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Just my luck...

6/22/2010 1:55:00 AM


Just my luck.. This goes to show you.. That even people like myself who have good relations and works with the thunderbeings are also not exempt to being struck by lightning.. or having their computer damaged via lightning strike.

We had a group of very nasty thunderstorms roll through Wisconsin Last night...

And the Lightning was popping Tree leaves all over the place like fireworks as it rolled off the house and rattled everything in site...

Even watched it bounce around the deck furnature and explode off the desk straight shooting into the marsh ...

It was exciting.. But now since my own computer is down.. This means I am out of work on all my Pay to Click sites.. Because to work those I need very good anti virus, bot, and computer protection even more so.. and I am not gonna risk doing that kind of work on my moms computer.. So I had no choice but to request payout on most of the programs... And the ones I can not request payout on I will buy advertising and advertise my listia link ...

The good news about this is.. I at night instead of working the PTCs will be working to update this news blog, and will be working on mylot and mahalo more.. which may actually increase my earnings in the long run ...

The bad news.. is it is a royal pain for mom and I to compete over one computer, as she needs hers for her foster parenting documents etc... And I need one available to do my ework.. I may be able to request payment in my earnings .. but I of course was mainly saving them for a new home.. not a new computer...

If anyone wants to buy my ebooks and chants directly through me and not my store... or wants me to try to write them a story.. I have poor grammar, and sentance structure.. But I can get a good story going if you can get past that.. I am willing to write small custom stories if people want to pay via amazon payments, amazon gift certificate, or paypal.. I prefer the amazon options.. or they can hire me through odesk .. But I do not have a whole lot of times.. So I would ask you pay the amount you think it's worth .. in the final product..

Well, I gotta head off for now.. My vision is still bothering me..

- DNatureofDTrain has left the station.. will try to catch up on things..But the same Lightning Striking kind of luck that I have.. Struck again ... to my evil computer.. I usually threaten to kill the thing with a hammer.. I guess Thors hammer got to it before I did.

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6/19/2010 General News

6/19/2010 3:37:00 AM

6/19/2010 General News

Honda Lock: Most Chinese strikers return to work

Oil rises above $74 as Asian equities rally

"Ya mean it's not cause the weather is nice and warm?" - DNatureofDTrain

June Popular for Marriages

A diminished Manny returns to Boston

"Fruits, and moisture.. and nuts.. and stuff" - DNatureofDTrain

Beauty foods for younger-looking skin

"Not, Hot enough for me unless it's welded to a railcar, then that'd be real high speed rail" - DNatureofDTrain

Hot Ticket for the World's Biggest Passenger Jet

"Home Depo, plugs nose.. The smells in there give me an achey head" - DNatureofDTrain

Best and Worse Home improvements

"Hire me to be a voice actor >:) I can play good devils" - DNatureofDTrain

Voice Actors for ToyStory

"huh?" - DNatireofDTrain

Source: FIFA may sit Slovenia-U.S. referee

"Don't Care, Which has the best um.. catnip salad?" - DNatureofDTrain

Supermarket standoff: Which brand makes the best ranch dressing?

"Chants: Unconstitutional Unconstitutional! Evil people in arizona!" - DNatureofDTrain

Clinton comment on immigration law riles Ariz. gov

"When the eggs hatch, and spores start to grow of course" - DNatureofDTrain

When do the things in the cupboard go bad?

"That Chi Chi is not Cheepy" - DNatureofDTrain

Little Dog, Large Estate

"My Dad likes homemade gifts :D .. but he has tons of children so he gets plenty of stuff for him Fathers day is like x-mas :P. " - DNatureofDTrain

Worst Father's Day Gifts ever!

"I highly disagree with this, some things need to be rinsed off the plate as soon as you are done eating, or it caches onto the dish, and no matter how many times you run it through the washer it's still here.. Trust me.. I have battled different kinds of dishwashers.. I believe it is best to just run a sink full of water put in some dishsoap.. and before you put those items into the dishwasher soak them for a half hour.. in the water then put them into the washer.. most people could have a nice sink full of water and dishes all day long then put them in and wash them.. or just plain water..don't let it sit to long as soap scum ain't pretty either." - DNatureofDTrain

Should you pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher?

"Lets see eat garlic, avoid pork, stay hydrated, and keep moving, Live alot, Laugh alot, Cry alot, and Be naturally high on life alot.. Then you'll live long.. Me I hope not to reach past 70s or 80s hell I feel like I am 100 at 30 .. I want to go home now.. But.. then I'd miss the challenges of my pitiful life :) .. and some hidden blessings and fun along the way... So I live on.. and on an on..." - DNatureofDTrain

How To Live To Be 101

Ten Best Health Secrets Of The World's Oldest People

"Me.. oh you mean not people. :) :P" - DNatureofDTrain

Top 10 Weirdest Sights in America

"I'll take it donate it to me please :P.. When you own the worlds biggest coin how can you go bankrupt? See.. You partner with a small museum who agrees to pay you to showcase the coin to visitors.. As the visitors are charged a very small fee to see it.. Voila no broke.." - DNatureofDTrain

Alabama ad uses BP funds for containing spill damage to say beaches not suffering spill damage

Playing out the scenarios in Group C

5 Places to Retire On Social Security Alone

Alabama ad uses BP funds for containing spill damage to say beaches not suffering spill damage

Obama to agencies: Don't pay dead people

British press turns on Hayward, with plenty of anti-Obama rage thrown in for good measure

Barbara Bush, Bristol Palin, and Joe Barton: Buzz Week in Review

"I can't understand why people would want to date me.. I am a very picky person, and a very demanding person, as well as unpredictable and unexpect.. It is very difficult for a person I live with and myself to be on good terms with eachother.. And when it comes to dating and romance.. I will not settle for anything or anyone less than perfect.. and since no one is perfect.. It's safest to not even try to date someone like me" - DNatureofDTrain

Are you being too picky?

