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Have you ever considered that maybe all the Easter eggs in Pixar movies aren't just for good fun? That maybe, just maybe, they were placed there for a purpose, to weave one giant web and tell one epic story?

Even if you haven't, one blogger, Jon Negroni, has, and he's sketched out an entire theory that connects every Pixar film on a timeline, with each film influencing another and all existing in the same Pixar universe. Did you catch that? Yes, we just said every Pixar film may exist in the very same world.

Negroni's theory begins with "Brave," the earliest time period of a Pixar film (the Dark Ages), which kicks off Pixar's cycle of talking animals, talking objects/machines, and talking monsters -- these must be connected, right? This magical possibility of non-human entities having human abilities, according to Negroni, all begins (and ends) with the Witch in "Brave." From "Ratatoutille" to "Monsters, Inc.," Negroni maps out the concept that every Pixar film tells the long history of the animosity between humans and non-humans and the unending desire to connect to one another across species.

While this may sound simply cute and sentimental, trust us, it will leave your mind reeling and make you reconsider every Pixar movie. Want to know why there's a carving of Sully in "Brave" or what the tree at the end of "Wall-E" grows into? Do you want to know who the "Brave" Witch really is?

Read Negroni's full theory here (the whole thing, don't skip ahead). WARNING: Prepare to have your mind blown, because seriously, it's going to blow up.


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