marlene Dietrich – A Legend in Photographs
Marlène Dietrich – Une légende en images
Marlene Dietrich – Una leyenda en imágenes
Booklet accompanying the exhibition tour of Goethe Institut, 1998.


Marlene Dietrich. Il volo dell´angelo
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition at
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rom 1996,
Progetti Museali Editore Roma, 168 pp


Marlene Dietrich
Catalogue accompanying exhibition of Kunst-und
Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
Bonn 1995 and Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt 1998
(2nd edition Frankfurt 1998), 128 pp.

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The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel

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Der blaue Engel – The Blue Angel
Regie/Director: Josef von Sternberg. Germany 1930
UFA Klassiker Edition, two discs.
Universum Film München in cooperation with BMG Video,
Ufa, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung, Transit Film,
Filmmuseum Berlin – Deutsche Kinemathek 2001
Kino on Video, two discs. Kino International Corp. New York
in cooperation with Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung,
Filmmuseum Berlin – Deutsche Kinemathek 2001
Contains: the original german version (restored),
the english version, the screentest, excerpt from an interview and
a show with Marlene Dietrich, a photo gallery
  Her Own Song

Marlene Dietrich – Her own song
Directed by J. David Riva
APG Prod./ Gemini Film. USA/ Germany 2001
Available as DVD in Germany, France, USA, Japan
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Marlene Dietrich – Der blonde Engel
Four CD Box
Digital remastered by EMI Electrola 2001;
CD 4 includes previously unreleased songs taken from
Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin

Marlene forever
By Universal Music 2002
Includes four songs released on CD for the first time from MDCB archive


Marlene Dietrich
By Nicolai Verlag and Marlene Dietrich Collection GmbH 2001
Audio CD: Show at Berns Salonger, Stockholm October 19 1963
Interview with Marlene Dietrich by Swedish TV taken in Kopenhagen
July 31, 1971

Marlene Dietrich
Produced by Freunde und F�rderer des Filmmuseums Berlin,
Filmmuseum Berlin, Transit Film, Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin, Kirch Media,
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Siftung an Nicolai Verlag 2001

  Marlene Dietrich – Time For Love
2 CDs containing four Radioplays Marlene Dietrich did in 1952 for CBS
now belonging to Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin
produced and narrated by Christian Br�cker, Edition Parlando
in Cooperation with SFB/ORB 2002

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