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3/28/2010 Railroad News

3/28/2010 7:47:00 PM

3/28/2010 Railroad News

"For those who heard about our runaway minions.. They are home now.. now I wish I was runaway somewhere :) ..My mom has also returned from her 3rd trip from Mexico .. Yes, I am getting frustrated over many things like if we are so broke then why so many trips to Mexico.. oh wait I am the one who is broke stuck living with my parents in their foster parenting group home.. Getting thrown into the middle of the drama all the time, and you all wonder why I am begging for sales, and want to live on me own! I can hardly handle it anymore.. I am tired of living with very abusive teenagers.. and I am tired of my mother trying to force me to intervene and I getting caught in all the darn crossfire between then and my parents... I can't take this crap to much longer..  It's eroding my ability to function.. at all..." - DNatureofDTrain

Train crash closes roads in Live Oak
After learning of the stranded pickup, deputies notified the Union Pacific
Railroad in hopes of notifying the train engineer to stop, but in vain, ...

VIDEO: Train
The Morning Sun
Hoffman is a member of the BEAM Model Railroad Club, named for Bay City,
Essexville, Auburn and Midland, the residences of the original members, ...

Eagles Drop Series Finale to SEMO
MSU Eagles
SEMO jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first on a lead-off home run from
Kenton Parmley and a two-run shot from Casey Jones. MSU (13-14, 1-2) fired
right back ...

Korea seeks to export homegrown bullet train
Korea Herald
The Korean companies include state-run railway operator Korail and Korea
Rail Network Authority, Korea Railroad Research Institute, high-speed train

Caltrain set to approve plans to electrify railroad
San Jose Mercury News
Trains will start and stop quicker, allowing for faster rides, stops at
more stations and the ability to squeeze more train service into the daily
schedule. ...

Cash-strapped Metra prepares to spend millions
"Chicago is one of the densest railroad environments in the country,"
Tupper said. "So all the railroads are working together here in Chicago to
develop a ...

Atchafalaya Voices
The Daily Advertiser
Staron's train plowed into the rear of the darkened train killing 13 and
seriously injuring 66 Federal troops. The railroad was finally returned to
its ...

Pedestrian hit by train on West Side
San Antonio Express
A man was injured Saturday afternoon when a train hit him as he tried to
cross railroad tracks on the West Side, officials said. Timmy Wade Baker,
49, ...

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3/25/2010 General News - Mixed dates

3/25/2010 2:49:00 AM

3/25/2010 General News Mixed dates

Last chance to get a good luck at mars til 2012

"I personally do not recommend EVER making movies regarding negative images of the Amish community. Doing so is against their religious and beliefs. You do not make Ungraven Images when it comes to Amish culture it is highly disrespectful to them as a whole. Many will not ever even allow a photograph or a picture of them to be taken of them for this reason. If you want to take their picture always ask, if they state no, respect it and move on..  Now I have biological ties to this particular Amish community.. So when I read about things like this.. I think would I like to see a movie made about a seriously traumatic event that happened in my own family community? .. do I want media and people from a culture I do not live in and understand to exploit that event? Of course not..  So, Please, do not make this movie, or any movie regarding a negative or traumatic event in an Amish community.. with the exception is if the community approves and votes on it.. Otherwise.. No way, do not mess with it is highly disrespectful. Do not mess with this part of my own biological family.. That is where my Dutch heritage comes in... If this movie was already made.. do NOT air it.. have been fairly warned.. " -  DNatureofDTrain

TV movie on Amish school shooting draws criticism...

"If you are gonna cover one thing you should cover it all to be fair.. But, I still believe we could resolve this issues without uncle sams help.. The Government should not intervene or interfear with a free economy.. It is one thing to have rules against frauds, and for safety.. but much of what I see is going WAY .. TO...Far..." - DNatureofDTrain

Obama Lists low key order on abortions

"First thing I recommend. GET RID OF THE ASPARTAME! Do not use this as substitute sweetener or sugar, I am witnessing to many people being unknowingly effected, psychologically, and sickened by this. Aspartame increases and stimulates sweet cravings.. So there is no excuse at it for this neurotoxin to be in foods that are sugar free or for diebetics! .. the last thing a person with diebetis wants is for their brain to be stimulated to crave more sweets! ..." - DNatureofDTrain

Food companies face "healthy" competition

8 foods that fight stress on yahoo health

"This study is bogus, it is focusing on the wrong elements of these remedies that aid in sleep .. All of these listed remedies have worked for numerous people at different times including myself.. So this is one study I highly disagree with." - DNatureofDTrain"

"It is the.. Simple things in life, that really make life worth living for.. " - DNatureofDTrain

101 small pleasures you can enjoy

Text massage leads to seargants suspension

Pentagon Poised to raise bar for suspending gays

"Wonders which finger it is.. maybe our ancestors are trying to tell us something :P :) " - DNatureofDTrain

Possible new human ancester founder

Bees in more trouble after hard winter

Disputed Island bay bengel disapears

Runaway train crashes - Norway

Feds crack down on gift card abuses

2009 tax returns boost recovery act

polluted water sickening killing millions UN

Ore town uses geothermal energy to stay warm

"focus on aspartame, cut the aspartame! Its turning our nation into a place full of psychotic people!!" - DNatureofDTrain

Pepsi co cuts salt

"Hey, look my ghost kitty he heh e had to stick in a joke" - DNatureofDTrain

Hover cat

Health care gains start soon

Papal Letter fails to calm anger over irish abuses

10 places to not use your debit card

UN 3 killed in quake collaspe in Haiti

"If that thing really works and is as comfortable as they say.. I want one.. for me.. I hate showers.." - DNatureofDTrain

Washing machine that is truely for dogs

"Poor Ghosts.. Does that mean I  can sell demons? :) ehehehehe >:) " - DNatureofDTrain

New Zealander tries to sell two ghosts on the internet

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3/25/2010 Railroad News

3/25/2010 1:43:00 AM

3/25/2010 Railroad News

All aboard! Lions' train show returns on April 10
Foster's Daily Democrat
The show will feature a large display of operating model railroads as well
as many model train dealers, model railroad supplies and memorabilia. ...

Hop on board the Bunny train
Frederick News Post (subscription)
By Teresa Bell-Stockman So naturally, the Walkersville Southern Railroad
kicks off its season of special excursion runs with the popular Bunny Train

County attorney seeks railway's help
Sioux City Journal
McLarty said the county can only hope the railroad will "break" the train
at the crossing when it sits at the elevator. The county attorney has
advised the ...

Jacksonville woman run over by train
Florida Times-Union
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue workers pick up debris and hose down a section
of railroad tracks where a woman was run over by a train. ...


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3/24/2010 3:45:00 AM

Railroad News -  March 24th 2010

Train clips truck at Central
Star Community Newspapers
A westbound Kansas City Railroad train traveling along the tracks struck
the trailer portion of the truck. There were no injuries in the incident.

All aboard
Lake Oswego Review
And this railroad at 2323 Buck St. isn'ta racket, but rather ties their
unique yard together and allows their miniature train to chug along for all
the ...

Moms, tots take trip on rails
Darien Times
Mom's Morning In will have a field trip on the Metro-North railroad on
Friday, March 26. Moms and tots will ride the train from Noroton Heights to
Darien ...

"Tea Party Mystery Train" rides are April 10 & 11
The Warren County History Center teams up once again with the LM&M Railroad
to present “Tea Party Mystery Train.” Girls, ages six and older, are
invited to ...

Three killed in freight train crash
The Press Association
... loose from a cargo train and slammed into the port terminal on the edge
of the Oslo fjord, destroying the building, police and railroad officials
said. ...

April Track Work Causes Train Schedule Adjustments
Putnam County News and Recorder (subscription)
Metro-North Railroad's new April 11 timetable will make temporary, minor
schedule changes on all three lines to allow for track maintenance
projects. ...

New Train Safety Tool Launches to Help Reduce Train Accidents
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
By Editorial Staff Washington, DC — March 24, 2010 — The Federal
Railroad Administration (FRA) has taken the wraps off a new train simulator
intended to ...$12230

FRA to use simulator 'lab' to analyze train accidents
Progressive Rail Roading
Yesterday, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced plans to
install an advanced train simulator at the US Department of
Transportation's Volpe ...

Woman in train collision identified
Opelika Auburn News
By Donathan Prater The woman involved in a single-vehicle collision with a
train at a Lee Road 223 railroad crossing Tuesday has been identified as
Abra ...

European Stocks Decline as Fitch Cuts Portugal's Credit Rating
Arriva Plc surged 5.1 percent as France's Transport Ministry said it will
back state railroad SNCF in a bid for the UK bus and train company. ...

Train Whistles Cause Problems For Residents
KOAT Albuquerque
"That would help let the people exit their neighborhood without letting
people go over the railroad tracks, which means they could then close the
railroad ...

Reward offered to blow whistle on 'Toot' theft
Henderson Gleaner
In 1993, the train was moved to Reedley, Calif., where it operated
seasonally at the Hillcrest Christmas Tree Farm on the Hillcrest and
Wahtoke Railroad. ...

All aboard: Commission backs Amtrak train stop
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Bunnell passenger rail was built by the St. Johns and Halifax Railway
and ran from 1886 to 1968 when the railroad was rerouted onto the Orlando
line, ...

Fw: Amtrak: Time to retire the '77 El Caminos

Rail Workforce holding it steady

UTU Ratifies pact

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3/23/2010 3:43:00 AM

Railroad News - March 23rd 2010

Leavenworth woman killed by train after ignoring flashing lights at KC crossing
Kansas City Star
... Tuesday morning after she ignored flashing warning lights at a railroad
crossing, drove over the tracks, stopped and then backed into a train's
path. ...

City forced to make emergency repairs to railroad spur line crossing
Beaver Dam Daily Citizen
... Valley Road just north of Industrial Drive gave way last Thursday,
stranding a Wisconsin Southern Railroad train car outside Total Logistics
Control. ...

Woman injured in train collision in Smiths
Opelika Auburn News
SMITHS STATION—A motorist was injured Tuesday afternoon when her vehicle
was struck by a Norfolk Southern train at a crossing on Lee Road 223. ...

Doggone it! Pooch on tracks delays LIRR train
Newsday (subscription)
A New York-bound Long Island Rail Road train was delayed in Brentwood
Tuesday morning because a dog got loose from its owner and ran onto the
tracks, ...

CN's Hunter Harrison: Couldn't he just take the train?
Globe and Mail (blog)
s former chief executive, Hunter Harrison, didn't much like taking the
train. The railroad's proxy materials are out and they show that he ran up
bills of ...

Snoopy to visit Texas State Railroad on Easter Beagle Express
More>> PALESTINE/RUSK, TX – Snoopy will visit the Texas State Railroad on
April 1, 2, and 3, 2010 for Peanuts™ - The Easter Beagle Express. During
the train ...

Woman, dog killed after train, car collide
Kansas City Star
... after she ignored flashing warning lights at a railroad crossing, drove
over the tracks, stopped and then backed up into the path of an oncoming
train. ...

Militants blow up rail track in eastern India
eTaiwan News
By INDRAJIT SINGH AP Suspected communist rebels blew up a railroad track in
eastern India, sending seven coaches of an intercity train off the rails
but ...〈=eng_news

Historic train depot may soon have new owner
By Nate Morabito | Reporter / WJHL The Johnson City Development Authority
is now closer than ever to owning the downtown railroad depot along State
of ...

Stillwater man injured after vehicle became stuck on railroad tracks
MORRISON — A Stillwater man was injured after he tried to flee from a
train by driving down the railroad tracks Monday night in Noble County, the
Oklahoma ...

The return was even more difficult for a second grade teacher when her SUV
got stuck on some railroad tracks as a train was heading right for her
vehicle. ...

High-speed railroad aid questioned
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Despite the distance, the Obama administration awarded Florida $1.25
billion in stimulus money to link the cities with a fast train to help kick
off its ...

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3/22/2010 - Railroad News

3/22/2010 3:41:00 AM

3/22/2010 Railroad News

March 22 2010 Railroad News

Plainville's tale of two railroads
New Britain Herald
... that the trains were slowed down because in 1942, the railroad line
didn't want to pay for automatic train signals at the intersections in
town. ...

Local upgrades on state's list of preferred railroad stimulus projects
Longview Daily News
Federal law requires PTC technology on all locomotives and tracks in
passenger train corridors starting in 2015, Wood said. Private railroad
companies will ...

New Park and Old Time Train Trips for Oregon Coast
Beach Connection
(Oregon Coast) – There's a bit of living history coming up as an antique
railroad car takes to the coastal rails for special trips, while a new park
on the ...

City support sought for depot renovation
New Bern Sun Journal
The depot is owned by NC Railroad, a privately run company that is owned by
the state. Norfolk Southern Railroad, which operates on the rail line, ...

Man escapes serious injury, not citation, after collision with train
ABC Action News
Wood said Zazarine was waiting at the railroad crossing when he decided to
try to drive around the crossing arm, which was down at the time. ...

Train smashes car in Diamond Bluff
Republican Eagle
Nobody was injured Sunday evening when a train hit a vehicle at a railroad
crossing in Diamond Bluff. Nobody was injured Sunday evening when a train
hit a ...

Train Strikes SUV Stuck On The Railroad Tracks In Oologah
News On 6
The woman driving the SUV was able to get out before the northbound train
struck the vehicle. OOLOGAH, OK -- No one was injured when a Union Pacific
freight ...

Denton kicks off train-station project today 9:09 AM CT
Dallas Morning News
The groundbreaking is scheduled for 9:30 am at 604 E. Hickory St., near
Railroad Avenue. Adjacent to the new A-Train Downtown Station will be a new
downtown ...

PIERCE COUNTY - Two escape before train hits car
River Towns
No injuries were reported by the two men or the train crew. The incident
occurred at the railroad crossing at 985th Street and Hwy. 35 in Diamond
Bluff. ...

Clark Gardens to host spring festival
Mineral Wells Index
The model train show is Saturday and Sunday, featuring the North Texas
Garden Railway Club's G-scale trains, Tex-N Modular Railroad Club's N-scale
trains, ...

