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2/28/2010 10:20:00 PM

2/28/2010 - Railroad News

1910 Stevens Pass avalanche still deadliest in US history
Seattle Times
... train car and other debris from the 1910 avalanche are shown in this
photo provided by the Everett Public Library. The railroad town of
Wellington, ...

One year after the CN/EJ&E merger: How train traffic changed
Chicago Daily Herald
By Marni Pyke | Daily Herald Staff For Faith Rawley, the difference between
life before and after the merger of the Canadian National Railroad and the
EJ&E ...

Danger on Tracks: Safety remains priority for SEPTA, Amtrak
Delaware County Daily Times
Kulm said train deaths are disturbing not only to family, friends and
witnesses on the ground but also to railroad employees. "The locomotive
engineer often ...

Unsung Hero: Joe Minick
Abilene Recorder Chronicle
Mechanically inclined people who want to help with the train may contact
Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad Association manager Mary Jane Oard at
(785) ...

Fairfield Teenager Hit by Car Near Railroad Tracks
(KCBS) -- A Fairfield teenager is in critical condition Sunday morning
after being hit by a car near the Southern Pacific railroad tracks. ...

Butler Co. Man Hit, Killed By Train
WHIO Dayton
CLAIR TWP., Ohio -- A Hamilton man found dead near railroad tracks at 6:30
am Sunday was hit by a train, the Butler County Sheriff's Office said. ...

Body of Hamilton man found by railroad tracks, apparently struck by
train ...
Middletown Journal
Michael W. Vowell, 45, of Heaton Street, was found deceased after a train
operator reported seeing his body at around 6:30 am near the railroad
crossing in ...

Annual Central train show draws railroad enthusiasts
Anderson Independent Mail
By Titus Ledbetter III EASLEY — Jim Cevasco smiled Sunday as he watched a
train display with his grandson at the Central Railway Model and Historical

Neither kooks nor dummies
The Trentonian
By JAY AMBROSE Like a hero rescuing a damsel tied down on the railroad
tracks as a train approaches, the tea party movement has been trying to
save America ...

South Shore ridership decline leads to job cuts
... rush-hour train and also have stops restored. Commuter railroads across
the nation are experiencing ridership and revenue declines due to the
recession. ...

Madera train derailment cleared
Fresno Bee
By Joan Obra / The Fresno Bee A railroad track closure caused by the
derailment of a Union Pacific train on Saturday morning has been cleared.

An avalanche of nightmares
The Spokesman Review
In 1910, a destroyed train and other debris from an avalanche rocked the
railroad town of Wellington, Wash., the scene of the worst avalanche
disaster in US ...

BUILDING A LASTING LEGACY: Louden's determination set an example for
porters ...
Greenwood Index Journal
John B. Louden said his earliest memories of the railroad and his father's
role on a train are from when he was 6 years old. The elder Louden, who
died in ...

Despite derailments, track maintains speed limit
Galveston County Daily News
By Chris Paschenko SANTA FE — Although two train derailments on
Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks prompted safety concerns, the railroad
hasn't reduced ...

Rail is Virginia's transportation future, officials say
Richmond Times Dispatch
... ride on a high-speed train in Virginia. The closest is Amtrak's Acela
service for Washington, New York and Boston. Virginia has two passenger
railroads, ...

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2/27/2010 Tsunami And Railroad News

2/27/2010 10:35:00 AM

2/27/2010 Tsunami News And Railroad News


Live TV by Ustream

 Railroad News

Woman dies in collision with Amtrak train in Oklahoma City
Witnesses reported to police that the railroad crossing bars were down and
that the driver of the car drove around them, he said.

When Ogden's Floyd Jarvis died he left a treasure trove of train stuff
... whole trains and other railroad scenes. Witten pulled a slide from a
binder and held it up to the light. It shows the first Amtrak-named train,
ever, ...


A vigil just yards from site of train tragedy | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/27/2010
Philadelphia Inquirer
Amtrak spokesman Steve Kulm said yesterday that the railroad was
cooperating with Norwood police in the investigation of the incident, which
involved Train ...

ENFORCEMENT: Centralia Police, Union Pacific Railroad Look to Educate on ...
Centralia Chronicle
While the boy received a ride home and a stern lecture, drivers who failed
to yield to the oncoming train at railroad crossings on North Pearl Street
and ...

Trains pack big punch
Officers on the train and others in patrol cars worked with the railroad
looking for motorists who ignore approaching trains at crossings and those

Train hits car early Friday morning in Uptown Charlotte
Her vehicle landed on railroad tracks, where the train was fastly
approaching. Employees at the plant saw the incident and began yelling for
the woman to ...

Olympic Thrill Ride, Mostly on 4 Wheels
New York Times
For the first 28 miles between Vancouver and Squamish, the Sea-to-Sky is
squeezed between mountains on one side and a railroad and Howe Sound, ...

San Pablo teen killed by a train in Pinole
San Jose Mercury News
By Doug Jastrow PINOLE — A 17-year-old girl from San Pablo was struck and
killed by a train late Friday night, an Amtrak spokeswoman said. ...

Collision of car, Amtrak train in Oklahoma City takes woman's life
Robert Mitchell said none of the 48 passengers on the train was injured.
Stewart said witnesses told police that the railroad crossing bars were
down and ...,0,354354.story

Train memorabilia auction on track
The Herald-Mail
By DAN DEARTH BOONSBORO — Gene Keyser of Wolfsville, Md., said he was
happy to shell out $1800 to buy an antique train lantern Saturday during a
railroad ...

Woman killed by train
A local woman was killed on the railroad tracks in the Croydon section of
Bristol Township Saturday night. The woman was struck in the northbound
lanes by a ...

Watertown's ambitious vision for rail
Dave Sanders stands outside his Garden Path Florist shop, located in what
was once the local train depot. Officials in Watertown, a city steeped in
railroad ...

Bull hit by train, dies
News Channel 7
Captain Hardy, with Spartanburg Public Safety says the bull's owner spoke
to CSX railroad. He said the bull died after it was hit by a train at the
rail ...

Pedestrian struck by train
An unnamed person was killed on the railroad tracks in the Croydon section
of Bristol Township Saturday night. About 5:25 pm, the person was struck
south of ...


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2/27/2010 Chili Quake

2/27/2010 8:22:00 AM

2/27/2010 Chili Quake

"Of course do not forget other areas effected by Natural Disasters! I often wondered why Haiti quake recieved more attention then the last major quake and huge Tsunami that effected the entire Pacific Rim.. before.. It is not a contest of course who helps who more but what is important is all these areas struck by natural disasters are helped, if you can not spare money. Try click to donate sites, Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. Positive thought energy and prayers can manifest into some great things. They are always in my prayers and thoughts. This quake my 6th sense did pick up on around 2pm yesterday central time usa is when I started to get ear ringings shakes and dizziness.. feeling itch all things I feel before sensing quakes I did recieve details later on by I was to ill to post it drained and tired...I had no choice but to go to sleep..I could not function...I have spoke often about the Ring of fire area being more active at this time. This is suppose to be the hard year where it will get really rought natural disaster wise.. and the end of the cycle is suppose to be dec 25 2012 .. People keep saying end of the world. No, it is a dramatic change in the world. New Land is gonna be formed new ancient cities rediscovered.. other places covered up and wiped so well you never new they ever existed as what we witnessed in some places like Katrina.. The Earth is changing, and our technology is changing.. It is interesting on both ends. stay safe, and pay attention to the Earth's Changes.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Chile quake spawns tsunami, threatens Pacific Rim

Huge quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens Pacific

Massive Chili Quake Slide show

Hawaii under tsunami warning

Huge quake hits Chile; tsunami threatens






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2/26/2010 General News

2/26/2010 6:49:00 AM

2/26/2010 General News

"Now, Where I stand on hunting and saving animals is very controversial. I am not against Hunting animals, if they are on your own property, or are bothering your livestock. I am not against hunting any animal in a small quantities on your own property. I am against mass killing, and over harvesting of animals, I am against people massively hunting and poaching animals that are endangered, and rare. Now, in my opinion if a person wants to hunt a couple of wolves of coyotoes on their own property or with permission of the property owner I do not have an issue with that. But, Considering most of the USA does not eat or use coyote or wolf meat.. or all parts of the animal they harvest. I do not see any legitimate reason for any corporation to step up and want to slaughter thousands of wolves, the only exception is if they bred and farmed the wolves on their own land!... Or if it is a serious over population issue. Then harvesting or hunting wolves is not a bad thing.. Because when animals are to populated in a small area of terroritory.. HUMANS included. They start to attract disease, illness, and even become violant towards eachother due to lack of space, food, or resources, However.. I would always prefer they relocate the Wolves or coyotes at the right time.. keep the packs and families together.. Instead of slaughter them. I would rather not see either of these animals hunted, but I do understand the difference between how hunting is and can be beneficial to both Humans and Animals.. and yet, how it can turn around and harm both in the end too... If they want to push stupid things through like "No Wolves allowed"... Then Say oh No wolf stories allowed in school on t-shirts or hats.. So I guess reading the three little pigs is out since it talks about the Big bad wolf! " - DNatureofDTrain

Defenders' wolf expert and Northern Rockies Representative Suzanne Asha Stone worked with the producers of NOW on PBS to show the long-term benefits of wolf reintroduction in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies.

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2/26/2010 6:40:00 AM

2/26/2010 Casey Jones And Railroad News

Casey Jones News


Jac Chambliss: Remembering Popular Music
The Chattanoogan
"Casey Jones" . . and "The Prisoners Song". A bit later, in my teens, were
"Angry" . . "I Love You Truly" . . "Yes, We Have No Bananas" . ...


Railroad News


Ride the model train show express
Train layout by Modular Railroad Club (Holland) displayed at this year's
train show in Saline. The local train show is a great place for imagination
and ...

Friday Five: Your family weekend guide
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Train rides, Lego displays, model railroad for kids to operate, workshops
and demonstrations, and a hobby marketplace with Legos, Star Wars
figurines, ...

Wall Street Copes With Month's Second Winter Blast
Wall Street Journal
... dodged a tree that had fallen across the slippery Connecticut roads on
his drive to the Metro-North railroad station where he hitches a train into
town. ...

Railroad history at Kendallville Public Library
The last passenger train into Fort Wayne was in Jan. 1941. The line from
Fort Wayne to Garrett operated from 1941 to 1945 primarily to deliver coal
to the ...

$2 train rides at Irvine Park Railroad
Around Disney (blog)
That's all a train ticket is going to cost this weekend as Irvine Park
Railroad marks its 14th anniversary. Children under 12 months ride for
free. ...

Last train horn to sound Tuesday
Arizona Daily Sun
City of Flagstaff and BNSF Railway tested wayside horns in advance of the
silencing of train horns at three of five at-grade railroad crossings. ...

House gets stuck on railroad tracks
The Tennessean
Police notified CSX to halt all train traffic. The next train was scheduled
to come through within five minutes, said Police Chief Ted Boyd. ...

Thousands Without Power as Storm Hammers Northeast
New York Times
Service on the Port Washington branch of the Long Island Rail Road, for
example, was disrupted for an hour in the morning as one train became stuck
at Great ...

Train derails near New Braunfels without injuries
San Antonio Express
Union Pacific spokeswoman Raquel Espinoza-Williams said the train
originated in Fort Worth and was bound for Mexico. The cars were empty and
railroad crews ...

Gov., transportation dept. oppose Metro-North cuts
Yale Daily News
The MTA also suggested removing a 1:15 am local train to Stamford. The
Advocate reported that the railroad said the cuts could result in savings
of $900000. ...

Concrete blocks fall near Wellesley train tracks
Boston Globe
John Ray, the T's director of railroad operations, said he has called
several local and state agencies but still doesn't have an answer. ...

Amtrak to resume full schedule of trains to NYC Saturday
Albany Times Union (blog)
... hours after the train struck a tree that had fallen across the tracks.
Amtrak passengers can check on the status of their train at the railroad's
Web site.

Train Derailment in Brownville Junction
Railroad workers had their hands full cleaning up the scene of a train
derailment in Brownville Junction Friday. It happened at the intersection
of Maine ...

Snow drives up railroad operating costs
Danbury News Times
By Martin B Cassidy, STAFF WRITER Metro-North Railroad on Friday combined
and eliminated 29 trains on its New Haven line, serving Stamford, New
Canaan, ...

UPDATED: Car-train collision reported in downtown area
By Record Searchlight staff A slow-moving train hit a car this evening at
the railroad crossing on Shasta Street in Redding, but emergency personnel
were ...

Finding balance between bikes and train passenger space is a priority ...
Stamford Advocate
"The bike-to-train-to-bike connection is a powerful extension of the
railroad," Hammer said. Though crowding onboard Connecticut's aging M-2
trains make it ...

Oak Lawn quest for quiet rolls forward
Southtown Star
... in Oak Lawn has inched one step closer to reality this week, with the
federal government outlawing train horn blasts at two village railroad
crossings. ...,022610olquiet.article

Railroad traveling adventures and stories
Fence Post
... giving passengers tips on staying safe at railroad crossings, tips
about warning signs and devises and information about train engines and
their power. ...

Train Hits Car In Uptown Charlotte
WSOC Charlotte
She ended up on the railroad tracks as a train was approaching. Employees
said they yelled for her to get out of the car and alerted the train's
conductor ...

Train kills 2 Interboro High girls | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/26/2010
Philadelphia Inquirer
By Jeff Gammage, Sam Wood, and Mari A. Schaefer Two teenage girls walking
on railroad tracks near their school were struck and killed by an Amtrak
train in ...

Metro-North cancels some morning trains
New Haven Register (subscription)
By Register Staff Metro-North commuter railroad will cancel and combine
nine trains this morning on the New Haven Line because of expected reduced
ridership ...

Northern Indiana's South Shore commuter railroad cuts about 10 jobs with ...
By AP CHESTERTON, Ind. (AP) — Declining ridership on northern Indiana's
South Shore commuter railroad has led it to cut about 10 jobs and consider
ending a ...,0,6842438.story

Train derailment to impact am Northstar service
Burlington Northern Railroad says the derailment will be cleaned up and the
track problem fixed before NORTHSTAR return trips Thursday afternoon.

Raymond H. Holter Jr.
Baltimore Sun
By Frederick N. Rasmussen | Raymond Henry Holter
Jr., a retired Chessie System executive whose more than four-decade
railroad ...,0,7224128.story


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2/25/2010 Railroad News

2/25/2010 7:04:00 AM

2/25/2010 Railroad News

Civil wrongful death suit filed in 2008 railroad crossing fatality
Greene County Daily World
... the railroad crossing and for unknown reasons, the vehicle crossed over
the railroad tracks as the southbound Indiana Railroad Train approached.

Rell and DOT: Connecticut will oppose MTA New Haven Line train cuts
Stamford Advocate
The state pays 65 percent of the railroad's operating cost. Marie said that
the DOT and the Rell administration consider the trains busy enough to
warrant ...

Amputee Arrested in Alleged Bomb Attempt
Wall Street Journal
Police from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the
Metro-North Railroad that was shut down, arrested Mr. Terry late in the
afternoon. ...

Ambrose: Saluting our tea party saviors
Scripps News
By JAY AMBROSE, Scripps Howard News Service Like a hero rescuing a damsel
tied up and lying on the railroad tracks as a train approaches, the tea
party ...

Metro-North to Run Special AM Peak Schedule on Friday
Westport Now
Metro-North Railroad said tonight it will run a special morning peak
schedule on Friday due to escalating weather conditions north of the city.

Railroad Tracks Cause Rough Time for Callahan Family
First Coast News
Up until recently, a train car also blocked the entrance and exit she's
become used to. Brown had to crawl underneath the car to get in and out for
several ...

