If at first you don't succeed...

A few months ago, I called someone on craigslist.  (I know.  Serial killer/stalker/child molester/chloroformer.)  I talked to the son of a very cute old couple who were leaving their lovely home in order to move into a wing of the son's home. (I guess either he is a bazillionaire or he is really worried about them, which is sweet.  Anyway, he is a pharmacist and his wife is a pharmaceutical sales rep, so I think they can afford it.  Plus, mom & dad are signing over assets.  This was a looooong conversation.)  Anyhoo, from them I purchased a dresser and nightstand, which Dennis and I would pick up on the weekend.  I told them then that I was interested in a few other pieces and they said they would give me a call when they made a decision. 

About a week later, a decision was made, and they were willing to part with a small buffet that had been in their family for about seventy-five years.  My husband said "We can't sell that.  It's been in their family for years."


Fast forward to the redo of my Jessica Fletcher living room, which is taking waaaay too long, if you ask me.  I have painted the buffet a great turquoise and put it in the foyer, where it will be a bar.  After all, nothing says "Welcome to the Carespodis" quite like a large display of liquor. 
I painted it blue and put the cool blue knobs on the doors.

Looks good with the checkerboard floors, n'est pas?

But in putting the room together, I found that the piece doesn't work.
It's beautiful, but it's just too darn big. 
You can't get the front door open.  And if you can't get the front door open, how are you going to get to the liquor?

So I had to think quick.
And it came to me, just like that! *snapping fingers*

Out in the carport (where I have enough furniture to furnish a one bedroom apartment), I had an old headboard.  I bought it for $20 at the Habitat ReStore.  It was peeling hunter green paint over barn red and looked pretty pitiful.  BUT, it did have three cubbies (I LOVE CUBBIES!) and was the right size.  So, DL used the grinder on it (which, of course, it did not need, and then I had to go back and sand where he ground and it's STILL too rough, but he doesn't listen when he has a new toy.  Some things I just need to do myself).  After sanding and vacuuming and then wiping down, I used chalkboard spray paint on it, which gave me a buzz if you want to know the truth.

This is how it looks in the foyer part of the living room:

I promise I will have a better picture when I reveal the whole room.
DL thinks it's silly to have a bar in the entryway.  I tell him I teach middle school and the quicker I can get my hands on my drink, the happier I'll be.  (This is actually a lie.  The bar is here until we finish the bar in the basement, which is part of the ten year plan.)

A Votre Sante!

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  1. Love, love, love it! And I agree, every home should have a bar immediately upon entry. In fact, I'm going to go work on making that happen in my house right now. Now to convince the husband to bartend...

  2. I mean what can I write? I don't know how you do this, how you developed your eye, or how I got so screwed over in the crafty area. No matter what - great stuff!

  3. So if they put the defibrillator near the front door, why not a bar? Fun, Kirby!

  4. Now that is a bar I'd like to belly up to, be it your entry way or your basement. I'd love to see what else you have in that carport of yours :)

  5. Should I ask what happened to the turquoise buffet or just wait for the sequel (not sure if that's spelled right and it's too late at night to look for my dictionary)?

  6. This is so funny! I love it!!! My daughter was a Principal for a Ninth Grade Academy for several years (up until she was made Secondary Education Director about a month ago). She had 600 Ninth graders with hormones raging to take care of every day. Oh, get this, she doesn't drink or take drugs. She is however a glutton for punishment!!Don't know how she did it; well, it finally got the best of her so now she deals with no students. Hope her blood pressure stabilizes now. At least there's hope, before there wasn't.


  7. Way to think on your feet, Kirb! That buffet is gorgeous... I would've snagged it, too. Here's to teachers that want their drinks handy!!
    xo Heidi

  8. You really know how to make your guests feel welcome - immediately upon stepping into your house, they can whip up a mean cocktail! The girl scouts must love selling their cookies at your house!
    Keep the chalkboard paint away from those little girls!

  9. I really love a well-stocked bar...er..I mean a well painted project. Yours is wonderful. That is one deep headboard! Both of Sam's parents were teachers. He remembers doing his homework at other teachers houses because his parents always stopped off at another teachers house after school for happy hour! Obviously a 30 minute drive home was just too long to wait for that after-school drink!!

  10. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Don't know which funny part was my fav. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  11. Our minds are in sync - If my foyer was big enough to do anything besides open the door I would have a bar there, too. I mean "too" as in like you, not "too" as in a bar in the dining room, one in the foyer, one in the bedroom......

  12. Tres bon Mrs. C - you welcome your guests by taking their coat and handing them a drink. Perfect !


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