Woman found dead near railroad tracks in Hampton Township identified
By Jeff Kart | The Bay City Times Huggard was found just after noon on
March 17 in a wooded area west of railroad tracks between Center and Ridge.
A train ...

A railfan's watering hole
Buffalo News
Then about 20 years ago, someone in his chapter of the National Railroad
Historical Society told him how the train-watching was good at the Depew
station. ...

At Penn Station, the sign no longer goes clackety-clack
Baltimore Sun
Some railroad passengers, however, believe it belongs at Penn Station
rather than in a museum. Jonathan Mance, waiting to catch a MARC train to
his home in ...,0,2579182.story

High-speed rail plan rides high over Fresno
Fresno Bee
And the exact route and other details depend on decisions yet to be made by
the authority and its funding partner, the Federal Railroad Administration.

Railfest 2010 engineers family atmosphere
Swan joined droves of model train enthusiasts Saturday and Sunday at the
Railfest 2010 Model Railroad Show and Flea Market at Lakeland Community
College. ...

Toys for big boys
The Decatur Daily (subscription)
“I've spent many, many, many, many hours by railroad tracks watching
trains all through my life.” He and fellow members of a Decatur model
train club said ...


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3/21/2010 - Railroad News

3/21/2010 3:37:00 AM

3/21/2010 Railroad News

Railroad News - March 21 2010

Train hobbyists show what gets them steamed up
Los Angeles Times
"It's sort of like my little empire," said Stark, 63, who has spent the
last six years building the 12-by-17-foot model railroad in the guest house
behind ...,0,6035133.story?track=rss

Fast Food That Won the West
Wall Street Journal
... West beginning in the 1870s, with opulent dining rooms in major train
stations and relatively luxurious eating spots at more remote railroad
outposts. ...'s_Most_Popular

Meet the wimps blocking the railroad tracks
Milwaukee Labor Press
He recently twisted into a political pretzel trying to savage Milwaukee
jobs from a Spanish train company as a kick in the pants to a Wisconsin
company that ...

Metra safety equipment to cost $100 million
Chicago Tribune
... crash prompted Congress a month later to pass a law requiring large
railroads to install the system, known as positive train control, or PTC,
by 2015. ...,0,174357.story

Model Train Show draws young and old
Nashua Telegraph
“Most people buy or trade them, I'm the oddball who builds them
myself,” said Deyett, a Windham resident and longtime railroad buff. ...

Man dies after being hit by train
Cuyahoga Falls News Press
by Steve Wiandt Cuyahoga Falls -- A man who died after being hit by a train
lived near the railroad tracks and had been reported missing by his mother.

Community shares stories of 1921 train wreck
Eastwood's interest in the wreck and railroad came from growing up near the
Bryn Athyn train station. He also shared pictures of the wreck obtained
from the ...

Model railroaders show off displays at La Crosse Center show
La Crosse Tribune
What: La Crosse and Three Rivers Railroad Club model railroad show. Working
model train displays, doll houses, hobby dealers and swap tables, railroad
art ...

Derailment blamed on faulty train track brace
Galveston County Daily News
By Chris Paschenko SANTA FE — A 22-car derailment, which spilled oil and
prompted evacuations, was caused by a faulty underground railroad track
brace, ...

Local view: I-35 construction detour takes route that already suffers delays
Duluth News Tribune
The two railroad crossings are both governed by Central Train Control,
which regulates access into and out of the Proctor Rail Yard and through a
turn-out. ...

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3/201/2010 a story, and General News

3/20/2010 3:47:00 AM

General News

"I have been having interesting dreams of exploring old places, that were under rennovation..
These dreams have been reminding me of a man I used to see about twice a year.. He would stop by my sisters house around Thanksgiving, New Years, and Easter..
My sister said he showed up every holiday.. I knew whoever he was he was important as I watched him walk to everyones houses.. But I had no idea when I shook his hand, gave him a hug, and talked about money, and houses, and cats with him..
That I was shaking hands with one of the richest people in the US. I knew he was a part of massive rennovation projects in Beloit, WI.. and was impressed.. the last time I saw him was standing at the mural of the old Iron works building..
Happily looking at the cleaned up creek rennovated building and loving the awesome mural.. And that was the last time I gave him a hug before he passed on .. oddly falling off a roof.. Who was he? Ken Hendricks. He offered me a job numerous times..
But, to me he was a stranger, and I was a under 18.. and I knew my parents would not approve.. I am 30 years old now, and they still do not want me to work.. They want me to stay around and help them out.. I have no problem with that.. part most of the time as long as I am allowed proper rest, and destressing time..  But.. I do regret turning down the opportunity of learning how to build houses.. as I do love to swing the hammer.. Maybe I'll do that if I can not get into railroadin.. but for now I just run my stores.. and hope and pray that Kens Spirits, along with my ancestors and friends are their guiding and watching over me.. and that maybe some of the hard earned luck of the billionare was blessed to me through the generous handshake. I knew I had many powerful ties and connections and inspiration with my life.. But the more I really start to learn about some of who I have met yearly.. The more I wonder.. as in wow.. and how? :) ..
I am glad I did not know to be honest, as I got to meat the generous side of him the nice old man.. That always had me scratching my head who is this man that shows up handing us 20s and 50s? .. I only spent that money on my cat supplies I would still have it to this day if it was not stolen from me.. but.. that if course would go to my medical bill.. The best part about that is my parents would wonder.. How did I always come home with more money than I had when I left. I could not tell them.. That Ken Hendricks stuck it in my coat collar after I said no thanks, Money is evil lol :) ... But.. that evil money rescued my pets from fleas, ticks, and earmites so it was not so evil after all :) ....Well.. I would later on state money is only evil if used for evil.. As that is the truth.. He would ask us if we knew how to be rich one day. I said I heard of this man fixing up old house and getting rich that way I like that story the best.. and he had happy tears and big old twinkling eye and a hug.. I had no idea at that time... that the man I had heard about.. was him.. until after he passed away. That Happy smile, happy tears and hug.. Is worth more than a billion dollars ever is .. so isn't generosity and kindness. I have turned down many opportunities to be rich.. Not because I do not want to be rich as who does not.. But.. because I saw something I knew good coming out of my handing my 36,000$ lottery to my parents for their new edition.. And turning down a 400,000$ reward to keep one family out of homelessness send one woman to nursing school that contributed to the study of the vaccine for cervical cancer! ..  I guess Ken Taught me well.. about the real meaning of philanthropy and helping others.  I just.. for the last 3-4 years have been searching for that magical way to help myself.. I do not want to be famous I already am.. I am rich too not in money, but in experiences.. I hope someday that my financial riches will catch up with the rest.. So I can improve my health, and also do what I enjoy doing best.. Helping others..  :) ." - DNatureofDTrain

Ken Hendricks

"I want you to all read the article below about him, it is long but please do so, and be inspired!' - DNatureofDTrain


His wife - Diane Hendricks (I am hoping to be able to contact her on a social network.. hope she remembers meeting me.. would be nice to be hired.. somewhere...other than ministry and raindances. :))

Get the Most out of your SEO program

Who or what Makes up a SEO industry?

Brick Marketing Definition and Glossary

Rome to display ancient Greek silverware

Demi Moore's Twitter account part of suicide help

Volunteer day promoted to honor Mister Rogers

Oprah, schoolgirls to testify at defamation trial

Judge: $575M settlement rejected for 9/11 'heroes'

Thousands of BA flights canceled as crew on strike

Police: Arrest in NJ Walmart racial comment case

Best Movie Rental Options

Palm survival Questioned

Credit Scored Dropped after getting loan help from gov

The four cities that weathered the recession

Thousands of BA flights cancelled

Smart Snacking

Teenager is Tasered

Hendrix Tops Elvis

"heh, I just did by me shoes now" - DNatureofDTrain

7 Things your shoes salesman will not tell you

How to date night on a dime

Jessica Simpson price of beauty

University class swaps grades for experience points

What were they thinking?

Producer ex sues lady gaga

Anna Nicole Smith gets

Underwater junkyard

"Now that is my type of hummer.. I want one!" :)

Hummer goes from horsepower to horse

State health of care debate, pundits

US obama healthcare overhaul

Obama making final heatlhcare pitch

Sky orange ? .. biggest sandstorm

UN cheif is shown Israeli settle..

Army, Drug, Mexican Gangs

Sarkozy embraces for election wipe out

Popes Irish letter

Md not feeling so southern anymore

Rice regrets

Sierra Leone Rattled by rotten hoax

"Many types of ads could help budget.. or even turn paid services into free add hosted services" - DNatureofDTrain

Could school bus ads save school budget?

"I'd want one.. but for some reason when I am still and quiet.. people think I am invisible,.. they are used to my jingling and singing.. and yammering is why.. So the cloak would not work well for me :) .. " - DNatureofDTrain

Cloak of Invisibility

Russia will sign nuclear treaty

Boy recievings pioneering stem cell surgery


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3/20/2010 Railroad News 19th and 20th

3/20/2010 3:23:00 AM

3/20/2010 Railroad News  19th and 20th

Railroad News - March 20th 2010

Events happening Saturday
Los Angeles Times
Irvine Park Railroad, 1 Irvine Park Road. Saturday through April 3. 10 am
to 4 pm Easter Bunny photos $10, train rides $4. ...,0,6766435.story

Train station repairs coming
The Free Lance-Star
The railroad bridge is built like a viaduct, with ballast and train tracks
laid into it. There is no single central draining point for water. ...

Two Metro-North trains spared as MTA takes "most painful cuts off the table"
The Journal News |
"It's a half a loaf, but better than none," said county Legislator Joe
Meyers, D-Airmont, who is also a lawyer in Manhattan who takes the 6:27 pm
train. ...

High-tech program aims to cut train crashes
Chicago Daily Herald
... in and auto-stops the train," Metra Deputy Executive Director of
Operations Bill Tupper said. The program has generated push-back from some
railroads, ...

Railroad News  - March 19th 2010

Harry Reid: 'No one is stopping' maglev train proposal
Las Vegas Sun
Cummings backed his ire by releasing correspondence between his company,
the Federal Railroad Administration and the Nevada Department of
Transportation ...

Abilene railroad provides nostalgic, educational trip for riders
The Abilene Smoky Valley Railroad takes tourists on train trips to
Enterprise, traveling on a diesel locomotive from the 1950's or a 1919
steam engine. ...

Train-ing Day for Livermore-Pleasanton law enforcement
San Jose Mercury News
Today's training, a joint effort between ACE and the Union Pacific
Railroad, took place on a 12000-foot stretch of track between Pleasanton
and Livermore ...

Fast Food That Won the West
Wall Street Journal
Fred Harvey restaurants grew up with the railroads in the American West
beginning in the 1870s, with opulent dining rooms in major train stations
and ...

Brazil to Double Size of Railroad Expansion Plan, Passos Says
The goal by 2025 is to move 32 percent of the country's cargo by train, up
from 25 percent, Passos said. “For a highly competitive economy, it is
important ...

Police, railroad team up to stop rail crossing violations
Watertown Daily Times
The operation involves officials with both police departments riding on a
train on the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Milford and Spaulding
streets. ...

World's High-Speed Train Makers Set Sights on US
New York Times
JR Central runs the busiest bullet-train line in Japan. By comparison, the
Acela Express of the US National Railroad Passenger Corp., better known as
Amtrak ...

AAR: Chlorine Institute's PTC cost-benefit claim is 'way off base'
Progressive Rail Roading
... Chlorine Institute Inc.'s recent claim that the Federal Railroad
Administration's (FRA) analysis of positive train control (PTC) benefits
was flawed. ...

14 cars go off the tracks west of Flagstaff
(AP) - Railroad officials are investigating why 14 railcars on a westbound
freight train derailed Thursday morning near Bellemont, 13 miles west of

Model train show ongoing during Fairhope Arts & Crafts Fest
Press-Register - (blog)
The 18th annual Fairhope model train show sponsored by South West Alabama
Railroad Modelers will be held Saturday and Sunday during the 58th annual
Fairhope ...

14 cars jump the tracks
Arizona Daily Sun
(Stas Yamnitskiy/Arizona Daily Sun) Railroad officials are still
investigating why 14 railcars on a westbound freight train derailed
Thursday morning near ...

Maine Amtrak Route Extension Construction To Start
BRUNSWICK, Maine (AP) -- Officials in Maine say work could begin this
summer on a project to upgrade 30 miles of railroad between Portland and
Brunswick. ...

Train hobbyists show what gets them steamed up
Los Angeles Times
... by members of the Model Railroads of Southern California online chat
group. Many train hobbyists favor big open spaces and mighty mountain
ranges, ...,0,6035133.story

Ball parks through the decades
Tonawanda News
8, 1955 — I'm supposed to take a gal from my Indiana railroad office, but
she missed the train, she said. The Cubs' Sam Jones outduels the Dodgers'
Don ...

Authorities Investigate Scraping Of Trains In Ridgefield
Hartford Courant
About 10 pm, a train was traveling on a one-track railroad in the area off
Route 7 and Route 102 when two trains scraped up against each other, ...,0,7531354.story

Metrolink Train Hits Truck Parked On SoCal Tracks
(AP) -- One person was killed and two were injured when a Metrolink train
hit a truck parked on the railroad tracks Saturday morning in the eastern
San ...

Metrolink train hits truck parked on SoCal tracks
San Jose Mercury News
A metrolink train hit a truck parked on the railroad tracks Saturday
morning in the eastern San Gabriel Valley, police say. City of Industry
police Sgt. ...

Officials: Polk motorist cited after collision with train
Tampa Tribune
... when he drove past stopped cars to go around a railroad crossing arm
and was hit by a passenger train, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

Harriet Tubman's Freedom Train to be staged live at Orpheum
Wicked Local Norfolk
Harriet Tubman, the intrepid conductor of the Underground Railroad, comes
to life in a production with traditional music of the period. ...

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3/20/2010 Activist News

3/20/2010 3:21:00 AM

3/20/2010 Activist News

Activist News

"As a reminder the petitions I post on this blog, do not necessarily respresent my politcal beliefs, but I do believe in the right for people to speak up and vote as they choose. If it is something I signed I usually state that and my reasons. I have not participated in petitions at all this year. I am hardly at home, so I can not have alot of snail mail going to my home." - DNatureofDTrain

Petition: Tell congress to cancel big oils paycheck

"Now this one I am for.." - DNatureofDTrain

Tell Elected Officials to Support a U.S. Department of Peace!