Amtrak Acela train hits, kills two people near Philadelphia
New York Post
Amtrak on Thursday said two people were killed when hit by one of the
railroad's Acela trains, forcing other trains to be held on four tracks
south of ...

NYC Braces for 13 Inches of Snow From Lingering Storm
All four tracks south of Philadelphia were closed today after two people
were struck and killed by an Acela train, according to a railroad
statement. ...

High cost derails railroad quiet zone talk in Medina
Sun Star Courier (blog)
Patton could not provide any definitive answer to the question because the
railroad officials determine train speed limits. Both portions of the
project ...

"All aboard the Steelhead Train; Using the railroad helps anglers access parts ...
Bend Bulletin
Riding the 'Steelhead Train,' an angler can reach water that cannot be
accessed from the road. We took a left turn at La Grande and headed for
Minam, ...

But that's the railroad's responsibility. Either they didn't train him
right or they put up signal masts that were confusing. That adds to the
negligence. ...

Boys lectured on train safety
The Reporter
Two boys received a "stern lecture" from a Fond du Lac Police Department
officer after a citizen reported them playing near the railroad tracks. ...

Fatal Crossings Pt. 2
A cross stands alongside the railroad tracks near highway 71 in St. Landry
Parish. Reminding people that a life was lost here, the victim of a train

Rail depot gets historic status
Statesman Journal
... Statesman Journal • February 25, 2010 Its rare classical styles
already set the Salem Pacific Railroad Station apart from traditional train
depots. ...


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2/25/2010 General News Mix

2/25/2010 12:32:00 AM

2/25/2010 General News Mixed Dates from last week to now

What are the Longest-Lasting Batteries

Is This the Safest House in the World?

Speed Skating Madison Teen claims the bronze

Warren Buffett's Worst Mistakes

Mixed blessing: credit card reform may shock some

Extreme heat triggers lizard sex change

Cloning Break Through Crops!

Why Ladies-Only Species Don’t Need Men

Italy convicts 3 Google execs in abuse video case

How long can the U.S. dollar defy gravity?

Five surprising things you can throw in a recycling bin

American Indian reservation reaping oil benefits

CIA briefed 68 lawmakers on interrogation program


The Poisons and Allergens That Make up Household Dust

Top 10 environmentally odd ideas,28804,1882682_1882680_1882678_last,00.html

"Good and AMERICAN company needs to buy this!.. Stop selling out all American to China!" - DNatureofDTrain

Hummer at dead end after sale to Chinese collapses

Mixed blessing: credit card reform may shock some

Superfoods for Incredible Hair

10 Job Sectors in Decline

"I still wish they would call it something else.. The New Karate kid if even put a number behind it and consider it part of the series! .... I really was proud to have worked with the original Pat Morita or Mr. Miyagi .. as a child. But, I am okay with my other favorite Martial Artist star Jackie chan playing the part.. But, it will never be the same..  " - DNatureofDTrain

The New Karate Kid

Adam Lambert Says Susan Boyle's Album Is 'Terrible'

Missile kills Pakistani Taliban leader: official

2 indicted in foiled NYC subway bomb plot case

Plan to fire all its teachers roils poor RI city

Argentine stolen at birth, now 32, learns identity

Wind could be the real concern in snowy Northeast

Parents Choosing More Unusual Baby Names Now


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2/24/2010 11:22:00 AM

2/24/2010 Railroad News

and 2/23/2010 Railroad News

Railroad News - 2/23/2010

the Grand Canyon for a great price
The roundtrip train ride—using restored railroad cars, some dating back
to the 1920s—takes about two hours each way, and gives you about four
hours to ...

Train hits produce truck at Phoenix railroad crossing
by Jennifer Thomas PHOENIX -- Five people were taken to a hospital after a
train hit a produce truck at a railroad crossing in Phoenix Tuesday
morning. ...

Motorist lucky to be alive after train crash
Justice News Flash
Legal news for Texas train accident attorneys. Driver ignored railroad
crossing signals that a train was incoming. Train Accident lawyers alert- A
man is ...

Our views: Mourning three teens (Feb. 23)
Florida Today
... this weekend when three teenage girls crossing a railroad trestle over
Melbourne's Crane Creek were struck and killed by a southbound freight
train. ...

Railroad News 2/24/2010

EGF council refuses train whistle quiet zone
Grand Forks Herald
In a divided vote, the East Grand Forks City Council opted to keep a
railroad crossing open and live with the train whistles through an area
just east of ...

Train Enthusiast Speaks at SP Library
Southern Pines Pilot
His latest book, "The Western North Carolina Railroad," is a detailed
history of the railroad line that ran from Salisbury to Asheville to Murphy
in the ...

BRADBERRY: Old stories help train young minds
Niagara Gazette
Since I grew up around railroad tracks, the train stories always grabbed my
strictest attention, particularly those about the Underground Railroad. ...

Visit to Caliente perfect for all train buffs
Elk Grove Citizen
The mural shows mountain ranges, desert flora and railroad tracks that
marked the passage of the Union Pacific. Some of the doors and windows in
the train ...

California's high speed rail dream
The test track would be built alongside existing freight lines, and
improvements in the overall railroad bed may justify the "dual use" clause,
said Barker. ...

NYC jury awards $247K to woman who suffered train-platform-gap injuries
The Star-Ledger -
By AP NEW YORK -- A Manhattan jury ordered the Long Island Rail Road to pay
$247000 to a woman injured when she fell into a train-platform gap. ...

Armored Trains Return to the Russian North Caucasus
Tanks carried on the armored train may also be used in a secondary role as
tractors in the removal of derailed railroad cars (as a result of ambush,
mines, ...

Driver on Train Tracks Strikes Railroad Equipment Ahead of Blitz
CENTRALIA ) – As Centralia Police are planning a railroad safety blitz ,
authorities say a pickup truck crossing the tracks on Floral collided with
railroad ...

No one injured after train collides with van
Burlington Times News
MEBANE — The driver of a van wasn't injured Wednesday morning after a
freight train collided with the vehicle at a railroad crossing at 5th and
Center ...

CSX Intermodal and Union Pacific Railroad Announce UMAX Domestic 
Interline ...
MarketWatch (press release)
UMAX will feature more than 600 service lanes supported by faster and more
frequent train schedules. UMAX launches March 29, 2010. ...

Trooper on a Train
The North Dakota Highway Patrol and the railroad are teaming up to make
railroad crossings safer through the “Trooper on a Train” program. ...

Holcomb readies Night Train for golden run
WHISTLER (Reuters) - Night Train pilot Steve Holcomb knows that a solid
lump of Teutonic granite named Andre Lange is blocking the railroad to
Olympic gold ...

2 Teenage Girls Killed by Amtrak Train in Delaware County
by KYW's Michelle Durham Two teenagers were killed Thursday morning by an
Amtrak Acela train as they walked along the railroad tracks near the
Norwood train ...

Another Cold, Wet Blanket Covers Northeast
New York Times
A high-speed Acela train from Boston bound for Washington struck two
pedestrians on the tracks nine miles south of Philadelphia at 10:28
Thursday morning, ...


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2/22/2010 1:57:00 AM

2/22/2010 Railroad News and General News

Railroad News

"Glad, that fire is out.. Sorry, to read about people and places going through this.." - DNatureofDTrain

Ca. fire from derailed train out, evacuations over

"Snowpixes were littering again, let's fine them 500 minutes of sunshine" - DNatureofDTrain

Snowfall muffles museum's 160th anniversary
Baltimore Sun
The museum typically opens on weekends in February because it's Black
History Month, and the train station was a stop on the Underground Railroad
route that ...,0,5540858.story

"As Operation Lifesavor says, "Stay off, Stay away, Stay alive" ,.....,., "RIP teens, and as always my prayers and thoughts are with their family, and friends." - DNatureofDTrain

Train deaths raise need for awareness
Florida Today
Three teen girls were struck and killed by a train about 6:30 pm Saturday
while on a 650-foot railroad bridge over Melbourne's Crane Creek. ...

:::Holds a protest sign:: "No, more shutdown! No, More shutdown! If everyone keeps shutting things down when it is bad, it really slows down the chance to recover.. If you have to cut it down to 3 hr work days, then do that.. But, please business stop shutting things down! ..." - DNatureofDTrain

Railway shutdown looms in Maine
Boston Globe
Without rail, the plant's delivery costs would go up because it would have
to ship products by truck to another point where they could be put on a
train for ...


Train derailment brings fire and delays but no injuries
Bakersfield Californian
The incident will be investigated jointly by BNSF, which owns the derailed
train, and Union Pacific Railroad, which owns the tracks. ...

Crews work to remove 22 train cars that derailed
Daily News - Galveston County
The railroad crossing at FM 646 South and state Highway 6 still is closed.
Only one lane is open eastbound on state Highway 6 near the accident
location. ...

Man killed by train in St. Albans on Sunday
Charleston Gazette
St. Albans police identified the man Sunday afternoon as Ronald E. Hoover,
84, of Amandaville, a retired railroad employee. The incident occurred
shortly ...

Train continues to burn day after derailment in California
To contain the fire, railroad crews and fire department personnel worked
Sunday to remove two of the cars. However, the fire remained burning inside
the ...

Family of train accident victim shaken by tragedy
Florida Today
... of her life Monday when she visited the railroad bridge where her
teenage daughter and two friends were struck and killed by a train two days
before. ...

A good question about train speed
Daily News - Galveston County
The 22-car derailment of a train on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe
railroad line Thursday was the second in Santa Fe in six months. ...

Abington: Selectmen vote to apply for train whistle ban
95.9 WATD-FM
Joe Ray is the MBTA's Director of Railroad Operations and says one way of
getting a whistle ban approved by the federal railroad administration, ...

Community Comments On Teens' Deaths
Central Florida News 13
Unless you have a ticket to travel on a train, or you work for the
railroad, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to be on the train tracks
whatsoever. ...

Train derailment remains under investigation
Monroe News Star
“Shortly after that, the train derailed,” Gilmore said. “Some cars
were on their side, others were kind of tilted.” Gilmore said he
contacted railroad crews ...

Old Water Train sparked love-hate reaction
San Bernardino Sun
... city had developed a love-hate relationship with the train as it hauled
its cargo of spring water from Arrowhead Springs to a railroad transfer
yard. ...

Amtrak launches safety campaign to curb pedestrian accidents on tracks
Pleasanton Weekly
"Our goal for this campaign is to save lives by letting people know that
walking or playing around train tracks or using railroad tracks as a
shortcut is ...

Repairs continue on Central California rail line damaged by freight train fire
Los Angeles Times (blog)
The railroad is rerouting most traffic from Roseville, Colton and the ports
of Los Angeles and Long Beach onto its coastal line, Hunt said. ...

Hearing The Whistle Blow - Trains History And Historian Ron Nimblett
Champlain Valley Voice
By Cookie Steponaitis The sound of a train whistle means one thing to most
Vermonters, having to stop at the railroad crossing and wait until the
train goes ...

3 train deaths are Fla. school's latest tragedy
... this school year were coping Monday with the loss of three more peers
who were killed by a train that struck them as they crossed a railroad
bridge. ...

Fair Park railroad museum seeks restraining order against Dallas
Dallas Morning News (blog)
The Museum of the American Railroad is at this moment requesting a
restraining order against the city of Dallas, presumably to keep City Hall
from being ...

Teens Killed In Train Ax
KTSM News Channel 9
The FEC said railroad properties should only be crossed at designated
pedestrian or roadway crossings. “We are deeply saddened by what's
happened. ...

Train crash, fire near the Tehachapi Loop cause freight delays around the 
Los Angeles Times
Union Pacific spokesman Aaron Hunt said the railroad is rerouting most
traffic from Roseville, Colton or the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
up and down ...,0,7555079.storylink 

Train kills 3 teen girls crossing Florida bridge
(AP) — Completion of dental record checks could mean confirmation today
of the names of three teenage girls killed by a train on a Florida railroad
trestle. ...

Epilogue: A forgotten mystery of death and destruction
Lincoln Journal Star
"Eleven Lives Go Out in a Rock Island Railroad Wreck." The subheadlines
hooked Joel Williamsen into the story for the next several years. ...

Train kills 3 teen girls crossing Florida bridge
San Luis Obispo Tribune
By By MIKE SCHNEIDER | AP Writer A "no trespassing" sign warned four
teenagers in Florida not to walk onto the railroad trestle where they were
joking ...

Finding Love on Metro-North, and Other Stories
New York Times (blog)
(In his spare time, he is the railroad's deputy director of corporate and
public affairs.) “Train schedules aren't the most exciting subject,”
Mr. Antonacci ...

Stanwood Amtrak station tallied hundreds of boardings in final weeks of 2009
Great Northern Railroad passenger train service at Stanwood was
discontinued in 1971. The civic group Design Stanwood lobbied state Sen.

Friends, family in shock after train kills 3 teens in Melbourne
Florida Today
... them Ciara and her friends were crossing a railroad bridge over
Melbourne's Crane Creek when they were struck and killed by a southbound
freight train. ...

Train kills 3 teen girls crossing Florida bridge
Newsday (subscription)
(AP) — A "no trespassing" sign warned four teenagers in Florida not to
walk onto the railroad trestle where they were joking around and taking
pictures. ...

Man killed by train in W.Va.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
... Agee said an empty westbound CSX coal train hit and killed Ronald E.
Hoover of Amandaville on Sunday as he tried to cross railroad tracks in St.
Albans. ...

Talks continue over A-train corridor
Dallas Morning News
DART acquired rights to the Denton corridor from the railroad in a 2001
deed, including the right to reclaim it for rail use in exchange for
$10000. ...


General News

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Horse Injured? There's A Class For That

Something Down The Drain?
Retrieve it Without a Wrench.

10 Cities for Real Estate Steals

Toyota faces federal, congressional probe

Striking Lufthansa pilots to suspend their walkout

Outlook no brighter for Obama's new health plan

Is This the Safest House in the World?

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

Speed Skating Madison Teen claims bronze

"Shutter Island" drives moviegoers crazy (Reuters)

Atom smasher ramped up in quest for secrets of universe

Dalai Lama says 'no problem' ending his position

Can low-paying garment industry save Haiti?

Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran

'The Biggest Loser' Has Big Problems, Health Experts Say

Bloom Energy inventor K.R. Sridhar makes bold promise with fuel-cell powered 'Bloom box'

Gadgets That Will Save You Money

The Best Budget Beaches

Look out heavyweights! Velasquez is ready for title shot,221059

Plaxico Burress, Wife Sued For $3.3 Million In South Florida Foreclosure Case

Canadian commentators fail to cool it with Johnny Weir jokes,221050

Canadian fans sing 'O Canada,' Canadian curling team wins,221086

Canadian skier Barr gets surprise last-minute call to Olympics,221133

Only one car for golden boy Evan Lysacek: Aston Martin,221025

USA hockey twins have matching everything, even tattoos,221096

Why does Apolo Anton Ohno yawn before his races?,221091

Big hockey win inspires Davis, White

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Eric Evans "

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2/21/2010 2:24:00 AM

2/21/2010 Railroad News and General News

Train kills 3 teen girls crossing US bridge
eTaiwan News
By MIKE SCHNEIDER AP AP After goofing around downtown, four teenagers
marched past a "no trespassing" sign and braved a railroad trestle that
spans 200 feet ...

Young man killed by train in S. Houston
Houston Chronicle
The incident occurred in the 4100 block of Bellfort where the victim was
walking along the railroad tracks around 4:30 pm when he was struck by the
train ...

Coal train strikes, kills man on tracks
Daily Mail - Charleston
St. Albans Police Lt. Mike Matthews said an empty CSX coal train bound for
Russell, Ky., hit the man at 10:48 am Sunday as he tried to cross railroad
tracks ...