Central Florida's Marcus Jordan: Kobe's still no Michael;_ylt=Ak6H2TXXwDwai3wTfrk9LC9jVJJ4?urn=ncaab,249378

"don't make me look, I prefer to drool over the trains not over a bunch of skin and flesh on a body.. skin is gross :P~ Keep it covered or I'll make you try some chocolate covered ants with me :D . " - DNatureofDTrain

Zac Efron and Jennifer Love Hewitt Have 'Most Amazing Bodies'

E3 2010: Top showstoppers and disappointments

"Pretends to pick nose, boring topic next" - DNatureofDTrain

Welcome to the new normal for Tiger Woods,249677

"Oh Watch out Texas.. JJ is coming to rob your trains. .just kidding.." - DNatureofDTrain

Jesse James Permanently Moving to Austin (Where Sandra Owns Home)

"If the companies do not really want to honor these cards then they need to stop giving them..
As to me this kind of thing yells "SCAM!" ..
I know companies do not want people mooching or abusing..
But when you do free deals or cards like this you know you'll have
to give a bunch, and considering as much items and products that are thrown
away on a daily basis for expiration..
There is no reason for companies to turn their backs..
But, yes the individuals whose name is on the card,
is the one that should be honored if they want to get things
for friends or others.. Maybe allow them to add 2-3 others they can honor to a list with the card.. but that is only if they wish to do that... otherwise card uses have to stick to the TOS and agreement...and be able to  be allowed to as long as they are at the front desk paying... The companies should always honor such cards..

But, the people with them should also at times be decent enough to thank these companies..
by making actual purchases on and off aside from the cards..

However this giving away to celebrities to exploit them for photos is just a poor tasting tactic to begin with." - DNatureofDTrain

Dina Lohan Loses Free Ice Cream Privilege, Calls Cops

"My guess before reading the article would be college students,
and mothers.." - DNatureofDTrain

Teens are worse texting driving culprits

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6/18/2010 5:19:00 AM

Early this mornings Lightning Videos

I recorded on 6/18/2010 I started the clips at 2:40 this morning..

"But most if it did not turn out so I deleted them.. " - DNatureofDTrain

DNatureofDTrain's June 19th 2010 Lightning Videos.

Lightning Video A

Lightning Video B

Lightning Video C

Lightning Video D


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6/18/2010 Railroad News

6/18/2010 3:18:00 AM

6/18/2010 Railroad News

Local news and events

Model railroad open to view The Metro East Model Railroad Club will host an open house during the Glen Carbon 2010 Homecoming on Friday and Saturday, June 18-19. Hours are 4-8 p.m. Friday and noon-7 p.m. Saturday.

Rail bridge collapses in Norfolk; search and rescue under way

NORFOLK, Neb. -- A railroad bridge over the Elkhorn River in southwest Norfolk collapsed Tuesday, sending three Nebraska Central Railroad employees into the fast-moving current


Railroad worker still missing in Elkhorn River

NORFOLK, Neb. -- The devastating flooding that has struck Nebraska turned tragic Tuesday.


Windsor Tunnel sought

Detroit -- A new underground railroad tunnel between Detroit and Windsor could be chugging into town. A group of private and public investors is pushing a plan to build a new tunnel beneath the Detroit River that could handle double-decker railroad cars.


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6/18/2010 General News

6/18/2010 3:05:00 AM

"I know.. I know.. excuses.. excuses excuses...

As many know.. I been fighting the summer heat, and just been so busy I have not been able to update this blog as well and as often as I wish too.. However, I may have hope to be able to replace some of the activities I do that is wasting all my time.. and do better activities I am testing out my theory first before I put it into full action :) ...If the plan works then I will share it with the rest of you, and help us all get out hinders out of debt....but for not until them I am short on time.. cause I need all the time I can get to keep earning money towards my home, or if not my home towards my being independantly on my own." - DNatureofDTrain


Tonights Excuses .. pasted from my email :) - DNatureofDTrain


From: "" <>Add sender to Contacts

WWUS63 KMKX 180423
1123 PM CDT THU JUN 17 2010
FOND DU LAC          
COLUMBIA              DANE                  GREEN               
GREEN LAKE            IOWA                  LAFAYETTE           
MARQUETTE             ROCK                  SAUK                
DODGE                 JEFFERSON             WALWORTH            
WASHINGTON            WAUKESHA             
From: "" <>Add sender to Contacts
WWUS63 KMKX 180423
1123 PM CDT THU JUN 17 2010
FOND DU LAC          
COLUMBIA              DANE                  GREEN               
GREEN LAKE            IOWA                  LAFAYETTE           
MARQUETTE             ROCK                  SAUK                
DODGE                 JEFFERSON             WALWORTH            
WASHINGTON            WAUKESHA             



