Canadian Special Operations Regiment

A robust and adaptable weapon in CANSOFCOM’s operational arsenal, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) combines mobility and firepower with a host of special operations skills required to conduct and enable CANSOFCOM operations at home and abroad. Formed in 2006, this young unit is internationally recognized for being an innovative, cutting-edge special operations force. CSOR provides CANSOFCOM with a public face representative of the Canadian Forces’ very best: we are fit, resourceful, mature, motivated, thinking warriors.

CSOR is like no other unit in the CF. Whether a Special Forces Operator or a Special Operations Supporter, serving in a unit that is young and growing provides unique challenges and opportunities. Due to its small size, everyone at CSOR contributes to getting the job done. Regardless of your rank or occupation, the tightly knit CSOR working environment allows your skills and abilities to shine; CSOR personnel are crafting their unit’s future.

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The unit proudly traces its roots to the First Special Service Force (FSSF), the fabled Canadian-American Special Forces unit that was stood-up in 1942 and earned the “Black Devils” moniker for daring night raids on Nazi forces at the Anzio beachhead. CSOR proudly carries the Black Devils’ battle honours, and the Devils’ spirit lives on at CSOR.

Located at CFB Petawawa in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, CSOR personnel and their families have ready access to outdoor recreation, while being relatively close to Ottawa and the amenities of a large city. Understanding that fighting readiness relies on its families’ readiness, CSOR provides families new to Petawawa and CANSOFCOM with continued support and assistance through the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC).

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