[Libtorrent-devel] LibTorrent 0.11.0 and rTorrent 0.7.0 released

jaris at student.matnat.uio.no jaris at student.matnat.uio.no
Wed Dec 13 08:05:21 UTC 2006

* Added "tracker_numwant", "encryption", "connection_proxy",
'preload_type', 'preload_min_size', 'preload_required_rate',
"split_file_size", "split_suffix", "max_file_size",

* Encrypted (obfuscated) handshake and connection support. Patch by Josef
Drexler, public domain as per earlier agreement.

* Append '&' instead of '?' to the tracker url when the url already
has '?'.

* Added support for tunneling through HTTP 1.0 proxies.

* Cut the size of the libtorrent binary from 925kb to 617kb by using using
GCC's symbol export attributes and changes to how exceptions are

* Moved client info, etc, from rtorrent to libtorrent and cleaned up the API.

* Support for the CANCEL piece request message. (Finally)

* Allow the user to configure the max file size a torrent is allowed to
create, and the option to split large files.


A much requested feature, encryption support, has been added in this
release thanks to a patch by Josef Drexler. After much prodding by me it
finally took a shape I would be willing to commit. This release took a
while as I wanted to let the encryption patch get some testing in addition
to a lot of API changes I wanted to get done for this milestone.

Not to mention I've been stuck in Japan for a couple of months now.
Feeding my manga addic^W^W^W myself has drained my scholarship faster than
I expected, so if you want to repay me for the work on rtorrent, please
consider donating so I won't end up eating instant ramen the whole winter



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