"Hopefully my camera did not lose it and I can share some lightning videos on youtube later that I took during this short storm" - DNatureofDTrain

Police say 12 confirmed dead in Arkansas floods

The Kung Fu Kid

Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals

20 things you should never buy used

Some interesting Train Links:

Velaro Trains:

The future Needs Us - Pictures update
General News

New Theory for Life's First Energy Source

Super Mario Game with Post it Notes

Recalls Galore: Buzz Week in Review

6 Ways to Flirt this summer

New rock band closer to the real thang

Trade-in sites offering up to $320 for old iPhones

4 simple steps to meeting someone

Top ten airports to avoid this summer

Franklin knocks out Lidell

Playback This week in Gaming News

OMG! photos John Travolta's wife expecting

Abby Sutherland

Diddy's son car, deal

Arizona plans to target children of illegals

'Transformers' Fans to Receive a Shock

An explanation: Why Maradona wears two watches

Ark. campers had only seconds to escape from flood

Hot trend: celebs in wigs

Nine reasons to drink green tea daily

Cost of Raising a Child Ticks Up

America's Coolest Beach Homes 2010

England-U.S. winners and losers

Leg Exercises from Hollywood's Hottest Trainer

Millionare Population bounces back

Warren Buffett Lunch Sells for $2.63 Million on eBay

Millionaire Population Bounces Back to Pre-Crisis Peak

5 Little Black Swimsuits That Are Slimming On Almost Anyone

What Were They Thinking?!

Warren Buffett Lunch Sells for $2.63 Million on eBay

Obama faces rare defeat on health help for jobless

Nation's oldest oyster distributor is oil spill casualty

World cup blog,247852

'Karate Kid' opens at No. 1 with $56 million kick (AP)

Kagan confirmation would affect major tobacco case

In bold move, Colorado alters teacher tenure rules

Father's Day Gift Guide: Gadgets for Dad

The A- Team then and now

What is the Best Cash-Back Reward Card?

Worse Resume Blunders

U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan

Taiwan and China make progress in trade pact talks

Singer, sausage businessman Jimmy Dean dies at 81

Spirit Airlines cancels flights through Tuesday

China warns local gov't on investment agencies

Political fundraising tool taps social networks

New Disaster Management Leader Appointed

Raw Milk Ban At Stake In Lawsuits

State unemployment system back up after computer outage

Philippine bus crash kills 20, mostly Iranians

Israeli police officers wounded in shooting attack

SKorea's president wants strong response to NKorea

35 feared drowned as boat capsizes in north India

Obama plans fourth tour of Gulf oil spill

Celeb sex-tape scandal hits taboos in Indonesia

Separatist party wins big in Belgian election

Joy as Swiss man home from Libya after 2 years

Ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan kills 117

Space probe returns to Earth from trip to asteroid

Fresh ethnic violence erupts in Kyrgyzstan

The Truth about your food campaign

cool solutions to clean up oil

Talk about good craftsmanship.


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6/17/2010 Railroad News

6/17/2010 3:24:00 AM

6/17/2010 Railroad News

Railroad repairs close Central Avenue June 17CSX will be closing Central Avenue between Pecan Avenue and Hawthorne Lane today from 2pm-4pm. This closure is necessary to for railroad crossing repairs.


Underground Railroad Festival comes to NYC

(New York, 6/17/2010) The first annual Underground Railroad festival is coming to Brooklyn, New York tomorrow.


News briefs: Road closure

Gilmer Road will be closed at the Canadian National Railroad crossing 8 a.m. Monday to 8 p.m. June 25. The railroad crossing on Gilmer will be closed to replace the existing 10-year-old crossing with a new rubber pad crossing.,lake-zurich-briefs-061710-s1.article


High Springs calling on big friends to help with keeping railroad alive

HIGH SPRINGS The city of High Springs is making friends in high places in hopes of saving the citys railroad tracks. Targeted letters are being sent to elected representatives who may be able to help find grant money that is needed to maybe stop the tracks from being torn out early next year.


more news articles

The Family Resource Center recently announced the award of $2,500 from BNSF RailroadFoundation for the Game Plan for Success Program.


Breaking Midstate News with The Patriot-News headlines

Old Annville Day in downtown Annville Saturday will result in closure of Main Street (Route 422) from Route 934 west to Chestnut Street from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Annville Twp. police announced. Old Annville Day will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Chestnut to Railroadstreets.

News Briefs: Farmers Market kicks off June 24

MainStreet Libertyville will kick off its Farmers Market for the season on Thursday, June 24, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Church Street in downtown Libertyville. MainStreet's Farmer's Market will continue every Thursday until Oct. 21.,mundelein-lmvbriefs-061710-s1.article


Market Commentary and Intraday News

(AP:JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ind.) Authorities in Indiana say a worker cleaning up after a train derailment was killed when a crane fell on him. The accident happened Thursday in Jackson Township in northwest Indiana.


Rell veto throws wrench in Stamford railroad garage replacement plans

STAMFORD -- State Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph Marie on Thursday urged the legislature allow a gubernatorial veto to stand so his agency can move ahead with a $35 million plan to improve parking around the Stamford train station.


Group considers new rail tunnel under Detroit River

Detroit -- A consortium of private and public investors is looking into a plan to build a newrailroad tunnel running beneath the Detroit River.


Locomotive days at Rush museums

Railroad Day runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at the New York Museum of Transportation and the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum in Rush.




