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  • RuumRuum

    El jueves que viene acabo, pero vamos que para mí ya estoy de vacaciones el último examen siempre lo suspendo... XD

    6 minutes ago Reply
  • RuumRuum


    5 hours ago Reply
  • RuumRuum

    Me gustó mucho St. Vincent,ahora escucharé el disco de nuevo! :_) pa que veas que te hago caso a veces... XDDDDDDDDDDDD <3

    Yesterday 12:19pm Reply
  • Harry_01

    Yep, that's right. I know, right? Less than two weeks and I have holidays too.

    4 Jul 8:58pm Reply
  • Harry_01

    I would if I could, but uni is keeping that away from me, for now.

    4 Jul 8:27pm Reply
  • Harry_01

    They were great, but the location they played in has got a shitty sound though, sadly. The new album is good btw. ;) Yeah, the Muse concert was a birthday gift and MBV, I JUST HAVE TO SEE THEM! :D

    4 Jul 8:22pm Reply
  • Harry_01

    The concert was quite cool, rockier, like his later stuff, he didn't really play anything from Amelie, only Sur Le Fil (the violin part) and Comptine autre ete l'apres midi. I was just so happy to finally see him live. :) Two days ago I've seen QOTSA live, yay. :)

    4 Jul 8:07pm Reply
  • Harry_01

    You've also seen Yann Tiersen live? I think he was great, it wasn't a free gig though.

    4 Jul 7:52pm Reply
  • Nakkinak

    lol no, I wish I had met him. His finest pieces are the soundtracks for Amèlie, Goodbye Lenin and the album le phare but really no bad album

    4 Jul 5:28pm Reply
  • IvanTank

    Also Phonem (like arovane) and Millipede. By the way you sit in mu mu player (I learned only Nakky).

    29 Jun 10:04pm Reply
  • IvanTank

    I can advise not specifically autechre, and just a good not-overloaded by industrial IDM. Hecq (only not Brostep albums), Nebulo, Arovane, Gridlock (compromise between industrial and emotionality with atmosphere), Nosaj Thing (very good Glitch-Hop from L.A. with classical references), Shlohmo (also L.A. scene, but it wonky (genre with its origins in IDM)), Tapage (right like Gridlock), Consequence (Autonomic with strong influence of IDM(also called Microfunk), the future of D'n'b), Rustie (if you like wonky), Boxcutter(dubstep with IDM, classic of dubstep, Planet Mu label), Bop (russian artists, creator of microfunk), pleq (Polish, like to listen with Nebulo), Bitcrush (size project of Gridlock), Proem (not bad, but not my favorite), Kettel (not bad, but not my favorite), aAirial (very light and beautiful).

    29 Jun 9:42pm Reply
  • IvanTank

    mmm... More concret maybe? which vectors?

    29 Jun 9:02pm Reply
  • alicepractices

    25 Jun 12:08pm Reply
  • alicepractices

    ¡Mi canción! Vaya, pues es muy guay.

    25 Jun 11:15am Reply
  • RuumRuum

    Bajando los discos. El de Fiona Apple ya lo tengo!

    24 Jun 6:51pm Reply
  • RuumRuum

    A ver, la ELO tiene dos etapas, a mi el que más me gusta es Eldorado. Pero ya de cuando se volvieron comerciales, que es casi toda la discografía, pues te recomendaría el Out of the Blue o el Discovery (pero no estoy muy segura de que te vayan a gustar, eh? es un grupo muy peculiar)

    24 Jun 6:43pm Reply
  • RuumRuum

    Será porque me ha dado por escuchar algo de metal o no sé :o

    24 Jun 5:16pm Reply
  • RuumRuum

    Como bebamos por todas las veces que hemos querido vernos vamos a acabar muy mal, amor XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <3

    24 Jun 4:03am Reply
  • RuumRuum


    23 Jun 6:46pm Reply
  • Nakkinak

    OH YES

    22 Jun 6:44pm Reply
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