Mirko Fait, 48, Male, Italy
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  • MirkoFait

    IN TOUR... till september!

    5 Jul 2:07pm Reply
  • Assedor

    Morning Mirko! My mood is cool! I'm going, do not hide a smile. I have today Sunday and I do not care that everyone has Wednesday! Have a lucky Hump day and cool mood & keep smiling on!!! ;-)

    26 Jun 4:29am Reply
  • LeChatRave

    Hi Mirko! ''A sweet NOLA's gumbo'' is the summer page on LeChatRave's site - It's about New Orleans's jazz today (link to the site on top of my Last.FM page) Friendly:))) - the september page will be about italian jazz (with links to your music)

    23 Jun 8:17am Reply
  • Assedor

    I wish you every success in all your affairs!

    19 Jun 8:49am Reply
  • Assedor

    Hello my friend. Hope you'll like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkD3aHm0fdQ Have a nice mood

    18 Jun 11:44pm Reply
  • Assedor

    Enjoy new day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7T3-uXmTeI&list=PL1BD43320BDB88CA1

    5 Jun 6:33am Reply
  • Assedor

    Enjoy with good blues my friend! http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Dave+Meniketti/_/Take+It+Like+a+Man

    4 Jun 1:42am Reply
  • Assedor

    My dear friend! I like your style of playing and I wanted to popularize and promote it to the masses of listeners. Sincerely yours Aleks;-) Many successes!!!!

    22 May 7:31am Reply
  • Assedor

    Tenor saxophonist Mirko was able to prove that creative marketing can successfully sell jazz, while not lowering it to the level of pop.

    22 May 4:38am Reply
  • Assedor

    Friday is only once a week, but it's very memorable. Meet the beginning of the weekend with a smile!

    10 May 5:59am Reply
  • Assedor

    Happy Ascension Day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR7EGAlkVyc

    9 May 3:14pm Reply
  • Assedor

    Keep the good mood & inspiration within you!;-)

    6 May 10:46am Reply
  • Assedor

    Nothing can erase from your life, but you can to finish draw it. So do not care about black stripes of life! We will whiten them all week long. Just keep smiling.

    6 May 12:41am Reply
  • Assedor

    Hi Mirko! How can man go to heaven, if five of the seven deadly sins is a way of life... But no matter what have a good weekend;-)))

    3 May 6:36am Reply
  • Assedor

    Hi Mirko! It was a good week. Within 5 working days, I would like to resign only three times. Have a good mood and keep smiling;-)

    27 Apr 4:35am Reply
  • Assedor

    Mirko, the really important thing is that everyone has within himself. I like your inner content about music.That's why never forget we are waiting for new tunes;-)))

    22 Apr 7:09pm Reply
  • Assedor

    Morning my dear friend! ;-) Get a good start of a week and keep smiling all week long;-)))

    22 Apr 4:44am Reply
  • musinum

    I see now that you joined Clifford Brown some time ago, as well as my group New Edge, and that you are practically a charter member of my odd little group Chappaqua!

    16 Apr 8:34am Reply
  • musinum

    Welcome to Chez Musinum! If you like, you may introduce yourself and your projects / passions / obsessions in our "Welcome" discussion thread. And if you'd like to be Minister of something, let me know... Your music has been connected to Chez Platinum and added to the library of virtual user Chez_Platinum, whose library forms the Artist Radio for Chez P. It has also been tagged to begin streaming on the Chez M. Artist Radio. On a personal note, I've heard only five tracks of your once apiece, but they are all on my Loved Tracks list... I love the smoky sound!

    16 Apr 8:23am Reply
  • musinum

    With your numbers you easily exceed the threshold of 2000 listeners and 10,000 scrobbles to be connected directly to our "deluxe annex" Chez Platinum. You would still join Chez Musinum as a member, and your music would play on both Artist Radios, Chez M. and Chez P. Of course, you may also want to join the other group as a member. To see all twenty of the groups I lead, and more importantly, to hear them, visit The Radio Room. In particular, you may enjoy my jazz group Clifford Brown.

    16 Apr 7:06am Reply
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