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6/17/2010 - Railroad News - Janesville, WI derailment

6/17/2010 3:11:00 AM

Railroad News Jun 17th 2010 - Specifically the Janesville Wisconsin Derailment.

"I am not to far from there, and this is one of my favorite railfanning places. What they did not cover in this small articles is that three cars basically just came off the track a little bit.. the train did not tip stayed upright no one hurt.. but the traffic chain effect backed up three towns, for hours :) . Is the only reason it made the news.. otherwise this is a random common minor.. not to worry about derailment.. So minor in fact that yes I did sense it on my 6th sense.. But, it was not distracting to me I could go about my day.. with hardly any issue.. as many know my 6th sense sensitivity to train wrecks and derailments can cause many issues for me.. I will eventually site down and write my stories about this sort of thing maybe I'll restart my psychic blog,, but I just do not have the time lately and wish I did.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Train derailment ties up traffic in Janesville

Train derailment closes Janesville interesections

Streets reopened in downtown Janesville

Train Derailment In Janesville Closes Roads, Snarls Traffic

NBC video of Janesville Wisconsin Train derailment.

Train derailment blocks Traffic

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6/16/2010 Railroad News

6/16/2010 3:30:00 AM

6/16/2010 Railroad News

Update: Railroad Worker Still Missing After Norfolk Bridge Collapse

Rescue crews have not yet found a man who fell into the raging Elkhorn River after a railroadbridge collapsed.

Police participate in railroad crossing safety training

With 45-85 trains coming through Canyon each day, railroad safety can sometimes seem complacent. However, with the death of a Canyon woman at the 15th Street railroad crossing in April, officers at...

News from 100 years ago




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6/14/2010 railroad news

6/14/2010 3:35:00 AM

6/14/2010 Railroad News

Railroad line would help Port MacKenzie develop

Former Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom is one of the biggest proponents of a railroad line to Port MacKenzie, which could increase competition with the Anchorage port.

Railroad line would help Port MacKenzie develop

Former Anchorage Mayor Rick Mystrom is one of the biggest proponents of a railroad line to Port MacKenzie, which could increase competition with the Anchorage port. But Mystrom believes the Matanuska-Susitna Borough rail development will be good for the city,... Anchorage Alaska - Rick Mystrom - Matanuska-Susitna Borough Alaska - Business - Mayor


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6/11/2010 Railroad News

6/11/2010 1:38:00 AM

6/11/2010 Railroad News

Plans to re-enact train raid proceed
Northern Virginia Daily
Through the ruse of telling the president of the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad that trains were disturbing his soldiers' sleep, Jackson arranged
for the ...

Train hits man crossing tracks
San Antonio Express
By Michelle Mondo - Express-News A man was killed Thursday night when a
train struck him as he tried crossing some railroad tracks on the city's
North Side, ...

Norwalk teen killed by train
The Morning Journal
... for a group of friends Wednesday, when a 19-year-old Norwalk man was
killed after being struck by a train on a railroad bridge above the Huron
River. ...

436 homes evacuated as freight train derails in Pickens County
The Herald |
... derailed train and called the fire department. Norfolk Southern
spokesman Robin Chapman said the railroad hadn't determined the extent of
the damage, ...

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6/10/2010 and 6/11/2010 General News

6/11/2010 1:31:00 AM

6/10/2010 and 6/11/2010 General News

"My energy was better yesterday so was able to get more done, I am nearly caught up with things, so hopefully tonight I can get back to normal postings.. However, that is if the Thunderstorms do not through a monkeywrench into things.. After all you all know I am lightning strike prone, so its not safe for me or anyone really to be online during a thunderstorm" - DNatureofDTrain

Advertisement - Free Auction Site, Listia!

Extreme Homes the rotating home

More Active Sun Means Nasty Solar Storms Ahead

Ralph Macchio Reveals 'Mixed Feelings' About 'Karate Kid' Remake

Oldest leather shoe steps out after 5,500 years

Millionaire Space Tourist Wants to Go Back

Medical records: The mother lode for identity thieves

Army: Bodies misidentified, misplaced at Arlington

Frugal Millionaire Leaves Fortune to Home Town

Judge blasts Blagojevich over courtroom antics

Age and profiles: Is it OK to fib?

Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Census: Multiracial US becoming even more diverse

Rare photo of slave children found in NC attic

Army: Bodies misidentified, misplaced at Arlington

Facebook games take a tumble

Pork Slogan

Karate Kid and A Team View roundup

Mysterious Mountains Hidden Beneath Antarctic Ice Revealed

Abby Sunderland is alive and apparently safe aboard her damaged sailboat

Advertisement - DNatureofDTrain's Zazzle store

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6/10/2010 Railroad News

6/10/2010 1:44:00 AM

6/10/2010 Railroad News


Local man dies in truck-train crash
Carlsbad Current Argus
... and the railroad crossing was working properly with lights activated.
The entire front end of the truck was obliterated and several train engines
were ...

Driver dies when dump truck hits train in Carlsbad
Investigators say the dump truck passed through a railroad crossing arm,
and that the railroad crossing was working properly with lights activated.

All aboard! Next stop, Dunsmuir Railroad Days rolls into town this weekend
Visitors to Dunsmuir Railroad Days get a close and personal look at a train
engine. Courtesy of Dunsmuir Train Days Rubber tires take this miniature
train ...

