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SavagesShe Will 2 hours ago
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SavagesCity's Full 2 hours ago
SavagesI Am Here 2 hours ago
SavagesShut Up 2 hours ago
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  • guillaumerenard

    Thanks, Grandma taught me to care deeply about intricacies. You got an impressive library here as well. ;)

    1 hour ago Reply
  • DeathPoof


    9 Jul 8:46pm Reply
  • fivemoments

    I was almost scared to listen to that because it is one of my favourite songs. Except for a little madness at 3.52, I liked it. Thanks my friend! :D

    9 Jul 8:14pm Reply
  • Autumnalgirl

    Thanks for accepting my friend request. You have great musical tastes, just like myself ;) Great pic in Edinburgh - it's not far from where I live. What brought you here?

    9 Jul 7:57am Reply
  • fivemoments

    If yer gonna visit, at least leave something behind, it's in the rulez :D Some Things Last A Long Time x

    9 Jul 3:32am Reply
  • fivemoments

    Yum. Reminds me of summer.

    8 Jul 6:05am Reply
  • ivebeenaround

    I just figured you lived in the US since you know it's written right after your age that you allegedly live there. But it's summer in Canada, how come do you have so much snow at this time of the year???

    7 Jul 9:51pm Reply
  • fivemoments

    Haha, what else?

    7 Jul 8:58pm Reply
  • ivebeenaround

    Thanks for accepting the frienship request. What do you do in the US?

    3 Jul 9:21pm Reply
  • traytray89

    3 Jul 6:10pm Reply
  • fivemoments

    i dont even know why i was reading it, bored i guess. your 'random things' are sometimes the highlight of the occasional shoutbox that I stumble upon :D

    2 Jul 9:23pm Reply
  • fivemoments

    hey you :) whats with all the idiots on Radioheads page? x

    2 Jul 8:59pm Reply
  • ge_mig_arsenik

    Cold and rainy, mostly. Gotta love winter. So jealous that you've seen Destroyer live, how was he?

    1 Jul 5:48am Reply
  • fxckcrisis

    I know our compatibility is low, but I think you would like Trust. <3

    1 Jul 5:29am Reply
  • ge_mig_arsenik

    You are everywhere. Like, actually, everywhere I go, there you are. So, hello.

    29 Jun 2:53pm Reply
  • pablogcg1

    OMG :O

    28 Jun 4:03am Reply

    I was trying to say when you were snowed in, a ii that wood chopping gave you a trainer work out , I apologize for the misunderstanding, I am happy with your friendship.

    26 Jun 8:20am Reply
  • iiGustavo


    25 Jun 2:38pm Reply

    You are the my gen. Lee to my Stonewall Jackson

    25 Jun 7:46am Reply

    I am sorry for the misstatement, I was stunned by your avatar You could be my trainer.

    25 Jun 7:14am Reply
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washed out
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