Fire continues to burn at train derailment near Bakersfield
Los Angeles Times (blog)
... the Kern County Sheriff's Department, the California Highway Patrol and
railroad crews. Photo: A freight train burns after derailing Saturday near
Keene ...

"You have a railroad crying for business, Some business are looking for places to start up or relocate .. Look at areas like this one.. Start up and get things rolling again." - DNatureofDTrain

Rail line shutdown looming in northern Maine
Boston Globe
... be taking on a money-losing railroad. If the state or some other buyer
doesn't step forward, train service could start shutting down in late June.

Train kills 3 teenage girls on bridge; victim identified; witness describes ...
Florida Today
... East Coast Railway train as it crossed a bridge over the Eau Gallie
River, according to FLORIDA TODAY archives and the Federal Railroad
Administration. ...

Man killed by train in W.Va.
AP St. Albans Police Lt. Mike Matthews said an empty westbound CSX coal
train hit the man Sunday as he tried to cross railroad tracks in St.
Albans. ...

Train kills 3 teenage girls on bridge; investigators comb crash scene
Florida Today
... watched three teenage girls walk across the Crane Creek railroad
trestle early Saturday night -- and a southbound train struck them, whistle
blasting. ...

Pedestrian struck, killed by train in Lombard
Chicago Daily Herald
... possibly a teenager, was struck and killed by a freight train in
Lombard Saturday night, Union Pacific Railroad officials confirmed. ...

Train derails near Bakersfield; homes evacuated
Los Angeles Times (blog)
“The fire is burning some plastics in the train car and putting up a
column of dark smoke,” Corley said. “Our crews are working with
railroad crews in order ...

Railroad renaissance
The re-equipped engines are so much more powerful, he said, that at the end
of the season, the railroad pulled a 24-car train up the steep rail line
from ...

Teenage girls hit by freight train in Florida
Globe and Mail
... the death of three female juveniles killed after being hit by a
southbound train near the Crane Creek railroad trestle early Saturday
evening Feb. ...

Burlington Struggles To Decide Future Of Depot
Down cavernous hallways, the building's past glory and future potential can
be seen in formerly pristine rooms where railroad employees labored and
train ...

Offensive continues...Militant leader killed...Girls killed by train
9&10 News
... of three teenage girls who were crossing a railroad trestle. The girls
were killed by a freight train as they desperately tried to get out of its
way. ...

Train derails, toxic cloud forces evacuations
Sacramento Bee
Emergency personnel from the Kern County Sheriff and Environmental Health
Agency as well as the California Highway Patrol and railroad staff
responded to ...

"I for the most part am against Quiet zones, However.. I would personally approve of these wayside horns in areas where multiple roads are within a short distance of eachother.. For the locals and engineers sake.. BUT, You need to keep in mind should the railroad crossings, and or horns malfuction.. you may end up listening to a horn and signals dinging without a train for 2-4 or more hours depending on how long it takes for people to report the signals and horn going off without a train. So this attempt to make it quieter can and will at times make the area a slight bit noisey... as weather happens, quakes, happen, broken rails happens, and electrical malfunctions happen.. So keep that in mind. It is just so much easier if the world would learn to respect stopping at the crossings.. would save alot of money and noise.. But, I firmly believe the crossings need to be marked clearly by sight and sound, as well as a warning sign approaching them.." - DNatureofDTrain

Video: New train horn system demonstrated -(this does have a small video on the page)

Statesman Journal
The demonstration took place at the Union Pacific Railroad crossing at D
Street NE. The system does not eliminate train horns, officials said, ...

Old Forge man hit, killed by freight train
Scranton Times-Tribune
Joseph Bieber, 26, was hit by a Canadian Pacific freight train at about
5:10 am, said Officer James Giehl. The incident happened on the railroad
tracks ...

Train show pulling into Easley
Greenville News
“There will be some historical programs about railroads, and there will
be some programs about how to do it, model railroading,” he said. The
train show ...

Please take time to read downtown plan
Herald Zeitung
From Castell Avenue to the railroad track, about 19 vehicles can be parked
in each lane to wait for a train. With two lanes, that means about 56
vehicles ...

3 girls killed by train
Florida Today
It's against the law to trespass on the railroad tracks and the immediate
area, which is the property of the Florida East Coast Railway. ...

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2/20/2010 Sloppy News Mix

2/20/2010 1:46:00 PM

2/20/2010 Sloppy News Mix

"of both Railroad and General News within the last two weeks. I went through and pulled every news article out of the history.. Some of these I probably shared with you already.. But I do not have much time to sort and post through that at the moment, as I am in the middle of some other massive projects one of the most .. Two of the most time consuming is relocating all my friends to my pen name facebook id, and the other is working on my website, and Heinzist Tribe plans...As well as trying to get my graphics back into my new store.. and replacing all old cafepress ads with that. I am also organizing a list of all the friends networks and yahoogroups and facebook groups I am on.. That in itself is work work work.. :) Enjoy the news mix. I will post this weeks railroad news later. My new Facebook id that anyone may add is "Casey Heinzism" So feel free to friend me on their. I usually post on their when I update my blogs too. I also have a DNatureofDTrain fan page, if you decide you do not want to do that.. you can always fan yourself.. I do not post as often through my fan page. " - DNatureofDTrain

The mystery of the blue lines on the ski slope,220352

Did Vonncouver turn into Vancuso?

Ignore Expiration Dates

America's Most Miserable Cities 2010

Origin of key cosmic explosions unraveled

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The Plight of the Empath or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

In Pictures: America's 20 Most Miserable Cities

Man angry at IRS crashes plane into building

America's 5 Worst Deadbeat States

Drowning in Debt: What the Nation's Budget Woes Mean for You

Dalai Lama gets an upbeat but quiet Obama welcome

Part of stolen lottery jackpot is returned to Grand Prairie man

Ravens sign WR Donte’ Stallworth

When Lightning Strikes
Bolting down the facts & fiction

10 Resume Red Flags

New TowPlows Being Tested In Wisconsin
Plows Being Used In Eau Claire, Marquette Counties

Climber's body recovered in St. Helens crater

Turmoil at MySpace blamed on News Corporation

Two Davies home runs guide Bombers home

Reopening GM plant still a longshot

Trainmaker considering Janesville buildings

Trains and Golf

10 Profound Innovations Ahead

7 Gadgets That Changed the World

Comitte OKS highspeed Rail

New leopard species caught on film

Taliban leader's arrest a new blow to insurgents

A frail King Tut died from malaria, broken leg

Happiest States: Hawaii Moves into First Place

Shortage of Rare Earth Elements Could Thwart Innovation

Beating Google Buzz, 10 Tips for Facebook

Nate Holland thinks your pants are too tight,219715

7 States With No Income Tax

At least 18 killed in Belgian train collision

Fears of another quake become new Haiti boogeyman

Snow takes bloom off Valentine's Day for florists

Chinese New Year is a time of reflection, new beginnings

Chinese New Year: Tradition of cleaning homes before doesn't always carry over to U.S.

Dalai Lama urges Tibetans not to celebrate New Year

We are the World Remake

Taiwanese pray for marriage on Valentine's Day

Hero pushes truck off train track

Government confronts train suicides

10 movies to cure Valentine's Day blues

Chinese new year Houston

Nature's Wrath: The Most Dangerous U.S. Cities

World's 10 Most Polluted Places

Oh, Chicken Feathers! How to Reduce Plastic Waste

Readers Pick Top 10 alternatives

Snowpocalypse Seen from Space

New Biodegradable Plastics Could Be Tossed into the Sea

Railroad News

Mad City Model Railroad Show
Shoppers can browse over 300 tables of model train and rail-related
merchandise, including tools, railroad collectibles, videos, models, books,
clothing and ...

Woman killed, aunt hurt at "shortcut" over railroad tracks in Painesville
Plain Dealer (blog)
By Thomas Feran, The Plain Dealer PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- A Painesville woman
was killed and her aunt was injured early Friday when a train hit them at a

Man crashes vehicle into Red Line train
Boston Globe
... control of the vehicle, crashed through a metal fence, went into the
railroad's right of way, damaged the track, and struck two Red Line train
cars. ...

Real-time train status available via the Web
The Photo News
Last month MTA Metro-North railroad launched the new service, Train Time,
which enables a customer on a Web-enabled smart phone or computer to select

Erie dinner train on right track
Longmont Daily Times-Call
The train would use existing rails. Briggs Street, with restaurants,
services and shopping both to the north and south of the railroad crossing,

Our View: Keeping on the right track
Mt. Vernon Register-News
On Thursday, residents were again reminded that when vehicles and trains go
head-to-head, the train wins. Representatives of the Union Pacific Railroad
and ...

Man placing coin on Ariz. tracks hit by train
(AP) - Tempe police say a 25-year-old man was struck by a train as he was
placing a coin on the railroad tracks. Police spokesman Phil Rohg says the
man is ...

Growing up in Seneca, Part 10
Senaca News Dispatch
Each daytime passenger train had several mail cars on it. They also carried
Railway Express packages and boxes. Mailmen worked in the mail cars sorting
mail ...

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2/19/2010 Railroad news

2/19/2010 10:44:00 AM

2/19/2010 Railroad News

Mayor questions train speed limit after derailment
Daily News - Galveston County
Faust had no immediate information about how fast the train traveled before
Thursday's derailment. The railroad sends letters to cities so leaders can
alert ...

Train derailment cleanup is slow, but steady
Opelousas Daily World
749, known locally as Railroad Avenue in Opelousas, remains closed today as
crews continue to remove tons of rocks and railcars spilled at the side of
the ...

Train derailment cleanup is slow, but steady
Opelousas Daily World
749, known locally as Railroad Avenue in Opelousas, remains closed today as
crews continue to remove tons of rocks and railcars spilled at the side of
the ...

No 'news,' a lot of snow and the Beatles in Delaware
The News Journal
A chartered car was added to a Pennsylvania Railroad train and all four
Beatles and their entourage traveled safely to our nation's capital. ...

DNatureofDTrain .oO{Extend their arms over the tracks and cut off their hands.. Might end the stealing of railroad items..)

Theft of steel railroad beams leads to $100K in damages
Laurinburg Exchange
by Scott Witten Someone stole about 800 feet of railroad beams and caused
several train cars to derail. The accident occurred on some tracks between

Woman dies after being hit by train in Painesville
Painesville police responded to a pedestrian versus train collision call at
1:39 am near the railroad tracks on North State Street. ...

All aboard!
Salina Journal
Train and railroad artifacts included in the exhibit already are part of
the museum's collection, much of it courtesy of the local retired employees
club of ...

Hope teen struck, killed by train
Texarkana Gazette
A 17-year-old Hope, Ark., resident was killed Wednesday when he was struck
by a train at a local railroad crossing. Officers with the Hope Police
Department ...

Driver Survives Collision With Train
KFOX El Paso
SOCORRO, Tx -- A train slammed into a car in Socorro Thursday night after
the car ignored the railroad crossing lights, police said. ...

Woman Hit, Killed By Train In Lake County
PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- A 26-year-old woman is dead Friday morning after being
hit by a train in Lake County. It happened where the CSX railroad crosses
North ...

Woman killed by train
A 26-year-old woman hit by a train and killed where the CSX railroad
crosses North State Street, near Route 2. Two people crossed the tracks
safely. ...

CG dentist killed in train collision
TriValley Central
12 when his pickup truck was hit by a freight train at a railroad crossing
north of Picacho Peak, and his son-in-law associate was injured. ...

Man to be charged with driving van into Red Line train
Boston Globe
... went into the railroad's right of way, damaged the track, and struck
two Red Line train cars that were headed inbound from the Kendall/MIT
station, ...

The Model Train Software Brouhaha Ends: Open Source Wins
OStatic (blog)
... the dispute centered around--of all things--model train software.
Specifically, Jacobsen had developed JMRI, the Java Model Railroad
Interface project. ...

Train to glory, or slow boxcar to Cleveland? Don't railroad us
Are we about to be taken for a ride on a slow train to Cleveland? At a Jan.
28 pep rally with railroad enthusiasts to celebrate the federal funding ...

SCHINDEL: A double shot of success
Willits News
These songs make you want to go out and save the railroad, and that's
something. By Nick Murphy I just got The Train Singer's new CD, Kid's
Train, ...

American Railcar to form venture for diesel cars
The joint venture will be called US Railcar Co. and led by railroad
industry veteran Michael Pracht. Company officials said a prototype was
built by ...

Amador Valley High School freshman girl struck and killed by train near campus
San Jose Mercury News
At 2:32 pm, police responded to calls that a person was struck by a Union
Pacific freight train at the Santa Rita road railroad crossing. ...

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2/18/2010 Railroad News

2/18/2010 10:25:00 AM

2/18/2010 Railroad News

Train strikes minivan in Addison; driver dies
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
According to a news release posted on the Washington County Sheriff's
Department Web site, the crash was reported shortly after 7 pm at a
railroad crossing ...

Divorce between railroad museum, Dallas turning nasty
Dallas Morning News
As a train buff and museum supporter, he took the lead five or six years
ago in arranging a move to a larger site adjacent to Fair Park. ...

Driver killed when minivan is hit by train
Chicago Tribune
A man who drove his minivan around the gates at a railroad crossing in
Washington County is killed when his vehicle is hit by a freight train. ...,0,7569138.story

Take a Virtual Journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad
CenterNetworks (press release) (blog)
The trip (see screenshot below) allows you to imagine yourself on the train
looking out the window. You can look at books, listen to the actual train
sounds ...

Car lodged on tracks is struck by train
Buffalo News
The train sustained minor damage to its snowplow and front stairs. Spiller
was cited for moving from a lane unsafely and obstructing a railroad
crossing. ...

Evacuations ordered after 20-car trail derailment
Galveston County Daily News
The railroad line, after investigating the incident, determined the leak
coming from one car was an asphalt based oil and wasn'ta hazard, Santa Fe
police ...

The yardmaster works in the railroad office communicating with the train
crews to direct them into and out of the railroad yard. The yardmaster
reports to ...

Man Drives around Railroad Gates, Killed by Train
Today's TMJ4
... his minivan around the stop arms and flashing lights at a railroad
crossing was killed when a Canadian National freight train smashed into his
vehicle. ...

Opelousas road closed to right derailed train
(AP) - Part of Louisiana Highway 749 - known in Opelousas as Railroad Ave.
- is closed while crews work to right a derailed freight train. ...

Wales West welcomes a train named Thomas
Gulf Coast Newspapers
There will be a train ride at 9 pm The railroad will also have the
“Cottontail Express” in March through April. featuring rides with a
very tall rabbit for ...

No public threat from leaking rail cars
Daily News - Galveston County
The Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line, after investigating the
incident, determined the leak coming from one car was an asphalt-based oil
and ...

Depot to host train show, sale
Bowling Green Daily News
The sHOw Modular Model Railroad Club's annual Train Show and Sale will
remind some people of their youth. “Before there were trains, people
stayed close ...

A Day After Their TIGER Win, Freight Railroads Carve Out More Turf
Streetsblog Capitol Hill (blog)
... a computerized safety program recommended by Congress after a fatal
commuter train crash in Los Angeles in 2008. Citing Federal Railroad
Administration ...

Westfield woman charged with drunken driving in Delaware after near-miss 
with ...
Just then, the railroad crossing gates went down, the officer heard the
train horn blow and could see it approaching the car head on. ...

BERLIN: Freight train has minor derailment
Bethany Beach Wave
BERLIN — A Maryland & Delaware Railroad Co. train carrying grain derailed
today between Berlin and Snow Hill. Two to three cars jumped the track
Thursday, ...

Train derails in DeKalb County
It happened around 5:30 am Thursday at the Norfolk-Southern railroad
crossing near the intersection of US 6 and CR 59. That's just west of
Butler. ...