Cumbres & Toltec plans special trips
Valley Courier Online
The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is an historic gem, bringing the
experience of the steam train era to visitors and train riders from far and
near. ...

DOT to add cross bar to busy Chadbourn intersection
COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Earlier this year, a train hit a vehicle
crossing the intersection of West Railroad Ave. and South Brown Street in
Chadbourn. ...

Train crashes into semi-truck in Plant City
Tampa Tribune
A truck and train collided at a railroad crossing at Paul Buchman Highway
and Moriczville Lane, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said. ...

Town seeks vintage locomotive
Washington Post (blog)
... the Great Train Raid of May 23, 1861. Col. Thomas Jackson stole some 50
locomotives and 380 railroad cars from the B&O Railroad in Martinsburg (now
WVa. ...

Tourist train kicks off second year
South Fork Tines
They will enjoy boxed lunches on the train. In the future, the foundation
plans to operate regular railroad train equipment, but that plan may take
up to ...

Riding the Royal Gorge Railroad
Colorado Springs Independent (blog)
Artist Ward Hooper's poster commemoration of the tourist train. I was also
surprised to learn that the railroad ferries more than 100000 guests
annually ...

No one injured in train/truck crash
Delta County Independent
The semi was then hit by the Union Pacific Railroad train which was
traveling eastbound. The locomotive pushed the truck down the track. ...

'Terrible tragedy' - Norwalk teen killed by train during evening swim
Norwalk Reflector
They accessed the railroad tracks and some of them intended to dive off the
trestle into the river. It is a very narrow trestle. ...

Minister wants train to reach eastern border
... José Carlos Gomes, in his first address, spoke of the need for an
urgent assessment of the progress in the works of rehabilitation of the

Enforcement train event geared to impart railway safety
The Newark Advocate
... advising residents not to do so near railroad tracks. In 2009, Ohio
ranked fourth in the nation for the number of pedestrians killed in train
accidents. ...

John Horgan: More perplexing news from Caltrain
San Jose Mercury News
Instead, the train-control document dwells on Caltrain's relationship with
the Union Pacific Railroad and its freight operations here. ...

Popular Thomas again will spread smiles
... many children with their first train ride, encourages preservation of
train heritage and acts as a fundraiser for the Whitewater Valley Railroad.

Train hits, kills teen in Milan Twp.
Sandusky Register
June 9, 2010 A Norwalk teen died Wednesday night after a train struck him
before he could jump from a railroad trestle above Huron River. ...

Get on board railroad club
Warren Tribune Chronicle
RIVERSIDE RAILROAD TRAIN CLUB, Mahoning Valley's large scale Garden
Railroad Club, will hold an open house from 1 to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday
at the Warren ...

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Railroad News

6/9/2010 2:26:00 AM

6/9/2010 Railroad News

"Note, Some of the articles look different cause I am pasting from a different source, I am having problems getting everything into one same standard format lately, part of this is because the browser I am posting from is outdated, and the new one will.. You saw the mess that made a few days ago" - DNatureofDTrain

National news briefs

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) 
Deseret News - Jun 09, 12:34 AM

Inquiry into deadly Johnson County blast looks at whether gas line was properly marked

The electrical contractor that clipped the underground line Monday afternoon, causing the explosion, appears to have followed requirements to locate gas lines, Texas RailroadCommissioner Michael Williams said, but it was unclear whether the work was carried out appropriately.
Dallas Morning News - Jun 09, 12:36 AM

"I'll post more railroad news on this date later, sorry for all the delays by both health issues and technical difficulties last week I had a week of no sleep and this week my body is insisting on catching up .. So soon I'll be back to normal post.. I am also struggling to get work done do to slow internet speed..So I am behind in everything right now, and I am not happy about this.. and this has nothing to do with my sleeping more as I am working the same amount of hours.." - DNatureofDTrain


Housatonic Railroad Plan: Trains for People to Ride
Litchfield County Times (blog)
The modern incarnation of the HRRC was created in 1984, 13 years after
public train service to New Milford was discontinued, to run small
passenger rails on ...

Spotlight Vol. 9, No. 12: Waiting for a Fast Train
Regional Plan Association
The coalition is asking the Federal Railroad Administration for $18 million
for an Environmental Impact Statement. But despite its merits, the report
does ...

Sallisaw man dead after colliding with train
Sequoyah County Times
Witnesses told investigators that the pick-up truck, a white 2005 GMC did
not stop at the stop sign at the railroad crossing and was struck by the
train. ...

Train Slams Into Car Stopped On Tracks
KCCI Des Moines
The train came to a stop and representatives of the UP Railroad also
responded to the scene. Taylor was taken to Marshalltown Medical and
Surgical Center. ...

MTA launches 'keep off tracks' campaign
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The Maryland Transit Administration is launching an advertising campaign to
pound home the message that people need to be aware of the dangers of
railroad ...

Seeing train's flames kept me in line
Gulf Breeze News
Grandfather knew Mr. Kinzel from his time with the Reading Railroad, a
major railroad line of the time that ran to and from Philadelphia until the
1970s. ...

Tecumseh train crossing needs repair
Adrian Daily Telegram
By David Frownfelder Traffic through downtown Tecumseh is moving slower
than normal on Chicago Boulevard because the railroad crossing at Evans
Street has ...

