9.00-10.30       Panel 1: Arts and Provocation 

Aaron Tregellis Hodgson (University of Edinburgh) “‘From the Margins to the Mainstream’: How Joseph Brodsky Overcame the Soviet Censors”

Evan Jones (University of Nottingham) “The Photocopier as a Tool of Sedition”

Elizabeth Benjamin (University of Birmingham) “Downgrading Dada Deviance, or, ‘How I Became Charming, Likeable and Delightful’”

10.30.-11.00     Coffee Break

11.00-12.00     Panel 2: Translation 

Tera Reid-Olds (University of Oregon) “Assia Djebar: Subverting Colonial Censorship Through Appropriation and Translation”

Giacomo Comiati (University of Warwick) “Censorship in Renaissance Translation: the Case of Ludovico Dolce”

12.00-1.00       Panel 3: Gender and Sexuality 

Ana Finel Honigman (University of Oxford) “Enabling Art: Self-Censorship and Permissiveness in the Work and Reception of L.A. Raeven” 

Kirsty Upham (University of Leeds) “‘Amongst Christians Not to be Named’: Discursive Censorship of Homosexuality in Elizabethan Poetry”

1.00 -2.00        Lunch

2.00-3.30         Panel 4a:  Humour 

Miriam Margala (University of Massachusetts) “What a Riot! Deviant Humour and Humourous Deviance in Hrabal”

Esra’ Al-Hmoud (University of St Andrews) “Humour and Censorship in the Arab World”

Adam Horsley (University of Nottingham) “‘I Couldn’t Stop Myself from Laughing’ – Humour, Authorship and Strategies of Subversion at the Trial of Théophile de Viau (1623-1625)”    

2.00-3.30    Panel 4b: State and Press Censorship 

Andrew Stiles (University of Oxford) “‘Censorship Policies’ and ‘Peer Pressure’ in the Early Principate”

Chisomo Kalinga (King’s College London) “Censorship in Malawi: Writers Tackle HIV/AIDS Under the Kamuzu Banda Regime”

Kris Lovell (Aberystwyth University) “‘Silencing the Voice of the People’- An Examination of the Methods and Responses to the Suppression and Censorship of the Press in Second World War Britain.”

3.30-4.00         Coffee

4.00-5.30         Panel 5: Self-Censorship and Canon Formation 

Victoria Anker (University of Edinburgh) “‘Lachrymae Musarum’: Political Self-Censorship of the Royalist Poets in 1650s England”

Erika Regner (University of Vienna/Andrássy University) “Canon and Censorship – Two Allies in the Literary Field of Socialist Hungary”

Thomas Rollings (University of St Andrews) “The Effects of Censorship on Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature”

6.00-7.30     Keynote Address

Professor Peter McDonald (University of Oxford) “Deviant Critics/Literary Censors: Unexpected Tales from the Archive”

7.30      Conference Dinner


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