National Organization for Womens rights has
new activist alerts posted

Take action below and tell President Obama to reject the scare tactics and keep the 9/11 trials in federal court.

Protecting Tropical Rainforests

(I will share more activist news Later, I want to finish updating the general news first so I can clear my document.)

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3/19/2010 General News Mixed dates

3/19/2010 10:44:00 PM

3/19/2010 General News Mixed Dates

"I will not be posting them in any particular order... So just visit what you find interesting while skimming through them. We were having internet problems and the weather changes have been making me fill ill and irritable.. So not only did I struggle to update this blog this week but really struggled to do all my ework, at all.. thanks to all my loyal readers for being very patient with me. I do seriously appreciate it" - DNatureofDTrain

Chris Evans Offered 'Captain America' Lead?
... it would be the fourth live-action comic book movie he appears in (not
including 2007's animated "TMNT" movie, in which he voiced Casey Jones).

"I find it odd, at how many people bash the ACLU .. I tend to like that organization ... " - DNatureofDTrain

Here is the ACLU's current news and commentary

Brett Farve Rule?,228650

" I used to eat school lunch everyday.. I miss some of their meals" - DNatureofDTrain

Would you eat school lunch everyday to prove a point?

 15 foods you do not need to buy organic

Dangers of sheepskin boots

"This is news? " - DNatureofDTrain

Johnny Dep wears pjs to work

"Good luck to ya" - DNatureofDTrain

Mission of Artist sketch all NYC people

"hmm why would you want to do that? :) :P" - DNatureofDTrain

7 ways to raise stroke risk

"Starting to not feel very happy with my voting reps.... I feel most of those people need to be thrown out and we start over" - DNatureofDTrain

Obama argues on healthcare

Book makes new claims about Anne Frank

When Somali Pirates attack

Vickers a mathematical mind block

Green zone isn't netting much green

"Notice.. Human beings never seem to make that list.. I wonder why? ::ducks:: " - DNatureofDTrain

11 animals that mate for life

"Rises up and stands on tip toes.. oh you mean the other raise.." - DNatureofDTrain

How to get a raise

Wi secretary firing planned

"Not just our world.. science just does not know it yet.. " - DNatureofDTrain

The worlds only imortal animal

Federal Money to help with gang problems

Milton Police look into graffiti

7 ways to keep your relationship fire burning

Porsche takes top spot in dependability study

ABC hires Amanpour

30 mil lawsuit against lady gaga filed

court records illuminate viacom

The richest states in America

Biased comments made at walmart

7 things to never say to your boss

How to shave costs on razors

Who could all eat this

How privacy vanishes online

What people will do for five bucks

New rules for credit score

Tornado awareness

When tweets can make you a jailbird

10 ways to ease your allergies naturally on yahoo

Starving Artist

U. S. History text books

Army drops bayonette for ab blasters

When tweets can make you a jailbird feds on facebook




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3/19/2010 Railroad News 18th and 19th

3/19/2010 3:34:00 AM

Railroad News - March 19th 2010 - for 18th and 19th

"I am sorry all.. I have not posted general news yet I am having massive issues with my sinuses that is causing me to have blurry sight on and off.. I am also very moody right now.. I am glad I have been able to spend time outside enjoy weather but its like when I return indoors and back to family members and the computer I Just want to cry... Cause, I do not feel good, am depressed. .and I am striving to do anything I can right now to feel better...and to try to destress.. Irritable sinus = very irritable mood from me. " - DNatureofDTrain

Train show is this weekend at Greenbo Lake
Ironton Tribune
In addition to the annual New River train excursion, representatives of
both the Hocking Valley Scenic Train and the Whitewater Railroad in
Carrsville, ...

Things are on track for Railroad Days
McDuffie Mirror
Train enthusiasts will enjoy a large exhibit of a model train by the
Georgia Carolina Model Association and railroad memorabilia collected by
retired ...

Authorities run railroad crossing operation in Industry
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
By James Wagner, Staff Writer A vehicle that has crossed over the limit
line before the railroad tracks at Temple Avenue waits for a train to pass.

Children to travel by train to visit Easter Bunny
The Hour (blog)
A short train ride in a fully-restored 1953 New Haven Railroad diesel car
(Budd RDC), will take visitors past a fully operational turntable, ...

Railroad News March 18th 2010

Death of man hit by train ruled an accident
Simi Valley Acorn
When officers arrived on scene, they found that an eastbound Metrolink
commuter train was stopped on the railroad tracks east of First Street. ...

Westbound train derails at Bellemont
Arizona Daily Sun
No one was hurt when 14 cars from westbound freight train derailed this
morning near Bellemont, say railroad officials. Lena Kent, a spokesperson
for BNSF ...


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3/18/2010 2:32:00 PM

"Oh yeah! Rock it out! \,,/. .. I have been a fan of this man for a long time before he started rockin' bet many of  you have too... Ya gotta watch this vid!, and try to guess which famous person you know of in it!" - DNatureofDTrain



"Still don't know which famous person this is? ... Well... The answer is in this news article" - DNatureofDTrain


"will post general news later if I have energy to do so.. been busy, and tired as I try to get back into shape.. cause I surely do not want to be gimpy (bad foot) for the rest of my life :) " - DNatureofDTrain

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3/18/2010 - March 18 - 16th

3/18/2010 2:24:00 AM

Casey Jones News, and Railroad News Railroad News from March 18th - 16th

"Um.. Three days since I updated this last um .. Alright I confess the weather outside has been schweeta in the daytime so I been outside spending time with trying to rebond with my cats and kittens by half of them are shy.. and I did something horrible.. I played this Mahjong dimensions game and enjoyed it so much I could not stop all night last night.. and I spent extra time updating my Printfection store adding new prints.. and I will add more to zazzle this week (both replacing my cafepress store)  I hope I get many sales! In fact I am begging for sales, and money.. I am desperate! I am sick of having 800$ medical bill over my head.. and I been dancing and practicing different exercises trying to restrengthen my bad leg and  ankle..   but it still swells alot and I still have troubles with twisting movements and my toes sometimes I can't move them at all.. sighs.. I am still waiting on my health insurance..::grumble grumble grumble:: ... Well it was a Great Day.. I did get my very first Railfanning videos I took all by me lil old self.. Wanna See? :) ... Both Taken in Milton, WI crossroads industrial park (who also likes business hint hint hint) :) ... Wisconsin and southern Railroad.

old 59 Railroad crossing and some local businesses near it..

Ethanol plant tracks on county M Railroad Tracks

My Kitties a couple of them Smokey, and Koal (Fire went is a little orange kitten)

Casey Jones

- March 18th 2010

"I am often asked why I did not go onto college, or other things.. the main reason is my math abilities stink.. sure over time.. I can figure out most math but it takes me hours or days.. I can't hardly do long division ... I struggled with algerbra had one good teacher had me doing straight A's once.. but then had a Bad teacher the year after who was having me stay after school on nights doing her math club.. as for whatever reason she thought it was more important for me to learn how to count in Aztec numbers.. than to learn my Algerbra.. I am like What am I gonna apply this too? ... I think she assumed I was Aztec heritage.. as when I stated just native American everyone would apply their own sterotypes.. needless to say I did not learn much in math skills and abilities... and I forever hate those math teachers.. One teacher that was doing great with me left in the middle of the school year.. to go teach NASA!  .. I felt so betrayed althought I was happy for her.. the new teacher we had hadn o idea what she was teaching us.. So I ended up left hanging.. as often happened with me either that or the math teachers would get so frustrated with me they would grow violant if I had a penny for every time my hands were Whipped with rulers.. over how they hated how I held the pencil, or this or that. The one thought I loved long division I stood up on the board from the beginning of class to the end as she told the class how proud of me she was for wanting me to do it.. Finally I did my usual trick and Busted all her chalk to tiny pieces cause small chalk was her pet peeve..  At least she would make me go clean the erasers and get new chalk.. as for me that was huge mental relief to get out of the same room, and take a break from the subject that often made all the lightbulbs above my desk burn out.. again and again.  I had one great Math teacher too his name was Mr. Dorn.. He knew I wanted to work on the railroad so we dug around for as many train related math problems as I could find.. For extra credit he helped drill me on those over and over again .. I was surprised how many of those came to me naturally... If I ever get rich and he is still teaching I would hire him to tutor me.. Mrs. Cummings and Mrs. Britain .. NEVER would I want them to be my math teachers again ...The NASA one I never did learn how to spell her long name.. My 6th grade year book was stolen so I can't look it up in that either...I was As and Bs student in all else.. but math .. That sucked.. "  - DNatureofDTrain

VICKERS/A mathematical mind block
Philadelphia Neshoba Democrat
The wreck that happened was something akin to the disaster which occurred
when the legendary Casey Jones ran into another train at Vaughn's Station.

Railroad News

- March 18th 2010

Model railroad work earns grant for museum
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
By STACY LEISER • The Leaf-Chronicle • March 18, 2010 Hank Livingstone
put in 160 hours working on Customs House Museum's model railroad, "Last
Train to ...

Alstom May Partner With SNCF for Florida High-Speed Train Bid
Alstom, which has a train factory in Rochester, New York, partnered with
Bombardier to build Amtrak's Acela Express. That train is currently the
fastest in ...

Supervisor hoping to rid Riverhead train station of homeless
Riverhead News-Review
We've gotten so many complaints about it from people getting off the
railroad. It's not the image we want to portray." The town leases the
100-year-old ...

Supervisor hoping to rid Riverhead train station of homeless
Riverhead News-Review
We've gotten so many complaints about it from people getting off the
railroad. It's not the image we want to portray." The town leases the
100-year-old ...

- March 17th 2010

Train Slams Into Truck; Two Escape Seconds Before Impact
News Channel 7
Two people escaped from a truck stranded at a railroad crossing just
seconds before a train slammed into the vehicle Wednesday night. ...

Time is money on Maglev train
Global Times
Critics have said the high costs of the plans mean China would eventually
have to face up to a railroad-debt crisis. The government has denied that
the ...

High-Speed Rail Gains Huge Support In Spain
Huffington Post (blog)
Like high-speed railroads in France and China, Renfe â€" Spain's
national train operator â€" also has performed the ultimate green
sleight of hand simply by ...

China's 16000-Mile, 17-Nation Railroad Faces Bumpy Ride
Atlantic Online
... high-speed train network from Beijing to London, with lines running to
Southeast Asia, India and Europe. For a start, that means proving the
railroad is ...

Green Bay man killed in train crash
Police say David Jussila was driving eastbound on County Road 358 and
crossed onto the railroad tracks. That's when a southbound train struck his
vehicle. ...

Green Bay Man Killed In Train Accident
62-year-old David Jussila crossed onto the railroad tracks when a train
struck it. Officials say the lights and warning sounds were working at the
time. ...

Medical condition not likely factor in train crash
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Investigators from the Federal Railroad Administration are still trying to
determine why the train Monheim was operating ran into the eighth car of a

Inquirer Southern Luzon PNR sees helping hand in illegal 'skates'
The train runs twice a day. “By the time the PNR acquires a one-coach
train, we will start the complete ban of skates on the railway system, even
as we are ...

"Rest in Peace Mr. Moheim.." - DNatureofDTrain

Train engineer died of crash injuries
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Mr. Monheim's train broadsided another Union Railroad train at a track
junction near the US Steel Edgar Thomson Plant. The railroad is operated by
a ...

Roots volunteers at Steamfest II
Willits News
3 and Quincy Railroad No. 2. Saturday's highlight of was a triple-header
with all three steam locomotives at the Sunol train station. This weekend,
he says, ...

Book review: 'Blood, Iron, and Gold' by Christian Wolmar
Dallas Morning News
... first train over the 36-mile Liverpool & Manchester. (In general, it's
railway in England and on the Continent, railroad on this side of the
Atlantic. ...

Residents oppose closing crossing
St. Clair Times
by David Atchison PELL CITY — Residents living in one neighborhood
expressed opposition to the closing of a railroad crossing, which would
limit access to ...

Unruly St. Patrick's Day crowds at Peekskill, Croton-Harmon train stations
The Journal News |
... to help with crowd control at train stations. "We have extra police
patrols out today," Metro-North Commuter Railroad spokeswoman Marjorie
Anders said. ...

Train stuck on tracks in Saraland
A spokesperson with Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad says the problem occured
when a knuckle came out of a coupler which is attached to the railcars. ...

Fatal train accident
Investigators say a man was lying between the railroad tracks. The CSX
engineer saw him and tried to stop, but it was too late. Police did find a
bed roll ...

Cost of cars stopping on tracks: fine, injury or worse
Austin American-Statesman
... officials are concerned that some drivers might flout posted signs and
railroad signal lights and find themselves in the path of a fast-moving
train. ...

Katy needs big train park, museum
Katy Times
As Ike destroy the Galveston Railroad Museum, it would be nice to offer
Katy as relocation for this. Reason why? I travel by rail and have a small
model ...

March 16th 2010

Brazoria: Too much to silence train's toot
Brazosport Facts
“People say you can't fight the railroad, but I told City Council they
should try,” he said. But City Council said the price of a quiet zone
isn't likely to ...

Friends, Employer Mourn Plum Railroad Worker Killed In Train Collision
WPXI Pittsburgh
A Union Railroad worker from Plum was killed in a train collision and
derailment in North Versailles early Tuesday, authorities said. ...

1 hurt as train drags car in Manila
A motorist was injured when a passenger train hit and dragged his car after
it stalled on a railroad crossing in Manila Tuesday afternoon. ...

Derailed train cleared, track repairs under way
San Diego Union Tribune
By Debbi Baker, UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Two freight cars lie on their
side along the railroad tracks in Sorrento Valley as seen from the 6800
block of ...

Official: Train, Trestle Damage At $1M
WJXT Jacksonville
The damage from a railroad train and trestle that caught fire Monday will
exceed $1 million, according to Georgia Fire Safety Commissioner John
Oxendine. ...

