The ABKC does not accept all dogs for this breed and the ABKC reserves the right to refuse from registration into the breed. At this time the breed is still in its infancy and the studbooks will remain open for a few more years; however the criterion has become stricter to help preserve the quality, purity and health of the American Bully breed.

Q: What is the American Bully?
A: All dogs currently registered as either American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers will be registered with us as an American Bully.

Q: What dog registries does the ABKC accept?
A: The ABKC currently accepts UKC, AKC & ADBA for American Bullies; BBCR & BBC for Shorty Bulls and AKC, FCI, NKC, ABRA and IOEBA for Bulldog breeds.

Q: What payment methods will be accepted with the ABKC?
A: We accept checks and money orders. Credit card and Paypal coming soon!

Q: How can we register our dog?
A: All registrations will be mailed in (see registration PDF at the bottom of the page to download registration form).

- Download the form you need.
- Fill out form completely. Make sure the form is fully completed with legible writing. The ABKC is not responsible for errors due to unclear handwriting.

- Copy certificate showing ownership and your pedigree certificate (4 generations) for verification of lineage and ownership. When registering with an AKC certificate, you MUST have a color copy. We will not accept black and white copies. A front and side view picture of the dog must accompany your pedigree.

- Send fee of $20.00 per dog.

- ABKC accepts money orders, cashier checks & personal checks payable to American Bully Kennel Club


- Processing time once ABKC receives the paper work is 2-3 weeks

- DO NOT send in original paperwork. Do not send in blurry or small images

Q. Does the ABKC offer priority service?
Yes. The ABKC offers two options for priority service.

For “RUSH” service, your paperwork is processed within 1-5 business days and mailed back via first class mail. RUSH service is a cost of $8 additional per item.

For “RUSH OVERNIGHT” service, your paperwork is processed within 1-5 days and mailed via US Postal Service Express Mail. Please note not all domestic locations offer overnight delivery. In those cases, delivery will be the second business day. The cost for RUSH OVERNIGHT is $25 plus $8 additional per item. RUSH OVERNIGHT service not available to our international addresses.

Please write, in large letters, “RUSH” or “RUSH OVERNIGHT” across both your envelope and paperwork, if you choose either option.

How to Register your dogs in Spanish – Cómo registrar a su perro en español

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