Man killed in Washington County train accident identified
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
According to a sheriff's department news release, the crash was reported
shortly after 7 pm Wednesday at a railroad crossing on state Highway 33 in
Addison. ...

Gibbons to push again for federal maglev train funding
Las Vegas Review - Journal
"The (Federal Railroad Administration) agreed in October all the conditions
were met. It is at least nine months." A spokesman for the Federal Railroad

Lack of state funds threatens county's railroad acquisition
San Jose Mercury News
By Kurtis Alexander -- Santa Cruz Sentinel County transportation leaders
Thursday approved plans for a dinner train to run between Santa Cruz and
Davenport, ...

Historic railway group proposes adventure train rides through Erie
Daily Camera
The train would travel at about 8 mph and would use a flagman, not horns,
at railroad crossings. After securing a Public Utilities Commission
license, ...

Crackdown on Railroad Crossing Safety
Illinois averages nearly 150 train-car collisions each year. Thursday,
police and railroad crews teamed up to go after those who ignore the rules,

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Our Archives list and Railroad News

2/17/2010 6:37:00 AM

Now please do not join this as a mailing list..This is just for archives of this blog...

So How long do you think I have been running this news sharing blog? It actually is a take off from my Highballing Railroad group... But I wanted a seperate place for news specifically... I have been sharing articles since July17 2007 .. Strange to think my News sharing blog is already approaching 3 years old.. Isn't it..

I will add this link to the a seperate link later, and soon I will have a post with links and the dates next to them.. to display by catagory.. But this is enough archival work for now...

I'll resume to normal posting soon. Just give me time to update and finish up on some other projects this week as well.

- DNatureofDTrain

2/17/2010 Casey Jones News

Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association
Murray County News
The Friends of the Casey Jones Trail Association will hold its Annual
Meeting Saturday, February 20 at 11:00 am in the Conference Room of the
Murray County ...

2/17/2010 Railroad News

NEWSTRACKER: interior reconstruction done on pompton railroad station
History: The train station was built as part of the Montclair Railroad and
became part of a line that eventually stretched from Greenwood Lake to
Jersey ...

Railroad probes new incident in Bettendorf
Quad City Times
The Canadian Pacific Railway is investigating an incident involving a train
that occurred Monday afternoon in the same spot as last summer's deadly ...

Train delays crossings for hours
Suburban Life Publications
By Nick Vogel, A train traveling to Chicago on
the Union Pacific Railroad blocked crossings in Glen Ellyn from 3:30 am
until 10 am ...

Freight Train Pushes Car a Mile
... New York man has escaped injury after mistakenly driving onto railroad
tracks where his car was struck by a freight train and pushed more than a
mile. ...

Iraq-Turkey railroad built with Armenian blood opened
Information-Analytic Agency
Turkey bade ceremonial welcome to the first passenger train arriving to
Turkish Mardin province from Iraqi city of Mosul. ...

Train hits unoccupied car stuck on tracks
Buffalo News
A car that become lodged on railroad tracks in Chautauqua County was pushed
more than a mile by a freight train, state police reported this morning.

Commuter train kills woman on tracks in Conn.
The Journal News |
(AP) — A woman has been struck and killed by a passenger train in
Norwalk, shutting down service temporarily on Metro-North Railroad's
Danbury branch. ...

Chicago rail projects getting a $100 million federal boost
Chicago Tribune
... public-private partnership of railroads and Chicago and state
transportation agencies. Train delays cost shippers $265 million a year,
CREATE estimates. ...,0,5856741.story

Car driving on tracks struck by train in Newark
Cecil Whig
... Henry said the officer, whose name has not been released, was driving
on West Main Street when he saw a 2004 Audi A4 turn left onto the CSX
railroad tracks.

Railroads have until April 16 to submit PTC roll-out plans
Progressive Rail Roading
By Jeff Stagl, Managing Editor The months-long wait for the Federal
Railroad Administration (FRA) to issue a final implementation rule on
positive train ...

Travel the Trans-Siberian Railroad with Google Maps
Worldfocus (blog)
Now you can take one of the great train journeys of the world without
leaving the comfort of your own home. A new joint venture between Google
and Russian ...

Westfield woman charged after train hits car in NJ
Boston Herald
Newark Police have charged a Massachusetts woman with DUI after a car drove
on railroad tracks in Newark and was struck by a train. There were no
injuries. ...

Kelso: Stop high-speed spending on railroad
Historic City News
You would think this 30-year history of rejection would have sent a signal
to the train lobby and our legislature, but the Obama spending revival has

Friends of Joseph Branch helps keep 'steelhead train' on track
La Grande Observer
The Friends of the Joseph Branch, the non-profit support group for the
excursion train side of the railroad business, located and is paying for a
policy in ...

Commuter train kills woman on tracks in Conn.
Hartford Courant
Service has resumed on Metro-North Railroad's Danbury branch in western
Connecticut, where a woman was struck and killed by a passenger train. ...,0,6066601.story

Iraq-Turkey railroad to bring neighbors closer, stimulate trade
Today's Zaman
Passengers aren't the only ones happy about the train line, though. The
railroad is of great symbolic importance to the relations between Turkey
and Iraq as ...

Belgium: Black Box From Crash Found
New York Times
By AP Railroad workers on Wednesday found a second black box data recorder
from the deadly train collision in Belgium on Monday. The data recorders
could ...

Woman killed by Metro-North train in Norwalk
Danbury News Times
... NORWALK -- A woman was killed in an apparent suicide by a southbound
Danbury Branch train at 7:06 am Wednesday, a Metro-North Railroad spokesman
said. ...


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2/16/2010 1:21:00 PM

General News

Please Cast your vote! So this driver and his car can race his car and design for his charity! :)

Railroad News

Mother, 2 daughters barely escape Folsom light rail train crash
FOLSOM, CA - A mother and her two young daughters barely escaped an
oncoming light rail train when their car got stuck on the railroad tracks,
according to ...

Teen hurt after leap from train
Salisbury Post
... Medical Center after jumping from a moving train and hitting his head
on the railroad track just east of Cleveland around 1 am Sunday,
authorities said. ...


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2/16/2010 Railroad News

2/16/2010 10:15:00 AM

2/16/2010 Railroad News

"This is awesome" - DNatureofDTrain

Google Russia creates virtual tour of Trans-Siberian railway journey
The Guardian
It is the world's most famous train journey, beginning in Moscow and ending
in the dingy Pacific port of Vladivostok. Along the way are Russia's most

GBHS to Host Lecture on Berkshire Railroad History
The peak usage was shortly after the New York, New Haven and Hartford
Railroad purchased the line in 1892. Special trains, such as the "Zoo
Train" and "Ski ...

Strikes Disrupt Belgium Rails After Crash
New York Times
Monday's crash was the country's deadliest railroad accident since August
1974, when a train derailed in southern Belgium, killing 18 people and
injuring ...

Rail company charged in N. Michigan forest fires
Chicago Tribune
State officials have filed charges against a railroad company accused of
operating an unsafe train that ignited fires in northern Michigan two years
ago, ...,0,5341963.story

Rail company charged in N. Michigan forest fires
Chicago Tribune
State officials have filed charges against a railroad company accused of
operating an unsafe train that ignited fires in northern Michigan two years
ago, ...,0,5341963.story

Cause Of Death Unknown For Woman Found Frozen
A recycler discovered Rachel Sergent under a bridge near the railroad
tracks at Train and Vega Avenues in Cleveland. Her mother said she was
living in ...

Cause Of Death Unknown For Woman Found Frozen
A recycler discovered Rachel Sergent under a bridge near the railroad
tracks at Train and Vega Avenues in Cleveland. Her mother said she was
living in ...

Quieter railroad crossings in Loma Linda?
For residents of the city, incessant train whistles may soon be much fewer
in number, thanks to something called a "quiet zone." A new federal law
says if ...


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2/15/2010 2:39:00 AM

2/15/2010 Railroad News

Mayor says 20 dead in Belgian commuter train crash

Model train enthusiasts raise $1500 for Haiti
Oneida Dispatch
They set up time schedules, electrical systems, mechanisms for one train to
help another and anything else that goes into making a railroad run. ...

Learning to Climb New York City's Trees
New York Times
Every few minutes, a Metro-North railroad train traveling north on the New
Haven line screamed past, a reminder of the sprawling city that lay just
beyond ...

Train strikes man seated on tracks
Marshall County Tribune
Reder was seen by railroad employees seated on the train's right of way
before he was struck. The train's engineer and a co-worker said they saw
something ...

Lansing Model Railroad Club hosts open house
Lansing State Journal
Approximately 100 train buffs - or trainiacs, as they're sometimes called -
dropped by the railroad club's open house, which members hosted from their

Twenty dead in Belgian train accident
Radio Netherlands
The accident took place during rush hour in Buizingen near Halle on the
railroad between Brussells South and Quiévrain. Belgian railways say it
was a ...

Model train show stops in Pearl River
The Journal News |
PEARL RIVER — When the Pennsylvania Railroad went bust in the early
1970s, it was considered a fossil from the Age of Steam. But that hardly
mattered to ...

Casa Grande dentist dies after his truck hits train
Dr. Gene Yang, a Casa Grande dentist, died after his Ford truck was struck
by a train just after 4 pm on Feb. 12 at the railroad crossing near mile
post 216 ...

Belgian Train Collision Kills at Least 18 Commuters
The railroad company began equipping signals and train cars with an
automated breaking system following the 2001 crash in Pecrot. ...

CG dentist dies when train hits his truck; son-in-law injured
TriValley Central
PICACHO PEAK — A Casa Grande dentist was killed Friday when his pickup
truck was hit by a freight train at a railroad crossing north of Picacho
Peak, ...

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Train strikes car in McDowell County
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
NORTHFORK — A man escaped injury in McDowell County after his vehicle was
struck by a train in Northfork. A Saturn Sedan stalled on the railroad
tracks on ...

Train strikes driver, van in New Miami
... his van from a railroad crossing suffered serious injuries Monday
morning when he and the van were hit by a slow moving train at US 127 and
Augspurger ...

Train Hits Van Stuck On Railroad Tracks
Investigators say it appears the snow caused the van to become stuck on the
railroad tracks on Augsburger Avenue before the accident. ...

Train strikes driver, van in New Miami
... van from a railroad crossing was injured Monday morning when he and the
van were hit by a slow moving train at US 127 and Augspurger Road in New
Miami. ...

Plow truck and Iowa Interstate Railroad train collided; 2 injured
Justice News Flash
A westbound Iowa Interstate Railroad train then struck the plow, which
overturned the plow truck on the north side of the track. The driver of the
truck, ...

Nightmare of Belgian train crash
Our wagon got in a position across the railroad. There was someone lying on
the floor. She had the legs crushed and cut. She died," a man, who survived
the ...

Another fatal accident on the Trinity Railway Express
... for more than two hours Monday evening after a woman was struck and
killed by a train — the railroad's second fatal accident in less than a
week. ...

Hungarian Holocaust victims sue nation's railways
Chicago Tribune
"As soon as the train left the station, railroad employees and their
friends leaped upon the piles of suitcases, tearing them open with knives
and pliers, ...,0,3257362.story

GPS unit leads truck driver into train collision
Taunton Daily Gazette
Taunton police at 6:20 am were dispatched to investigate a report of a
crash near the Fremont Street railroad crossing involving a train and a
truck. ...

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2/14/2010 11:58:00 PM

2/14/2010 - General News Today and Yesterday

"Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Chinese New Year!" - DNatureofDTrain

"I posted some videos for Valentines Day on their today: I Used to post videos often with this blog, I will archive the videos the in the same place I archive the news but it will be just their links and not the embed versions.. because my archive service does not have that." - DNatureofDTrain

DNatureofDTrain's Video Blog

General News

"Hey, Ya! Our friend Ryan is looking pretty darn Great in the newspaper today! His picture is sick and Raw oh yeah!, Rock on Ryan!" - DNatureofDTrain

"I understand this China has been destroying their country, culture and people for a long time. I love some Chinese Traditions, and culture.. But I do not agree on bit with how they are Treating Tibetans, and other cultures over there.. I especially think they ought to get their darn melamine, and leadpaint issues under control, or other countries ought to ban their items, or place warning labels on them.....I Hope in the coming New Year China will wake up from their darkness and handle these issues the right way, or the Karmic Tiger should fight them, not all Chinese just those responsible and who are participating in such injustices... After all I do not hate Chinese or Chinese culture. I hate injustice, carried on by them or any other culture. " - DNatureofDTrain

Dalai Lama Encourages Tibetans not to celebrate New Year

Practically perfect, Kearney beats Heil for gold

Make it six: Ohno ties Blair for most US medals,219526

Walls of water overwhelm US surfing contest

5 Bad Foods That are Actually Healthy

5 Foods to Prevent Heart Disease

The worst Valentine's Day gifts ever, 2010 edition

What numbers and letters do you key on you keyboard to make a heart symbol?

Yahoo! Users Pick Their Favorite Valentine's Movies

Year of the Tiger

10 Great 'Green' Home Improvements for 2010

2010 Forecast: Year of the Tiger

Homeless Haiti quake victims get tarps, want tents

Embracing history: Man sets hugs record in Vegas

History of Valentines Day

St. Valentine

10 movies to cure valentines day blues

Taiwanese pray for marriage on Valentine's Day

Snow takes bloom off Valentine's Day for florists

Free condoms with Filipino Valentine's flowers

Are Liquor Laws Making Your Valentine's Day Blue?,8599,1964206,00.html

Chinese New Year is a time of reflection, new beginnings

With a roar, Chinese New Year makes debut

Chinese New Year: Tradition of cleaning homes before doesn't always carry over to U.S.

Chinese astro: 2010, the Year of the Tiger

Best VDay dates, gifts according to the Zodiac!
Yesterdays General News

The 10 best moments from Vancouver's Opening Ceremony,219441

Probe: track didn’t cause luger’s death

5 Foods to Prevent Heart Disease

Most eye catching fashions for the Olympics,219448

Olympics host Vancouver ranked world's most liveable city

Kia Ray Concept

Issuer of 79.9% Interest Rate Credit Card Defends Its Product

Snowboarding-Goodbye Flying Tomato, hello “Animal”

Reining in Rio: Not everything goes at Carnival

America's Most Overvalued Cities

"We Are The World" Remake

Dating Tips: 10 Valentine's Day Scenarios to Avoid

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Roth IRA

2010 Forecast: Year of the Tiger

What numbers and letters do you key on you keyboard to make a heart symbol?

10 Management Practices to Axe

Army discharging single mom who refused deployment

Kitten Videos

10 Great 'Green' Home Improvements for 2010


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2/14/2010 12:14:00 AM

Railroad News Feb 14th

"Today in Casey Jones History..  Mr. Jones.. Was working... Running Trains as usual... Accept he was extra nervous about one thing.. So nervous he ran a stop signal and crashed into another train... What, was Mr. Jones so nervous about? He was nervous about proposing to the sweet young lady who worked in the boarding house. Ms. "Jainie" Brady.. She of course accepted his proposal.. later on they were married in November, had three good children..... But this incident is why is why with "The Brave engineer" title.. They also call him "The Romantic Daring Doe" .. I am sure he'd get a chuckle out of that...- DNatureofDTrain

Union Pacific Railroad train hits possibly-drunk woman in car on tracks
Valley News
MECCA - A possibly-drunk woman drove her a car across railroad tracks and
was struck by a Union Pacific Railroad train in Mecca today, according to
CHP and ...

Railroad yards still help propel local economies
Redlands Daily Facts
As a result, he said, the shops were torn out and are now used to store
cargo containers and train parts. Today, the San Bernardino yard is an
intermodal ...

