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  • ASummerKiss

    Yes it did Tommy and hope you get mine. Here's hoping you get some cooler weather soon and a Happy Thursday to you. =)

    2 hours ago Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Hi... happy hump day to you... leaving some :) :) :) 's

    Yesterday 2:14pm Reply
  • ASummerKiss

    Hi Tommy, I appreciate you taking the time to re-type your previous message to me that I never got. I've got a could copy your message before sending (I do all the time) as I've had that happen to me and it's kinda frustrating to lose it. So you did have 4 bikes! I remember only having one, then moved on to a 2 wheeler. So Blue Jays won the other day? Yay! :) Oh... the Island is Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. I don't have satellite TV, just the basic cable. Probably why I don't get it. Re: Tea Time on LFM........just got that message this morning. Checked the 'status page' as was wondering why my scrobbles weren't showing up. They're doing maintenance! but as usual,they say our scrobbles should be saved. Hope you have an awesome day and Fred told me to say "Yabba Dabba Do" to you. :) Bye for now, Sharon ♥♫♥

    15 Jul 3:41pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Good morning Mr. Fun!!!!! :)))

    14 Jul 2:26pm Reply
  • ASummerKiss

    Hi Tommy, thanks for dropping by with the weekend greetings. I hope you also have the greatest of weekends too! you really have six of those awesome vehicles? if so....I'm soooo jealous :) i've had a talk with 'the boy's' and got my whip out to get them into action. lol. I'll keep on top of it. (smile) Happy listening my friend. ♫♥♫

    12 Jul 6:08pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Hi Tommy... it's always nice to hear from you! I really, really, really like your antique cars! Hope you have an awesome weekend as well my friend!!!!!! Have fun and stay safe! BC

    12 Jul 5:18pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Thank you Tommy... you are a very nice guy!! The guitar is art only. The song was lovely and yes, very heart tugging... thank you for sharing it with me! Kate

    9 Jul 7:10pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Good morning Tommy! I confess... that would be me on all accounts! Love Beatles music... sometimes that's all I want to listen to... sending you a beautiful day wish! Kate

    9 Jul 11:41am Reply
  • ASummerKiss

    Why thank you nice of you to say. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Was reading your 'about me' section and please let me know when you add your songs as I'd love to give them a listen. ♫

    7 Jul 2:29pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Tommy... I would love to hear your songs so please let me know when you upload any to this site... okay? Hope you have a splendid weekend!

    5 Jul 9:27pm Reply
  • ASummerKiss

    Hi Tommy, just dropping by to wish you a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY I hope you have a wonderful day in whatever you do. :)

    4 Jul 4:07pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Oh you! I enjoyed them... very pleasant sound... thanks! :)

    3 Jul 11:11pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    haha.....I'M THE ONE WHO NEEDS A REDO!!! ......on your "reco" :)))))

    3 Jul 3:24pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Beautiful avatar!! Actually I have not heard of Pearl Django... I will check them out on your redo. I'm glad everything in your world is good and that you are happy!! :)))

    3 Jul 3:21pm Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Dropping by to say hello.... hope you're doing okay Tommy...

    2 Jul 8:52pm Reply
  • penguintiz

    I haven't written any reggae. That could be something I incorporate in my next "Pian Fusions" piece. My background in classical music, blues and progressive rock is pretty strong. I haven't played a lot of reggae. Definitely something to explore. Been wondering where to turn next with my fusion work. I think you have given me a pointer. Have a great week

    30 Jun 5:13pm Reply
  • Jen420

    Thank you Tommy! Hope you have an exciting weekend! :)

    30 Jun 4:59am Reply
  • bohemian_chic

    Hahaha...yes, very appropriate! I purchased his cd's "Mantras For Madmen", "West Eats Meet", and "Wise and Otherwise"... all are excellent! His music always puts me in a good mood... :) Thanks... I love your newest! :)

    29 Jun 11:11am Reply
  • kurtnirvanakris

    thanks you too

    29 Jun 12:00am Reply
  • ASummerKiss

    Hi Tommy, your shout left me smiling out loud....hope you've had a great week and wish you a very happy weekend too. Hugs, Sharon ♫♥♫

    28 Jun 5:19pm Reply
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