results orientated training

Training for Results

Pay for results not the number of classes you attend. We wont ask you to sign up to a set term.One price until your dog achieves that level.

Puppy classes

Puppy Classes

We accept puppies from 10 weeks of age. The puppy period is one of the most influential and important times for your puppy

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programmes to suit everyone

A Training Package to suit Everyone

Wether it be group classes for obedience,private consultations for behavioural problems,private one on one lessons ,we are sure we have something suitable to fit your busy lifestyle

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Socialising your dog

Manners around other dogs and people

Having your canine companion respecting other dogs and peoples space is sheer politeness. Why have a dog that as soon as it sees another , all it wants to do is play with it and stops listening to you. Or for that matter one that lunges and barks at others.Our socialisation class will control that

Contact UsAs a very good dog trainer once told me
1. Owners will lie about their dogs; sometimes by omission, other times to save embarrassment, many times out of denial.

2. Trainers will lie to themselves; sometimes by omission, other times to save embarrassment, many times out of denial.

3. The only accounting of the facts that one can trust is that of the dog's own behavior, he won't lie to you.

Adelaide Puppy School and Dog Training

Dog Training Adelaide

provides an extensive range of Dog related services to residents and businesses throughout Adelaide for all breeds of dogs with its training centre in the  north eastern suburbs of adelaide.Our training grounds are situated at North Ingle School,7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm SA 5098

Dog Obedience in Adelaide

Allbreeds Dog Training Adelaide


  • Have you just got your new puppy and have no idea what you should do ?
  • Do you have an older dog whose behaviour is just getting worse?
  • Does it walk you rather than you walk it?
  • Tell it more than once to do something?
  • Sees another dog and goes off the rails?
  • Prefers to play with something else rather than come to you?
  • Been refused at another obedience class?

Using our balanced training methods  Dog Training Adelaide can fix those problems so you can have a dog just like the ones you see and envy when you walk yours.Using specific proven methods we can change or modify its behaviour for your benefit.
At Dog Training Adelaide we allow your dogs to make choices. We praise effort, and do not correct error. We encourage, and build on your dog’s confidence, and reward every increment of training. We do NOT train by correcting your dog when he is wrong. We instruct. When do we correct? When your dog says NO. That doesn’t mean we don’t use a leash to instruct. That does not mean we don’t give your dog a “no” when they are wrong.
We believe that all dogs should enjoy working. If we must beg our dogs, or use a treat or to get our dogs to get excited to work for us, then we have failed.

Having a dog is a responsibility, having an obedient dog is a pleasure.Using our balanced approach your dog and you can leave our training school with you knowing that you now have a better relationship with it and the knowledge that he will do as you say where ever he is.

We are here to firstly build a foundation for you and your dogs relationship to grow.As with any building without a strong foundation there is a strong likelihood of collapse.Nearly all problems regarding a disobedient dog is related to the relationship you have with it

The proof of an obedient dog is its performance off lead

Our aim is to give you an obedient dog in all circumstances.
A well behaved dog behaves on and OFF lead and not just in your back yard or house.

  • Does you dog come to you every time you call it when it is away from you?
  • Does it stay where you tell it regardless of things going on around it ?
  • Could you walk it off lead around the outside of a dog park?

A reliable dog isn’t just a well behaved one, its an obedient one ALL THE TIME.

Do not be fooled by the “feel good ,wrap you in cotton wool,doggy parent” cliches that the supposedly “new age scientific dog trainers” are using to tempt you by testing your morality.Telling you that other methods are cruel and inhumane and theirs is the “RIGHT WAY”. Regardless of how many courses and years of academic training they have,while the credentialing might ultimately address the “who” is offering the training, it does not address the “what” can/should the consumer reasonably expect.

We will tell you what you can expect and in what time frame and what cost.Servicing Adelaide and suburbs at North Ingle School,
7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm SA 5098
every Sunday Morning from 9.30 we have helped countless clients achieve things with their dogs they never imagined they could.
We will gladly accept the unruly bad dogs that some other dog schools in adelaide wont…. Do you wonder why they don’t want your “BAD” dog the one that really needs training ? Have a look at our banned dog list.
We give you a balanced,even approach to dog training, one that teaches your dog to trust and respect you.
How Do we do it?

There is no secret to it though some may profess to know the almighty “secret”.

The first step is to change the relationship you have with your canine friend … for the better

We teach you to understand your dogs thinking and using proven methods utilise this knowledge for the benefit of both of you.

We build your leadership skills so your dog looks up to you for direction and comfort when necessary.

Your dog needs leadership if it doesn´t it becomes confused , unpredictable and living in a haze of where does he fit into the hierarchy of his/your family.

They need to know as people do, consequences for their actions. All living things live by consequence whether they be a good or bad. Letting a dog know these consequences lets it become a lot calmer and easier to live with.Without consequence there can be no learning and with that can come aggression,barking,authority and anxiety problems.

And i know these things cause STRESS in the owner but once we have taught you how to lead confidently you will become a lot more assertive and your relationship with your dog will improve.

As quoted from the ScienceDaily (May 1, 2009)
According to Joaquín Pérez-Guisado, the main author of the study and a researcher from the UCO, some of the factors that cause aggressiveness in dogs are: first-time dog ownership; failure to subject the dog to basic obedience training; spoiling or pampering the dog; not using physical punishment when it is required; buying a dog as a present, as a guard dog or on impulse; spaying female dogs; leaving the dog with a constant supply of food, or spending very little time with the dog in general and on its walks.
Failure to observe all of these modifiable factors will encourage this type of aggressiveness and would conform to what we would colloquially call `giving our dog a bad education, Pérez-Guisado explains to SINC.

And that is only one factor that emerges when the hierarchy,consequence and leadership aren´t there.

We have over 7 years experience in training dogs all over adelaide be it in our group classes or private lessons.Offering your first lesson free with no obligation so you can see our other dogs that have been trained and giving you an opportunity to try us out first.We know from experience that most clients return the following week. Ask other clubs if they offer a free no obligation lesson.And if not WHY NOT?

"My thoughts on dogs that do not like dogs or people, or whatever, is they never have to like those things, they only have to behave around them."