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I send my best wishes for 2013 to all my friends on LastFm. Not sure how I'll cope with entering my 60th year, but hey I've listened to some amazing music in my life so far. 2012 has been an Olympic year for us in the UK, and we enjoyed having visitors and athletes from all over the globe. It's been so lovely to share music from around the world too, and to listen to excellent recommendations.
It's so nice to remember those heady days, and I'm still listening to the music. Still crazy after all these years!
Thanks to Penguintiz, aka Dave, here is a nice clip of Animal:
Jim Henson was a genius. RIP

Following the sad and sudden death of my brother Robin in October 2011, at the age of only 58, I'd like to dedicate this page to him. We grew up together in Cambridgeshire, Worcestershire, Norfolk and Warwickshire as the oldest children of a large family who never managed to stay in one place for very long. We used to secretly tune in to pirate radio in the 60's, and sneak out at night to look at the stars through his telescope. Patrick Moore was his guru then. Our dad bought us all a Dansette record player with our first ever album, Abbey Road, for Christmas in 1969. c.1970 we watched Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come together in awe and surprise when they turned up unexpectedly at a group of 20 or so teenagers sat cross-legged on the gym floor at his six form social in Norwich. The advertised band couldn't make it and the agency sent Arthur & co. instead! We went to see so many fantastic bands together in the 70's, hitching around the country to different venues and staying with his friends' understanding parents. He encouraged me to spend my Woolworth's wages on albums from some really obscure bands like Atomic Rooster and Gentle Giant, as well as The Who and The Doors. We shared a love of Neil Young and The Eagles. All of these will always remind me of Robin. We spent many happy weekends together while students, Robin read physics at Lufbra while I did something more arty at Sheffield. Our musical taste parted when I turned up in his flat with tapes of The Stranglers and The Clash, which he didn't get at all. A gentle soul, he stuck with his 'hippy' music. No doubt he'll be teaching Yoga to St. Peter and trying to convince him to give up fish, rather than trying to get through those gates. He was a very spiritual person, a dedicated vegetarian, a scientist, a loving father to Ruth, and a yoga teacher with many followers. Robin was a very special brother and friend, and is sadly missed.
This one is for Robin, with happy memories of Knebworth 1974:
Last.FM Milestones21798th track: (22 Nov 2011)
The Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music
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Last.FM Milestones1000th track: (05 Jun 2009)
Lionel Richie - Hello
2000th track: (10 Jul 2009)
LCD Soundsystem - New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
3000th track: (30 Aug 2009)
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Roll Me Away
4000th track: (30 Sep 2009)
Tom Baxter - A Night Like This
5000th track: (21 Nov 2009)
Black Eyed Peas - Mare
6000th track: (22 Dec 2009)
Snow Patrol - If There's a Rocket Tie Me To It
7000th track: (25 Jan 2010)
Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News
8000th track: (07 Mar 2010)
Emmylou Harris - Sweet Dreams
9000th track: (22 Apr 2010)
Van Morrison - These Dreams Of You - 2007 Remastered
10000th track: (12 Jun 2010)
J.J. Cale - After Midnight
11000th track: (02 Aug 2010)
Over the Rhine - Sleep Baby Jane
12000th track: (12 Sep 2010)
Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives
13000th track: (17 Oct 2010)
George Benson - Give Me The Night
14000th track: (27 Nov 2010)
Carly Simon & James Taylor - Mockingbird
15000th track: (27 Dec 2010)
J.J. Cale - Sensitive Kind
16000th track: (12 Feb 2011)
The Cure - A Forest
17000th track: (30 Mar 2011)
Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
18000th track: (08 May 2011)
J.J. Cale - After Midnight
19000th track: (21 Jun 2011)
Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now
20000th track: (13 Aug 2011)
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
21000th track: (11 Oct 2011)
Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This
22000th track: (25 Nov 2011)
Steve Miller Band - Dance Dance Dance
23000th track: (03 Jan 2012)
Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go
24000th track: (15 Feb 2012)
R.E.M. - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
25000th track: (16 Apr 2012)
Mose Allison - Parchman Farm
26000th track: (14 Jun 2012)
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
27000th track: (22 Aug 2012)
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains
28000th track: (25 Nov 2012)
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Dimming Of The Day
29000th track: (01 Feb 2013)
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
30000th track: (19 May 2013)
Lisa Hannigan - Ocean and a Rock
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My 10,000th track with JJ Cale and a new profile photo. 'After Midnight' just makes me melt!
I've never had such fun- surrounded with friends and cool music too! Thanks for all the recommendations : )
I love to see live music, but can't remember every concert I've been to. Below are a few memorable live concerts I've been to over the years. The dates may be a bit suspect, but then I was more interested in the music and having fun : )

1970s: Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come * Audience, Renaissance, Gordon Giltrap * Osibisa * John Martyn * Brinsley Swartz * Ace * Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers * Van Morrison, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Doobie Bros, Allman Bros, Alex Harvey, 1st Knebworth, July 1974 * Wizzard * Supertramp * Beach Boys, The Eagles, Elton John Wembley Stadium, June 1975 * Pink Floyd, Steve Miller Band, etc. 2nd Knebworth, 1975 * Gentle Giant * Sex Pistols* Elvis Costello & Attractions * Stiff records tour 1977: Elvis Costello, Wreckless Eric, Ian Drury, etc * The Clash * Stiff records tour 1978: Lena Lovich, Wreckless Eric, Rachel Sweet, etc * Talking Heads * Buzzcocks *

1980s: The Pretenders * Ten Pole Tudor * The Cure, Cambridge * The Cramps, Hurrahs, New York City, 1980 * Nils Lofgren, Hammersmith c.1982 * Ry Cooder, Hammersmith c. 1982 * King Sunny Ade, Aswad, UB40, The Beat Glastonbury 1983 * Them, Pound Club, Belfast c.1984 * Smiths, Poques, Jubilee Gardens, London-for free in the best days of the GLC * Various otherwise unknown bands @ 101 Club, London SW11, early 1980s * Various otherwise unknown bands @ Rock Garden, London 1980s (thanks to Sean) * U2, Lou Reed, Wembley stadium, 1985 * Sting, Albert Hall 1985 * Glastonbury 1986 see below * John Martyn * Van Morrison

1990s: Gene Pitney * The Kinks * Bob Dylan * Van Morrison * Jules Holland (a bit busy and broke having kids!)

This century : John Martyn * Miles Davies * Zombies *Lisa Hannigan * Black Box Recorder * Way to Black, Nick Drake tribute (Teddy Thompson, Lisa Hannigan, Scott Matthews, Vashti Bunyan, etc.) * Mos Def * Po' Girl plus JT * Devon Sproule plus Giant Sand * John Cale * Robyn Hitchcock, KT Tunstall, Eliza & Martin Carthy, Krystle Warren and Howe Gelb * Tom Baxter * Louden Wainwright III * Sinead O'Connor * Lucinda Williams

My biggest claim to fame was working for the WORKERS BEER COMPANY at Glastonbury in 1986. I saw the Cure, Simply Red, Pogues, Housemartins and Madness. I couldn't see it all though as I was supposed to be working. I was invited by my friend Karina, who was working on the communications, to 'The Farm' and met Michael Eavis. What an incredible man!