"This is why all railroad crossings should be marked in my opinion.. Private and public.. This type of incident can lead to sueing land owners and railroad company owners... and although I am not big on lawsuits... I would agree with those.... That guy had a neat name...May his spirit Rest in Peace..  " - DNatureofDTrain

Casa Grande Dentist Killed In Violent Train Crash In Florence, AZ (blog)
Dr. Gene Yang and Dr. Philip Horsely were returning from a hunting trip
when a train struck their vehicle at an unguarded railroad crossing. ...

The Real Deal
Financial Times
When Burlington Northern Railroad Company spun off its energy and lumber
group, Burlington Resources, arbs simultaneously bought one stock while
selling ...

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2/13/2010 1:45:00 AM

2/13/2010 Casey Jones and Railroad News

Casey Jones - Grateful dead

Grateful Dead: Road Trips Vol.3 No.1
All About Jazz
"I Need a Miracle" and "Casey Jones" are just a couple during which the
group ratchets up the momentum of its playing. The high impact close, in
the form of ...

Man struck, killed by Amtrak train in Downers Grove
Naperville Sun
According to witness statements, the man wanted to walk to the south side
of the railroad tracks in an effort to catch an eastbound train. ...,6_1_NA14_TRAIN_S1-100214.article

1 dead, 1 injured in collision between truck, train
Pinal County Sheriff's deputies were called around 4 pm to a railroad
crossing near mile post 216 and Camino Adelante between Picacho and the
Picacho Peak ...

Rail tie falls from 'el' tracks, smashes into car
February 13, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A railroad tie fell from a North Side
'el' train line and smashed into the roof of a car parked underneath
shattering ...

All aboard! Train show stops in Holliston
MetroWest Daily News
Train buffs young and old came out Saturday for the the 6th annual Train
Show at the Holliston Historical Society. The Coastal Mountain Railroad
club, ...

Missing Lubbock man killed by train
The Department of Public Safety reports Trotter was discovered along
railroad tracks close to FM 2130 near Anton in Lamb County just after 7:00
pm Friday. ...

Such a short journey
Hindustan Times
For years, Peking university student Jiangping Bo considered a 1950s
railroad bridge over the Yangtze and a monument called the Yellow Crane
Tower as the ...

Owosso woman injured in car-train crash
Argus Press
The woman was heading north on Baldwin Road, just south of Juddville Road,
when she was unable to stop at the railroad crossing and collided with the
train. ...

Tulsa Police: Driver Arrested After Apparently Hitting Train KWTV
TULSA, OK -- Tulsa Police arrested a driver after responding to an
abandoned car that had been wrecked at the railroad crossing at 1300 N.
Harvard at about ...

Driver killed after train hits car near Picacho Peak
Sierra Vista Herald
(AP) — Tucson authorities say the driver of a pickup truck is dead and
his passenger injured after their vehicle was hit by a freight train at a
railroad ...

Local man struck and killed by train
The Turlock Journal
For decades suicides by train has been seen by the rail industry as a
tragedy, but one that is largely unpreventable. But now, the Federal
Railroad ...

Book and Web site provide context for names on Montana's map
Billings Gazette
Ringling's name comes from John T. Ringling of the Ringling Brothers
Circus, who arrived in 1910 and dreamed of building a railroad connecting
Glacier and ...

Metro train derails, minor injuries reported
The Associated Press
... will send Jim Southworth, the board's chief of railroad safety, to the
scene. Metro also is investigating. Metro ran some traffic by the derailed
train, ...

"Glad there were no injuries.. reading the story makes my hair dance on my skin" - DNatureofDTrain

Metro train derails, minor injuries reported

"RIP, and may your murdered be brought to justice" - DNatureofDTrain

Train Engineer Shot To Death In Eugene

"We're, Highballing on the high iron now!" - DNatureofDTrain

Fast Trains are something to celebrate

"Everyone wants one of those.. I would not mind a financial stimulus too me too, can I get a raise? :) " - DNatureofDTrain

Wisconsin and souther SEO wants stimulus

"Dem ding dongy things are dinging again..." - DNatureofDTrain

Blocked eastside railroad crossings jamming traffic

"Stop stealing rails ya fudiots!" - DNatureofDTrain

Missing railroad part caused derailment

"economy crisis is railroadin' everyone but we all could turn this around but nah we rather run around like headless chickens, bawking at eachother(sarcasm)" - DNatureofDTrain

NJ's Fiscal Crisis Could Railroad NJ Transit Riders


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2/13/2010 1:35:00 AM

2/13/2010 This week and last weeks general news

"This is the General News I missed sharing with you all some articles are repeats for sure as I took these out of the computer history... I did not have time to sort or comment to them all been busy this week" - DNatureofDTrain

General News

What's the link between epileptic seizures and earthquakes, basic and applied research?

Old Nintendo system sells for $13,105

Probe: Track didn’t cause Olympic accident

Mexico prez presents new plan for violent city

Shouldn't it be sunny here? South gets snowed in

Why Can't Women Ski Jump in the Olympics?

Movie werewolves

Deep trouble: How would you fill the Chicago Spire hole?

La Crosse Catholic Priest Charged With Sex Assault

IOC confirms Olympic luger dies after crash

What to do before and Earthquake?

What to do during and earthquake?

7 perfect survival foods

A Roomy 178 Square Feet

Avatars color controversy

Are TGFs Hazardous to Air Travelers?

2 Killer Moves for a Flat Tummy

6 Secrets to Stop Wasting Cash Now

'Papa Mark' Grimmette will carry flag for America,218993

USGS gov link

5 reasons you still need a gaming pc

An artist's impression

Citi to let distressed homeowners stay for 6 mos.

Proposed autism diagnosis changes anger "Aspies"

Marines push 'The Breacher' against Taliban lines

NYC's 'skinniest' house sells for $2.1M

Sweet Science: The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Ancient Greenland gene map has a surprise

New images of 9/11 released

Mixed reaction on MARTA's ‘yellow line' rebranding

Novel Idea: Cell-Phone Books

7 year old sings national anthem

yoga posts you can do anytime

6 Personality traits to admire and acquire

Mean-girl fashion and beauty rules at Cornell sorority: No 'mustaches' or 'muffin tops'

Japan's latest literary craze - novels written by cell phone: report

Real life sleeping beauty - Yahoo video

PROMISES, PROMISES: War widows' futile fight

Changes proposed in how psychiatrists diagnose

Money Can't Buy Happiness, So Man Gives Away Every Penny of His £3 Million Fortune

Grandmother of girl who overdosed sent to prison

Illinois Quake rippled through Wisconsin

Moves to Make Ahead of the New Credit Card Law

The Least-Trusted Banks in America

Police officers bust marijuana operations in Sun Prairie

Earthquake Shakes Northern Illinois

Earthquake Hits Northern Illinois

How Many Friends Can One Really Have?

How Many Friends Can One Really Have?

FBI wants logs of websites people visit

Healing power of herbal tea

Google's e-mail gets social in Facebook face-off

One Bowl = 2 Servings. F.D.A. May Fix That.

Zazzle Widens Lead Over CafePress After CafePress Disrespects Designers

Iran to cut ties with British Museum over loan

Italy minister defends boost for McDonald's burger

Being religious may not make you healthier after all

Scientists invent rice that doesn't need cooking

MTVs big change

Weight Watchers sues Jenny Craig for Bertinelli ad

Super bowls buzziest ads

10 Totally stupid ideas to make someone rich


AP IMPACT: Credibility key in 9/11 health trials

'Historic' snow strands countless in Mid-Atlantic

Great Paying Government Jobs;_ylt=Ak.fqd0GHwn12Rdw24Soh1.7YWsA;_ylu=X3oDMTFhcDdzcmwyBHBvcwMzBHNlYwNwZXJzb25hbEZpbmFuY2UEc2xrA29wZW5oaWdoLXBheQ--?mod=career-salary_negotiation

5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

"Avatar" dethroned at box office by "Dear John" (Reuters)

Last weeks General News

Australia marks anniversary of deadly firestorm;_ylt=An6RF08.MW.W6IxNeiHe1cBvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTM2c2RpOTZuBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDEwMDIwNy9hdXN0cmFsaWF3ZWF0aGVyZmlyZWFubml2ZXJzYXJ5BHBvcwMyOARzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2F1c3RyYWxpYW1hcg

US government back to business after record snow

"hmm I smell word misuse.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Chinese police shut down hacker training business;_ylt=AnN9pfgC.tg7UTmZdTfa1HFvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJtM2EycXQ2BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMjA4L2FzX2NoaW5hX2hhY2tpbmcEcG9zAzI0BHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDY2hpbmVzZXBvbGlj

"RIP" - DNatureofDTrain

Gas blast at Conn. power plant kills at least 5

"toyata had another recall doo dah doo dah" - DNatureofDTrain

Toyota to recall Prius for brake glitch: dealer

"I do not see why they do not do a charity and fundraising events around the outside of the olympic stadium along with regular vendors.. Imagine how much they could raise" - DNatureofDTrain

Give a home to us not the Olympics, say protesters;_ylt=Au7JkJAabyQnwsezJ5H46ntvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTMwbnJmbGJuBGFzc2V0A25tLzIwMTAwMjA4L2NhbmFkYV91c19vbHltcGljc19wb3ZlcnR5BHBvcwMyNgRzZWMDeW5fYXJ0aWNsZV9zdW1tYXJ5X2xpc3QEc2xrA2dpdmVhaG9tZXRvdQ--

"So far I had tried 90% of them.. Not working for me" - DNatureofDTrain

10+ Unusual Ways To Make Easy Money On The Internet If You Love Writing.

"Hmm I gotta come up with a stupid make me rich idea" - DNatureofDTrain

10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich

"Woof" - DNatureofDTrain

The Orangutan and the Hound

"More Jobs for the cheesy shippers" - DNatureofDTrain

Wis. Ship Builder Gets $123 Million Contract


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Feb 13 2010

2/13/2010 1:19:00 AM

2/13/2010 General News

"I still have not seen googles buzz.." - DNatureofDTrain

Google tweaks Buzz social hub after privacy woes

"Yeah, I some over their believe eating tiger um male organ soup .. gives them better baby making skills.. I think that is nasty" - DNatureofDTrain

Tiger Farms in China Feed Thirst for Parts

"I know these doctors are trying their hardest and best, and when you work with health or healing. One of the hardest things to accept is... No matter how hard we try we can not always help them all, and we can not always save them all. That was hard for us to cope with in our depression chatroom I used to host and help out in, or course.. What they are going through over their can not even compare to that experience.. But, what I had just stated is a very good thing to remember, when you are in that situation." - DNatureofDTrain

Doctors Haunted by Haitians They Couldn’t Help

"They are slipping off sleds.. Sled handles? maybe" - DNatureofDTrain

Probe: Track Didn't Cause Olympic Accident

Hindu activists disrupt Bollywood star's premiere

Kiper is first 'Survivor' hero sent home

"the fashion scene will bounce back just give it time to grieve" - DNatureofDTrain

McQueen's death hurts London fashion scene

"Another one.." - DNatureofDTrain

Toyota recalls 8,000 2010 Tacoma trucks

"Just do not go overboard with the white fire aka electricity or you'll sink us like Atlantas.. oh wait Global warming is flooding us anyhow we already did.. I forgot" - DNatureofDTrain

Laser weapon knocks down missile in test

"Sicko.. "  - DNatureofDTrain

Infant killed, mother injured in ax attack

"woohoo I been dancing can ya tell >:) " - DNatureofDTrain

Snow on the ground in 49 states

50 officers gave chase in Phoenix officer killing

"bzeetches  boom.. oh wait wasn't their quakes out that way recently... . ::thinks down the tracks of conspiracy theories:: " - DNatureofDTrain

U.S. to test missile interceptor

Officer killed, two men wounded in Arizona

North Korea confirms second American held

"Quick go door to door and sell generators! I mean it.. so they have food and heat, and are not bored outta their brains." - DNatureofDTrain

Thousands powerless as winter storm slams Plains, South

Attorney: Abortion doctor's killer case 'hopeless'

Snowstorm that covered South heads off to sea

"Reminds me of yahoo for some reason" - DNatureofDTrain

Facebook fight leads to shooting

"poopey excuse" - DNatureofDTrain

Police: Woman used hit-and-run excuse when tardy

"Sorry, that will not help you on your mission with G-d dude" - DNatureofDTrain

Pa. police: Priest caught buying cocaine

Alleged Kentucky burglar 'rewarded' with arrest

"Now, this is the kind of thing I would pull" - DNatureofDTrain

Love stinks! Minn. farmer creates manure valentine

"Prayers and healing on the way" - DNatureofDTrain

No cure for heart disease, Clinton's case shows

"he he he he he bus ... ta Ded" - DNatureofDTrain

Police: Fire charity scammer calls Pa. chief

"A Yip and woof and yip yip woof! Good job!" - DNatureofDTrain

3-legged dog wins 1st place in NYC shelter contest




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2/12/2010 7:07:00 PM

02/12/2010 - Railroad News

Freight train strikes pickup truck, kills driver in Pinal County
Arizona Daily Star
A man was killed Friday after his pickup truck was hit by a freight train
at a railroad crossing north of Picacho Peak, authorities said. ...

Vintage Train Ride from San Diego to Baja California
... Railroad Museum offers many unique opportunities throughout the year to
board the vintage trains (including the North Pole Limited Christmas Train)
and ...

Naples snowbirds' trip to the Machu Picchu lasted a little longer than they'd ...
Naples Daily News
... the town after mudslides and heavy rains made train tracks impassable
on Sunday, January 24. Fred and Nicole Moll walked across a small railroad
bridge, ...

Communter railroad: possible but many hurdles
Wayne Independent
“It's expensive to run a train through interchanges in other states,”
said Annetta DeYoung, train manager for the Wayne County Chamber of
Commerce. ...

Woman injured in car-train accident in Liberty
LIBERTY, Ind. - A 25-year-old woman suffered only minor injuries Thursday
night after her vehicle was struck by a locomotive on the CSX Railroad
tracks on ...

Woman Drives Car into Side of Moving Train in Cedar Rapids
... which prevented her from stopping before she hit the side of the Iowa
Northern Railroad train, according to police Sgt. Cristy Hamblin. ...

Railroad gates malfunction twice in one day
Suburban Life Publications
28, the Union Pacific railroad crossing gates on Addison Road near West
Division Street went down and stayed down for approximately 45 minutes with
no train ...

Plaintiff Dwayne Sadlik was employed by Norfolk Southern ("NS") as a train
conductor. He alleges that he was injured when a piece of lumber fell from
a ...

Train-vehicle accident leaves two injured
Iowa City Press Citizen
That was when it was struck by a westbound Iowa Interstate Railroad train.
The truck was pushed onto its side on the north side of the track, with the
train ...

Road option out for railroad corridor
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
RFTA's board of directors voted unanimously to preserve the old rail
corridor through Glenwood Springs for possible use by a train or fixed
guideway bus ...

Freedom Train makes a stop at Paramount
Joliet Herald News
The escape route that Tubman followed soon became known as the Underground
Railroad, and she quickly became one of its most celebrated "conductors.

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2/11/2010 railroad news

2/11/2010 7:04:00 PM

2/11/2010 Railroad News

Second train-vehicle accident this week
Iowa City Press Citizen
It is unknown why the sand truck was in the railroad crossing when the
train came through, but the accident remains under investigation, according
to the ...

BNSF train-car collision in Tulsa injured 1 person
Justice News Flash
Tulsa, OK—A Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) train struck
a car that was stopped on the railroad tracks on Wednesday, February 10,
2010. ...

Iconic railroad car makes its way to new home
Peoria Journal Star
Wheels O' Time President Gary Bragg said the VOP's train cars, which are
more than 100 years old, will be positioned on the railway tracks directly
behind ...