Pepperell club's model railroad on display in library release)
The train scuttles away on an inch-wide track through a coal mine, tugging
piles of logs on a car. It then pulls into Pepperell's Railroad Square, ...

Correction: Proposed railroad crossing upgrades
Jordan Independent
12, 2006, Scott Fahrenkamp of Jordan was killed when his semi-trailer he
was driving was struck by a train at the at the Syndicate Street railroad
crossing. ...

US group to pay $334m for Darwin rail link
The Australian
The railway had reduced triple road train movements by 500 per week and had
been a catalyst for mining operations, Ms Lawrie said. ...,1,27249425-36418,00.html

City, WSU, CP Rail may be sued for train fatality
Winona Post
... who died after reportedly tripping at the Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail
crossing at Johnson Street late last year. Streng was struck and killed by
a train ...

More train cancellations between Greece and Bulgaria
Sofia Echo
... which will disrupt train connections in the country as well as
international services linking Greece and Bulgaria. There will be no
railroad trains ...

Freight train future lies in technology
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Simply put, it's about optimizing the railroad resources that are already
in place. The RailEdge Movement Planner software processes train schedules,

N. Elba to fund economic study for train corridor
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise
Last year, at a board meeting with representatives of the Adirondack
Railway Preservation Society, town leaders said they felt the existing
railroad service ...

Lifesaver offers rail safety tips
Abilene Recorder Chronicle
While a railroad employee may see a vehicle manned by a distracted driver
coming toward a crossing, it's difficult to stop a train quickly. ...

Colorado choo-chew
Pueblo Chieftain
Lunch and dinner trains also are offered on the 24-mile, round-trip scenic
train ride from Canon City's Santa Fe Railroad Depot at 401 Water St. to
Parkdale ...

Police, Union Pacific stress railroad safety
Shreveport Times
Railroad engineers blow train horns when they pass markers nearly 1000 feet
from crossings. Sensors on the tracks start flashing signals and trip gates

Last CSX ticket agent retires at Brunswick MARC station
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The ticket machine isn't likely to brew coffee in the morning before the 5
am train departs this old Frederick County railroad town on the Potomac
River. ...,0,7678173.story

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6/9/2010 RIP Sam and General news

6/9/2010 1:59:00 AM

"Some of these are older articles.. But.. These were the top stories for me this week. Sam Aegerter, went to the same school I had... I mentioned before I did not think I knew him.... I just did not know his last name.... Although we were not close friends into really getting to know eachother. I do remember his smile, his sense of humor and caring heart. He was a mutual friend or an acquaintence in my highschool. But, a person although for as little as I knew him. I may not have known his name.. But I will not forget his smile, and caring. I have not been feeling well all weekend.. It seems because this event happened near one of my favorite railroad crossings.. and because it involved someone I knew.. My 6th sense did tap into this. I am not gonna get into detail as what happened is all covered in the news articles. But, I saw visual images that made me want to cry.. Felt strong pains in my neck that traveled into my head.. As the train passed through where I live 11 miles from the town this even happened from.. The energy of what happened came to me by the passing train .. and 2 days later Sam, showed up to tell me his killers were caught, and left a message to let everyone know he/his spirit is okay.. I feel odd passing messages for anyone when they had just passed on but sometimes I have to.. My guide recommended I share the Butterfly Greif song, so I had... I wish I got to know Sam as well as my friends had... But, I told them.. They should feel blessed to have an angel in his life.. Though at times he had struggled with things.. But, his struggles are not topic for me to discuss. I wish his Spirit rests in peace, but I know he won't.. He is not the resting type, he is a partying type :) . My prayers and thoughts are with all his family, friends, and loved ones, and others he has touched. And Thank G-d his murderer was caught... Now I pray he does not get off with an easy sentence.. " - DNatureofDTrain"

RIP Sam News

Police Look for Two motorcyclists
after shooting death

Janesville Murder Investigation Update

Fund set up for homicide victim's children

Janesville Police Arrested Man in fatal Shooting

Bail set at $1 million in homicide case

"pfff.. Can't get that out of bold font" - DNatureofDTrain

Suspect in custody in homicide

General News

Steve Jobs Dog Day afternoon

Crude settles higher as pump prices fall again

How much will Europe debt crisis affect Americans?

Body Found In Submerged Car

Israel military investigating deadly flotilla raid

Cheeky heist: Thieves make off with 68 Victoria's Secret panties

GM recalling 1.5M vehicles over fire concerns

7 Money Mistakes We Make Every Day

Secrets and Celebrations From 'The Goonies' Reunion

8 Great Places to Retire You've Never Heard Of

Mexico teen killed by US Border Patrol, anger high

NY teen charged in 2nd plot on his old high school

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6/8/2010 Railroad News

6/8/2010 2:32:00 AM

6/8/2010 Railroad News

Railroad work closes part of Port Sheldon Street next week

Starting June 14, Port Sheldon Street in Olive Township will be closed to traffic at the railroadcrossing for about a week, according to a news release from the Ottawa County Road Commission.
The Holland Sentinel - Jun 08, 11:24 AM

".. hmm that deserves a beheading by rail I think er.. I mean um uh .. Loss of jobs" - DNatureofDTrain

19. Managers stole 590KM of railroad and sold for scrap in Mexico

MEXICO CITY: Several midlevel managers with Mexico's state railroad company are accused of stealing more than 360 miles (590 kilometers) of railroad and selling the materials to help pay off a company debt, authorities said Tuesday.
The Star - Jun 08, 8:18 PM

