I wish I didn't have to be angry anymore.
11 months ago
random colours adds to the anonymity
11 months ago
I'm considering making a keyboard, an electronic music keyboard. Don't know really how. Maybe going to learn C or something. But Korg and Yamaha really rip us off by selling old atom processors for $3000-4000. Someone who is going to sell that for around $2000 becomes rich
11 months ago
2 months ago
when there is enough posts for the blurtbox to cover up posts, the whole page shifts to the left a little. not sure if it was intentional.
10 months ago
I really want to eat my girlfriend right now
11 months ago
i need to look into getting a google nexus7 tablet....
11 months ago
i dont know how many times i can continue to live like this.....i need changes,radical changes and im about to make them !!!
11 months ago
i love miles. and vineet.
10 months ago
mfw Americans clap after they clop
11 months ago
How about a hot babe sitting on your dick?
11 months ago
A Government of for and by the People?
10 months ago
This needs to be group tagged man. Like, a section for different things; music, movies, games, food, etc
11 months ago
flying was found in the water
11 months ago
Peachy so where is everyone?
9 months ago
customer service sucks
7 months ago
i like grooveshark better though... but i think youfm has a better interface
10 months ago
How can some people be so weak? It disgusts me.
11 months ago
Moon Safari (entire album by Air) on Youtube
10 months ago
Like in Sunday in the Park with George, I'm a Dot who's stuck between a Louis and a George. Dot picked Louis, but I still don't know.
11 months ago
Greece needs new leadership. its time we took matters into our own hands! peace is for the weak, power is for those who deserve it! Pelias-for-King.gov
11 months ago
please just leave me alone.
8 months ago
Maybe asking myself "what would Rain Silves do" was a bad way to stay out of prison.
11 months ago
This place is cool. I'm sharing it with all my friends.
11 months ago
why can we not post them
11 months ago
hi there.
11 months ago
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