Valentine's dinner trains running Feb. 13-14
Tri County Leader
The Texas State Railroad is holding two Valentine's dinner trains on Feb.
13-14. “Our Love is On the Line” dinner train is a romantic evening
train ...

2 dead after train crashes into car
... The Colorado State Patrol says two women were killed Thursday afternoon
after they attempted to cross railroad tracks in front of an approaching
train. ...

Korea's 1st Homemade Bullet Train on Track in March
The Chosun Ilbo
Korea Railroad on Thursday said it will put the KTX-Ⅱ, the first bullet
train produced with local technology, into service between Seoul and Busan
and ...

Iconic railroad car makes its way to new home
Peoria Journal Star
The two train cars will be positioned on the railway tracks directly behind
those cars and eventually restored to be used for rentals for birthday
parties ...

NJ's Fiscal Crisis Could Railroad NJ Transit Riders
NBC New York
By BRIAN THOMPSON It looks like bus, train and light rail riders in New
Jersey will be called upon to help plug the gaping hole in New Jersey's
budget. ...

Hinsdale: Train track cleared 40 minutes before crash
Luckily the driver was able to escape before the vehicle was hit by a
train. Street grade level railroad crossings are common in some areas and
motorists ...

Web users travel virtual railway
The Press Association
Google's Virtual Train spans the entire 150 hour journey and users can pass
the time listening to audio books of Russian classics - such as Leo
Tolstoy's ...

Woman struck by Amtrak train in Oakland
San Jose Mercury News
... Railroad and 85th avenues, Oakland police Officer Jeff Thomason said.
Officers arrived to find that an Amtrak passenger train had struck a
pedestrian. ...

Missing Railroad Part Caused Moscow - Sofia Train Derailment
Photo by BGNES The information was reported Thursday by the General
Director of Railroad Infrastructure, Milcho Lambrev, who says the exact
cause of the ...

Union Pacific train hits Coke truck near Ninnekah
Chickasha Express Star
A Coca Cola delivery truck driver escaped with a Coke and a smile on
Wednesday after colliding with a 10000 ton Union Pacific freight train. ...

What to wear on train trip
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By Jean Patteson, THE ORLANDO SENTINEL Question:I have signed up for an
amazing tour in July, a benefit for the Central Florida Railroad Museum.

City Digs Out From Storm; Public Schools Open
The railroad added extra trains for people looking to get out of town
early, but scaled back later in the day. "They cancelled my normal train,

Man struck by train at Copiague LIRR station dies
Newsday (subscription)
A man struck by a Long Island Rail Road train early Thursday at the
Copiague station has died, railroad officials said. The man, whose identity
was not ...

Get more details about rail line options
Hilton Head Island Packet
A North Carolina tourism railroad development company wants to use the old
rail line running between Port Royal and Yemassee to offer daily scenic
train ...

Korea Eyes $45 Bil. Train Deal in US
Korea Times
Korea and the state of California already enjoy a history of strong
railroad cooperation. In January, Hyundai Rotem exported 131 multi-level
carriages for ...

VIDEO: Hero dodges oncoming train
Independent Online
Security cameras captured the unidentified man on Tuesday pushing a stalled
van off the railroad tracks as a train bore down on the vehicle. ...

Snoopy to visit the Texas State Railroad
Groesbeck Journal
Palestine – Snoopy will be visiting the Texas State Railroad on February
6, 13 & 14 for Peanuts™ - The Valentine Express. During the train ride
guests will ...

Man killed by train near fairgrounds site
Modesto Bee
Amirfar said the man was seen running toward the railroad tracks as the
train was approaching. A witness told police the man ran onto the tracks
and ...

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Yesterdays IL quake

2/11/2010 12:24:00 AM

2/11.2010 Yesterdays IL quake

"Many have heard but many may have not about the Earthquake in Illinois felt as far north as Madison, WI and as Far South as TN... .. Well, I live in Janesville, Area of Wisconsin... I felt and heard it too. I have experienced quite a few different quakes but this one was very very different.

In the other quakes I have felt the quake itself felt like it traveled slower across the land, and the shaking seemed at a slower pace...

This one the shaking was very fast, very intense, and very loud, in the others It did not seem to make a sound.

My experience was this. I was at the computer chatting with my friend.. Prior to the quake I was having strange headaches and my ears kept feeling like they were gonna pop.... And the pain and pressure grew stronger this started about a half hour before the quake hit for me.. as I had numerous other sensations I was wondering if I needed to go to the doctor for possible seizures... and was extremely irritable and was taking it out on my best friend in im .. which I kept getting disconnected from then could not log back into at 3:58.. I heard what sounded like a fighter jet in the distance.. But the sound was different than the normal flight path... So I got up stood at the doorway of the office looked outside.. the window and  hear the sound grew louder and louder till it sounded like a thunderclap as it echoed acrossed the land Southwest to North West.. bang bang bang really loud, and I saw flashes of light outside.. I never seen the light flashes with a quake like that before.. but... I knew when the shaking reached me imediately what it was and after the lights and loud sound passed i could hear the ground rumbling and shaking... as I wandered back to the computer chair in a haze the shakes even from far away was enough to make me go search for that fighter jet.. Sometimes I like to get up watch them fly over and salute them.. ..

For the last few days on and off  I had been hearing rumblings in the ground, been dizzy tired, irritable ... strange feelings on my skin pin prick, itchy feelings.. Not sure why I sense this.. But just before the physical sound of it my ears ring really bad..... I thought it was a thunderstorm coming at first .. one  of the other reasons I wandered to look out the window was to make sure those flashes were not lightning... I stood there for awhile.. on and off looking outside at it.

Such a minor thing in my neighborhood but very exciting to me... I posted about it also on my psychic blog but the post is not complete.. but I still feel hazy minded so I will edit the post when I feel a little clearer in thought.. "

- DNatureofDTrain

My psychic Blog.. 

The News About This quake:

Here is about the details of the quake

Earthquake cements Pingree Grove on map,3_1_EL11_06QUAKE_S1-100211.article

Earthquakes? We've had our share,2_1_AU11_QUAKE_S4-100211.article

Small earthquake wakes up northern Illinois residents

Rude awakening: 4 a.m. earthquake is felt here

Illinois Quake ripped through to Wisconsin

4.3 Earthquake Rattles Northern Illinois

USGS report Magnitude 3.8 - ILLINOIS

USGS earthquakes main home page

"Solar weather at the day of the IL quake" - DNatureofDTrain

"This is todays Solar weather for the day" - DNatureofDTrain



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2/10/2010 7:01:00 PM

02/10/2010 Railroad News

Model train show coming this weekend
Long Beach Press-Telegram
The Model Railroad Industry Association's new model train show is Saturday
and Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center. Kids can take rides on
Thomas the ...

Accident in Hinsdale delays Metra trains
Chicago Daily Herald
... halted in Hinsdale for about 50 minutes Wednesday morning after a train
hit a car that had become stuck on the railroad crossing, police officials
said. ...

Greenville Train Chasers
That's because trains won't be stopping at the city's railroad switching
yard for much longer. It's a stop that causes major traffic back-ups on
busy ...

LIRR preps for winter storm
NEW YORK (WABC) -- The Long Island Railroad says it's going to try to keep
train service going. Train service between Ronkonkoma and Greenport is
being ...

Celebrating the Train at the Historical Society
By WKBW Directors BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) -- The City of Buffalo and Western New
York have its history deeply rooted in the railroad that helped to make
this ...

Metro-North morning ridership down 21 percent
The Journal News |
Metro-North Railroad reported that 21 percent fewer people took the train
to work in New York City today than on a regular weekday. From 6:15 am to 9
am, ...

Buffett Takes on Chokepoint in Chicago With Burlington Northern
The yards would help reduce the typical day-and-a-half slog across the
city's intersecting Amtrak, commuter train and freight tracks, helping
railroads in ...

Shreveport police, railroad holding checkpoint
Shreveport Times
This effort was initiated to reduce the number of car and train crashes
caused by drivers violating traffic laws pertaining to railroad crossings,

One Person Injured In Tulsa Car-Train Accident
News On 6
The accident has closed Harvard in both directions at the Burlington
Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks. The News On 6 has a crew on scene and
will have more ...

EGF council travels into train whistle territory
Grand Forks Herald
By closing one railroad crossing, East Grand Forks could become a train
whistle-free town and get $100000 in free improvements to boot. ...

Can Steven Holcomb and 'Night Train' reach victory lane?
USA Today
He drew a sled with wheels, going down railroad tracks. He enlisted the
help of a friend who designs race-car lettering to make decals, and the
next day ...

Driver, passenger injured in collision
Iowa City Press Citizen
A pickup truck driver and his passenger were injured Tuesday afternoon
after a collision with a train at the Iowa Interstate Railroad crossing on
Jasper ...

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2/9/2010 4:43:00 PM

02/09/2010 - Railroad News

In India, Many Top Athletes Are Working on the Railroad
New York Times
At the railway, athletes often become ticket collectors because they can
work day or night, affording them time to train. It also allows them to
travel for ...

Woman escapes vehicle before crash with train
The State Journal-Register
By Anonymous A woman narrowly escaped death when her car slid onto railroad
tracks moments before a freight train barreled into the vehicle on Tuesday.

Model train show draws large crowd
Snohomish County Tribune
... a model Northern Pacific freight train during an operating session at
the 19th annual United Northwest Model Railroad Club Train Show and Swap
meet Feb. ...

Train crashes into abandoned car
Hickory Daily Record
Conover - A train slammed into an empty station wagon left on the railroad
tracks at Fourth St. Place, SE, on Tuesday night. The Norfolk Southern
train ...

Two hurt after Metra train hits car in Park Ridge
Chicago Daily Herald
... Tuesday after a Union Pacific Northwest Line train struck the vehicle
they were riding in, which was on the railroad tracks, officials said. ...

Stay-Cationers Buy Out Sweetheart Train
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Train buffs who were hoping to see "Puffy," the railroad's 1896 steam
locomotive, pulling the Sweetheart Express will have to wait for another
event. ...

Government confronts train suicides
USA Today
The Federal Railroad Administration is shining light on a taboo subject by
studying suicide-by-train incidents, The Boston Globe reported. ...

Two injured in train-truck collision
Iowa City Press Citizen
... a crash involving a pickup truck and a train. The crash occurred in
Tiffin at the intersection of the Iowa Interstate Railroad crossing on
Jasper Ave. ...

Federal Study Tries to Derail Train Suicides
By Kevin Spak| Posted 0 minutes ago| Share (Newser) – The Federal
Railroad Administration is out to challenge the notion that
suicide-by-train is an ...

Shreveport police, railroad plan safety checkpoint
Shreveport Times
... safe and reduce the number of car and train crashes caused by drivers
violating traffic laws pertaining to railroad crossings, a police release

Report: Attempted Terrorist Attack in The Netherlands, Bomb Found in Train ...
David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog (blog)
Dutch news channel the NOS says that the bomb was found after passengers
alerted railroad personnel that a suspicious man was moving in and around
the train ...

Union Pacific Probes 2 Dozen Freight Cars Jumping Tracks
(WTAQ) - The Union Pacific Railroad is trying to figure out why two dozen
freight cars jumped the tracks in Kenosha County. It happened about 12:30
pm ...

Pedestrian hit by train in Marietta, Ga.
(AP) - Officials in Marietta say a freight train struck and killed a man
who was walking along railroad tracks. Police say the 60-car CSX train's
conductor ...

Train plow hits vehicle
Times and Transcript
Kent RCMP are warning motorists to be careful at railroad crossings after a
man suffered minor injuries in a car-train plow collision yesterday. ...

Striving to prevent suicide by train
Boston Globe
Now, the Federal Railroad Administration is challenging that notion. It has
funded an effort, the first of its kind, to tally train suicides as part of
a ...

Historically Speaking
York Weekly
The train actually pulled inside the building. A Boston Herald article,
published 100 years after the railroad came to Exeter, described the train
as, ...

Freight train jumps the tracks
A hazardous materials officer for the railroad “walked all the derailed
cars, looked at each derailed car, and there is no evidence of any leaks on
any of ...

Monument to commemorate Lincoln's funeral train
The State Journal-Register
... and Alton Railroad Engine No. 58 arrived pulling the funeral train
carrying the remains of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United
States. ...

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2/8/2010 4:38:00 PM

2/8/2010 - Railroad News

Transportation expert applauds Obama's rail plans
Green Right Now (blog)
Whether those fares will be paid to a government-owned railroad, a
privately owned railroad, or some joint venture, remains to be seen. ...

Daughter of OHSU president killed by train
A Wasco County sheriff's spokesman said Robertson was on foot when she was
hit, but declined to provide additional details. Railroad officials are
also ...

Amtrak cuts some Tuesday service
Washington Post (blog)
Amtrak has cut several routes for Tuesday in advance of the approaching
snowstorm due to downed trees and power lines on railroad tracks along
certain ...

Two teen brothers die in car-train collision
Moultrie Observer
The vehicle came to the railroad crossing and the cross bar was down at the
time because of a train coming north. The car apparently went around the
cross ...

Train Engineer Shot To Death In Eugene
A homicide investigation is under way after a railroad engineer was found
dead from gunshots near railroad tracks in Eugene The body of Ronald
Langlois, ...

High-speed trains carry derailment risk
Bloomington Pantagraph
I suggest the politicians stick to their politicking and leave the running
of trains to the railroad management. I doubt seriously that an experienced
train ...

Train derails in Wisconsin
Duluth News Tribune (registration)
Equipment to remove or upturn the freight cars was en route to the site.
The railroad spokesman says other trains will be re-routed until the
derailment is ...

Atchafalaya Voices for Feb. 7 and Jan. 31
The Daily Advertiser
Everyone either remembers reading or hearing about the completion of the
First Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory, Utah. A telegraph message
dispatched ...

Moscow-Sofia ‘Bulgaria Express’ Train Derails in Deep Snow
There were 19 Russians and 30 Bulgarians on board the 8-carriage train,
Bulgarian State Railroad company, BDZ, stated. Bulgarian Transport Minister

Train derails in Fairhope
Daily American Online
William Raupach lives near the derailment sight and worked for the railroad
for 44 years. He often worked on the bridge where the accident occurred.

Zoo train back on track
Baltimore Sun
Kranz doesn't expect the train to be quite as popular as the one at his
last zoo, near the Florida headquarters of railroad company CSX. ...,0,1840787.story

Questioning the flood control contract
Napa Valley Register
The question I have is, would the railroad bridge been replaced if the Wine
Train did not exist? Although I saw no direct mention of this in your
article, ...


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2/7/2010 10:53:00 PM

Congrats to the Saints for the win at the supebowl!

and Colts fans! You team still made it to the superbowl and it was a good game! so don't mope be happy for that too :) .

The Commercials were pretty low key this year..

But, this covers all the ones I liked.. I liked the Casual Fridays, Wear no Pants, and the silly rap one with the former Bears team players.. that was funny. That was my favorite, one this year.

I am not gonna add many updates to this blog for the next couple of days, unless my headaches tone down I did work extra long on this yesterday.. besides I figure you all need some time to catch up on all the articles I posted anyhow before throwing more input at ya :) .

Take care,

- DNatureofDTrain


2/7/2010 Railroad News

China's fast trains may offer tips for US
USA Today
The plan lists private railroad ownership, state fiscal restraints, a lack
of expertise and resources as the biggest challenges. The No. ...

Collecting trains since he was a child
New Bern Sun Journal
His father's train survived a flood during his childhood. One of his
uncles, who worked for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, took it home to
restore it. ...

Railway worker's wife: 'He worked hard to provide for his family'
... 5 am Langlois' supervisor at Portland & Western Railroad, a Salem-based
train transport company, was at the crime scene while police investigated.