Logs on the loose outside the mill

The good news is that it didn
The Daily News - Jun 08, 10:03 AM

Market Commentary and Intraday News

(AP:MEXICO CITY) A Mexican company is planning to invest $4.2 billion to re-start production at the nation's largest copper mine, which had been shut down for three years by a labor dispute, the labor secretary said.
INO News - Jun 08, 5:59 PM

Market Commentary and Intraday News

(AP:CLEBURNE, Texas) A utility crew that accidentally struck a natural gas line, sparking a fiery explosion that killed one worker, followed the proper procedures in locating the line before digging, a company official said Tuesday.
INO News - Jun 08, 4:15 PM


Conway Scenic Railroad
Laconia Citizen
Experience the Golden Age of railroading on old-fashioned train rides,
departing from an historic 1874 Victorian Station in the heart of North
Conway ...

Train derails in downtown Smithsburg
The Herald-Mail
Railroad ties were cut in half, one rail was lying on its side, railroad
spikes were strewn about, some train wheels came completely off cars, ...

Largo's miniature train is big fun for kids, parents"On the weekends we're not running, the train can be rented for birthday
parties," Jamison said. He also said the railroad does a number of things
with ...

Patni takes breakthru' train in Japan
Daily News & Analysis
... Mumbai based IT firm Patni Computer Systems has formed a 49:51 joint
venture with Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), a railroad major in Japan.

Railroad crossing safety tips
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Check all tracks before crossing the railroad. Sometimes another train is
coming on a second or third track that was hidden by the first passing
train. ...

Union Pacific offers free train rides
The Spokesman Review
Union Pacific Railroad is offering free train rides across the Rathdrum
Prairie on June 22 as part of a wider effort to prevent accidents at rail
crossings. ...

Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train
Foster's Daily Democrat
It is three beautifully restored vintage Pullman railroad cars on the
tracks of the Plymouth and Lincoln Railroad. The popular 1952 Pullman
Planetarium car ...

Dade City police identify man killed by train
Tampabay.comThe collision happened about noon on the CSX railroad tracks, approximately
75 yards north of the train depot on the US 98 Bypass. Witnesses saw Jose
Manuel ...

More Railroad Crossing Crashes Highlight Need For Safety Improvements
In a separate crash, a Sallisaw, Oklahoma man died when a Union Pacific
train crashed into his vehicle at a railroad crossing. You can view the
KHBS-TV news ...

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. Granted Injunction Against Z-Train Executives
MarketWatch (press release)
About Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. has
been planning for the establishment of a "Vegas-style" passenger train
service ...

Japan's JR Kyushu and Patni Computer Systems Sign Joint Venture Pact
MarketWatch (press release)
... JR Kyushu Railway Company is in the railroad business. JR Kyushu is
putting efforts to enhance revenue and expenditure by increasing train
frequency, ...

Business After Hours & Name That Tune TOMORROW at Trackside
knox.VillageSoup.comThe first part of the event will take place aboard the Maine Eastern
Railroad Train. The train will be leaving the station at 5:30 pm sharp for
a 30-minute ...

Worcester-to-Ayer rail a slow train comin'
Worcester Telegram
The deal between the MBTA and Pan Am Railways and Pan Am Southern also
allows the state to expand commuter rail service to a new train station
near Route 2 ...

GE Transportation to Facilitate Expansion of Stockholm Light Rail
MarketWatch (press release)
... safety facility for the Tvarbanan light rail system, complete with a
traffic control system, interlocking system and Automatic Train Control
(ATC). ...

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6/7/2010 Railroad News

6/7/2010 2:38:00 AM

6/7/2010 Railroad News

Fourth Street to be closed at railroad

Effective Tuesday, June 8, Fourth Street will be closed at the railroad track for approximately eight hours beginning at 7 a.m. while Red River Valley & Western Railroad makes repairs to the street crossing.
The Wahpeton Daily News - Jun 07, 5:36 AM


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General and some Railroad News Mixe

6/6/2010 4:54:00 AM

"I'll try to fix this post later I logged in through the wrong browser.. ::sighs:: I am having one of those weeks.. - DNatureofDTrain The Railroad News in this post is from a different source than what I get the other railroad News I share... I am sorry I have not been able to keep this up to date. I am struggling the last three four days to do my ework even.. I am just tired and very run down and when I am awake stuck in a brain fog... Its the weather and forcing my body to walk around more as my body is trying to adjust to getting back into shape again.. I am also depressed due to friendship issues... and sickened to hear that someone was murdered this week on a road I often walk when I go to town ... " - DNatureofDTrain

"Gets out the rag and cleans up this post" - DNatureofDTrain

Railroad News

June 6th 2009

Logs on the loose outside the mill The good news is that it didn

State approves herbicides along Alaska Railroad

ANCHORAGE - State environmental regulators have approved spraying herbicide along Alaska Railroad tracks, but environmental groups are appealing the permit. Juneau Empire - Jun 04, 1:51 PM

Company news

 "My Thoughts and Prayers Go out to Sam's family and friends, May his spirit rest in peace.. " - DNatureofDTrain

