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The Telematics Freedom Foundation was set up to bring in the age of telematics, Internet, mobile phones and the web, all those freedoms and rights that the Free Software Movement has already brought to PC users worldwide.

To achieve this purpose, we promote the consolidation and widespread adoption of models for development and deployment of telematic services which are under the full control of their users. We are also developing software for remote democratic organization, which will constitute a touchstone for the model of production, sharing and full control outlined by the idea of Telematics Freedom we are defending.

Founder and Director

He completed his education through graduate programs in public affairs and IT at Princeton and Rutgers Universities (1998-1999).

He has held (1999-2001) executive technical and commercial positions at advanced server-side software providers, such as 4thpass in New York and Urban Data Solutions in Seattle, USA. Later, Guerreschi founded and managed ParTecs - Participatory Technologies (2002-2007), a company which deployed social networking telematics systems based on free and open source software over three continents, with research and development facilities in Pune and Bangalore, India.

As CEO of Tecnoconsult International, a group of real estate development companies controlled by his family, he is leading a project for a multifunctional complex of 60-100,000 square meters centered on audiovisual media, internationalization, ICT and innovation, located 5 minutes from Rome.

Co-Founder and Public Relations Director

Journalist and Essayist, worked with Il Sole24ore, La Repubblica, Liberazione newspapers and wrote "Hacktivism. La libertà nelle maglie della rete" and the subject for the first italian movie about Open Source, a RaiTre TV documentary: "Revolution OS II".

Di Corinto teaches Computer-Mediate Communication at Università di Roma La Sapienza since 2003.

Advisory Board

Open Media Tech Advisor

Giovani Spagnolo graduated in Computer Science from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) in Porto Alegre - Brazil, with an Executive MBA in Strategic Enterprise Management from the University of São Paulo (USP). He is one of the founders and activists behind the Free Software movement in Brazil, having participated in the organization of Latin America's biggest Forum on Free Software (FISL), held annually in Porto Alegre. Giovani is also a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP).


Active since the late 70s as a consultant in the EDP world, Giovanni currently deals with security issues in non-homogeneous environments through open source solutions and coordinates the italian workgroup defining IT Administrator certification within the EUCIP project, run by AICA.


Information Security Professional, member of WinstonSmith.info, Space TV and solidarte.it.LinkedIn profile.