Chlorine Institute Asks Federal Railroad Administration to Reconsider Positive ...
Earthtimes (press release)
... Inc. (CI) today asked the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to
re-issue the rule with a corrected cost-benefit analysis. The Positive
Train Control ...,1207890.shtml

Bargain Mom Exclusive "Day Out With Thomas The Train" Ticket Discount Code
The Birmingham News - (blog)
... know there are a number of Thomas the Train fans in Birmingham, so
spread the word about this discount code from The Heart of Dixie Railroad
Museum, ...

Railroad bridge work to close key Irvine roadway
The work is intended to make Jeffrey both safer and quieter by dropping the
roadway under the train tracks and adding new traffic lanes. ...

Jacksonville-based Xorail, which produces railway signaling systems, acquired ...
Florida Times-Union
Positive train control, or PTC, is technology designed to prevent train
collisions and improve overall railroad safety. Under a federal law signed
by ...

Train strikes car; no one hurt
Newnan Times-Herald
By Sarah Fay Campbell A Honda Accord stuck on the railroad tracks at Bagley
Road in north Coweta County was struck by a train Sunday evening. ...

Diesel leaking from derailed train near Pittsburgh
US Steel spokeswoman Erin DiPietro says the train is owned by Union
Railroad, which is part of Transtar, a US Steel subsidiary whose trains
serve the ...

Rent increase might force rail museum to move base
Toledo Blade
By JENNIFER FEEHAN FINDLAY - Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation Inc.
plans to host its seventh annual Flag City Train Show on Sunday, but it
could be the ...

Train cars full of Mercedes burn near port
Savannah Morning News
To make matters worse, the fire burned so intensely it warped the steel
tracks beneath the train cars, preventing firefighters and railroad
officials from ...

Huron man, hit by train, survives
Fresno Bee
By Tara Albert / The Fresno Bee A 45-year-old man who appeared to be passed
out on railroad tracks in Huron was cut and bruised but survived when a
train ...


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General News Mix and Railroad News

3/15/2010 2:09:00 AM

3/15/2010 General News and Railroad News

"General News from This week and last week.. some from week before,
in a mix" - DNatureofDTrain

Drunk man Rescued - Yahoo Video

Police Chase ends in a crash

Blackout leaves millions of Chileans in darkness

Vatican denies celibacy rule led to sex scandal

UN chief sees dangers up-close in Haiti quake camp

Problems at St. Mary's

Amazon reacts to new Colo tax, costing affiliates

Studies: Intense treatment doesn't help diabetics

Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence

Haiti frees US missionary; group leader still held

Mummy of Egypt's monotheist pharaoh to return home

Tornado Touches Down in Oklahoma

Janesville Man sentanced for bank robbery/chase

Janesville Teens Arrested On Burglary, Theft Charges

Bull hit by train, dies

Massive pile up in dense fog

St. Baldricks Day raises money

Questions for the Millionare next door

How to become a millionare in 10 steps flat

House gets stuck on railroad tracks

Us Senate on how candidate stole columbus logo,227264

Seven costly pro athlete screw-ups

The Big Red word verses the little green man

What Tax Records Should You Keep and How Long Should You Keep Them?

Google Bank? Rumor...

The hurt locker earns award

Lindsay Lohan

Top Box Office Teens

Brokyln mom expecting 3rd set of twins

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Internet funds big boost for rural areas

Train Station proposal

Janesville Teens Arrested for burglary

Whitehall sends hearts to helpers

Women charged with breastmilk assault

Popes Brother would testify in case

Chicago is worse city for car repair

you can save the smart way

Americas richest counties

Unhealtheist salads

Video Masters This too shall pass?

10 things men wish women knew

Toy fair 2010

General Motors corp

GM to reinstate 600 dealerships

September 11 accused as big lie

paramedics hall hero boy

American Alqueda arrested

Asteroid wiped out dinosaurs

Guardsman recieve gift of music;_ylt=Atng6_q5eXJfGr.CQVyUAxKz174F;_ylu=X3oDMTE0Y2pxdGIxBHBvcwM5BHNlYwNNd1ZpZGVvSHViQnJvd3NlBHNsawN0aXRsZQ--

secret millionare donates fortune

Flag inspires hope

Taliban operations center captured

Can a magnet really wipe a credit card?

7 credit card disasters

worlds billionares 2010

6 sectors that are creating jobs

The Secret to having happy employees

Should you pre-order an ipad?

Cash for keys aids home borrows loans and investors

China to bid on highspeed rail projects

Slowly Americans are regaining their lost wealth

Homes of billionares

Defaulted loans may haunt seniors

Cisco says new router may change internet,T,VZ,S,QQQQ,GOOG,^IXIC

Outrage in Georgia over fake report

Quake in Turkey

Haiti lost in ruins

CDC uses card to trace salmonella

Church abuse scandal

Vatican criticises condom machines

Norway doomsday vault

Strong quakes during president being sworn in - chili

Native Hawaian gov to become reality

Strong Earthquake rattles Japan

Post snow mops up from wind driven rain

Little Billy letters

Two oldest people in Us die

Social Security to start cashing IOUS

Minority births out number white births

Bank apologises for wrong home foreclosure

Filmakers expose whale sushi

Boy calls 911 and thwarts attackers

Railroad News

Pilot killed in ultralight accident identified
Anchorage Daily News
Anchorage resident John Jeffrey Bennett, 54, was discovered after the crew
of an Alaska Railroad train spotted the wreckage in the railroad
right-of-way ...

Train car leaks lye in Craven
ENC Today
ERNUL - A Norfolk Southern train car on its way to Weyerhaeuser was found
to be leaking lye on a Craven County railroad track Monday evening, ...

On tracks near Dover, friend unable to save woman from train
"If there was a sidewalk on this road then we wouldn't have to worry about
the railroad tracks," she said. Neither of them heard the train coming, ...

Police find body under train bridge
By Alex Halfmann OTTUMWA, IOWA -- Police are investigating the cause of a
death of a body found under some railroad tracks in Ottumwa. ...

Disney High-Speed Support May Boost Japan, China Trainmakers
By Chris Cooper March 16 (Bloomberg) -- Walt Disney World in Florida may be
the next stop for bullet-train makers in Japan and China. ...

Woman struck, killed by train
10 Connects
Investigators say the victim and another woman were walking down the
railroad track as the train was approaching at approximately 60 mph. ...

Train, Trestle On Fire At Brunswick Port
WJXT Jacksonville
Channel 4 was told several train cars were burning Monday afternoon, as was
the railroad bridge. There was no word on the number of firefighters
involved or ...

Galesburg rallies for Google project
Just as the railroad energized Galesburg more than a century ago, the
Google proposal is designed to help the community to reinvent itself. ...,0,7696527.story

Identity released of man killed by train in Burleson
Fort Worth Star Telegram
BY DEANNA BOYD A 46-year-old man struck and killed by a train in Burleson
last week while lying unresponsive on railroad tracks has been identified
as Lewis ...

Ultralight pilot dies in crash near Eklutna
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
National Transportation Safety Board investigator Clint Johnson says a
railroad train crew spotted wreckage near the tracks Sunday morning in the
Eklutna ...

Railroad's suit claims TN fuel tax exemption gives trucks an unfair edge
The Tennessean
In a federal lawsuit filed last month, Illinois Central Railroad Co. claims
the train tax amounts to discrimination against its industry. ...

'Iron horse' brings prosperity
The locomotive belonged to the Indiana Central Railway Company, and chugged
its way through Wayne County's first train station, the Union Passenger
Station. ...

(AMM) Freight railroads set safety record in 2009 (subscription)
Federal Railroad Administration data shows the total number of train
accidents involving freight railroads declined by 26 percent last year, the
rate. ...

Updates from Wabtec, Nomad Digital, Siemens Mobility, Colo Railroad Builders ...
Progressive Rail Roading
Nomad Digital recently signed a $2.1 million contract with Swiss train
manufacturer Stadler to equip 50 new FLIRT trains with its high-speed
broadband ...

Man dies in ultralight plane crash near Eklutna
NTSB officials say it was about 8 am Sunday when a passing Alaska Railroad
train spotted the wreck. "It's not necessarily on the tracks, but on the
side of ...

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3/14/2010 Railroad News

3/14/2010 11:12:00 PM

3/14/2010 Railroad News

Web site lists hazardous train cargo in real time
Daily News - Galveston County
By Chris Paschenko SANTA FE — If a CSX Corp. train derails, first
responders have instant, real-time access to railroad manifests to learn
whether the cars ...

Audience treated to train talk
Santa Maria Times
Ernest Estes, retired employee of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, talks to
a packed house Saturday during the Valley Speaks event at the Santa Maria
Public ...

Sue Morrow: Virginia City makes magazine's list of top Western towns
Nevada Appeal
Clark hopes to bring the film industry to Virginia City where a train, the
V&T Railroad, already exists. In the meantime, he is committed to bringing
the ...

Woman, baby killed crossing in front of Metra train
A woman and a 1-year-old girl she was carrying were hit by a train Saturday
morning as the woman tried to cross railroad tracks at the North Chicago
Metra ...,0,6718198.story

Downed power lines cause LIRR suspensions
Newsday (subscription)
... Island Rail Road suspended service for part of Saturday, railroad
officials said. Train service was stopped in both directions between the
Valley Stream ...

"You could just tell them its daylights savings time :P" - DNatureofDTrain

Passengers stuck aboard LIRR train for over 2 hours
Newsday (subscription)
About 30 passengers aboard a Long Island Railroad train headed to Far
Rockaway from Valley Stream have been stuck on the train for the last two
hours, ...

"Bad Thunderspirits.. naughty.. ::dodges lightning bolts:: " - DNatureofDTrain

Storms Halt Trains, Cut Power to New York, New Jersey Residents
The company's main Northeast Corridor service wasn't experiencing any
delays or disruptions today, the railroad said on its Web site. ...

Pilot killed in experimental-airplane crash near Eklutna
Anchorage Daily News
The crew of an Alaska Railroad train spotted wreckage in the railroad
right-of-way around 8 amon Sunday morning at Mile 138.8, in the
Eklutna/Birchwood area ...

Teen Hit By Train, Lives To Tell About It
WDEF News 12
Because railroad tracks are private property, it is considered trespassing
when walking on the tracks. Chattanooga police say if charges are
will ...

Work to start today on Culpeper railroad crossing
The Free Lance-Star
In 2005, the Federal Railroad Administration implemented a new train horn
rule that requires locomotives to blow their horns at all highway-rail
grade ...


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3/14/2010 Casey Jones News

3/14/2010 1:10:00 PM

Casey Jones News

"First off.. Happy birthday Mr. Jonathan Luther "Casey" Jones.. Yep, Today is history he was born March 14th 1863" - DNatureofDTrain

The real Casey Jones Story

The true Casey Jones story

The Ballad of Casey Jones

Wikipedias Casey Jones (had to correct his birth year so many times on there, and for reference much of what was in Free Lees book.. was made up.. )

U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for March 14
PR Newswire (press release)
Today marks the birthday of an American folk hero -- the famous railroad
engineer John Luther Jones, far better known as Casey Jones, born in the
town of ...

Then older Casey Jones related news..

Wearing of the green, with pride
So Md News
Casey Jones in La Plata takes its name from a legendary railroad engineer
in America; that's her acknowledgement of the history of the country where
she ...

The Vent / Tech
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Paul Hewitt, aka Casey Jones, is returning to engineer the 2011 Basketball
Team to another Train Wreck of a Season. If Hewitt is the coach in 2011
there ...

And replies

Railroad yard debate


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3/13/2010 Railroad News

3/13/2010 4:30:00 PM

3/13/2010 Railroad News

Police search for pedestrian possibly hit by train
Chattanooga Times Free Press
... a stretch of railroad tracks between Hixson Pike and Hamill Road on
Friday evening searching for a pedestrian believed to be hit by a
southbound train. ...

Train Hits Man in Hixson
A train hits a man as he ran across railroad tracks Friday evening.
Chattanooga Police say it happened just after 6 o'clock on Hamill Road. ...

Rumblings grow on railroad crossings in downtown Greeley
Greeley Tribune
One train per week moves through two sets of Great Western Railway tracks.
The study said about 514 vehicles cross at 7th Street per day, and that
there ...

Delta history program set for train depot
Lansing State Journal
The Lansing Model Railroad Club will host the society on Thursday, March 18
at 7:30 pm at 5309 Old Lansing Road. The Lansing Model Railroad Club (LMRC)
and ...

Crash victims' relatives struggle for answers
Salt Lake Tribune
... TRAX train Thursday. Amundson was behind the wheel of a Chevrolet sedan
that drove around the cross arms at the railroad crossing before it was
struck. ...

Motorist killed after train strikes vehicle in West Toledo
Toledo Blade
A motorist was killed early Saturday when a train and a car collided at the
railroad crossing on West Laksey Road in West Toledo, authorities said. ...

Search ends for evidence of train-pedestrian strike
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Authorities have called off their search for evidence of a train striking a
pedestrian Friday evening on a railroad track off Highway 153, ...

Man dies after being hit by train in Falls
Cuyahoga Falls News Press
Police say the train's engineer saw the man standing on the railroad tracks
just before the collision. The Summit County Medical Examiner's Office is
trying ...

Train kills woman, injures child she was carrying
Belleville News Democrat
Authorities say they were trying to cross railroad tracks about 9 am
Saturday when they were struck by a Metra train. A man and second child
were also ...

Man dies in collision with train
Toledo On The Move
By Kelly Heidbreder TOLEDO, OHIO -- A man was killed early this morning
when his car was struck by a train at a railroad crossing in west Toledo.

Daylight Saving Time: Remind me again why we 'spring forward'?
Christian Science Monitor
Then, in the 1840s, British railroads developed "railroad time" to inject a
sense of order into train schedules that were accidents waiting to happen.

Metra train hits woman carrying girl, 1, both die
Chicago Tribune
... railroad tracks in North Chicago on Saturday. Blanca Villanueva-Sanchez
and Maria Cruz did not make it across in time and were struck by a Metra
train. ...,0,2769618.story

Museum of the San Ramon Valley (Danville Train Depot)
San Francisco Chronicle
The Museum is housed in the restored 1891 Southern Pacific Depot in
Danville on Railroad Avenue at Prospect. Docents are on duty when the
museum is open. ...