Larkin is Right, Forget Railroad
Cleveland Leader
Brent Larkin was so right in the Sunday Plain Dealer about the proposed
passenger train linking Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. ...

What should the SMART train stations look like?
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
SMART will not use some of the historic stations that remain on the
Northwestern Pacific Railroad line, such as those in Healdsburg, Santa
Rosa's Railroad ...

Woman crawls under tracks to leave home
... 66, said she has to crawl between two railroad cars in order to go
anywhere from her own home after being trapped by the cars. Aretha Brown
said a train ...

Too many car-train incidents
South Bend Tribune
The Indiana Department of Transportation and Indiana Operation Lifesaver
have partnered with law enforcement agencies and railroad companies to
enforce and ...

Joe Hallett commentary: This train is bound for an inglorious fate, and that's ...
Columbus Dispatch
... quaint station in Railroad Park had closed not long after World War II
and you had to drive to Toledo to board a train bound for New York or
Chicago. ...

Model railroad club preparing for show
Lawrence Journal World
Lawrence Model Railroad Club is looking for contestants to enter this
year's model train show. The ninth annual Lawrence Model Railroad Train
Show and Swap ...

Model railroads: Theater on rails
Plattsburgh Press Republican
Tony's Trains, Pinewood Plaza, 57 River Road, Essex Junction, Vt. The
William K. Walthers railroaders supply catalog can be purchased for $14 at
train ...

Texas State Railroad offering Valentine's dinner trains
Palestine Herald Press
PALESTINE — The Texas State Railroad is holding two Valentine's Dinner
Trains on Saturday and Sunday. “Our Love is On the Line” dinner train
is a romantic ...

Old Sacramento sweet look at Gold Rush era
San Jose Mercury News
The ticket and telegraph offices, baggage area and gender-separate waiting
rooms at the Central Pacific Railroad Passenger Station evoke an era when
train ...

Rail trail at critical crossroads
Boston Globe
Plans call for the Freeman Rail Trail to extend between Lowell and
Framingham, following the path of a former New Haven Railroad line; its
first phase, ...

Rail worker shot to death
The Register-Guard
... the body was found, but police would not say whether the victim was the
train operator or a railroad security officer or worked in another
capacity. ...

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General News

2/7/2010 12:12:00 AM

General News from the last two months now to older

Precocius Caldwell ahead of schedule for Team USA

8 churches burn to the ground

New bill could prevent future assessment headaches

Hixson proposes highway renaming

How-To Guide: Reduce Your Debt

Getting a Millionaire's Mindset

More and More States on Budget Brink

Best companies to work for

Lexus's $350,000 Sports Car

Palin's campaign against the "R-word" hits snag with Limbaugh

14-year-old confirmed as UK's youngest WWII death

Few remain as 1962 Pa. coal town fire still burns

Post office closings upset rural communities

Hubble sees Pluto changing color, ice sheet cover

Defining the 'Dos of John Travolta

5 Careers You Can Start at Any Age;_ylt=Auj6O33iXJetIRNCrGjyVaYyo9IF;_ylu=X3oDMTEybHJ2a2NpBHBvcwMyBHNlYwNhcnRpY2xlBHNsawM1Y2FyZWVyc3lvdWM-

Monoply makeover

The Deficit: How to Protect Yourself

Dating Tips: 5 Signs You're Headed Toward a Breakup

Child enticement attempt - Madison Wisconsin

Hamas backtracks on apology over harming civilians

Source: Jackson's doctor to be arraigned Friday

House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt

Self-help speaker charged in sweat lodge deaths

First-time jobless claims rise unexpectedly

FDA concerned dissolvable tobacco appeals to kids

U.S. missionaries charged with kidnapping in Haiti

Heinz revamps ketchup packets

Men At Work vs. The Man: '80s Band Charged With Plagiarism

2nd large quake in month hits off N. Calif coast

Pepsi Skips Super Bowl TV Advertising for Social Media

Laura Timoney fumes after son Patrick, 9, is busted for bringing 2-inch-long toy gun to PS 52

John Mayer puts on free concert for SC fans

Toyota probe deepens amid confusion over risk

Wife: SC gov didn't want fidelity in marriage vows

Yahoo sells HotJobs to Monster Worldwide for $225M

Train (and Get Results) with Jillian Michaels

5 Careers You Can Start at Any Age

German man saved on frozen sea by webcam spotter

Ex-POW in Iraq war recalls nightmares, depression

Next threat to Amazon's $9.99 books? Rupert Murdoch

Best Places To Get Ahead 2010

Fiscal Fitness: Save $157.86 Just by Asking

Children of dead CIA officers try to learn about their work

What it costs to be a winter Olympian

9 Chic Shoe Rules

Man who spent 3 months in Tokyo airport to leave

Studies Reveal Why Kids Get Bullied and Rejected

Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death

Branson Goes 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Best Sites for Coupon Lovers

Jimmy the groundhog

E-Book Pricing Put Into Turmoil

6 ways to make money with domain names

Shelters see more families

Most Common Traits of ID Theft Victims

Electric car maker Tesla Motors plans IPO

Regulators shut down banks in 5 states

Tax Breaks for Almost Everyone

7 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving or Breaking a Sweat

Welcome to Milwuakee you bum

Farve Throws away super opportunity

5 Low-Profile Careers With High Potential

Lets celebrate Jacksons greats!

Cops Find Missing Brookhaven Woman

Shortest and Tallest Man

Japan's Fujitsu says it made first 'iPad'

More melamine-tainted milk products found in China

Rains strand 2,000 tourists at Machu Picchu ruins

Haiti's children on their own on shattered streets

Homes evacuated in San Antonio as hill crumbles

Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of 2010 Tonight

Pint Size Hero

Tear Gas fired at hungry Haitans

10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich

Texas Leads U.S. in High-Growth Cities

15 Things You Never Noticed on a Dollar

Video: Questionable spot a microcosm of Vikings' unlucky evening,215402

Pope gunman released from prison

Grammys will stage 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson

Experts: Haiti at risk for another big aftershock

New York Times to charge for Web access in 2011

AP Exclusive: IOC recommends gender-test centers

YouTube getting into movie rental business

Explosives found at home of suspected Va. gunman

Man tells cops he paid for sex, but didn't get it

Businesses, unions freed to spend big on elections

Jet diverts to Philly over teen passenger's prayer

Stars unite to help Haiti in telethon


UN: Haiti government calls off search and rescue

Railroad and Buffet

Terror scare at Manchester Airport as man attempts to take 'unidentified white powder' onto flight bound for Heathrow

Soup Therapy: Detoxify, Lose Weight, and Boost Immunity

Air America is signing off

Microsoft fixes browser breach used in Google Hack

Boy, 16 may have died from heroin overdose

Zoe Pound Gang: Learn More About Haitian Group Featured On History Channel

No Pants Subway Ride 2010

Pro Pants

State's DNA letter to felons may yield future setbacks in court

Final report on deadly Metrolink crash comes down to signal color,0,785407.story

Donating this year Uncle Sam needs your help.

Top 100 best companies to work for

'We Are The World' Re-recording Reportedly In The Works

Susan Boyle snubbed, gets no Brit Award nomination

Most Expensive U.S. Small Town: Sagaponack, N.Y.

7 new uses for a penny

Fiscal Fitness: Get Cash for Your Castoffs

Fiscal Fitness: Give Yourself a $200 Raise Right Now

Are You Ruining Your Kids' Social Lives?

New Recalls Affect 2 Million Baby Strollers and Cribs

Good Housekeeping's 2010 VIP Awards

Humbled Lesnar returns to UFC spotlight

Prince composes new Vikings fight song,215101

Russian ice dance tribute to Aborigines offensive to Aborigines,215206

Wi-Fi "sensitivity" draws lawsuit from next-door neighbor;_ylt=AhGXEY.9l.T0Fb3oeREyH1U8MZA5

Price war underway over cell service fees

Public Debt FAQ

How-To Guide: Reduce Your Debt

National Debt: Accepting Donations

FBI illegally collected phone records

Gang members in Haitian slum profit from disaster

Arab Christians try reviving town of Jesus miracle;_ylt=AhFQxbFwqgQwjBpbrqU8ZvJH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTNpNnN2dm4wBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTIwL21sX2lzcmFlbF9pc29sYXRlZF9jaHJpc3RpYW5zBGNjb2RlA21vc3Rwb3B1bGFyBGNwb3MDNARwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA2FyYWJjaHJpc3RpYQ--

China teen seen as hero for killing local official

Toyota recalls 2.3M US vehicles to fix gas pedals

NZ army to remove Bible citations from armaments;_ylt=AindemDS14HgZ_MvNn2_GPhH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTNoNWFnMjkzBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTIxL2FzX25ld196ZWFsYW5kX3dlYXBvbl9zaWdodHMEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbnphcm15dG9yZW1v

Study: Terrorists can be turned away from violence

Google co-founders to sell $5.5B combined in stock

Homeless veteran who saved 5 in fire laid to rest

Egypt announces find of ancient cat goddess temple

Mystery visitor to Poe's grave is a no-show

"World's least known bird" found breeding in Afghanistan

U.S. 82nd Airborne's "Beast" helps hungry Haitians

How do you solve a problem like tablet PCs?

Sleep Talker a Big Online Hit

MLK honor

Jesus Bible codes on weapons

Tornado Survivor been through worse

China's soaring economy

New bin laden image taken from Spanish lawmaker

Wildlife prize winning photo is fake

Sears Scrambles Online for a Lifeline

If Your Password Is 123456, Just Make It HackMe

21 Things We're Learning to Live Without

Banks shut in Fla., Mo., NM, Ore., Wash.

Railroads signal a tepid US economic recovery

Swiss Re gets $1.27B in Warren Buffett deal

New Deductions, Credits for 2009 Taxes

Home Economics: The Hidden Costs of the 'American Dream',IYR,XHB,HD,LOW,DHI,PHM

Why Americans Should Care About the Debt Crisis in Greece,TLT,GLD,RSX,EUO,FXE,FEZ

how to work and Study at the same time


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2/6/2010 8:25:00 PM

2/6/2010 Railroad News

Loma Linda ready to build 'quiet zones' near railroad crossings
San Bernardino Sun
By Stephen Wall, Staff Writer LOMA LINDA - Years of unwelcome train noise
are about to end for residents on the eastern side of town. ...

Local man builds scale railroad inside the Amesbury Senior Center
Amesbury News
Mulligan comes with a background in civil engineering and he was
responsible for some of the electrical work and train layout. Poulin
donated some of the ...

Train collides with vehicle
St. Augustine Record
By CHAD SMITH A car sitting near the railroad tracks north of downtown was
destroyed by a passing train Friday morning, but no one was injured in the
crash, ...

Neosho police investigate death on railroad tracks
Joplin Globe
Officers found the victim had been hit by a train on the Burlington
Northern Railroad tracks. Neosho investigators responded to the scene and
identified the ...

1 killed, 1 hurt in Ill. Amtrak accident
... commuter railroad stop when the accident happened, The Chicago Tribune
reported. Cole told the Tribune the victims were hit by Amtrak Hiawatha
Train No. ...

Foreign briefing: Railroad to Machu Picchu closed
Los Angeles Times
The switchback railroad used by 90% of tourists to reach Machu Picchu will
be closed at least two months for repairs, spoiling the travel plans of
thousands ...,0,5102832.story

Train kills a man who was walking along tracks near Neosho, Mo
... the Neosho Police Department, a 22-year-old man identified as Marcos
Rios was found on the tracks by railroad personnel after being struck by a
train. ...

Train station meeting is set
Tasley Eastern Shore News
All those interested in learning more about Eastern Shore railroad history
and its importance to the town of Onley and surrounding areas are invited
to ...

CSU student found dead on railroad tracks in Weld County
The Coloradoan
The Weld County Sheriff's Office said Arnold's body was found around 10 am,
and it appears Arnold was hit by a train. Investigators said it looks like

City wins fast-train funds
By Mark Johnson Federal railroad officials plan to spend more than $100
million to create a railroad superhighway through Charlotte. ...

Metra trains stopped after pedestrians hit at Lake Forest crossing
Chicago Sun-Times
The Amtrak train, heading for Milwaukee, was using tracks it shares with
the Metra commuter railroad. Metra trains remain stopped Friday evening
after at ...,amtrak-pedestrians-accident-020510.article


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2/5/2010 8:40:00 PM

2/5/2010 - Railroad News

MIR Corporation Announces Exciting Train Travel Discount on the Legendary ...
The Open Press (press release)
... on tours aboard the Tsar's Gold private train in 2010, the first time
they have offered a discount on tours aboard this Trans-Siberian Railroad
train. ...

CSU student killed on tracks may have been train-hopping
Denver Post
Investigators believe Arnold may have been hit by an eastbound train, but
his body wasn't reported until a railroad employee on a later train,
heading west, ...

Man Hit, Killed By Train In Ellicott City
WBAL Radio
Authorities are investigating an accident along railroad tracks in Ellicott
City that left one person dead. Police in Howard County said a man said to
be ...

Body found on railroad tracks near Keenesburg
Greeley Tribune
The body was spotted by a train passing around 10:00 AM A body which was
hit by a train near Keenesburg in south Weld Couty may be that of a missing
Denver ...

Man killed after being struck by CSX train
Baltimore Sun
The man was pronounced dead at the scene, and his body was taken to the
state medical examiner's office. County and railroad police were
investigating the ...,0,526696.story

Model train show in Monroe will get kids on track
Kids can visit the coloring station, the train-shaped bouncy house or
pretend to be a real railroad engineer by using a simulator owned by
Operation ...

ST. LOUIS COUNTY: Jury awards $3.1 million to injured train engineer
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A St. Louis County jury awarded $3.1 million Thursday to a railroad
engineer who was injured in April 2008 when another train struck his
locomotive. ...

UP's coal train loadings continued to lag in January
Progressive Rail Roading
Union Pacific Railroad's January coal train loadings reflect lagging coal
demand as utilities continue to maintain large stockpiles. ...

LIRR Announces New Severe-Weather Policy
The railroad says it may shut down train service when 10 or more inches of
snow falls on the tracks. Service would remain suspended until snow
clearing ...

Latest train horn silence date: March 1
Arizona Daily Sun
The project, long delayed by financial, political and administrative
hurdles, was cleared by the Federal Railroad Administration earlier this
week. ...

St. Joseph students hear Hudson crash survivor
Florida Times-Union
By Dan Scanlan Casey Jones has a new motto for life ever since the icy
waters of the Hudson River rushed up to greet him and 154 others on board
US Airways ...


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2/4/2010 8:58:00 PM

2/4/2010 Railroad news

Union Pacific to give historic railroad bridge to Mo. city for potential use ...
Los Angeles Times
... a train in a couple of decades, had been targeted to be torn by Union
Pacific so that its steel could be used to build a much-need, second
railroad ...,0,7399150.story

Amtrak Plans $11 Billion of Train Equipment Purchases
4 (Bloomberg) -- Amtrak, the US long-distance passenger railroad, said it
needs $11 billion in new rail equipment during the next 14 years and is
examining ...

Car Struck By Train Along Central Road
Journal & Topics Newspapers Online
... Plaines police yesterday (Thursday) morning after a motorist reportedly
drove around a railroad crossing gate and was struck by a Metra commuter
train. ...

Train union questions railroad statement
Interior Journal
Miracle, however, produced a document that indicated that moving employees
might really be on the railroad's mind. When the company told employees
they were ...

Man hit by train in Weld County, body discovered this morning
Denver Post
... that the "young man" had been hit earlier by an eastbound train, but it
wasn't reported until a railroad employee on a later train, heading west,

Work completed to silence train horns
Arizona Daily Sun
... to reduce train horn noise through Flagstaff. Sensors will trigger
wayside or directional horns at the Steves and Fanning at-grade railroad
crossings, ...