General News Mix 4 Fun Ways to Get Flat Abs

Box Jellyfish

 Stocks rise after pending home sales top forecasts

 Madison's First Stimulus Project Complete

 3 Namibian women with HIV say they were sterilized

 Tiananmen mothers fear history will die with them

 AT&T caps phone data usage with new wireless plans

 Israel to expel all activists by day's end

 Militants attack as Afghan peace conference starts

 Meteorite found along Ore.

road estimated at 4.5 billion years old

 America's 7 junkiest cities

 Loyalty takes butler from poor Nepal village to NY

 Planet Triple Play: Saturn, Mars and Venus Appear Together

 Surprising Healing Benefits of Spices

 ICE: 15 Illegal Immigrant Gang Members Arrested In Milwaukee

 North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon

 APNewsBreak: Feds halt new drilling in Gulf

 5 Ways to Curb Bank Overdraft Fees

 Skype for iPhone now supports 3G, but free ride's ending

 McDonald's pulls 12M cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses

 Millionaire's rocket blasts off on 1st test flight

 Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 private rocket is a success

 Update: Janesville homicide victim identified

 Falcon chicks get banded as part of Wis. program

 Janesville says shelter must shut down by Tuesday

 Elkhorn man pleads not guilty to burglaries

 Milton teacher contract headed to arbitration

Janesville police roll out new squad cars

Whooping cough confirmed in Edgerton

 South Korean leader urges peace with North Korea

 Bomb kills Afghan police officer, 2 civilians

 Milwaukee Launches Safe-Sleep Campaign

 Fitchburg police seek man with gun

 Sub shop on Regent Street robbed

 UW students fined for dragging 20-foot city maple into apartment

 New growth for an old forest

Private employers hold back on hiring in May

 Gulf containment cap closely watched in 2nd day

 Bangladesh lifts Facebook ban


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6/6/2010 Railroad News

6/6/2010 2:41:00 AM

6/6/2010 Railroad News

Ali Ghan Railroad Unit celebrating 40 years

The Ali Ghan Railroad Unit has been chugging along with the Ali Ghan Shrine Club for 40 years, and on Aug. 28 at 11 a.m., the unit will celebrate its anniversary with a public event including train rides and speeches.
Cumberland Times-News - Jun 06, 10:39 PM

Driver arrested for DWI after allegedly disregarding railroad gate

A man caught trying to drive around a railroad crossing in Ripley while a train approached was charged Sunday with driving while intoxicated.
The Buffalo News - Jun 06, 1:17 PM



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6/1/2010 General News Mix

6/1/2010 7:15:00 PM

6/1/2010 General News - Mixed dates

"Yes, I did a repost from the 5/29/2010, to this date since there was not much posted, and added to it now." - DNatureofDTrain

"Will be adding more of course, but in case I do not post it on time. Happy Memorial Day all, I of course may not support war, but I do support and honor our warriors and Soldiers.. who choose to fight, so the rest of us did not have to. I can not utter these words often enough to them... Thank You!" - DNatureofDTrain

Remembering Memorial Day

Mexico offers rewards for 33 drug gang suspects;_ylt=Ao_dziGMkk2qEkTJCl7Gx3xvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJuMWZvdm90BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwNTI4L2x0X2RydWdfd2FyX21leGljbwRwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA21leGljb29mZmVycw

"I love this so much I giggled with a few happy tears,
Many know I have been a big Ozzy fan, and a fan of wicked sense of humor,
for a long time. Being one who does similar pranks..
I really enjoyed this. My favorite is the little girl of course, watch the video and see what I mean" - DNatureofDTrain
Ozzy Osbourne Scares the ... out of his fans!,,20389441,00.html!

.. More to come again if I do not get a chance to finish this post I will bump it up a day, and just add unposted news articles above the older ones... My eyes, right now have had a much as they could handle for now. I did update all of Mays Railroad news.. I think accept for two days.. I'll will get those in this week sometime.. I am in the middle of numerous multiple projects as always" - DNatureofDTrain

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6/1/2010 Railroad News

6/1/2010 12:08:00 AM

6/1/2010 Railroad News

Police Continue Investigation Into Van Buren County Train Incident
Now, the FBI and CSX Railroad Police are investigating. Anyone with
information is asked to call the Van Buren County Sheriffs Department.

Woman's body found on White Rock Beach; homicide team called in
Vancouver Sun
When asked if the woman might have been hit by a train, Vermeulen said no.
"Initial reports indicate that a railroad worker indicated that there was a
body ...

Appeals court: Union Pacific did not discriminate
The Associated Press
A federal court rejected the appeal on Tuesday of an Omaha woman who sued
Union Pacific Railroad Co., claiming that she was fired as a train
dispatcher in ...

Keeping tracks: Another railway company unveils plans for train routes from LV
Las Vegas Business Press
Both groups say they will start next year, but neither has any background
in railroads. The Z-Train was first made public in a blog posting by the
advocacy ...

Appeals Court: Union Pacific Did Not Discriminate
ABC News
... on Tuesday of an Omaha woman who sued Union Pacific Railroad Co.,
claiming that she was fired as a train dispatcher in 2006 because of
discrimination. ...

Train hits pick-up truck in Chesterfield Township
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers
Chesterfield Township Police Detective Sgt. Deron Myers said dispatch was
trying to make contact with the railroad company at the time to stop the
train. ...

Train Noise Keeping Auburn Residents Awake
In Auburn, some families that live near railroad tracks say trains are
creating more noise than ever before. The Lovans say the trains used to
rumble past ...


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