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3/12/2010 Railroad News

3/12/2010 4:10:00 PM

3/12/2010 Railroad News

Ethanol-loaded train derails in Windham
Norwich Bulletin
Marie Angelini, a spokeswoman for Providence & Worcester Railroad, said no
injuries were reported. She also did not have a cause for the accident. The
train ...

Grants wrap up 1 project, start 2nd at Railroad Museum
Lancaster Newspapers
Begun in 2005, the display includes a train station platform running from
Steinman Station, complete with telegraph office, to Stewart Junction, ...

Person struck and killed by Amtrak train
... after being hit by an Amtrak train in Holmesburg. The accident occurred
just after 9:00 pm Thursday on the railroad tracks near Rhawn and Tulip
streets. ...

Derailment Cleanup Continues
Hartford Courant
Three cars of a freight train derailed off Plains Road Thursday morning.
Nobody was injured. Three tanker cars on a Providence & Worcester Railroad
train ...,0,5706472.story

Fright train derailed in Russia's North Caucasus
The explosion occurred at the Makhachkala-Port-Tarki section of Dagestan's
railroad at 09:20 pm Moscow time Thursday (1820 GMT), said regional
investigators ...

2 Men on Railroad Tracks; One Killed
News/Talk 750 WSB
In fact, there is a big sign warning that the train's whistle will not be
used. It was under those circumstances that the young men were on the
tracks, ...

"Guess the iron spirit was thirsty" - DNatureofDTrain

Its raining wine on Kiwi railroad!
A freight train derailed near Palmerston North, New Zealand, last night
spilling wine onto to the tracks. The incident saw four wagons carrying
wine tankers ...

US Ave. railroad crossing will get new gates
Culpeper Star Exponent
The US Avenue crossing has flashing lights, but no gates, contributing to
several train-vehicle collisions through the years. The crossing provides
the sole ...

AAR: '09 was safest year in US freight rail history, preliminary FRA data shows
Progressive Rail Roading
Last year was the safest year in US freight rail history, with preliminary
Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) data indicating that train accident,

The Kirkwood Railroad Association operates its model railroad at the former ...
Webster Kirkwood Times
They'll stop and watch the train go by," York said. A starter model
railroad set is between $80 and $120, according to York, and can be
purchased at the ...

Power outage to Penn tracks delays LIRR trains
Newsday (subscription)
A power outage to tracks in Penn Station caused the cancellation of one
westbound Long Island Rail Road train Friday morning and delayed eight
others in ...

2009 Safest Year Ever for Nation's Freight Railroads
Powder Bulk Solids
The Federal Railroad Administration's preliminary data shows that the total
number of train accidents involving freight railroads declined by 26
percent ...

Two Dead After TRAX Train Collides With Car
AHN | All Headline News
According to local reports, the driver of the car is believed to have
driven past the cross arms of the railroad intersection. The train was
traveling ...

Group killed, injured in train crash were in town for KFC manager training
Salt Lake Tribune
Railroad tracks also cross there and sometimes the cross arms will be stuck
for long periods with no train, Bryan Amundson said. ...

Train, train, go away, don't come again some other day
Chicago Sun-Times
Most rail companies ignored those laws because the paltry sum the railroad
would have to pay was not worth messing up schedules. Oh, but it's OK to
ruin our ...,Train-030810.article

Train trips to Machu Picchu available from March 29, says minister
Andina - Agencia Peruana de Noticias
Cornejo recalled that January's torrential rains washed away portions of
the train tracks of the Southern Railroad and the Southeastern Railroad,

Person fatally struck by LIRR train near Deer Park
Newsday (subscription)
A person was struck and killed by a Long Island Rail Road train Friday just
east of the Deer Park station, a railroad spokesman said. ...

Two teens hit by train in "Quiet Zone"
Atlanta Journal Constitution
A railroad quiet zone is a crossing where train operators are prohibited
from sounding their horns, according to the Federal Railroad Administration
(FRA). ...

Wasco County Sheriff's Office concludes young woman's death an accident
"It doesn't look like the railroad was at fault in any capacity," said Sgt.
Chris McNeel. "All we're going to say at this time is that it was an
accident. ...

Police identify two killed in crash with Trax train
We wanted to find out what the average wait time was at that railroad
crossing. We timed 20 trains in two hours. The average wait time was about
20-40 ...

Pedestrian Hit By Train On CSU Campus
KMGH Denver
People are asked to avoid the area of the railroad tracks and use other
campus entrances and exits if at all possible. The roads will remain
blocked into ...

Station Needed For New 3-C Train Route
WKRC TV Cincinnati
Supporters say it's train time. John Rockwell, Cinti. Railroad Club:
"Gasoline prices are not going to get cheaper. They're going to keep going
up. ...

Removing derailed cars filled with ethanol hits snag
Mansfield Today
Photo by Roxanne Pandolfi Railroad and emergency crews were at work on
Friday morning removing four train cars full of flammable ethanol that
derailed in ...

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3/11/2010 Railroad News

3/11/2010 3:59:00 PM

3/11/2010 Railroad News

Train ridership slips, revenue up
The Durango Herald
The railroad recorded 143028 riders in 2009, a 1.4 percent decline from the
previous year. It was the fewest since 129690 rode the train in 2002. ...

Four Train Cars Derail in Windham
NBC Connecticut
By LEANNE GENDREAU An 80-car train was traveling on the Providence
Worchester Railroad to East Providence early Thursday morning when cars
toward the back ...

8 Of The World's Most Popular High-Speed Trains (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post (blog)
The definition of high-speed rail varies across the world, with the US
Federal Railroad Administration defining it as a train that exceeds speeds
of 110 mph ...

New Railroad Crossing Gates to be Installed
NBC 29 News
In addition, in 2005, The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) implemented
a new "Train Horn Rule," which required the use of locomotive horns at all

PIHA -Wellington, WA Train Disaster 1910
Northwest Cable News
Due to the negative connotation of the original name after the 1910 train
disaster, the Great Northern Railroad changed Wellington's name to Tye in
1913. ...

Hope, skepticism greet train
Topeka Capital Journal
"BNSF wants Amtrak to gold plate its railroad. Mills retired from Amtrak in
1994 as district supervisor for Kansas. He also has been a board member of
the ...

Man wearing headphones struck by train, suffers minor injuries
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Headphones prevented the man from hearing railroad crossing signals, the
train's whistle and the shouts of a conductor as he crossed the tracks on
Valley ...

Off the Train, a Motley Hub
New York Times
... who makes the ride — only an hour or so — from Grand Central
Terminal on the Metro-North Railroad ($19.50 round-trip on weekends, $10
for children). ...

Van Vs. Train In Butler
Indiana's NewsCenter
... when a van driven by 82-year-old John Ferguson failed to stop at a
railroad crossing and side swiped an east bound train at the Broadway
crossing. ...

Train carrying ethanol derails in eastern Conn.
Hartford Courant
Providence & Worcester Railroad spokeswoman Marie Angelini said no injuries
were reported after the four rear cars of the 80-car train derailed early

On-Trac Design Committee Recommending Railroad Avenue Changes
ELKINS -- The Elkins On-Trac design committee said it hopes to improve
Railroad Avenue in front of the train depot. Elkins recently rededicated
the area as ...

Town leaders nix railroad improvements
Rocky Mount Telegram
The DOT previously examined the railroad saying it had high train and
vehicle volumes, fast train speed, accident history and poor existing
protection. ...

Corvallis library hosts annual model trains show
Albany Democrat Herald
CORVALLIS — The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library invites the public
to come see a working model railroad, presented by the Oregon O-Gaugers
Train Club ...


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3/10/2010 railroad news

3/10/2010 3:09:00 PM

3/10/2010 Railroad News

Quiet zones don't silence bellowing trains
Suburban Life Publications
Daniel Lipinski, 3rd District, of Western Springs, announced that an
agreement had been made between the Canadian National Railroad — the
train that runs ...

Can Railroad Days bring same crowds to Brea?
In 2006, for the first time, the inaugural train when Disneyland opened,
the EP Ripley steam Engine, made an out-of- the-park public appearance at
Railroad ...

Model trains on track for Super Train Exhibition
The Hour (blog)
Items for sale in the Museum Store area will include railroad whistles,
engineer hats, small train replicas and toys and other railroad-related
articles. ...

Former mayor sends waves of support to passing trains
Greeley Tribune
So, Zabka has an affinity for the railroad — plus the fact that she's
gone on many train trips. “I've ridden that line, and I know it's very
desolate,” ...

Can Railroad Days bring same crowds to Brea?
In 2006, for the first time, the inaugural train when Disneyland opened,
the EP Ripley steam Engine, made an out-of- the-park public appearance at
Railroad ...

Model trains on track for Super Train Exhibition
The Hour (blog)
Items for sale in the Museum Store area will include railroad whistles,
engineer hats, small train replicas and toys and other railroad-related
articles. ...

Former mayor sends waves of support to passing trains
Greeley Tribune
So, Zabka has an affinity for the railroad — plus the fact that she's
gone on many train trips. “I've ridden that line, and I know it's very
desolate,” ...

Derailed freight cars in Phila. righted | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/10/2010
Philadelphia Inquirer
Railroad crews inserted the hooks into steel rings on the platform of each
freight car. The sidewinders turned their winches, and the hooks rose, ...

Troopers investigate car-train mishap
Wapakoneta Daily News
He was cited for a railroad crossing violation and for not wearing a
seatbelt. Carrico said they have had no other recent train and vehicle
collisions. ...

Railway Fined $4M for Chlorine Spill
Environmental Leader
... from a derailed train tank car and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel
from ruptured locomotive engine fuel tanks. The railroad failed to
immediately ...

CSX sees double-digit earnings growth this year
Railroads can improve efficiency by improving train speeds and cutting the
time trains spend at a station, among other things. CSX, based in
Jacksonville, ...

Trains moved America
Payson Roundup
The railroads quickly realized that modernized train fleets were the answer
to sinking profits and quickly ordered additional streamlined trains. ...

At 65, Smiling Train Engine Still Connects with the Very Young
Fort Worth Star Telegram
That day 4000 people attended the sixth annual event, "Day Out with
Thomas," at Grapevine Vintage Railroad, 705 S. Main St.. Next week, the
train rides will ...

Climb aboard the Reno Fun Train
San Jose Mercury News
It began as a way to stimulate wintertime business in Reno and also keep
the Southern Pacific Railroad crews working during the off season. ...

Yemassee buys train depot, the cornerstone of town's renovation
Hilton Head Island Packet
The restoration would revitalize downtown and recognize the town's history
with the railroad. Thousands of Marine Corps recruits passed through the
train ...

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3/9/2010 Railroad News

3/9/2010 3:00:00 PM

3/9/2010 Railroad News

Fog leaves trail of misery
Journal and Courier
Limited visibility due to fog may have been a factor in a crash mid-morning
in which an Amtrak train hit a truck on the CSX railroad tracks at White
County ...

Crews work to clear freight derailment in Center City | Philadelphia Inquirer ...
Philadelphia Inquirer
Railroad crews are working this morning to put five cars of a freight train
back on track after they derailed last night on the east bank of the
Schuylkill ...

Parents Sue Over Son's Death at Indiana Railroad Crossing
The lawsuit alleges that Indiana Rail Road Co., the train's engineer and
Greene County officials knew the crossing was dangerous and were negligent
for not ...

Broken rail blamed for Iowa train derailment
Spokesman Mark Davis says Tuesday that the railroad doesn't know why the
rail was broken, and it will be tested to determine what happened. ...

Branchburg will send quiet zone letter of intent to railroad authorities
For the crossing at Lehigh, township officials have determined that a
$35000 “power out indicator,” or a device that lets a train crew know
if the gates and ...

Bay Area train agencies expect big bucks from Prop 1A funds
San Jose Mercury News
Caltrain, meanwhile, will apply for $40 million as part of its project to
electrify its diesel railroad, which will be necessary to accommodate
bullet ...

Tracks readied for return of the trolley
Issaquah Press
City planners last week announced a proposal to rehabilitate a little more
than a half-mile of unused railroad track from the historic Issaquah Train
Depot ...

Train, tractor-trolley collide, nine dead
NEW DELHI, March 9 (UPI) -- A moving passenger train collided with a
tractor-trolley at a railroad crossing in India's northern Uttar Pradesh
State, ...

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3/8/2010 Railroad News

3/8/2010 2:38:00 PM

3/8/2010 Railroad News

"for those who play rail simulation games. I do not play... But This has some neat pictures to look at sometimes. " - DNatureofDTrain

Rail simulator

Area & State Briefs: Amtrak passenger injured when train hits tractor-trailer
Fort Worth Star Telegram
FORT WORTH -- An Amtrak passenger was injured Sunday when the train smashed
into the trailer of an 18-wheeler that got stuck on a railroad crossing in
east ...

Madeira thriving as its turns 100
It now houses Choo Choo's Restaurant, which celebrates the building's
history by displaying old railroad photos and memorabilia as well as an
electric train ...

Jim Kershner's This Day in History
The Spokesman Review
The general agent of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. said that
“such things happen at times, and no one knows why.” Water music: Eight
pianos floated ...

The Heron's Nest: A haunting image
Delaware County Daily Times
Like the image of two young girls embracing on a railroad track as a
high-speed Acela train bears down on them. They held the services for
Vanessa Dorwart ...

Kansas City Southern Acquires Puerta Mexico Intermodal Facility, Adds Direct ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., KCS is a transportation holding company
that has railroad investments in the US, Mexico and Panama. ...

Coroner: Erie man struck, killed by freight train
York Daily Record
The Erie County Coroner is investigating the death of a man killed by a
freight train as he walked along some railroad tracks. The coroner's office
say ...

Train hits truck, at least 1 injured
Police said the track is a two railroad crossing with no warning lights or
cross arms. The train came to a stop more than a mile north of the crash
scene. ...

Amtrak passenger injured in train wreck with big rig
Fort Worth Star Telegram
An Amtrak passenger was injured Sunday when the train he was riding in
smashed into the trailer of an 18-wheeler that got stuck on a railroad
crossing in ...

Vehicle struck by train
Cullman Times Online
Hanceville Police Captain Jimmy Rodgers said preliminary reports indicate
Randau had his vehicle too close to the railroad tracks when the train
passed. ...

