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  • zoarces

    Greetings friend! Nice charts!

    13 Feb 1:21am Reply
  • LewisFromEarth

    Totally agree with your comment on +44's page, Mark's lyrics on that album are amazing.

    21 Oct 2012 Reply
  • Looselipsx

    Geweldige muzieksmaak.

    10 Jun 2011 Reply
  • zalmicie

    hey, agreed on the metalheads.

    14 Sep 2010 Reply
  • feco182

    Hate the jocks, the preps, the hippie fucking scumbags Heavy metalers with their awful pussy hair bands

    14 Sep 2010 Reply
  • feco182

    i don't know why anyone should hate blink-182 they dont take themselves too seriously its just about fun if this offend someone they just dont understands the joke metalheads with their fucking pussy hairbands. but for me blink has some serious stuffs too which are awesome too. total perfection

    14 Sep 2010 Reply
  • sneaky424

    Great charts man :) Thanks for the visit-

    17 Aug 2010 Reply
  • dreamcoltrane

    For your next green day album I recomend insomniac!

    15 Nov 2009 Reply
  • Sarienna

    Hey! Lemme suggest you new indie-rock-alternative band named Oswald. Their first single "These Days" has been playlisted on almost every major radio station in Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland even chose "These Days" as their Single of the Month. Here is their official - http://www.official.oswaldtheband.com/ - there you can find lots of music! Cheers

    20 Oct 2009 Reply
  • ViNOK

    Leuk dat je effe kwam kijken! Ook naar Slightly zie ik? I'm so stoned!!

    7 Aug 2009 Reply
  • jessroz

    hi, i just wanted to say i saw your comment on the clash's shoutbox and i agree 100%. i love the ramones, but the clash were on such a higher level.

    16 Jun 2009 Reply
  • h3ro_rhcp

    Yeah, your music is perfect, add :). My website is http://californicatioon.blogspot.com (2500 Photos of the Red Hot Chili Pepppers - Download), Bye :D.

    6 Jun 2009 Reply
  • imbuteria

    welvenue, biencome!!

    21 Apr 2009 Reply
  • emergingsynergy

    Thank you, my friend, for your kind comment on my Jimi Hendrix journal. That was very nice of YOU. :)

    18 Nov 2008 Reply
  • shef_dave

    http://www.last.fm/group/Soccergaming+Forums :p

    25 May 2008 Reply

    Welcome aboard, El_Salvador7! Happy listening.

    4 May 2007 Reply

About Me

I love all soulful honest music that aspires for greatness, from sophisticated jazz improvisations to simple one-minute punk rock songs. I play several instruments myself including piano, guitar and bass guitar. On piano I play mostly jazz and blues. On guitar and bass I play all kinds of stuff, but mostly pop and rock. I owe my life to music.

Love is everything.

Love is the answer.

Music is my religion.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

The five greatest musicians to have ever graced this planet (in no particular order):
- Jimi Hendrix
- Miles Davis
- John Frusciante
- John Coltrane
- Brian Wilson


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