Fastlink ... The first 4G LTE Network in Iraq

Fastlink is pleased to announce the launch of its 4G LTE Network in Kurdistan. Iraq’s first 4G LTE network; and one of the very few in the whole Middle East.
Our subscribers will be able to enjoy the fastest wireless internet in Iraq

What is 4G LTE?
"4G" stands for "Fourth Generation"; it’s a wireless technology designed to reduce the time consumed to transfer and receive data online. "LTE" indicates to "Long Term Evolution", and is the wireless network standard being used by Fastlink in Kurdistan.

How fast is 4G LTE?
4G LTE can reach amazingly high speeds, even during peak hours; the speed is much higher than what current technologies can offer. 

How would I benefit from 4G LTE?
- Super-fast download and upload speeds
- Instant access without waiting 
- Streaming with no buffering 
- Enhanced online gaming experience

What devices would I use?
Fastlink will be offering its up-to-date 4G LTE portable router "MiFi" which receives the network signal and provides the users with Wi-Fi coverage.

What benefits would I get using the MiFi device?
- Supporting all Wi-Fi enabled devices (Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)
- On-the-go internet access (online at home, office, university, cafe…etc.)
- Up to 3 devices connected simultaneously
- No wires needed…it is all wireless

How do I know if 4G LTE is available in my area?
Simply check our coverage maps to find out. We are rapidly expanding to cover more areas soon. 

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Fastlink Launch
Monday 10/6/2013

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