Railroad Company to Pay $4 Million Penalty for 2005 Chlorine Spill That ...
PR Newswire (press release)
6, 2005, Norfolk Southern train derailment in Graniteville, SC During the
derailment, one of the train's tank cars was punctured and released
chlorine gas. ...

Kansas City Southern buys new intermodal facility
Railroad operator Kansas City Southern said Monday it bought a facility in
Toluca, Mexico that will allow it to capitalize on growing manufacturing
activity ...

LIRR resumes service between Jamaica and Hicksville
Newsday (subscription)
Long Island Rail Road service between Jamaica and Hicksville was suspended
Monday afternoon after a person was hit by a train, according to Nassau
County ...

Cincinnati Amtrak train hits truck
... 2010 An Amtrak train from Cincinnati to Chicago crashed into a
tree-trimming truck obstructing a CSX railroad track near Lafayette, Ind.,
Monday morning ...

Police believe they know ID of man's body
Poughkeepsie Journal
... am inside a culvert two miles north of the Poughkeepsie Train Station,
near Marist College, said Dan Bruckner, a spokesman for Metro-North
Railroad. ...

One hurt in train-vehicle crash
Entertainment News from AP Monon - A man is in critical condition when a
train hit his vehicle Monday morning. It happened at the railroad tracks at
White ...

Railroad settles in 2005 chlorine spill
The alleged violations include discharging tons of chlorine from a derailed
train tank car and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel from ruptured
locomotive ...

Train kills man who reportedly was lying on tracks in Burleson
Fort Worth Star Telegram
BY DEANNA BOYD BURLESON— A 46-year-old man was killed early Monday after
he was struck by a train while lying unreponsive on railroad tracks in
Burleson. ...

Railroad man carves love for locomotives into wood
Lynchburg News and Advance
Fred Reburn, a former railroad worker, builds wooden model train replicas
in his Lynchburg workshop. By Chris Dumond The wood taketh away Fred Reburn
from ...

Great Guide for Building Model Trains (press release)
Part of the excitement of model railroads is having the ability to build
the views around them. The bench work is the bedrock of your railroad.
Train ...

Billy Jones huffing and puffing on new rails, thanks to the efforts of volunteers
San Jose Mercury News
The railroad's executive director, Peter Panacy, said about 90 percent of
the train's tracks were replaced, so there's still a bit more work to do.

Penalty assessed for 2005 Norfolk Southern wreck
The State
The 2005 train wreck is one of the worst railroad chemical accidents in
more than two decades. Nine people died and hundreds were injured when
chlorine ...

Midwest Highspeed rail association



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3/7/2010 Railroad News

3/7/2010 2:24:00 PM

3/7/2010 Railroad News

Rondy trains provide a peek at railroading in miniature
Anchorage Daily News
Adults will also enjoy the enchanting reproductions as well as a few
comical incongruities -- like the Alaska Railroad train chugging by an ADM
grain tower.

"ello, idiotos, get those crossings fixed!" - DNatureofDTrain

Gridlock at Tower 55 rail interchange hems in Fort Worth neighborhood
Fort Worth Star Telegram
... and the treacherous railroad crossings -- their gates often down, red
lights flashing tauntingly, even when a train isn't present -- remain. ...

For passengers, bad communications derail confidence
Boston Globe
Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. recently had its contract to run
the MBTA's rail service extended through 2013, earning $560 million for the
final ...

New life for old Aberdeen train station
Baltimore Sun
Members of the Historical Society of Harford County and the Aberdeen Room
Archives and Museum rallied to help preserve the old Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad ...,0,2789575.story

Experience an Amtrack ride to San Francisco
Martinsburg Journal
The California Zephyr was named for the original 2438 miles on its route
operated originally by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, the
Denver and ...

Recently found postcards show tragic 1907 train wreck
The Daily News Online
“The thing about Mr. O'Brien is that he lived in Rochester with the
railroad of course, but his wife was from Silver Springs,” Milcarek said.

Crews removing derailed train cars in E Washington
Seattle Times
Burlington Northern Santa Fe workers plan to have the railroad's mainline
track reopened Sunday evening after 24 cars from a train carrying corn
derailed in ...

Woman Hit by Train in Fond du Lac
Newsradio 620
... officers responded to the area of S. Military Road and the railroad
tracks to find the woman who had been hit by a Canadian National Train. ...

'Without this we might have lost this history'
Journal Gazette and Times-Courier
There were dozens of pickup points along the line when train transportation
connected most of the country. Postal clerks — government, not railroad,

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3/6/2010 General News and Railroad News

3/6/2010 8:41:00 PM

3/6/2010 General News

"I normally do not hunt for the specific quakes unless it makes mainstream news.. but today between 1 and 2pm here in Wisconsin. The land was rumbling and shaking like it usually does before the IL ones or sometimes during the CA ones.. Most people do not notice it as it is nothing more than like a passing truck and things rattling.. But, things were very bizarre around here energy wise for awhile too.. I will share about that in the psychic blog, as I think that is spiritual related.. as it is not to uncommon when quake activity to happen for it to manifest more interesting energies.." - DNatureofDTrain

Earthquake News

Mild earthquake hits Leyte province

A mild earthquake rocked parts of Leyte province in Eastern Visayas at dawn on Sunday, but state seismologists said there was no report of casualty or damage.

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes Indonesian Sumatra

4.6-magnitude earthquake rattles Northern California,0,5397081.story?track=rss

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes Indonesian Sumatra

4.5-magnitude earthquake strikes off California coast

Railroad News

Train Time
Model railroad buffs, families and children will want to make tracks to the
MSOE campus for the 45th annual Train Time, featuring operating model
railroad ...

Man killed by train in downtown Redding
The train blocked Union Pacific Railroad tracks at Shasta, Tehama, Yuba,
Placer and South streets. During the closure, police asked motorists to use
Eureka ...

Police catch suspect at MBTA station after fight on train Gloucester Police ...
Gloucester Daily Times
By Nick Curcuru A Roslindale man was arrested late Thursday night at the
Gloucester train station on Railroad Avenue after police say he was
involved in a ...

Officials Blame Detroit Firefighter for Train Crash
Lawyers and Settlements
... for a train crash Monday morning occurred when a Chicago-bound Amtrak
train collided with a fire truck that was parked on the railroad tracks.

N. Calif. man struck, killed by freight train
San Jose Mercury News
Railroad traffic was stopped and cars were rerouted for nearly two hours
while emergency crews investigated the death.

Train derailment in Grant County
KHQ Right Now
Residents of the town told KHQ the cars derailed on the south side of
Wilson Creek near the Railroad St. crossing. Grant County Sheriff Officials
said no ...

Letting out your inner-kid: Train Show held in New Bern
“We have 10 operating layouts and we also bring in venders from around
the state that sell railroad equipment, trains and tracks. ...

Model trains on display all the live long day
New Bern Sun Journal
“It's just a group of guys, there are 38 of us, who probably from
childhood have been fascinated with railroad operations and equipment,”
he said. ...

Fire suspends LIRR's Ronkonkoma service east of Deer Park
Newsday (subscription)
Train service east of Deer Park on the Ronkonkoma branch was suspended
Saturday night while authorities repaired damage from fire, a Long Island
Rail Road ...

Michigan Central Station Was Assembled For Michigan Central Railroad
Two Minute News
... in Detroit was assembled in 1913 for Michigan Central Railroad. This is
an ancient central station; it has not a train pass for more than twenty
years. ...

From horseback to iron horse
Dunn County News
Ten years later, in 1847, the first railway company chartered in the state
was the Milwaukee & Waukesha Railroad. Service on that line began in 1851.

All aboard for a trip back in time
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
For a short time when I was about 12, I was inducted into a little group of
avid train spotters. Along with my colleagues we used to lean over the
railings ...

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3/5/2010 Railroad News

3/5/2010 11:14:00 PM

3/5/2010 Railroad News

'Ghost trains' coming back to life in improving economy
There's no locomotive attached and not a railroad worker in sight. This
"Ghost Train" is going nowhere. All it does is collect tumbleweeds. ...;=9870078

Macon man killed in train accident
Macon Telegraph
Hill was traveling south on the spur when he turned right to cross the
railroad tracks in front of Southland Waste Systems as the train was headed
north, ...

Trains moving, but Walnut Street crossing still closed
Hamilton Journal News (subscription)
HAMILTON — The railroad crossing at Walnut Street remained closed
Thursday, March 4, a day after several cars on a southbound CSX train
derailed downtown. ...

Man killed by train in Auburn
Chicago Press Release Services (press release)
Police and firefighters blocked Illinois 104 at the railroad tracks in
Auburn. Traffic was being detoured, and a white tent had erected on the
road near the ...

Autopsy: Body found near train tracks was of middle-age man
Poughkeepsie Journal
The unidentified, badly decomposed body found near the railroad tracks
Wednesday in the Town of Poughkeepsie belonged to a white, middle-aged man
who was 6 ...

State museums to sell off bits of history | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/05/2010
Philadelphia Inquirer
... and train schedules for long-gone lines, including one for the Reading
Co. noting a regular stop at the George School. Railroad historians say ...

New study picks same route for high-speed rail
San Francisco Chronicle
But, he said, the study found that the railroad's refusal to share its
right of way would also affect the Altamont alignment, and that those
impacts would ...

Train slams into car in northeast Charlotte
WCNC (subscription)
... for violating railroad crossing laws after his car got struck on some
tracks in the University area and was struck by a train early Friday
morning. ...

Flagstaff Establishes Train Horn Quiet Zone
The Open Press (press release)
Following approvals from the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Federal
Railroad Administration and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, ...;=68803

New quiet zone coming for trains in Oak Lawn
Lipinski said the Federal Railroad Administration agreed to allow Oak Lawn
to establish the quiet zone after village officials resolved a technical
dispute ...,0,269269.story

Walnut Street crossing still closed after train derailment
Oxford Press
HAMILTON — The railroad crossing at Walnut Street will remain closed
today, March 5, two days after of a southbound CSX train derailed downtown.

Orphan Train rider finds it in her heart to forgive, heal
Lincoln Journal Star
Lela Newcombe waits for a ride on the Fremont and Elkhorn Valley Railroad
with her dolly. The doll was a gift to Newcombe at an Orphan Train reunion
last ...

Train smashes car in NE Charlotte
According to police reports, the vehicle got stuck on the railroad tracks,
and the driver got out of the vehicle. A few minutes later, a train
arrived, ...

Ariz. Police Assistants Rescue Man From Railroad Tracks
Two assistants with the Phoenix Police Department are being credited with
helping save the life of a man who was nearly hit by a light rail train.

Lawsuit Over Greene County Train Accident
Christopher Perez died ten days after the vehicle he was in was struck at
an Indiana Rail Road Company crossing. The railroad, the train's engineer
and the ...

No injuries in Bode train vs. semi collision
Fort Dodge Messenger
... was driving a semi trailer north on Humboldt Avenue at about 8:25 am
this morning when he crossed the railroad tracks in the path of a westbound
train. ...

Day trip: Strasburg Rail Road's Easter Bunny Train
Baltimore Sun
What: Hop into spring with an Easter tradition at the Strasburg Rail Road.
Ride with Peter Cottontail on a steam train as it travels 45 minutes from
the ...,0,7875588.story

Gruesome find as train pulls into Babylon Railroad Station
Babylon Beacon
Amityville and MTA police made a troublesome discovery last week, and are
continuing their investigation into the incident. You must be an online
subscriber ...

NJ Transit proposes 25% fare hike, service cuts; Suffern riders hardest hit
The Journal News |
They are the same trains that Metro-North Railroad wants to eliminate —
the 4:56 am from Spring Valley and the 6:55 pm, from Hoboken, NJ — as
part of its ...

Baldwin City woman flown to KU Hospital after train struck her vehicle
Lawrence Journal World
Traffic had to be routed around LeLoup for hours because the intersection
was closed while law enforcement and railroad officials investigated the

Woman Hurt When Train Crashes Into SUV
KMBC Kansas City
One person was injured when a train struck an SUV at a railroad crossing in
Franklin County Friday afternoon. The sheriff said an eastbound Burlington

Man dies after car and train collide on the Pasqua First Nation
Regina Leader-Post
The Via train was travelling eastbound on CN Rail's main line. In 2009,
five people died in 25 train vehicle collisions at Saskatchewan railroad
crossings, ...

Collaborative effort: Here's what it took to clean up a fiery train derailment
Bakersfield Californian
Consider this: BNSF Railway owns the train that derailed; Union Pacific
Railroad owns the tracks; and the Kern County Fire Department has to put
out the ...

Operation Life Saver
Now, we continue in this exclusive report where law enforcement agencies
work to educate motorists and enforce train laws. Many vehicles pass over
railroad ...

Pelahatchie was a town divided
... rush hour and while children were trying to get to school, when the
train blocked all Pelahatchie crossings of the Kansas City Southern
Railroad. ...

No mechanical problems found in car hit by train in Sinking Spring
Reading Eagle
... determined there was not a mechanical malfunction that caused a vehicle
to stop on railroad tracks before it was struck by a Norfolk Southern
train. ...

Woman struck by train
Topeka Capital Journal
... about 12:10 pm in the 4300 block of Shawnee Road when she crossed the
railroad tracks in a 2004 Ford Explorer and collided with an eastbound
train. ...

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3/4/2010 8:54:00 AM

3/4/2010 - Railroad News

Couple sues railroad company, county over death of son in train crossing 
The Herald-Times (subscription)
By Laura Lane BLOOMFIELD — New crossing arms and flashing red lights
installed last summer at the railroad crossing on County Ro . ...

Second derailment closes Oakland Ave.
Record Herald
That Indiana-Ohio Railroad train was traveling eastbound when it came to a
stop at the intersection. Several roads were closed until Tuesday afternoon
when ...;=1&ArticleID;=135427

Gerald Stram: Are we talking about a train to nowhere?
La Crosse Tribune
In the early 1960s, the Milwaukee Railroad hired a real estate company to
sell a lot of property - land and depots that were not needed. ...

Gerald Stram: Are we talking about a train to nowhere?
La Crosse Tribune
In the early 1960s, the Milwaukee Railroad hired a real estate company to
sell a lot of property - land and depots that were not needed. ...