Miniature Trains = Big Fun
Siskiyou Daily News
Up in Chiloquin, Ore., at the Train Mountain Railroad Museum, you can find
the “Longest Miniature Hobby Railroad,” according to the Guinness World
Record ...

Man killed by train identified
Union Pacific Railroad spokesman Aaron Hunt said the collision is under
investigation, but it appears the man was trespassing on railroad property.

Police ID suspect in Stanwood truck-train crash
Seattle Times
27 so the truck would hit the train. The pickup had been stolen from a
nearby farm. The train dragged it about half a mile. One railroad car
derailed, ...

Brazil Aide: Bullet Train Tender Likely By May 2
Easy Bourse
There are already railroad lines connecting the cities, but they are mainly
for freight--passenger lines serving mainly suburban and urban areas. The
train ...

Careless driving charge filed over car smashed by train
Allentown Morning Call
... police charged a York County woman with careless driving for getting
her car stuck on railroad tracks just before a freight train hit it Tuesday
night. ...,0,1149767.story

MIR Corporation Announces Exciting Train Travel Discount on the Legendary ... (press release)
... Gold private train in 2010, the first time they have offered a discount
on tours aboard this Trans-Siberian Railroad train. different cabin styles,

Cars jump track with minor disruption
Chattanooga Times Free Press
A train derailment in Rossville held up traffic Tuesday and Wednesday, but
residents say it mostly went unnoticed in the maze of railroad tracks and

UPDATED: Man dies after being hit by train in Red Bluff
Union Pacific spokesman Aaron Hunt said the railway is investigating the
collision, but it appears the man was trespassing on railroad property.

Rell: NL to get second daily commuter train
... of Environmental Protection for additional train movements over movable
railroad bridges that affect commercial and recreational marine traffic.

MIR Corporation Announces Exciting Train Travel Discount on the Legendary ... (press release)
... Gold private train in 2010, the first time they have offered a discount
on tours aboard this Trans-Siberian Railroad train. different cabin styles,

Cars jump track with minor disruption
Chattanooga Times Free Press
A train derailment in Rossville held up traffic Tuesday and Wednesday, but
residents say it mostly went unnoticed in the maze of railroad tracks and

UPDATED: Man dies after being hit by train in Red Bluff
Union Pacific spokesman Aaron Hunt said the railway is investigating the
collision, but it appears the man was trespassing on railroad property.

Rell: NL to get second daily commuter train
... of Environmental Protection for additional train movements over movable
railroad bridges that affect commercial and recreational marine traffic.


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Casey Jones

2/3/2010 1:36:00 PM

Casey Jones related Articles within the last few weeks..

Southern Bound: Rayford's 'Cottonmouth' depicts bygone era


Book Review: 'Day Out of Days'
Florida Times-Union
... highways are interspersed with reminisces, poetry and unconnected
historical tidbits about Casey Jones, Willie Shoemaker, Fats Domino and
Hank Williams. ...



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Feb 3 2010

2/3/2010 11:08:00 AM

Feb 2 2010 Railroad and General News

"Well.. I like the other blog look better.. But on my end it loads way to slow.. So I had to change it back to this look for now.. At least until I get our archives section fixed and in place... Which I do not have alot of who extra time for right now.. hopefully I will after readership picks up on my new blogs as well as this one."

- DNatureofDTrain

Railroad News

Railroad signs off on Twinsburg Road 'quiet zone'
Hudson Hub-Times
by Jeff Saunders Macedonia -- An effort to silence train horns and whistles
at the Twinsburg Road railroad crossing has moved another step forwards,

Police Blotter
Allentown Morning Call
A freight train collided with a passenger vehicle that got stuck on
railroad tracks Tuesday night east of Bethlehem, according to emergency
radio broadcasts ...,0,1589069.story

"I am not to sure I trust Chinese to fund anything for us.. regarding that over 1/3 of our national debt is owed to that country. Before funding this or any other project they need to find a way to grow our tax money so we can pay off that debt, and not tax the US citizens to death, We had a telethons to raise money for haiti, why can't we have some kind of telethon or something to raise money to pay off our national debt, get that out of the way and slow down and lower the inflation rate." - DNatureofDTrain

Backers of maglev train say Chinese bank prepared to fund project
Las Vegas Sun
The commission responded that not only did it file an application, but it
has received correspondence from the Federal Railroad Administration, ...

MA dump truck collided with train, one injured
Ayer, MA ( – A dump truck had a head-on collision
with a train transporting railroad employees, Tuesday, February 2, 2010,

Railroad quiet zones on the right track
Chicago Tribune
CN officials "think Berwyn is a train yard. The fumes from the trains seep
into our homes and are also polluting the neighborhood. ...,0,905900.story

No need for fences by train tracks
Baltimore Sun
But you can't fence the entire railroad. Why don't we see more fatlities
from people crossing I-95? Because no one would ever think of crossing it.

1 Hurt In Truck, Train Collision
... vehicle driving east on the railroad right-of-way struck a
Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. work train about 2 miles east of
Ayer Station. ...

Our view: Listen to rail critics for 'best project possible'
Duluth News Tribune (registration)
... would welcome a daily train ride into the Twin Cities for work — and
would help make up the bulk of NLX's ridership. Most of the railroad's
projected ...

RR Crossings Blocked?
Citizens who wish to report a train blocking the railroad tracks for longer
than ten minutes should contact either City Hall at (913) 893-6231 or
Johnson ...

Dirty 'ol beauty: 1930 steam engine arrives for trips at Parrish railroad museum
Bradenton Herald
Each weekend, the engine will haul trainloads of passengers who arrive for
the museum's regular excursions on real train cars that are part of the
museum's ...

Money woes stall effort to build Sonoma to Marin train service
Petaluma Argus Courier
By BOB NORBERG North Bay rail planners on Wednesday backed off a proposal
that could have left Santa Rosa out of the initial start of train service
in 2014. ...

Reflections: Ohio's passenger rail is now on track to fail
Sun Star Courier
Fourth, railroad stations must be inviting oases with coffee, sandwiches,
ample benches, friendly staff and plenty of short and long-term parking.

Rail-crossing wreck puts safety in focus
McDuffie Mirror
By Billy W. Hobbs (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following story is a news analysis
that addresses railroad crossing safety following a recent truck-train
collision at ...



General News

40% cancers preventable

"Iran sends worms to space.. Why?" - DNatureofDTrain

America's Biggest Rip offs!

New clue on Sid deaths

Hydroplant considered near Estabrook Dam

Obama responds to anti las Vegas remark

Tips for Squelching anger

Exotic Yoga Retreats


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Railroad news

2/2/2010 2:24:00 PM

2/2/2010 - Railroad News

"Sounds good!" - DNatureofDTrain

Missionary Ridge Local Train Rides Begin Saturday
The Chattanoogan
Tennessee Valley Railroad begins the 2010 season Saturday with two
Missionary Ridge Local Trains. The departures from Grand Junction are at
10:40 am and ...

"RIP" - DNatureofDTrain

Police: Train victim was a Lodi teen
Lodi News-Sentinel
Police reminded pedestrians to avoid trespassing on railroad tracks, which
are on private property owned by Union Pacific. Both railroad and local
police ...

"Yikes! Train toilet cherry bomb!" - DNatureofDTrain

Woman Claims Train Toilet Exploded
MyFox Wausau
She is suing the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation
for injuries she claims she sustained as a result of the incident. ...

"Prayers and healing thoughts for them" - DNatureofDTrain

One injured in truck-train collision in Ayer
Boston Globe
By Shana Wickett, Globe Correspondent The driver of a dumptruck was injured
this morning when his truck collided head-on with a train carrying railroad

"Ugga....grumbles" - DNatureofDTrain

Bomb Attack on St. Petersburg Railroad Injures One
2 (Bloomberg) -- A railway worker was injured when a homemade bomb exploded
on a track in St. Petersburg, two months after a train bombing killed 27
people ...

"Hmm..Public should be spent on Public.. unless the private allows for public use.." - DNatureofDTrain

Public Stimulus Funds Spent on Private Wine Train
ABC News
Yet one project -- $54 million for renovations of railroad track used
solely by a privately-owned "wine train" -- has some in Congress
questioning how ...

"grumbles" - DNatureofDTrain

1 injured in Russian railroad bombing
Washington Post
PETERSBURG, Russia -- Russian officials say a bomb explosion on railroad
tracks in St. Petersburg injured one worker and is being considered a
terrorist ...

"Hmm.. no comment bites tongue" - DNatureofDTrain

Possible loan from China bank keeps high-speed rail plan alive
Las Vegas Review - Journal
29 letter to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Bruce Aguilera,
chairman of the maglev project, asked for the opportunity to further
discuss the ...

"RIP" - DNatureofDTrain

Man hit, killed on train tracks
The Trentonian
By Trentonian staff NEW BRUNSWICK — A man stepped off the New Jersey
Transit railroad platform yesterday and was killed by two locomotives being
moved in ...

":), glad they caught him." - DNatureofDTrain

Suspect in beating death caught in creek
... the search — until a train engineer called shortly before 3:30 pm to
report that a man had jumped aboard his train while he was stopped on a
railroad ...

"Prayers and healing thoughts" - DNatureofDTrain

Community briefly: Man hurt in train collision
Shreveport Times
MANSFIELD — A tractor-trailer driver suffered severe head injuries Monday
when he drove into the path of a locomotive crane at the Phillips Road
railroad ...

"I'd have to no more before I can comment.. I do however see it as dangerous putting trains and highways parallel...but aligning the tracks under highway bridges makes sense.. if done the right way.. " - DNatureofDTrain

Rural residents oppose Highway 101 alignment for high-speed train
Gilroy Dispatch
By contrast, trenching the railroad tracks could increase the cost of the
project by about 30 percent. Councilman Bob Dillon, who has opposed the
project ...

"prayers and healing thoughts" - DNatureofDTrain

Texas man injured in train collision
Shreveport Times
... severe head injuries today when he drove into the path of a locomotive
crane at the Phillips Road railroad crossing east of US 171 south of
Mansfield. ...

"yay" - DNatureofDTrain

Transit station opens with fanfare
Tracy Press
... the railroad lost interest in this area, “but Tracy never did.”
Ives said he hopes that the state high-speed train, which will bring a new
generation of ...

- I am done doing posts and updates for the day.. If I wake up in the night I will work some more on this - DNatureofDTrain

Russia: Railway Bombed
New York Times
By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ A bomb exploded on the tracks beneath a railroad
maintenance engine in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, slightly wounding the
vehicle's ...

MPO to look at study of GF railroad crossing
Grand Forks Herald
The mill still gets a lot of its wheat by truck, he said, but more and more
the wheat is coming in by train because of marketing programs by railroad

No one reported hurt when train strikes vehicle stuck on tracks in Lower ...
The Express Times -
By Kurt Bresswein No injuries were reported tonight when a train struck a
disabled vehicle stuck on railroad tracks along Redington Road in Lower
Saucon ...

Nassau County Home Blocked By Train
Since the end of December, Cheavers said a string of rail road cars have
been parked on the tracks right in front of the home he shares with his
family. ...

Man dies after being hit by train in northwest Houston
Houston Chronicle
Houston police are investigating the death of a man hit by a train today on
railroad tracks near Northwest Mall. Homicide investigators are at the
scene ...

Cuyahoga Valley train ride to benefit canned food drive
Canton Repository
By Anonymous Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) will host a canned food
drive Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 to benefit both the Akron-Canton Regional
Foodbank and ...

Car-train collision reported in Ocean Springs (registration)
police have just responded to a car-train collision at the Cox Avenue
railroad ...

Train Slips Off Track Considered "Minor Incident"
The railroad company is working to get the train back on the track. You
must be logged in to rate this story. Login or register.

Police: Man drove truck into Ayer freight train
Trading Markets (press release)
... drove his truck down the railroad tracks off of Snakehill Road and
accelerated into a freight train pulling five flatbed trucks early Tuesday
morning. ...

Illinois gets money for high speed rail
Daily Illini
... fails to stop the train, said J. Riley Edwards, lecturer in the
railroad engineering program in the Department of Civil and Environmental
Engineering. ...

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I have been working on this blog

2/2/2010 1:29:00 PM

As you can see I have been workin on this blog to make a few changes..

to make it look better.. and load better .. well.. It is gonna take some time to relocate the older posts to the next page for the archives.. I believe that is what it really slowing down the loading time for this blog..

For some the blogs little summary may appear on the right hand side for others it may appear on the very bottom of the page, It has the blog archives, then it has the archives page I made.. All 2009 posts will be put into the next page archives.. and after I get the old blog archives relocated to the topica list, eventually this archives will be there too and all will be reposted as links in the archive section.. for people to check out if they want to.. but most news links tend to expire between 30 to 90 days.. so they eventually go dead...

I been working on this news blog all morning.. So thank you for your patience all.

- DNatureofDTrain

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2/1/2010 2:02:00 PM

2/1/2010 - Railroad News

Morton County wants abandoned railroad issue resolved
Bismarck Tribune
... near the abandoned train tracks. Fourteen years later, the county still
holds 440 acres of the former railroad line that were not bought back. ...

Man Killed On Lodi Railroad Tracks
A young man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train Sunday night, the Lodi
Police Department said. The man was hit at 10:49 pm on a stretch of Union

Train Hits Stalled Truck On Tracks
A train hit a stalled semi truck in Acworth around 10:30 am Monday morning.
The truck got stuck on the railroad tracks at School Street. ...

Jim McKee: The short, unfortunate career of Kid Wade
Lincoln Journal Star
The following morning, a conductor on an eastbound freight train spotted a
man hanging from a "whistling post," a railroad sign with the letter W
alerting ...

Mason County Sheriff's Traffic Team to Increase Crossing Grade Enforcement
Newstalk 1450 KBKW
Drivers are warned not to try to race the train to the crossing. Finally,
motorists and pedestrians are reminded when approaching a railroad grade
crossing ...

Here comes the circus!
The State
The elephant walk is expected to take place between 3 pm and 3:30 pm,
depending on train schedules. The elephants will walk off the train on the
railroad ...

Stacked for Growth
The Journal of Commerce Online
The railroads run them on their highest-volume corridors, and only on days
when there is enough volume to fill out the train, such as after a
trans-Pacific ...

Railroads Fight Back
The Journal of Commerce Online
They liken the measure to a costly new federal mandate for railroads to
install automated train-control systems before 2016 to prevent train
crashes. ...

The first sit-in at a Woolworth store began 50 years ago today
The party came over the Central Railroad and were entertained by officers
of the company after their tour of the large plant." Safety record broken:
"The ...

Train station on the move
The News Journal
The same aid package also provided $58.5 million to repair and restore
railroad cars at Amtrak's Bear maintenance yard. The station ranked as the
11th ...

Kansas City Southern has Operation Lifesaver in Nuevo Laredo
Laredo Sun
"Putting it into simple words, to respect the train you should just stop
completely when going through a railroad crossing, because the train can't
stop ...

Hey, Amtrak: Good fences make good neighbors
Baltimore Sun
No matter how many times the railroad repaired it, the prevailing wisdom
holds, kids would find a way to go over, under or through it. ...,0,4452168.story

California Wine Train gets $54 million in stimulus $
Cal Coast News
DeDemenico wanted the project to include modernization of a Napa bridge
used by the Wine Train and extra protection for the railroad station. ...

Woman Leaves Vehicle on Railroad Tracks, Arrested for DUI
A Beaver Dam woman is arrested after allegedly driving drunk and then
leaving her vehicle on a set of railroad tracks. The incident happened
Friday night on ...

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