Freight train hits, flips car at Sinking Spring crossing; woman hospitalized
Reading Eagle
By Ron Devlin A woman was injured Wednesday night when a freight train
struck her car broadside at a railroad crossing in Sinking Spring,
authorities said. ...

Return of freight railroad delayed
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
A freight train runs along the Northwestern Pacific Railroad line north of
Highway 37 near Infineon Raceway. Sonoma County has not had freight service
since ...

Ohio rail boss touts jobs from 3C train as critics in Wisconsin, 
California ...
... who once was the Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration
under President Bill Clinton, said the so-called 3C Transportation Corridor
train, ...

Another pedestrian killed in train incident
Inland Empire News
RIVERSIDE – Investigators say the death of a young man on the railroad
tracks in the Magnolia Center Wednesday evening was accidental. ...

Amtrak Train Kills A Van Hool
East Bay Express
An Amtrak passenger train destroyed an AC Transit bus yesterday after the
bus stalled on railroad tracks in East Oakland, according to the Trib. ...

Model train show set for today and Saturday at WNC Ag Center
McDowell News
By Mike Conley | The McDowell News Today and Saturday, model railroad
enthusiasts will get together in Fletcher for the 20th Annual Model Train
Show. ...

Expert chronicles storied Union Pacific Railroad in comprehensive book
Auburn Reporter
One of the first two railroads to form the Transcontinental Railroad, it
also built the first streamlined passenger train and operated the largest
steam ...


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2/4/2010 General Mixed news

3/4/2010 12:34:00 AM

March 4th 2010 - Another General News Mix, Today, Yesterdays, and some from a week ago.

"Then.. hopefully I can resume to normal posting and catch up on the railroad news.. I been working hard to get caught up in many things.. but also battling fatigue... so it's not going as fast as I would hope." - DNatureofDTrain

As drones multiply in Iraq and Afghanistan, so do their uses

Smithsonian turns down suit worn by OJ Simpson

Mourning begins for SoCal teen after body is found

Triple suicide blasts in Iraqi city kill 30

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

Gender Bending Frogs, Killer Snakes, and Fat Mammoths

"Talgo disgusts me.. I was hoping they would be in Janesville, WI Janesville needs Jobs.. Milwuakee or they choose that for the harbor.. But.. Wait till they realise how more natural diaster prone Milwuakee is >:) .. Janesville you just have to worry about floods, and f0 tornados usually.. " - DNatureofDTrain

"I hate automated voice mails and robot messages! .. Give me a human, or I take my query to the next human ran business.. Imagine all the jobs that could return if we put and end to this press this sqwat press that sqwat and get no where but more stinkin' sqwat... !" - DNatureofDTrain

"you know I would if I could.. hmm maybe teach my fastwalking style for a living.. it is not power walking and it is not race walking hmm.. what to call it" - DNatureofDTrain

Get Paid to Work outside

Goldman Lists New 'Risk': Bad Press

Rat Out a Tax Cheat, Collect a Reward

"Whats the diff?..., I thought all phones had nearly the same interface anyhow.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Apple Sues Google-Phone Maker HTC for Stealing iPhone Technology,NOK,EK,T,XLK,QQQQ

10 Weight Loss Tips That Work in One Minute or Less

Robert Pattinson fears life after twilight

Abraham Lincoln hunts vampires in film adaptation (Reuters)

Daniel Radcliffe: 'Sad' To See 'Harry Potter' 'Disapparate'

"Hmm I suppose I could go after quite a few movies.. but I won't I also decided to drop my hunt against the Weightwatchers plagariser that was using part of my tune in theirs..  but don't make it a habit without permission.. I'll curse ya >:) " - DNatureofDTrain

'Hurt Locker' producer barred from Oscars (AP)

Police officer needs our help

Haden, Mays remind us again to beware the cult of the fake 40 time,225322

The 5 foods you should eat every day

How to Save on Fall Fashion: Buy Now

NASCAR changing its car ... in midseason. Really.,225335

Gerald Henderson is better than Michael Jordan at H-O-R-S-E,225258

Strong wind scores an incredible own goal,225434

Sarah Palin Stand up comic

Home Schooling Family German Family Gets political Assylum in US

Chili Quake may have shortened days on earth

Mexico's Spring break record King rebounds

Racist incidents. protests..spread as UC campuses

"another place in need of our prayers aid and help"

Taiwan 6. something quake

GOP dismisses Gay military study on schools

Authorities bust three in infection of 13 million computers

New Ghost Towns

March 4th 2010 - Another General News Mix, Today, Yesterdays, and some from a week ago.

"Then.. hopefully I can resume to normal posting and catch up on the railroad news.. I been working hard to get caught up in many things.. but also battling fatigue... so it's not going as fast as I would hope." - DNatureofDTrain

As drones multiply in Iraq and Afghanistan, so do their uses

Smithsonian turns down suit worn by OJ Simpson

Mourning begins for SoCal teen after body is found

Triple suicide blasts in Iraqi city kill 30

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

Gender Bending Frogs, Killer Snakes, and Fat Mammoths

"Talgo disgusts me.. I was hoping they would be in Janesville, WI Janesville needs Jobs.. Milwuakee or they choose that for the harbor.. But.. Wait till they realise how more natural diaster prone Milwuakee is >:) .. Janesville you just have to worry about floods, and f0 tornados usually.. " - DNatureofDTrain

"I hate automated voice mails and robot messages! .. Give me a human, or I take my query to the next human ran business.. Imagine all the jobs that could return if we put and end to this press this sqwat press that sqwat and get no where but more stinkin' sqwat... !" - DNatureofDTrain

"you know I would if I could.. hmm maybe teach my fastwalking style for a living.. it is not power walking and it is not race walking hmm.. what to call it" - DNatureofDTrain

Get Paid to Work outside

Goldman Lists New 'Risk': Bad Press

Rat Out a Tax Cheat, Collect a Reward

"Whats the diff?..., I thought all phones had nearly the same interface anyhow.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Apple Sues Google-Phone Maker HTC for Stealing iPhone Technology,NOK,EK,T,XLK,QQQQ

10 Weight Loss Tips That Work in One Minute or Less

Robert Pattinson fears life after twilight

Abraham Lincoln hunts vampires in film adaptation (Reuters)

Daniel Radcliffe: 'Sad' To See 'Harry Potter' 'Disapparate'

"Hmm I suppose I could go after quite a few movies.. but I won't I also decided to drop my hunt against the Weightwatchers plagariser that was using part of my tune in theirs..  but don't make it a habit without permission.. I'll curse ya >:) " - DNatureofDTrain

'Hurt Locker' producer barred from Oscars (AP)

Police officer needs our help

Haden, Mays remind us again to beware the cult of the fake 40 time,225322

The 5 foods you should eat every day

How to Save on Fall Fashion: Buy Now

NASCAR changing its car ... in midseason. Really.,225335

Gerald Henderson is better than Michael Jordan at H-O-R-S-E,225258

Strong wind scores an incredible own goal,225434

Sarah Palin Stand up comic

Home Schooling Family German Family Gets political Assylum in US

Chili Quake may have shortened days on earth

Mexico's Spring break record King rebounds

Racist incidents. protests..spread as UC campuses

"another place in need of our prayers aid and help"

Taiwan 6. something quake

GOP dismisses Gay military study on schools

Authorities bust three in infection of 13 million computers

"Well, what I would do in this situation would upset people.. It would involve a sacrifice...that none of them would want to pay. You can not free animal that has lived in captivity that long.. but you also can not keep putting people in harms way. I remember seeing Til at seaworld.. I love animals.. but their comes a time when you need to take better care of them and the people.. and either put them in a better environment.. that suits them.. or well .. not gonna talk of the other option.. .." - DNatureofDTrain

 Is It Time to Free Tilly?

"He he DNatureofDTrain online is older than yahoo! .. online turn 16 offline DNatureofDTrain turns 17 .. I of course that run it I am 30.. but may as well be turning 16 since I got no where in life yet" - DNatureofDTrain

Yahoo turns 15

Work key to long life for 102-year-old judge

"This was the first website I viewed online was and at the time it was only three pages long.. Click to save the rainforest! was all that existed and a small section for us to post on a forum. I am so delighted to have been part of the site from the beginning althought my account kept expiring so it does not appear I was.. as I had some times I was off the internet for months..  or had email problems and could not change the address.. on care2 I am caycejones so add me, if you join! But you can also do the click to donates daily without being a member, but if you are a member earn butterflies each time you do and you can donate those butterfly credits to even donate more to other charities.." - DNatureofDTrain Adds new Click to Donate for Haiti! and For Smiles!

Civil wrongful death suit filed in 2008 railroad crossing fatality

‘Night Train’ gives US 1st 4-man gold since 1948;=ap&type;=lgns

It's official US wins overall medal county,224703

von bummed by popularity contest claim,223895

Miller's major mistake means no medal, no record,224682

Gold medalist consoles sister's loss before celebrating her own win,224663

German speedskater misses race because of turned-off cell phone,223983

"That sort of looks like my trip once down the stairs except one leg twisted so far that the toes faced my head.. my ankle and leg still give me problems all the time makes me mad" - DNatureofDTrain

German speedskater crashes, still wins,224686

German bobsledding favorites in frightening crash,223988

Team Canada ruins McKeever’s dream;=yhoo&type;=lgns

‘Game on!’ for Vancouver Games crown;=yhoo&type;=lgns

NFL considers overtime changes for playoffs;=yhoo&type;=lgns

Braves will install nets to protect cars from Jason Heyward,224504

Massive Earthquake strikes chili photo slide show

Olympics photo slide show

Chili struck by strongest quake ever

Tsunami warning center cancels alert for Hawaii

Hawaii under tsunami warning

Chili was Ready Haiti wasn't

Chile military rolls out post-quake aid effort

Tsunami warning lifted

CIA briefed 68 lawmakers on interrogation program

Obama's task: One tune, five crowds

Halal Burger 'Discrimination' Stirs Debate in France

The Poisons and Allergens That Make up Household Dust

Obama rebuffs McCain attack at summit: 'The election is over.'

Musical aviary

9 year old takes on musics best

oscars nominees subway singing mom




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3/3/2010 Casey Jones and Railroad News

3/3/2010 9:26:00 AM

3/3/2010 -  Casey Jones and Railroad News

Casey Jones

"Just in symbolism.." - DNatureofDTrain

McKee's McThoughts - Tears and Joy at the Games
This was one (three events actually) that could be seen coming but to watch
the momentum turn into a Casey Jones freight train over running what ever
was in ...

Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association
Murray County News
The Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association held its Annual Meeting
Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 11:00 am at the Murray County Human Services

Railroad News

WHIO Local News Derailed train brings Hamilton traffic to a standstill
WHIO Radio
Bob Sullivan, a spokesman for CSX Railroad, said the containers were not
carrying and hazardous or toxic material and may have been empty. ...

Pedestrian hit by freight train in Riverside
Details were not available, but dispatchers say it was a Union Pacific
Railroad freight train that struck the pedestrian. The line on which the
collision ...

"This Terrorism stuff, even the hate groups should band together and put a stop against it. This is not just crimes, this is against all humanity.. their is no excuse to bomb, or destroy anything with innocent people in it.." - DNatureofDTrain

Russia's Terror-Fighting Trains Back on the Rails
Wired News
Neither a realistic IED can damage people inside a railroad car - even a
civillian one (no one in that Moscow train was injured by the blast itself,

Slow train blocks Mishawaka and South Bend crossings Wednesday
It was a short train about a quarter of a mile long that caused long delays
at crossings in both cities. Canadian National Railroad began unloading
rail ...

Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad launches 2010 train ride season
LEBANON - The Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad will launch its 2010 train ride
season with a rapidly forming Easter tradition, the Easter Bunny Express.

Railroad crossings reopen after morning derailment
Middletown Journal
Staff photo by Greg Lynch Workers attach a hook in an attempt to move an
empty train car of a CSX train that derailed Wednesday, March 3, 2010, ...

"Off with their heads!" - DNatureofDTrain

Illegal Immigrants Caught Sabotaging American Train Tracks
MMD Newswire (press release)
... caught stealing over 500 railroad spikes in North Carolina with
terrorism charges, since they entered America illegally and worked to
sabotage train ...

"um, hello emergency responders ought to no better than this!" - DNatureofDTrain

Detroit (MI) Fire Commish Rebukes Firefighters for Parking on Train Tracks
The ladder truck had been parked on the railroad tracks, and one
firefighter was injured in the crash when, after seeing the oncoming train,
he ran back to ...

Peru Railroad Investment: Funds Spring Up
This is the only train currently operated by the government. It links to
the Central Andean Railroad, which was privatized in 1999 through an
operating ...

Ventura County man killed in Amtrak train collision
Justice News Flash
Legal news for California train accident attorneys. A man was killed at
private railroad crossing that had no arms or gates. ...

Metra train killed pedestrian in Oak Forest, IL
Justice News Flash
Metra and Oak Forest police department officials are investigating the
railroad accident. According to the statistics provided by the Federal
Railroad ...

Derailed train blocks multiple intersections in Hamilton
Dayton Daily News
“The cause is under investigation,” said Bob Sullivan, spokesman for
CSX Railroad. He said the cars were not carrying any hazardous material and
may have ...

Train derails in Hamilton
Police are not sure yet what railroad was involved. Traffic is expected to
be blocked on Martin Luther King Boulevard most of the day because another
train ...

Underpass to ease traffic around Toyota Park, rail crossing
Chicago Tribune
The village was awarded $20 million in federal stimulus money to construct
an automobile/freight train underpass at an infamous railroad crossing on
71st ...,0,4840301.story

Anchorage Airport train depot echoes silence
A quiet emptiness pervades the upstairs terminal in the Bill Sheffield
Alaska Railroad Depot on Tuesday at Ted Stevens Anchorage International
Airport. ...

Train plant in Milwaukee may yield more benefits
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The property is bordered roughly by W. Capitol Drive, railroad tracks, W.
Townsend St. and N. 27th St. Talgo's future home is just north of Townsend
St., ...

Quiet zones in works for Hamburg train crossings
Buffalo News
"Nobody can go around a lowered gate to beat a train," Kapsiak said. "It
improves the safety risk factor for the railroad crossing to the point it
is ...

Unidentified body discovered near train tracks
Poughkeepsie Journal
A badly decomposed body was discovered two miles north of the Poughkeepsie
Train Station earlier today, according to Metro-North Railroad officials.

Railroad group seeks a home for collection, knowledge of trains
Kingman Daily Miner
"You know, all retired railroad people get a free pass to ride the train,
but the pass is no good for a train that's standing still," Dias said. ...;=797&ArticleID;=36473

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3/2/2010 Casey Jones and Railroad News

3/2/2010 10:47:00 PM

3/2/2010 Casey Jones and Railroad News

Casey Jones (March 14th 1863 is his b-day)

The Almanac -- weekly
St. Louis Globe-Democrat
They include Thomas Marshall, US vice president under Woodrow Wilson, in
1854; railroad engineer and hero of the ballad Casey Jones, whose real name
was ...

Official slams firefighters for parking on rail tracks
The Detroit News
... official spared few words Monday when calling out firefighters who left
on railroad tracks a ladder truck before it was struck by a passenger
train. ...

Pair charged with stealing 500 railroad spikes
Asheville Citizen-Times
... deputies caught two men pulling up hundreds of steel railroad spikes
from a section of active train tracks near Flat Rock, Sheriff Rick Davis
said. ...

Family pleas teens stay away from train tracks
It was an Amtrak train that struck Aguirre, but Amtrak says it only leases
this section of tracks and that the owner, Union Pacific Railroad, is
responsible ...

Car-train collisions perplex Warsaw
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Warsaw police are reminding drivers to stay aware of their surroundings
when approaching railroad tracks after two separate wrecks over a four-day
period. ...

Men charged in theft of spikes from NC train track
FLAT ROCK, NC — Two men face deportation after they were arrested in the
theft of more than 500 railroad spikes from train tracks still in use in
western ...

BREAKINGVIEWS - Buffett's crisis bets outrunning his freight train
Reuters India
Short term at least, that's more than Buffett's bet on railroad Burlington
Northern Santa Fe is likely to deliver. Berkshire has deployed a similar
amount ...

Kenton teen escapes injury in car-train crash
1330 WFIN
A Kenton teenager escaped injury after her vehicle became stuck on a set of
railroad tracks and was struck by an oncoming train. ...

Woman dies of injuries in train crash in South Bend
South Bend Tribune
... woman injured in a Monday afternoon car collision with a train has
died. Witnesses told police Dudeck's car had been stopped at the railroad
crossing, ...

Slow train going through Mishawaka on Wednesday
South Bend Tribune
A slow moving Canadian National Railroad train will travel through the
city, dropping off material and actually doing work on the railroad. ...

Train crashes into abandoned tractor
Burlington Hawk Eye
By JOHN MANGALONZO STRONGHURST, Ill. -- A BNSF train slammed into a tractor
pulling a semitrailer across the railroad tracks Monday, but nobody was
injured ...

When the Line for Dinner Is a Mile Long
New York Times (blog)
The 61-car train was stashed away on an obscure railroad siding rimmed by
reedy brush and a chain link fence crowned with razor wire. ...

Trail derails in Washington CH
Wilmington News Journal, OH
Five train cars in all derailed at the intersection near the VFW Post 3762
on Veteran's Way, according to authorities. The Indiana-Ohio Railroad train
was ...


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3/2/2010 General News

3/2/2010 9:57:00 AM

3/2/2010 General News From this week and some of last week

"I first off again want to apologise. I been going through some massive fatigue, and barely any energy then sudden spurts of  it that just make it so I can't focus on the computer. Part of this is my Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder.. and the weather is getting nice.. So I do not want to sit at a computer screen all day I want to get some fresh air, watch the geese, and listen to them wander around barefoot on the cold deck... and dream about squishing my feet in the mud, and splashing around in puddles.. Oh how I can't wait for Spring, and I know it is almost here.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Man Daughter Fell 13 Floors in Chili quake.

Massive Head of Pharoah Unearthed

"I am struggling to go back into night owl mode right now" - DNatureofDTrain

From Night owl to early bird

The perfect jeans for your body

The Best laptops and desktops

" I wonder if I have some of my old rare games still I doubt I have any nintendo ones since my parents gave them all away.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Rare Nintendo Game is 40,000$ windfall..

And Most Expensive Nintendo Games

Most Marketable Olympians,224770

"I tell you lately NBC has not impressed me one bit, in fact I am glad kids are in school and these days I do not have to listen to news all day. News coverage on TV is so poor it makes me gag" - DNatureofDTrain

NBC is awkward again,224859

How clean are bagged salads?

Rules that Warren Buffet lives by

"My own facination with facial hair and beards.. Many of you know I am a woman, and I am always having a small war with family members who want me to get rid of my whiskers.. I sometimes trim them short so they can't see them since they are blond anyhow..  :) But.. if I could ever tame them I was thinking of maybe a Mighty El Insecto style.. Since that seems to be the only natural hair pattern I can get close to growing. but I may have to stick with stubble once in awhile to please my hairaphobic family members. This woman put most male beards to Shame!.. Which also brings me to correct a sterotype.. Many believe most "Native Americans" can not grow beards.. due to genetics many have, can, will and do.. Just our hair pattern is different and not as thick in most cases is all. Other than people like myself with Mixed heritage.. Where it is common for Men and Woman to develop some facial tuft.. I also found it fascinating that before the stupid witch trials how common in many cultures it was for women to grow beards, or wear false beards. Why, American culture is so afraid of hairy legs, beards, and other areas is beyond me... As long as it is clean.. I don't care :) . " - DNatureofDTrain

 NYPD investigating Seinfeld parking placard

Rescuers struggle to save lives after Chile quake

Tsunami warning lifted; Waves reach Japan, Russia

Obama told to get next checkup when he turns 50

"Some recipes on a neat site, one of my sister for a school project had to get a recipe from this site.. figured the cooks on here or eaters who beg the cooks may enjoy them too" - DNatureofDTrain

Culinary Arts -

When to Tip? And How Much?

8 Jobs That Pay $50K and Up!

Why Palm Phones Are Flopping

"Not sure why but I keep getting a browser error and it redirects to a page now found on the link below" - DNatureofDTrain

How to Tell if You Are Saving Enough for Retirement

Debating the Value of the Trump Name

Two More Men Charged in Plot to Bomb Subways

Meet Jim Careys new grandson

"We need to stop this if we banned everything that was offensive their would be nothing. I am Lakota, Irish, Dutch and Cherokee.. I was also Milton Redmen's mascot twice.. and the last mascot before they retired it to make Mr. Platts the honoray mascot in retirment... I had no issues with the name Redmen being used. I did suggest to change the Indian Head because that is what the big stink was about more than the word Redmen.. But, I personally was never once offended by it. My native name is Towodi.. Hawk .. Hawk Warrior Spirit Keeper of the Tracks... Later on Milton Wisconsin changed from Milton Redmen to Milton Redhawks. I love the Redhawk name as much as I did the Redmen name.. But if you ban everything that is offensive to a culture or tradition there is nothing left.. I personally can list many mascots I find offensive like the Fighting Irish and Drinking Irish Sterotypes.. But, I am not gonna run around and demand all Pubs to cease used of their Irish Names, and for the Notre Dame to discontinue their mascot.. Why? I believe in the right to freedom of speech and self expression.. and for me a little fake cartoon character representing team spirit and pride, is not something to get all mad and upset over if it does not meet my personal expectations. .. but that is me. I do not want people telling me what I can wear, and how to respresent my team and myself.. I try to be respectful to everyone, but I also know that I can not please everyone all the time. Including my own Native Brothers and Sisters who are throwing fits over these cartoons and characters.. but yet when I got to powwows I see really bad drawings and characters of Custer, and other Non Native Soldiers, and political figures.. If they want to cease it for my White Half they need to cease this behavior for the Red half too.. Do not require schools to abandon these mascots, but instead require.. Them to know what is allowed and not allowed to do appropriately with properly displaying these mascots. For instance. It is NEVER appropriate to imitate Native Ritual or dance... You would not want us dressed up like the fighting Irish with a clerical collar mocking Church Communion on the football field.. with an over exaggerated preist.. that is One example.. I know one thing as a Heinzist.. That sort of irritates me is people assume, every dance I am doing outdoors with my drum or rattle is a raindance, and interupt my prayer and worship rituals constantly.... it has irritated me so much so I usually only do my rituals in total solitude now, or people want to complain about the beat of my drum, but they find it fine to blare Rap music.. at any hour of the day or night.. Now as a Heinzist I practice Native and Non Native spirituality.. It is very eclectic and very mixed.. Yes, I am recognized as a Shaman.. from 11 different traditions considered my Heinzism as a Shamanic path of it's own... But my spiritual Tradition is Not the Same as Native American, or Russian Shamanism.. What I do is very unique and mostly spirit guided or personal to my own experiences.. The Sterotypes constantly bother me, although I do stop and laugh at times.. When cultures clash... There will be a day I will come out of solitude and actually hold public Prayer Circles.. but.. until I have that courage, faith, and feel secure enough to do so. I just wish my Brothers and Sisters of all cultures, and religions would stop fighting, pointing fingers, and nitpicking so much at eachother for little things... Like .. cartoons and mascots.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Legislation could require schools to abandon Indian mascots

8 Diet Downfalls and Solutions

How to Save $250 in 30 Days

"Of course all the pacific rim was.. and it turned out to be minor to nothing from what I heard other then near Chili of course" - DNatureofDTrain,california-tsunami-advisory-022710.article

Top ten environmentally odd ideas,28804,1882682_1882680_1882678_last,00.html

Americas most unusual hotels

Amercias most ontime airlines

How to Shovel - Yahoo video

Why Ladies only specimens do not need men


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3/1/2010 10:24:00 PM

3/1/2010 Railroad News

Hamilton man killed by train
A Hamilton man was killed by a train early today at a railroad crossing on
Hamilton Eaton Road in Wayne Township, according to Butler County sheriff's

2 Port Jervis Line trains slated for elimination
Times Herald-Record
The notice, crammed with summaries about cuts proposed for New York City
Transit and Long Island Rail Road, appears to suggest Metro-North Railroad
will be ...

MTA rails against $700M safety upgrades
New York Post
Still, Congress mandated in October 2008 that all commuter railroads in the
country install what's known as positive train control after 25 people died
in a ...

'Well, Duh' Alert: Stopping on tracks a bad idea
Austin American-Statesman
Not to go all father figure on you here, but: Hey, stay off the dang
railroad tracks! This admonition is about to take on added urgency this
morning ...

Russian Militants Fire Grendades at Train in Caucasus, RIA Says
By Brad Cook March 1 (Bloomberg) -- Russian militants fired grenades at a
freight train in the North Caucasus, damaging a railroad car and several
houses, ...

Magic In The Mountains & Alleghany Railroad Festivals To Be Held In May
Rockbridge Weekly
It is a day long celebration of the region’s railroad heritage and
National Train Day. Highlights of the day will be a railroad folk song
concert, ...

Car vs. Train overnight in Dallas
About 2 am Dallas Police responded to Bud and Municipal where they found a
car on the railroad tracks, with a Union Pacific freight train attached.

Train, Detroit fire truck collide
The Detroit News
... responding to a traffic accident near some railroad tracks early this
afternoon in Southwest Detroit was struck by a commuter train, authorities
said. ...

Wellington Disaster's 100th anniversary
The Wenatchee World Online
STEVENS PASS — A century has passed, and the Wellington train disaster
remains one of the darkest chapters of local as well as national railroad
history. ...

Second Car-Train Crash In 3 Days
Times-Union Newspaper
The stopped train blocked railroad intersections south of Anchorage Road
(CR 200N) to south of Ranch Road causing traffic problems for several

One hurt after train strikes car in South Bend
South Bend Tribune
... Southern railroad tracks at Olive Street. Witnesses told police the car
appeared to stop on the tracks shortly before the eastbound train hit the
car. ...

Amtrak train collides with Detroit fire truck
Detroit Free Press
"The fire truck was parked across all three railroad tracks, and the Amtrak
train came ... with the horn going and they couldn't move it. ...

Train hits beer truck on tracks near Tee Bone'z
Fenton Tri County Times
The Genesee County Sheriff's Department responded to an accident Monday
morning, when the back of a Budweiser truck was struck by a train at the
railroad ...

All aboard
Suffolk News-Herald
Some collectors enjoy other train-related pursuits connected to train
collecting such as railroad history, period architecture and historic
preservation. ...

Man is struck, killed by train in Bound Brook
... a man whose body was found today on railroad tracks in Bound Brook,
days after detectives believe he was accidentally struck by train,
authorities said. ...

Metra train fatally strikes pedestrian in Oak Forest
Chicago Sun-Times
A Metra train fatally struck a pedestrian Monday evening in south suburban
Oak Forest, according to a railroad spokeswoman. Metra Rock Island District
train ...,metra-trains-hits-pedestrian-oak-forest-030110.article

Close Call at Railroad Crossing in Leetonia
The train tracks that run through the center of Leetonia don't stay quiet
for very long. "Probably every ten or twenty minutes we get a train that
comes ...

Bismarck residents want halt to train whistles near state National Guard ...
BISMARCK (AP) — A group of Bismarck residents want North Dakota's Public
Service Commission to stop train whistles at a railroad crossing near the
state ...

Driver uninjured in car-train accident this afternoon
The Herald-Times (subscription)
By Abby Tonsing A Brown County man escaped injury when he slid his car onto
railroad tracks this afternoon and was struck by an oncoming . ...

Friends, family of San Pablo teen killed by train urge more precautions around ...
San Jose Mercury News
The Richmond High School students were hanging out near railroad tracks by
Pinole Shores Park when Aguirre was struck by the passenger train headed to

Railroad Crossing Hearing
During the last legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that doesn`t
require train engineers to blow their whistles at private railroad
crossings. ...

Pentadyne flywheels ready for railroads
Cleantech Group
The flywheel operates in place of a substation, delivering power to the
train through the third rail. "It's the only device on the planet proven
to capture ...

Train hits fire truck parked on tracks
DETROIT, March 1 (UPI) -- A firefighter was injured when his rig, parked on
railroad tracks in southwest Detroit, was crushed by a passenger train
Monday ...


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